“We All Need One. Everybody Does.”

March 3rd, 2022

As if Joe’s chat with Ron Rivera about retired Ali Marpet yesterday wasn’t sobering enough, the Washington head coach also dropped what felt like a gut punch on Joe.

It’s well known that Rivera has been very public about his team’s quest for a new starting quarterback. Apparently, mediocrity with Taylor Heinicke doesn’t sit well with Rivera, and neither does the prospect of Ryan Fitzpatrick returning from injury.

So of course Joe ran a quarterback question past Rivera and his dejected tone of voice and facial expression will be invisible right here, but the reply was “We all need one. Everybody does.”

Chatter everywhere at the NFL Scouting Combine, including Seattle head coach Pete Carroll’s comments, says the Seahawks won’t let go of Russell Wilson. Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo now has a new injury and won’t throw until July, and DeShaun Watson’s issues aren’t evaporating. Meanwhile, the Colts’ brass appears completely split on what to do with Carson Wentz and Broncos analysts are praying Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t return to Denver.

Joe’s almost ready to buy a Kyle Trask jersey or send Tom Brady flowers and an invitation.

21 Responses to ““We All Need One. Everybody Does.””

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Colts literally gave up the farm for Wentz, goy did they get screwed~!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Add the Panthers, Saints, Steelers and a host of others to the list……
    Not a good year at all to be looking for a QB….

  3. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Ol Riverboat layin down the truth.

  4. Wild Bill Says:

    Everybody envies the teams that have a young, very mobile, strong armed qb who can escape the pass rush, run for first downs or hit deap receivers while on the dead run. Teams that already have one never trade them. And only teams with a lousy record get a chance to draft them. That leaves the Bucs choices with talented but troubled qbs that another team wants to unload. Not an ideal situation for any teams like the Bucs or Steelers.

  5. HC Grover Says:

    Supply and demand factors at play.

  6. TBSwarm Says:

    It’s easy, don’t make any silly trades and worst case, go with Trask. It may not be pretty, but the next year may be in a better spot to land a better QB if he doesn’t work out.

    Hate to “throw away” a year, especially since we just were in the SB and playoffs, but with all the recent injuries, FA, and retiring players, sure seems like we are going to need a year at least, to recover.

  7. Hodad Says:

    For those who thought Trask was a wasted pick now know why you’re not an NFL G.M.. Almost a year since the draft, and he’s the only QB on the roster. People also hating on Gabbert, now let’s hope we get him back.

  8. Marine Buc Says:

    There is probably at least 12 teams looking for an upgrade at QB. This draft is very thin at QB.

    Smart move is to save our cap dollars and re-sign our young free agents while drafting well. Get this team out of salary cap purgatory so next year we will be in position to grab a QB in FA next year if Trask doesn’t work out.

  9. John Sinclear Says:

    Just don’t understand why everybody is so down on Trask. Why the hell do you think they drafted him so high? Scored a 40 on the Wonderlick?

  10. David G Says:

    Bite the bullet and go with Trask, its not worth the draft picks to get any of the QB’s out there. (unless Brady unretires)

  11. JA Says:

    Time to give Trask the keys to the starting center’s ass and see what we’ve got.
    It’s obvious no decent QB is available, so use the extra cash to sign the free agents we need. That also leaves the door open if Brady has a change of heart. He would never come back if he didn’t feel the pieces were in place for another deep playoff run.
    If Trask fails and Brady stays retired we can look again next year. Trask’s failure would obviously result in a poor record so the option to draft a top notch QB will be there as well.
    The kid looked in college. He at least deserves a shot.

  12. BUCman Says:

    I don’t understand the “sky is falling mentality”. We used a second round pick to draft a very successful college QB last year and gave him a full year to develop and learn behind the GOAT. He is big, strong, accurate & smart. Does that guarantee success in the NFL. No it does not, but it is reason to be optimistic. Look what he did while playing in the SEC. He was a Heisman trophy finalist. Do whe have a lot of free agents? Yes, but so does a lot of other teams. Many of ours will be re-signed since we are not tying up a lot in the QB position. And Jason Licht has drafted well the last few years so let him do his thing before we start crying into our pillow. Look, I get it! After two years with Tom Brady we have quickly gotten spoiled. It seems like so many people feel like if we don’t instantly aquire another Hall of Famer at QB that all is lost. I for one am not going to be a Debbie Downer! I have faith in Jason Licht to make the right choices.

  13. T REX Says:

    @bucman – he was not developed at all…he took no reps all year.

    not even scout team reps.

    trask was put in a corner.

    our staff is garbage

  14. QB1 Says:

    The let down after the GOAT will be harsh and brutal. Not just at the QB position. The overall attitude and focus will suffer greatly. Unless the defense becomes 2002 capable, we’re in for a downgrade. I’m going to hope for 8 wins and anything else is a bonus. Or we could crash and burn this season and get a top 5 draft pick. Trask is the key to it all.

  15. BUCman Says:

    T Rex……why such a negative Nancy? Were you there every day last year to see how much they worked with him. If so, please share all your insider information. If not you have no bases to say he was not developed at all. There is plenty that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t see or hear about. To say they just put him in a corner is ridiculous! That’s just hate talk. And as far as reps go, they were trying to win a Superbowl. Obviously all the reps would and should go to the starter and veteran backup. You can develop your redshirted rookie in other ways. Calling our staff garbage is just hate talk.

  16. DFW BUC Says:

    BUCman…… Amen brother!

  17. SKBucsFan Says:

    Time to love on from this topic. Trask is the man until he isn’t. I thought that was settled yesterday by BA? Let other teams give up their future. We have ours. He’s on the roster.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone wants to blame Carson wentz for the colts failures..name one reciever on that roster?or any offensive lineman?.. besides Pittman jr I didn’t think so!

  19. T REX Says:

    @buc man – it’s been posted on here 100 times. Trask got zero work in during thr year. None. Not even SCOUT REPS. NONE.

    What don’t you understand?

    Is that prepping for the future?


    They are a bunch of losers without Brady as you will see

  20. BUCman Says:

    T Rex….. Wow, someone needs a little anger management. I’m not going to even bother trying to have a rational debate with someone who clearly just wants to irrationally vent their hate. Your entitled to your opinion. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Piece dude!

  21. T. rex’s Daddy Says:

    T. rex , Real bucs fans will support the team good or bad. You seem like a bandwagon jumper… Go follow another team.