Jahan Dotson Could Be Electric

April 12th, 2022

Penn State WR Jahan Dotson.

Last year Joe thought the Bucs’ wide receivers unit may have been the deepest in the NFL. Whoops!

Tyler Johnson regressed. Scotty Miller found himself in then-Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians’ doghouse. Jaelon Darden? Pffftt!

The Bucs did get decent production from the immortal Cyril Grayson and Breshad Perriman. However, one way to keep Tom Brady happy is to load up on receivers even when you think you have plenty. You know, just like Miami is doing?

And while Joe would love to see Ohio State’s Chris Olave in a Bucs uniform, there is a more realistic shot of getting another Big Ten receiver. That would be Penn State speedster Jahan Dotson.

While Dotson is short, he makes up for lack of height with glue-like hands and speed. Former NFL scout and current NFL Network talking head Daniel Jeremiah said over the weekend that Dotson has the best pair of hands in the draft.

With Chris Godwin sidelined until who knows how long, you cannot tell Joe that Byron Leftwich couldn’t find a use for Dotson. Oh, and Dotson also returns kicks and punts.

Dan Brugler of The Athletic in his “The Beast” draft guide believes Dotson is the sixth-best receiver in the draft and projects him going No. 25. The Bucs select at No. 27.

SUMMARY: A three-year starter at Penn State, Dotson lined up across the formation in offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich’s offense. He became the fourth player in school history to reach 1,000 receiving yards in a season and finished his career second in school history in catches (183) and touchdown grabs (25) and fourth in receiving yards (2,757). A polished pass catcher, Dotson puts defenders in conflict with his twitchy speed to defeat press and manipulate coverages at the stem. Although he is undersized, he has above-average hands and natural body control with maybe the largest catch radius of any sub-5-foot-11 receiver I have ever scouted. Overall, Dotson isn’t a tackle-breaker, and his marginal play strength will be more noticeable vs. NFL defenders, but his dynamic speed, route instincts and ball skills make him a difficult player to cover one-on-one. He is an NFL starter in the Diontae Johnson mold with better hands and punt-return skills.

Dotson racked up all these yards despite playing with trash quarterbacks and a joke of a coach like James Franklin (look at all the superior talent Penn State has produced the past five or six years and what has that clown done with it?).

Emory Hunt of CBS, the czar of the playbook, in his 2022 draft guide, has Dotson as his fourth-best receiver.

– Lightning quick & explosive in all directions. Is a dangerous RAC option with the football in his hands. Can light up the scoreboard on every touch.
– Underrated release skills off the LOS, could yield itself to him playing some on the outside, at least as a Flanker (Z).
– Very good hands, shows comfort in catching the ball awayfrom his body.
– Elite level COD skills and will be your Day 1 punt returner, helping out your special teams units instantly

Oh, and Dotson was also Penn State’s Wildcat quarterback. And did Joe mention Dotson returns punts? Speed kills.

Right now, the more the Bucs can make Brady happy, the better the chance he returns for the 2023 season and beyond — and leads the Bucs back to the Super Bowl this year.

31 Responses to “Jahan Dotson Could Be Electric”

  1. K2 Says:

    Ok as long as the draft DL & CB & (LB or S). I don’t see receiver as a high need…but a difference maker is always welcome.

  2. Jp09 Says:

    This is why Russell Gage was a bad signing. That money would’ve been better spent to shore up the dline. The draft is full of receivers in the first two rounds that can contribute immediately.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    Book him !

  4. Ash Says:

    Russel gage was not a bad signing. As a team if you just depend on the draft which is a crap shoot you will just be a bad team it is always the combination of free agents and the draft that make a good roster.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A WR at 27 is a complete luxury……we simply have several other needs…DT, DE, CB……even Oline or TE, RB….

  6. JA Says:

    Dotson, although gifted with a good pair of hands and speed, was wide open in many of his highlight reel grabs.
    He won’t see anywhere near as many blown coverages in the NFL unless he’s drafted by another team who plays the Bucs.

  7. #8 Says:

    well played JA-

  8. OBVIOUS Says:

    In what round?

    Guys we don’t even have an actual defensive front line (at the moment) to even play one game much less a full blown season!
    Seriously. Some don’t seem to see the problem with that. Right now, we don’t even have a CHOICE but to draft a DT and so on!

    Like I said, right now we don’t even have enough guys signed to play a SINGLE GAME!

    Just Saying…..

    GO BUCS!

  9. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree with TBB fan. DT at round one – even if Suh signs.

  10. PassingThru Says:


    I’d like that first-round DT too, but I think there’s an excellent chance that the DT quality will be depleted by then. This is a very shallow draft for DTs, even worse than last season’s yield.

    I’d go with the best CB, or even trade back for a second and third rounder if there isn’t an impactful CB or DT still on the board. There’s pretty good CB depth, even if you miss out on the first few. At that point, it might make sense to play the numbers by trading back.

  11. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I follow different Bucs players on Instagram, and it’s always interesting what posts they like on IG, especially Brady. He recently liked a post of Amon-Ra St. Brown that showed his highlights and a stat that he had the most catches in the NFL without a drop. It was 90 by the way. This kid was the 17th receiver taken last year. I could definitely see Brady watching film on different WR prospects. I think Miller pissed off Arians because he ran the wrong route in the Colts game that resulted in a pick. I also think Miller is too much of a one trick pony. When he’s in the game, defenses know he’s only gonna run a go route. Brady loves quick receivers who can get open fast. I think he sees Russell Gage as his Deion Branch. I think Joe has a good point about not knowing when Godwin will return. Who’s gonna be our WR3 until Godwin gets back? I can’t take another season of Tyler Johnson who couldn’t separate to save his life, and Perriman and Grayson don’t scare anyone.

  12. BUCman Says:


  13. Bucs Guy Says:

    I like him, but once the Bucs signed Gage the team made a decision to not draft a WR day 1 or 2. You don’t draft a #4 WR in the first round when you have other needs — especially when you have other needs.
    DE, DT and TE on day 1 and 2.

  14. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Either of the UGA DL in the first round if they are available at the bucs pick

  15. Dooley Says:

    Pass, there are explosive pass catchers coming out this year and there’ll probably be a bunch coming out next year, WRs & DBs are coming out in abundance every draft class just because the pass heavy trend in the collegiate game is still alive and well. Half of you will be trashing him in a years time anyway because he’s cant crack the lineup higher than WR4/5 because our WR room is top heavy with 3 proven starters and with 1 looking to keep building his HOF resume.

  16. Cobraboy Says:

    The Bucs have been missing a kid with the quicks at WR. Darden is not the answer.

  17. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    We already have 2 sub 5’11 receivers and one with the initials JD. You draft players in the hope they stick with the team and make it better. Let our lil JD get a chance to grow up before drafting another lil JD to replace him. Besides as it has been posted ad nauseum we have more pressing needs on the other side of the ball.

  18. Cobraboy Says:

    I want Big Uglies, maybe 3, in this draft, along with a serviceable CB.

    WR is a luxury item.

  19. HC Grover Says:

    We already have ‘Too Short Darden’.

  20. Robert Says:

    He’s to small to block in the run game. We need a DE, DT and a CB get off these offensive players. Our D Line has to many holes it.

  21. zzbucs Says:

    No need for WR…. Is deep enouch….we need a DT a pass rusher and if we go to offense we need TE and a guard…….

    Dont waste a pick on a wr.

    More than enough

  22. zzbucs Says:

    *Sorry CG14

  23. HC Grover Says:

    Kosher draft. Plug and Play. All Beef.

  24. Goatfarmer Says:

    He sounds like Jaelen Darden’s brother. No to a midget receiver. We already have two of those. If the dude had these credentials and was 6’3”, then yeah.

  25. sasquatch Says:

    DEFENSE. Any non-defense pick for us in round 1 is absolutely insane.

  26. bob Says:

    i like dotson

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    You draft punt returners in the 7th round – NOT THE 1st!

    First pick in 2022 needs to be either DLine or CB and both those positions must be addressed within the first 3 rounds.

    1. DL
    2. CB
    3. OL/DL
    4. RB/TE

  28. Buczilla Says:

    Unless we are lucky enough to have Olave fall to us, I’m hoping that we go corner or defensive line. This guy Dotson ran a 4.43 at the combine and Godwin ran a 4.42 while being a much bigger, stronger dude. I won’t complain if we draft him since we need a threat at punt returner, but we can do better with our first pick.

  29. David Says:

    His size scares me. Darden is quick and elusive and twitchy and not good at breaking tackles as well and look what happened to him last year. He looked like a small scared man. Hopefully he comes back strong this off-season. I understand Dotson played better competition but a receiver in the first three rounds needs to be a sure bet and they already screwed it up last time (unless Darden comes in this off-season 10 pounds heavier and looking fearless)

  30. Goatfarmer Says:

    David – if Darden came in 10 pounds heavier, he would just be slower, less quick, still be afraid, and still suck salamis.

  31. David Says:

    Goatfarmer… Way to give the kid a chance. He’s played one year and barely got on the field.
    There have been a lot… A LOT… Of WR and RBs who put on a little muscle once they got to the NFL and did not lose their quickness or speed.