Tom Brady “Heat Check” Is At A “7”

March 7th, 2022

A well-regarded, highly-connected and respected NFL guy just spent a week talking to a sea of NFL power hitters in Indianapolis and came out believing a Tom Brady return is more likely than not.

Joe’s talking about the face of NFL Network, Rich Eisen, who worked the NFL Scouting Combine.

The Brady drama/saga/story won’t die, in part because Brady won’t kill it, Eisen said on his radio show today, in addition to what Eisen says he’s hearing about the possibility of Brady coming back to play.

So Eisen said he’ll now be running a frequent Brady “heat check” on his show to assess the changing temperature of this saga. Today Eisen said he puts Brady’s return at a “7” on a 0-to-12 scale, noting that someone he trusts is telling him that Brady currently adhering to his rigid diet means he’s still contemplating a return to the field.

For those unaware, the Bucs hold Brady’s rights and Bucco Bruce Arians says the team will not give them away unless the payout is five first-round draft picks.

Joe is as hopeful as the next Bucs fan that Brady returns to play for Tampa Bay. But it’s too much of a fantasy for Joe to take on right now, and Joe has a quite a fantasy life.

Still, why are so many Brady-loving big names playing this game? Hey, a “7” is better than “a 42 percent chance.

119 Responses to “Tom Brady “Heat Check” Is At A “7””

  1. Biff Barker Says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah. I’ll only believe he’s nor retired it if he’s under center on opening day.
    I like Rich but gotta keep the news. cycle going.

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Mike Florio, who is a lawyer, says even though Brady signed a contract, he can claim he only did so to help with our salary cap!
    Plus, Brady has another trump card on us, it is called tampering!
    According to Mike Florio, we will not get sh!t for Brady when he leaves.
    I hope this is not true, because I think Brady is coming back next year, just not to Tampa.

  3. Cobraboy Says:

    I’ll take the 5 first-rounders, for sure.

    If Brady waits to tell his return intentions before franchising and FA opens, he is a less than honorable man.

    I believe he’s honorable.

  4. TJ Says:

    Tom who?

  5. BucsFan81 Says:

    We will have to see what the 49ers are willing to give up. Let’s be honest if he comes out of retirement it is to play for them.

  6. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Cobra, the guy doesn’t want to play for the Bucs anymore, damn, give him a break he said he’d give the Bucs 2 yrs and he did, he did one better he gave the Bucs two WINNING seasons. He extended to contract to gain cap space, now hold him hostage? BA is a ahole, 5 first round picks, ridiculous. Brady should say, I’ll come back if Bucs let BA go. They would fire BA in a heart beat. He doesn’t bring the franchise any revenue. FREE BRADY!!!

  7. Listnfrmafar Says:

    TJ or BJ, he is the guy that finally flushed the 20 yr turd smell from One Bucs Place, that’s who he is.

  8. zzbuc Says:

    Free press for all his business, apparel, crypto, production etc…

    TB12, is a very smart guy, as everybody knows….

    Hard for me to imagine he comes back to TB, with all this dismantled team….

    And if he goes somewhere else, I am on the side that says that whoever wants him, be prepared to pay…No way a lousy 5 or 6 rounder…..

  9. T REX Says:

    Where is the ridley article…huge news

  10. Steven007 Says:

    List, he added a year to his contract of his own volition. Do you think if he was still with the Patriots and he had a year left on his contract that they would let him out of it to go wherever he wanted? They never did it before and there’s no way that belichick would do that. And if there’s an argument to be had for what he’s given a team, certainly the Patriots have gotten more. It’s just business dude. And it’s bad business not to get compensation for something of value.

  11. Steven007 Says:

    Regarding Ridley, wow, first prominent player to be suspended for that in the NFL since Art Schliester (sp).

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    That’s BS what they’re doing to Ridley.

  13. BuxfaninTX Says:

    1- Elvis isn’t dead..
    2- Tom Brady isn’t really retired…..

  14. Buccos Says:

    Brady is going to be under center for the Bucs next year. Wait and see. All of the moves that the Bucs will be making in the coming days are for the benefit of TB12. That is why you don’t hear the Bucs linked to any of the big name QB’s. They have an understanding with TB12 that they will save his spot for him until he convinces his wife to let him play one more year. He’s already sick of those kids by now.

  15. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Brady doesn’t need training camp.
    He knows the playbook.
    About 3 weeks of practicing with offense ought to get him ready
    Trask for 8 weeks, then Brady takes over-
    Talk about media frenzy !!
    Yeah, I’ve heard… won’t happen- we’ll see.

  16. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Alan & Bucco, you’ll know soon enough, if Gronk doesn’t sign Brady is for sure gone.

  17. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    Cobraboy – “If Brady waits to tell his return intentions before franchising and FA opens, he is a less than honorable man.

    I believe he’s honorable.”

    I feel like Brady has already made it very clear that he’s no longer playing for the Bucs. If he wants to play elsewhere, the Bucs will likely mid-round get draft pick(s).

    He only restructured his contract last summer to help the team so I doubt they would stop him from playing – even for an NFC team.

  18. Cobraboy Says:

    @Listn, the unBuc casual fan: I don’t care what Brady wants.

    Play, retire or get a team to cough up a buttload of #1’s.

    Those are his only choices.

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    @Toronto: Brady has not made jackspit clear.

  20. SB~LV Says:

    We don’t owe Brady anything!
    It was a 50/50 deal, SBLV .
    He absolutely can still play at the highest level and if he comes back it would be to a team he could lead to the next SB
    That is the marketplace he is in and that commands at a high price!
    Bucs control the exit door and I dam sure would not be holding the door open for him.

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    No truer words from a habitual loser. In that case I hope he comes back fakes a back injury and watches the team he pulled from the toilet find its way back to the bottom of the bowl.

  22. cmurda Says:

    Hell yeah SB LV. Exactly. I loved Brady. Loved having the GOAT on my team. It was a true honor. Now that ship has sailed but there is nothing owed. No way. You helped us win a SB and forever grateful but the organization would be foolish to just do a solid that hurts the team. Just like B.A. said. That’s bad business. I love Bruce. Tells it like it is and too many babies can’t handle it.

  23. Cobraboy Says:

    @Listn: well, you are certainly an authority on “habitual loser.”

    What kind of low-life says “I hope he comes back fakes a back injury and watches the team he pulled from the toilet find its way back to the bottom of the bowl.”

    YOU do, low-life loser.

    Imagine my disappointment when I scan the obits and don’t see your name there. Imagine my joy when I do.

  24. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Cmurda, we’ll see how much you love Succo Arians when Bucs go 4-13 and he blames Gabbert for it.

  25. Beeej Says:

    Brady hasn’t said or indicated anything that he has a problem specifically with the Bucs. If it turns out he does want to play in San francisco, no problem. They give us Trey Lance

  26. David Says:

    He knows the team has to draft and go through free agency. He also probably wants to skip most workouts through the spring.
    So my guess is if the Bucs get most of the O line back and Godwin and the defense BUT don’t make any moves towards a quarterback Then my guess is he’ll announce his return in a few months.
    If they try to trade for someone or sign a free agent starter than they have not heard a thing and he’s not coming back.

  27. Cobraboy Says:

    @SB~LV & cmurda: spot on, exactly, word, crunk, exactly.

    No f@<kin' way the Bucs just let go, just because Brady has hurt feels…or whatever butthurt he might have over whatever slight or reason he thinks.

  28. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Cmurda, very sensitive, you must of been weaned from the tat too early. I will make sure to have my obit sent to you, apparently you need something to smile about because it won’t be the Bucs any time soon.

  29. Steven007 Says:

    List, you dissed the wrong poster but then again it doesn’t really matter. You’re on the wrong side of fandom, practicality, business, and other very obvious sentiments. We signed a great player, gave him a lot of money, he helped us out a ton, and he decided he wanted to retire while leaving a year on his contract. If he decides to unretire he will either come back to the team He’s under contract with or we will extract the appropriate compensation from some other team. End of story. It’s really not that hard dude.

  30. westernbuc Says:

    Brady is adhering to his rigid diet because it’s literally his brand and he’s a psycho.

  31. Allen Lofton Says:

    TB and the New England Patriots have been playing the deceiving media commentary for a long time… it’s hard to stop 20 + years of playing the game of “What if” with the media even if you been away from N.E. for the past two years

    It makes everyone look Stu@#d.

  32. sasquatch Says:

    I’d take 3 first rounders.

  33. SPARKY Says:

    I said it before, exteammate Brian Griese signed on with 49ers the same time as Brady was out to his folks, which is pretty close to San Fran.

  34. Smashsquatch Says:

    Heat check needs to reach a 12. TB plays one more year as a Buc on a farewell tour; and gets ALL the calls from the refs in route to a confetti shower and mic drop retirement. Make it happen Tommy, a career like yours deserves a much better send off than a playoff loss followed by a fumbled retirement announcement. You always said you’d continue playing if you felt you could still play at a high level. Last year’s tape says it all.

  35. T REX Says:

    Zero chance with our o line

  36. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Tom has not filed paper work anywhere stating he’s retired. He’s throwing, dieting, sleeping and training like he’s playing again.

    Because the teams wants to save cap space they asked Tom to retire after June 1, so they can move the small remaining money.

    If Brady retires before June 2, the team would incur a $32 million cap hit in dead money. Without getting into the specifics, just know Tampa Bay would struggle mightily to bring back certain players with this sort of figure on the books.

    If the Bucs and Brady wait until June 2, the team can move Brady to the reserve/retire list and that cap hit would spread across two seasons. That’s important because the NFL salary cap will rise dramatically in 2023.

    If Tom decided not to file paper work June 2 the Buccaneers would have to have space for 32m cap hit while already signing their rookies and FA.

    They would have to trade cut or make room for his contract if he decides not to retire.

  37. Proud Bucs Fan Says:

    7 if he gets away from bruce arrogance. Zero if he can not get traded or release. Once again looking like Brady retired from bruce absent.

  38. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    In the event that Brady decides he wants to play with another team next season, I’d be absolutely shocked if the Bucs get anything more than a second round draft pick for him.

    Knowing that his final contract with NE left him a free agent after the 2019 season, does anyone actually believe that when he re-structured with the Bucs last summer he didn’t get at least a handshake agreement with the team that he could go wherever he wanted if he decided to leave?

  39. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    It’s time to be truthful about TB12 and evaluate his tape from the Bucs Super Bowl Championship run.

    Tape don’t lie.

    The common theme that you here from sports commentators such as Colin Cowherd or TB12 fans like @list or common football fans is that TB12 won the Bucs the Super Bowl.

    That’s just factually incorrect.

    Tom Brady didn’t win us the Super Bowl. That’s a myth and something regurgitated by football fans and commentators.

    The Buc’s defense was much more the reason for our Super Bowl victory than TB12 in our Super Bowl Playoff run.

    Our defense dominated Drew Brees and the Saints, causing 4 turnovers. The score of the Divisional Playoff game was 23-20 with 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, after our defense gave TB12 4 extra possessions, all on the plus side of the 50 yard line, and one that started at first and goal at the 3.

    TB12 didn’t do what you would expect from an elite QB when the defense is dominating and winning the turnover battle in such a lopsided manner as they did against the Saints in a playoff game. An elite QB would have buried the Saints after 4 turnovers. If you give Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs four turnovers and four extra offensive possessions on the plus side of the 50 against the Saints, then your team is getting destroyed by the Chiefs. TB12 didn’t do that against the Saints. The Bucs were barely winning 23-20 with 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

    Against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game TB12 played horribly in the second half of the game. He threw a total of 3 INTs. Our defense came to play, that game, sacking Aaron Rodgers 5 times, hitting him numerous times, causing 1 INT and 1 Fumble. Our defense stopped Aaron Rodgers at the goal line, not TB12.

    Our defense harassed the greatest current QB in Patrick Mahomes in my opinion (I know some would argue Jared Allen or TB12 or Aaron Rodgers) in the Super Bowl. Or defense sacked Mahomes 3 times, caused Mahomes to scramble for almost 500 yards behind the line of scrimmage and intercepted him twice. TB12 had nothing to do with that.

    I love what TB12 did for our team, but when you honestly look at it, TB12 was just a better offensive version at QB than Brad Johnson. Both Brad Johnson and TB12 both won Super Bowls for the Bucs because the Bucs defense dominated in the playoff run.

    Our Bucs defense stopped Mahomes, Rodgers and Brees. TB12 had nothing to do with any of those defensive plays.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    “Beeej Says:
    Brady hasn’t said or indicated anything that he has a problem specifically with the Bucs. If it turns out he does want to play in San francisco, no problem. They give us Trey Lance.”

    Lance sucks. Joe Montana said he’s not ready. Stop obsessing over where a player is drafted. Brady was 6th round. Lance and Fields were 1st round and they suck.

  41. Niles Says:

    “Beeej Says:
    Brady hasn’t said or indicated anything that he has a problem specifically with the Bucs. If it turns out he does want to play in San francisco, no problem. They give us Trey Lance.”

    Lance sucks. Joe Montana said he’s not ready. Stop obsessing over where a player is drafted. Brady was 6th round. Lance and Fields were 1st round and they suck.

  42. HC Grover Says:

    Maybe he likes his diet.

  43. unbelievable Says:

    lol @ the dummies who think we should just give Brady’s rights away.

    Damn right they should demand five 1st round picks!

    Then they could negotiate that down to three, which would be acceptable.

  44. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle, I don’t have the patience to read your BS, the offense averaged over 31 points in the 2020 playoffs and 30+ in 2021. Not many teams lose when the score at level. You seem to forget the WTF scare. The front 7 were tenacious but secondary was the secondary. Even the SB was due to constant pressure from the front 7. Also, your sorry arse team went 7-9 with a probowl QB. Brady changed the whole dynamic of the team, when you 4-13 next season, I’ll comeback and let you know I told you so.

  45. Tony Says:

    We need to sign Fred The Sled & have him start on the OL & maybe have him replace Donovan Smith. Fred The Sled would make the pro bowl before Donovan would. If it means moving Donovan over to replace Marpet fine but get somebody to replace Donovan there. Even if it is Fred The Sled.

  46. Ash Says:

    Why does Brady need to kill it he retired people really need to move on it’s getting embarrassing at this point move on already.

  47. Brett Says:

    It is good for all of Brady’s interests for people to talk about him. Not surprised he is not putting anything to bed regarding his status. Even if he intends to remain retired, there is no advantage to him stopping the talk.

  48. sasquatch Says:

    This ought to be called the “bullsh!t check”…

    I’ll believe Brady is coming back when he says it himself.

  49. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Everything I wrote is a fact. It happened. Weak minds such as yourself choose to ignore facts.

    Weak minds such as yourself think that football fans like me care wether Jameis Winston made the Pro Bowl or not.

    Winston was a horrible QB because he was a turnover machine. Turnover machines don’t win football games.

    Fact: 4 turnovers caused by the Bucs defense vs the Saints in the divisional round of the playoff game. Bucs barely ahead 23-20 with 5 minutes to go in the 4th Quarter. Give Pat Mahomes a plus 4 in the turnover battle and he buries the other team.

    Fact: TB12 threw 3 INTs against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game for a QBR of 69. TB12 played an awful overall game against the Packers. The Bucs defense sacked Aaron Rodgers 5 times, caused Rodgers to lose a fumble, throw an interception and stopped him on the goal line.

    Fact: The Bucs defense sacked Pat Mahomes 3 times, caused him to scramble for almost 500 yards behind the line of scrimmage and intercepted him twice. TB12 had zero to do with any of those defensive plays.

    Fact: The Bucs won the 2002 Super Bowl in their playoff run because of the Bucs defense led by Sapp, Barber, Lynch, Brooks, Rice and company. The main reason the Bucs won the Super Bowl wasn’t because of Brad Johnson.

    Fact: The Bucs won the 2020 Super Bowl in their playoff run because of the Bucs defense led by Vea, LVD, White, Shaq, JPP, Suh, Winfield, SMB and company. The main reason the Bucs won the 2020 Super Bowl wasn’t because of TB12.

  50. HC Grover Says:

    Brady is going to Hollyweird to make a lame movie. Let it go. He gone.

  51. Colin in Canada Says:

    If hes coming back he better say so ASAP.

  52. Crickett Baker Says:

    Well said, Belle, but we can’t discount the many beautiful passes.:)

  53. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Fact average 31 points/ gm. Fact Evan’s is just as much to blame as Brady for GB ints, and as I recall Bucs had a pretty comfortable lead prior to the ints. Fact D let Jamais throw a bomb for a TD and as I recall Brady wasn’t on the field. Fact you keep avoiding WFT game. Fact rookie QB Heinike burns D. Fact Godwin drops 4 passes in his hands that game two in the end zone. Fact, I will give you the Saints game the D gave the offense great field position and were the key factor in that game. Fact Cheifs had two missing tackles, Reids kid was in jail facing man slaughter, Fact Mahomes had Turf toe, Fact Cheifs dropped 3 td passes, two off thier face masks and one of the hands. Fact O was just as dominant in SB as D. Fact, Winston had very few turnovers playing for Payton. Fact if you play a risk it no biscuit offense you will have turnovers. Fact BA cannot beat Payton, McVay and it appears Rivera. Don’t say Brady can’t becuase he has beaten them all. Fact BA was 7-9 before Brady. Fact BA had NO Lombardi prior to Brady.

  54. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    If TB12 is such a culture changer, then the Bucs will be okay next year.

    If TB12 isn’t that great of a culture changer, then the Bucs won’t be okay.

    Is the culture set by Brady or was it always Bellicheck? The Bucs will show how much impact TB12’s leadership had on changing their culture next year.

    Changing culture means you left an impact after you left. Tony Dungy was a culture changer for the Bucs. He led us to success and the Bucs were successful after he left. That’s an example of true leadership and culture change.

    Changing culture means you left an impact after you left. Joe Madden was a culture changer for the Rays. He led us to success and the Rays were successful after he left. That’s an example of true leadership and culture change.

    Changing culture means you left an impact after you left. John Torterella was a culture changer for the Lightning. He led us to success and the Lightning were successful after he left. That’s an example of true leadership and culture change.

    It’s why if you gave me the choice between Bellicheck or Brady, I take Bellicheck.

    Bellicheck has won multiple Super Bowls without Brady. His defensive masterpiece against the Bills in the Super Bowl is one of the greatest defensive game plans ever called in the history of football.

    Bellicheck took a rookie QB to the playoffs this year. I’d much rather have Bellicheck as the Buc’s coach than Brady as the Buc’s QB. I think Bellicheck made the culture of the Pats and that Brady was a good follower of Bellicheck’s orders.

  55. Buc4evr Says:

    Get over it, he’s under strict orders from the boss. Giselle will not let Tommy play anymore.

  56. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @List is either a non objective football observer of he doesn’t know a lot about football.

    Watch the tape of TB12’s 3 INTs against Greenbay in the NFC Championship Game. It’s on YouTube. Tape don’t lie. People like @list do lie about the tape.

    Fact: TB12 over threw Mike Evans, throwing his first INT in the 3rd Quarter with 8 minutes to go and the Bucs leading 28-17. TB12 threw the first interception to the safety #31 who was double covering Mike Evans. Horrible decision to throw into double coverage by TB12. Even worse to over throw it. You would have thought that it was Jameis Winston on that throw.

    Fact: Bucs leading 28-23 with 12 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. TB12 is completely protected and clean in the pocket. TB12 throws a horrible pass that is high and behind Mike Evans. Mike Evans was running a deep crossing route and the pass should have led him. Unfortunately, TB12 threw high and behind ME13. ME13 tried to make a play on the ball, tipping it to #23. ME13’s tip of the pass made #23’s interception harder. Had ME13 not tipped it, the ball is thrown directly to #23 by TB12. Again, that’s something I expect from Jameis Winston and not TB12.

    Fact: Bucs still leading 28-23 with 9 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. Green Bay has a free blitz on TB12. TB12 grossly under throws ME13 by 10 yards, and #23 easily intercepts TB12. Again, that’s something I expect from Jameis Winston and not TB12.

  57. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Fact, you still keep avoiding WFT game.
    Fact, Evan’s often broke off routes Brady expected him to reroute.
    Fact, you are the ONLY IDIOT that watched this ream that doesn’t realize Brady changed the culture of the team, the players, coaches, Licht and Glaizers boasted about it.
    Fact, why do you think BA refuses to let Brady go?
    Fact, Brady has won for 22 years. With very few hiccups.
    Fact, Belichick is getting exposed and BA will as well.
    Fact, you’re and idiot. I thought it was worth mentioning twice.
    Fact, Offense averaged over 31 pts in 2020 playoffs. Fact, that makes it hard to lose.
    Fact you’re still an idiot. Can you look up the word summarize?

  58. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Joe, I’ll give you five bucks to make Listnfrmafar go away.

  59. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Losers like @list give excuses.

    The Chief’s OLine being injured is an excuse. Pat Mahomes playing injured is an excuse. The Chiefs dropping passes is an excuse.

    The Lightning didn’t use their Captain Steven Stamkos injury as an excuse. They won the Stanley Cup despite of that loss.

    The Lightning didn’t use Kucherov’s injury for the regular season as an excuse. They won the East in the regular season despite of that loss, and then won their 2nd Stanley Cup in 2 years.

    Losers like @list make excuses.

  60. Chris Says:

    Getting something for him is better than getting nothing. He wants to move on, get a reasonable pick out of the deal. Better than what you had if he retired.

  61. steele Says:

    Rich Eisen? Every single one of these blowhards claim to have inside sources, blah blah. It’s all idiot bait.

    So Brady is still in good shape and eats correctly. That is evidence of nothing.

    Brady will spend months starring in and producing his bad golden girl rom-com “80 for Brady”. This is a fact. Therefore it is unlikely that he will be moving to a new team in the next few months, learning a new offense, acclimating new receivers and moving his family. He will probably not be in a training camp.
    He has given no indication that he is unretired.

  62. EA Says:

    Joe, you got your fantasy nights mixed up.

  63. Bird Says:


    Great novels you wrote there
    Yah brady suck really does suck. So overrated. Great points
    It was clearly the bucs defense
    Oh And it was belichick ..not brady in new england

    Weird but really havent seen your name much. Who were
    You before.

    But yah. Please keep writing the novels. Pretty good comedic fiction from someone who is trying to come across smart FACT but really has sh-t for brains

  64. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You are a northern who knows nothing about football. Again, us Florida boys think you northern boys are a complete joke when it comes to football.

    I was a Florida High School State Football Champion for my Raiders and then played on a D1 Scholarship, earning my degree that I use as a white collar professional. My Glades Central team would have destroyed any Massachusetts team that year. I escaped the crime and poverty of my hometown and my situation. @List, you wouldn’t last a day in the Muck. If that makes me an idiot, so be it.

    You are truly ignorant of football @list. Bellicheck led a rookie QB with horrible WR’s to throw to to the playoffs.

    ME13 was running full speed on a crossing route that TB12 threw high and behind him for an interception. ME13 didn’t cut that route off, idiotlist.

    ME13 was running an outside release fly route at full speed when TB12 threw into double coverage for an interception. ME13 didn’t cut that route off idiotlist.

    ME13 was running an outside release fly route at full speed when TB12 grossly under threw ME13 by 10 yards for an interception. ME13 didn’t cut that route off idiotlist.

  65. JimmyJack Says:

    Belle so basically you are saying Todd the Godd and his defense were a huge part of out SuperBowl victory. I agree.

    But I do gotta say you are taking it a much too far saying Brady is Brad Johnson……….Dont confuse what happened in that GB game. That play before halftime was the biggest factor as far as Im concerned.

    IMO the greatest play in Bucs history. Sorry Ronde.

  66. Eric Says:

    Bucs fans always hate any coach that wins us the super bowl.

    a curious lot indeed.

  67. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @Jimmy Jack

    First, I said that Brady was better offensively than Brad Johnson during their Super Bowl runs. I said that Brady was like Brad Johnson in the sense that it was the Bucs defense who were the main reason for both team’s Super Bowl wins.

    Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers had the ball first and goal at the 8 with a chance to score and tie the game with a TD and 2 point conversion. TB12 had nothing to do with the Bucs goal line stand against the current league MVP Aaron Rodgers.

    That goal line stand was more important than TB12’s TD to Scotty Miller. The Bucs offense played horribly after that play and that TD didn’t knock Aaron Rodgers and the Packers out of the game like Ronde’s INT put the dagger in the Eagles and the Vet.

    Players Play. Our Bucs defense was healthy that year for our 2020 Super Bowl run.

    1 Turnover against Washington and they held Washington’s RB’s to under 50 yards for the entire game. 2 sacks, 6 TFL, 6 Hits.

    4 Turnovers against the Saints, 3 INTs and 1 fumble. Held Drew Brees to 134 yards.

    2 Turnovers by Aaron Rodgers. 5 sacks, 10 hits, 1 INT and 1 fumble.

    Held Patrick Mahomes to 0 TD’s either rushing or throwing, 3 sacks, 7 hits and 2 INTs.

    TB12 was not a part of any of those defensive snaps.

    Our defense wasn’t healthy and the players who were the next man up failed to do their job in 2021. I truly do think that it was all of the injuries to our defense and their backups failures that cost us a shot at a 2nd Super Bowl.

    Just an example, JTS failed as a pass rusher/edge setter this year and the Bucs were forced to play an injured JPP much more because of that. Respect the heart of JPP, but he failed to get the job done, and so did JTS.

  68. Oddball Says:

    WTF. Where do these guys come up with this stuff.

    How about the Elevendy Fifsky 47 and 7/32% scovile unit scale for the maybe or possibly not partial return of a guy that may or may not be Tom Brady.

  69. Bird Says:

    The bucs were nobodies for what the last almost 20 years

    The winningest player in all 4 major sports goes to the losingest franchise in all major sports and wins a super bowl. Yah. Brady is a nobody. He is no stamkos…he is not the goat. More like the poodle 😂

    We have the worst fans. The brady haters are pretty amazing

    Brain MRIs would further prove absolutely nothing there. 😂

  70. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle, I plated D1 and won a bowl game, never said I played college in Massachusetts. But since you bring it up, ever hear if Doug Flutie? So you can stop puffing out your chest. To be honest once I saw the Brad Johnson comparison, you proved to me you know absolutely nothing about the game and I doubt your so called credentials. 10 SB’s, 7 SB rings, 15 division titles, multi league MVP, Multi Probowler, 1st ballot HOF. I reiterate, YOU’RE A IDIOT!! Hood luck at 4-13.

  71. JimmyJack Says:

    Belle. Bud you arent gotta convince me about the defense. As I said above I agree with you.

    But sorry dude. Youre off you rocker a little bit comparing Brad Johnson to Brady in any manner. Simply put them 2 are light years apart. And if you dont think our top rated offense was a large reason why we won that title i think you might got some issues.

    Dont really care if you think the goaline stand was a bigger play. I just see it different. Fair to debate either side of that.

  72. T REX Says:

    belle: Buwahahahahahahahahaha

    Brady is the GOAT.

    He won a SB with this garbage staff. Recruited players(GM).

    You’re opinion is so worthless.

    I’ll skip every crap entry you make

  73. T REX Says:


  74. OBVIOUS Says:

    List is a Jamis guy. He hated it when we got rid of him. Doesn’t matter what you say concerning him. No matter which QB you put up there he’d be flipping out.
    Also, there is a ton of truth in what you said concerning our 2020 defense. Did they have some bad games? Well sure. Look at the first half of that season. Did they get their act together? You Bet your Arse they did and DOMINATED from the bye on. As I recall, I believe that for instance our 2020 defense for instance rank NUMBER ONE at stopping the run. Just an example.
    Did Tom Brady do his part? Well Yes he did!

    If Tom Brady wants to play somewhere else besides for us and we just give away the farm for free? He’ll No! I’m in the I DON’T think so camp…

    I wish Tom the best playing or not. HOWEVER, if another team is interested in his services, they’re gonna have to pay for that just like anybody else. Otherwise not Only would it be “bad business” (because it IS a business), IT WOULD BE STUPID!

    GO BUCS!

  75. OBVIOUS Says:

    And T Rex
    Who do you think recruited Brady?
    WAKE UP!

    GO BUCS!

  76. T REX Says:

    @ obvious – TB12 took a look at what was available.

    We had some pieces. He added a lot. He changed practices, training, diets, the playbook. He left because the team was slipping back into it’s old ways and habits…loserish.

    If we win 5 games I’ll be astounded.

  77. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Correct TRex, but Belle thinks if Bucs are subpar this season it is Brady’s fault. His/her theory is that if Brady changed the culture it should spew over since he is gone. The reality is BA doesn’t follow the Brady culture, his is far more laid back and inevitably the culture will change back to pre Brady unless the current team leaders prevent that from happening. Not a time to go to the movies as Brady put it whereas BA and his cronies are a a Broadway show. I am not a fan of Jamais, I am curious though why he achieved and had very few turnovers under Payton?

  78. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @List @TRex

    TB12 doesn’t win the Super Bowl with the Bucs if the Bucs defense doesn’t play lights out against Drew Brees at New Orleans, Aaron Rodgers at Green Bay and Patrick Mahomes.

    Look at that list of QB’s. All Super Bowl winners. All MVP winners.

    TB12 didn’t recruit Evans, Godwin, Smith, Marpet, Jensen, Cappa or Wirfs. That’s 7 out of the 11 Offensive Starters on the team pre TB12.

    TB12 didn’t recruit JPP, Shaq, Suh, Vea, White, Lavonte, Minter, Winfield, Whitehead, SMB, Davis. That’s 11 out of 11 starters on the team pre TB12.

    Those quality football players that were on the Bucs prior to TB12 show you how bad of a QB Jameis Winston was for us.

    By TRex’s logic, Jon Gruden was the man who recruited Warren Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Barber, etc. and it was Jon Gruden’s defense that won the 2002 Super Bowl. SMH

    TB12 was a great QB for us, but it wasn’t his play that was the main reason we won the Super Bowl in 2020.

    Our defense was the #1 ranked defense against the run prior to TB12 being a member on the team. 11th best rush defense of all time.

    The Bucs defense had an outstanding level of play, shutting down run games, feasting on the QB with sacks, hits, interceptions and forcing fumbles from players like Jared Cook.

    That play was 3rd and 1, with the Bucs losing to the Saints 20-13 with about 4 minutes to go. Jared Cook would have picked up the first down at about the 45, and New Orleans would at worst gotten a field goal to go up 23-13 at that time.

    TB12 was not playing well up until that point in the game. The TD drive that TB12 led was a 3 yard drive when the defense intercepted Drew Brees and returned it to the 3, giving the Bucs first and goal from that point.

    I know people who like to romanticize players don’t like to hear factual criticism of their “hero/man crush,” but the fact of the matter is our defense was the reason we won the Super Bowl.

    When TB12 started playing like Jameis Winston in the second half and throwing horrible interceptions to Green Bay and gifting Aaron Rodgers with 3 extra possessions to get back into the game, it was our defense that stopped Aaron Rodgers. Not TB12.

    Any objective and logical fan would agree to that.

    I will also say this. Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, Watson, just to name a few could have won the Super Bowl with the Bucs in 2020 with our offensive weapons and the way our defense played.

  79. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    The Saints were up 20-13 in the 3rd quarter with about 4 minutes to go when Winfield forced the fumble at about the Bucs 45, after Cook picked up the yards for a first down, and White scooped it up and returned it.

  80. Listnfrmafar Says:

    How did they get to 20 Belle? Jamais torched them. AGAIN, you must of missed the WFT game where the D almost caused the Bucs to be one and done. You say you played the game, a equipment manager on a HS championship team doesn’t make you an expert. If it did all but NO, the Bucs were up on points forcing the opposing team to become one dimentional going into passing mode. The Cheifs were having success when they chose to run but were too far behind to continue. What was the Bucs secondary ranked? New flash the NFL is no longer a running league ask Frank Reich, Bill Belichick and Mike Vrabel. I never said the D wasn’t good in the SB, they were spectacular but to discount the Bucs O when they avergaed 31 pts/ game on the road is just moronic.

    Please limit your posts to 1000 words or less please.

  81. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Jameis for his entire football life was told how great he was, and his behavior was excused. He was entitled.

    Then, Jameis got cut.

    Jameis thought some QB needy team would make him their starter and take him in free agency and pay him a lot of money.

    That didn’t happen.

    The Saints and other teams offered him backup salary money and told him he would be the backup or he would have to compete for the job.

    He chose the Saints and sat the bench behind Brees and Hill. Jameis Winston became a the 3rd string emergency QB.

    Jameis Winston was humbled. He was knocked down on the mat. Life comes at you fast, and it will always knock you down and humble you.

    It’s what you decide to do when you are down on the mat that determines your future.

    TB12 was humbled in the Draft. So was Aaron Rodgers. Michael Jordan was humbled in high school. Being humbled creates a fire in some people and leads them to success.

    I think Jameis was on a good path after life humbled him, and I wish him nothing but the best.

  82. Buc1987 Says:

    Listnfrmafar Says:

    “No truer words from a habitual loser. In that case I hope he comes back fakes a back injury and watches the team he pulled from the toilet find its way back to the bottom of the bowl.”

    Other than the fact that he said he’s only a Brady and Gronk fan. Does anyone need more proof that Listnfrmafar is NOT a Bucs fan? An idiot because he’s still here yes,but NOT a Bucs fan. Joe should just ban him. Go away already, you’re an annoying PATRIOTS fan.

  83. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You again are ridiculous.

    The Green Bay game the Bucs had a 21-3 lead at the half.

    TB12’s 2nd Half Drives leading the Bucs vs Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game.

    First Drive = 30 yard TD drive starting at GB’s 30 after Whitehead forced Jones to fumble and White scooped up the fumble.

    2nd Drive = INT
    3rd Drive = INT
    4th Drive = INT
    5th Drive = 44 Yards resulting in a Bucs FG
    6th Drive = 46 Yard resulting in a kneel down to end the game

    TB12 played awful in the second half of that game. Only an ignorant football person such as you @List would say otherwise.

  84. Buc1987 Says:

    How do people that comment on here not realize Listnfrmafar is a Patriots fan by now?

  85. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Your understanding of football is laughable. Anybody who watched the Wild Card Game against the WFT would never say that the Bucs defense played horrible like you have, but you’re ignorant when it comes to football, bless your heart.

    These are the WFT Offensive Drives vs the Bucs:

    1: Punt
    2: Int
    3: WFT TD
    4: Punt
    5: Punt
    6: End of half, WFT drive ends on downs
    7: WFT FG
    8: Punt
    9: WFT TD
    10: Punt
    11: WFT TD
    12: Game ends, WFT drive ends on downs

    When the defense wins 8 out of 12 times (some DC’s and Head Coaches in the NFL say holding a team to a FG is a win, but I don’t agree with them) that’s not an awful game.

  86. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle, I don’t need your stats, what was the SCORE at the end of the WFT game. You failed to mention that was Heinikes first NFL start. Pitiful for a D of Bucs caliber to almost lose that game. As far as GB, go back and watch the ints, especially the two to Evan’s. One he ran the wrong route and the other was off his finger tips. Also think the 3rd Scotty screwed up the route. Never the less neither put GB in great field position. Oh.and the s ore was 28-3 at the half. I am done debating Brady’s talents with you, his resume speaks for itself, you believe what want I could care less, he’s gone, we’ll see who is right because if the Bucs don’t have that ELITE D 17 games will seem like an eternity to Bucs fans.

    Bucs I wish it was 1987, glad to see mommy let you back on the internet, the sites you frequent must of cost her a fortune. Same O same O, I will give you credit you added more content in your post, mommy must have showed you how to cut and paste. Bottom line, you got anything new to say???

  87. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You’re a clown show.

    Stop embarrassing yourself.

    I told you that the interceptions were on YouTube in the Green Bay NFC Championship Game. None of the three INTs that TB12 threw were to Scotty Miller. You’re are a clown who just wrote about something that didn’t happen at all in that game and act like you know football. SMH. Ignorance is bliss for you @List.

    The first one was to Mike Evans running a mandatory outside release fly route to get the corner to turn his hips and vacate the area. If Mike beats the corner and the safe comes over top the QB is to throw the pass to the middle level receiver because there should be grass there or to the receiver running the route at the safety’s grass who left to cover ME13. TB12 made a horrible decision and threw it to a double covered ME13. You’re a clown @ List.

    The second one was to Mike Evans on a deep crossing route left to right. TB12 must throw that route open and lead his receiver to the open grass in front of ME13. The tape clearly shows ME13 reaching up and slightly behind him. That’s a horrible throw. ME13’s hands should be in front of his body catching that route. Again, you’re a clown @List who doesn’t know basic football.

    The third interception was a beauty. Green Bay had a free hitter on TB12, and TB12 threw the ball as high as he could towards the sidelines and ducked from the hit. On that one Mike Evans running a mandatory outside release fly route, but that didn’t matter TB12 threw the ugliest duck that under three ME13 by at least ten yards. It was an easy interception for the Green Bay defender and a Jameis Winston like throw and decision by TB12. This one really hurt as the Bucs were in FG range.

    Tape don’t lie. You do though @List. What a clown telling us one of them was to Scotty Miller. You’ve been measured. What a maroon you’re.

  88. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    The second int was the one where they were in FG range @List, not the third interception.

    All three were horrible passes and decisions by TB12, except for ignorant Pom Pom Holding TB12 Man Crushers like you @List.

  89. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle you dip shat the score was 28-3 at the half, Brady wasn’t tasked to keep GB off the board. So if Brady had this horrible half because they O only scored 3, how is it the D played great when they let them back into the game? I guess like some of the other morons on this site, you expect 28 points / half. I will not waste my time watching YouTube videos of 2020. I remember 2 of the ints, one was SLIGHTLY high that Evan’s never laid out for and the other Brady threw to one spot where he expect Evan’s to be and Evan’s turned in, he may of saw the safety barreling down on him and pulled up like he had multiple times. Either way I don’t give a shat. Bucs are already on their spiral downward, worst franchise tag move with Godwin, good luck with that.

  90. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    The stupid is strong with you.

    You’ve got to be a special kind of stupid to insult someone and claim that you are correct, and then in the same sentence make such a monumental mistake and so incorrectly state: “ Listnfrmafar Says:
    March 8th, 2022 at 5:25 pm
    Belle you dip shat the score was 28-3 at the half”

    To paraphrase from Waterboy, “Mommalist is wrong again.”

    The score at the half of the 2020 NFC Championship Game between the Bucs and Packers was 21-3.

    Hello, McList, anybody home?

    Math and counting numbers are hard for you, aren’t they @list?

    You’re a special kind of stupid @list. Watch Sesame Street and The Count’s segments to help remediate your mathematical incompetence.

  91. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Here’s Football 101 @List.

    When you are up 3 scores on a team at half, it’s the QB’s job to protect the ball and not turn the ball over and give the other team that is QBed by a Super Bowl and MVP winning QB extra possessions to score.

    The clock is the enemy of the team behind by 3 scores at half. It’s the job of the QB to protect that lead by not turning the ball over.

    TB12 failed to do that against the Packers in the second half of the NFC Championship Game. That’s undisputed.

  92. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle as long as you know what Tom Brady’s job is that’s all that matters. Like I said I am not going back in time to research your useless opinion. The defense played great throughout the playoffs in 2020 less the WFT game and the O did less the Saints. Congrats you got the last word. Now go back to the cubby hole in your trailor and watch more YouTube Bucs videos. Stay off the porn you wouldn’t want mommy catching you playing offense and defense on yourself.

  93. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You not only struggle with Math, but I see Physics is also a problem for you.

    On the one INT that TB12 threw that ME13 tipped, ME13 was running a deep crossing route from the left hash to the right hash.

    If ME13 lays out for the pass that was thrown behind him like you claim that he should, then he is diving to his right as the ball is thrown behind him to the left.

    That’s just stupid, but we can’t expect anything less from a special kind of stupid and low football IQ individual such as you @List.

  94. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You project a lot of aberrant behavior onto others.

    Weird that in a football conversation you would think of porn.

    I never once mentioned anything about porn, but that’s the first thing you went to in your ad hominem attack on me.

    Interesting to say the least. Psychologist have a lot to say about that kind of behavior in an argument by the way.

    Says a lot about you and your character @CreepyList.

  95. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Ask anybody with a football IQ that’s much greater than yours what is the responsibility of a QB when leading by three scores with a half to go.

    Pretty sure anybody that isn’t as stupid as you is going to say protect the ball and the lead.

    Pretty sure that anybody that isn’t as stupid as you is going to say that throwing 3 interceptions when you are up by three scores with only a half to play is really bad QB play.

    That’s Pop Warner stuff.

    But I guess such an accomplished Bowl Game winning football player such as you @List thinks that that is great QB play. SMH.

  96. Fan of the Game Says:

    @BelleGlade and all other Brady Greatness deniers

    You, BA, Licht and all other Buccaneers of your mindset that Brady wasn’t the reason for the Buccaneers success are going to get exactly what you have coming for you. If Arians wouldn’t have been so dismissive about the Brady effect, would have allowed him more control over the offense, wouldn’t have perpetually try to spread praise to anyone but Brady, he might have stayed. But he’s been there, done that with Belichick for 20 years.

    This Blog took a long while to warm up to Brady too and is now blocking the exit ramp with venom and ungratefulness.

    You could see from the look on Brady’s face throughout the year that he was done with the Bucs for exactly the reason he was done the Pats. While he would love to finish up his career in SF, I am afraid that Lynch and Shanahan are too egotistical to let Brady shine there.

    I am starting to think that maybe the Dolphins will get him because Ross and the new Coach are not so arrogant that they’d let Brady run one side of the ball and finally untap the true potential of TB12.

    In the meantime, dbags like BelleGlade just continue to add fuel to his fire. It’s never been Brady according to these idiots and it never will. Who knows why other than they probably had a different college rooting interest or Brady isn’t a Southern boy. Who knows. The stupid is very strong in these doubters.

    If Bucs don’t trade or release Brady, they will be held in the same light as the Pats. Bitter ex’s who never could appreciate what they had when they had it.

  97. Oneilbuc Says:

    Belle . That’s why they beginning Brady to come back because they believe what ever the media tells them. Without a good defense you ain’t winning nothing regardless who playing quarterback. Why we didn’t win again last year? We had Brady and still lost so what that tell you it’s about the team not 1 player. Brady played bad against good defenses and they blame everyone but Brady. Even if he comes back and I hope he don’t I still don’t believe we going to win the superbowl. And next year we will still be saying who’s our next quarterback. You don’t build a team with old players because this is the outcome. I don’t care about winning a superbowl one year and losing the next 15 years that’s why I didn’t like the move because now look?? Get over it and develop your own quarterback BA remember you the quarterback whisper !!

  98. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Fanofthegame, you are wasting your time trying to enlighten these bias morons with common sense. You even managed to draw out the biggest idiot of all Oneilbucyall. Payton Manning lousy D in Indy won SB, Seattle legion of doom D lost to Pat’s, KC over San Fran. Discounting the best QB that ever played is mind boggling. Funny how Oneilbucyall promotes Trask because of his collegiate accolades yet he says the D wins SB’s. FYI, Trask threw 3 ints in his last game.

    Belle, beat your dead horse all you like, as Fanofthegame writes, you will see very shortly what the absence of the GOAT does to the Bucs future. The SB is NOT won in 2020 if Bucs don’t score 30+ points/game. That has been the trend for the last two seasons. So much for defense.

  99. Oneilbuc Says:

    Listnfrmafar. Trask played with a bunch of freshman in the last game. He never even practiced with those guys I don’t know what Trask is going to do in the NFL just like no one knows what Travor Lawrence is going to be in the NFL. And yes defense win championships. But you try to act like Brady was the only reason why we won . What happened last year ??

  100. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall, what dies that have to do with Trasks ints? Never said Brady won the SB himself, but he is the reason the team got there.

  101. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @Fan of the Game

    Back in the day, when you copied another person’s insult, we called you a poser.

    The stupid is strong with you.

    Never said that Brady didn’t play great for the Bucs. He played great. He is the GOAT.

    Tape don’t lie. I’m not a liar, but you’re by saying that I said Brady wasn’t good for us is a lie. I respect the game to much to lie about tape.

    I said that the tape reveals that Brady didn’t play well in the NFC Championship Game against Green Bay in the second half. Those 3 INT’s were all on Brady. TB12 made mistakes. TB12 isn’t this mythical perfect QB. He’s human. Humans make mistakes, and TB12 made 3 huge mistakes against Green Bay. Instead of protecting the ball and the lead in the 2nd half, he gave Aaron Rodgers and the Packers exactly what they needed in 3 extra possessions when the clock was their enemy.

    The Bucs held Drew Brees to 134 yards and intercepted him 3 times and forced a critical fumble by Jared Cook. 4 extra possessions and all TB12. In the 2 previous games during the season Drew Brees and the Saints destroyed us, scoring 34 and 38 points against the Bucs in both victories 3rd Time was a charm. The win against the Saints in the Divisional Playoff Game was because of the Bucs defense.

    I did what all true football players do, be honest about the tape. If TB12 was to sit down with Peyton Manning and go over that tape they both would say the same thing as me.

    Football is a team game unlike any other. QB’s get all the credit when they win. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. Look at TB12’s Super Bowl Championships against the Rams and Seahawks for no further proof. TB12 gets the credit and is voted the MVP.

    Fact is though, if Bellicheck’s Patriots defense doesn’t cause 3 turnovers, one for a pick 6 by Ty Law, and a blocked FG, against the Rams and the Greatest Show on Turf, then Patriots are not Super Bowl Champions.

    In their second victory against the Rams it was the Pats/Bellicheck’s defense that won them the game, holding the Rams to 3 points total as TB12 threw zero touchdowns and 1 interception.

    TB12’s Pats victory over the Seahawks was not all because of TB12, who threw 2 picks in that game. The goal line stand against the Seahawks to end the game with Wilson throwing an interception was obviously because of the defense. TB12 was on the sideline for that critical play. If Butler doesn’t make that play, the Pats lose the Super Bowl.

    That’s 3 out of TB22’s 6 Super Bowl victories that were won mainly by the Pats defense or decided because of the Pats defense.

    TB12 also benefited from the GOAT of FG Kickers in Adam Vinatarri. If Vinaterri misses 3 FG’s, then TB12 doesn’t win those games as all 3 of those would have headed to Overtime.

    Yet fan boy man crushers like @List and @FanoftheGame will say it was all because of TB12 (who is the Goat in my opinion), b
    forgetting that at the end of the day all TB12 is just one teammate on a team and a human who is not perfect.

    TB12 is great, but he’s not bigger than the team. Football don’t work like that. If it did, Winfield’s blown play against Kupp doesn’t matter in the Divisional Playoof Game against the Rams. But sadly, that’s not the case.

  102. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle, you talk through two sides of your arse. The D gets credit for the turnovers but it’s Brady’s fault GB got back in the game second half. Vinetari gets credit for the FG but Brady gets no credit for getting them in FG range, he’s just lucky Adam V made the kicks.

    Drew Brees couldn’t throw over 20 yds with a torn rotator cuff, the same injury that made JPP invisible this year. So if the O went 3 and out prior to the ONE play Jamais torched the D, it’s Brady’s fault because the D shouldn’t of been on the field? The O avergaed 31+

  103. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Averaged 31+ points a game in those playoffs and SB, what DON’T you get Belle. Wtf would you give them credit if they averaged 50 pts? This D over the last 2 seasons are notorious for letting opposing teams back in games. You are the king if what if, what if the receivers caught the 3 TD passes threw that went off helmets & hands in the SB? The D doesn’t look so good then, do they? They came VERY close to losing the WFT playoff game against a back up QB on his first start.

  104. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Again, the stupid is strong with you.

    Stupid people like you @List get the score of a football game wrong while calling another person stupid.

    Stupid people like you @Lisf blame a person who is running right for causing an interception that is thrown high and to the left of them. Dumber people like you @List say that he should have laid out for it.

    Even dumber people people like you @List confuse a very short and small Caucasian man such as Scotty Miller with a very tall, athletically built African American in Mike Evans.

    Extremely low Football IQ people such as you @List think that the 3 INT’s by TB12 were not horrible throws and decisions in the NFC Championship Game.

    Entitled people like you @List think that everyone should not be criticized because it will hurt their feelings, and everybody gets a trophy and told that they did a good job, regardless of wether they did or not.

    Even dumber football IQ people like you @List think that giving Aaron Rodgers 3 extra chances to score is good football when he’s behind by three scored. Dumb people don’t respect talented players and their abilities.

    Extremely Low Football IQ people like you @List think that when a defense caused 4 turnovers that you shouldn’t win the ball game, and that it wasn’t because of the defense.

    Even dumber football IQ people like you @List don’t give a defense credit for sacking a QB 3 times, hitting him numerous times, chasing him behind the line of scrimmage for almost 500 yards, intercepting him twice, holding Patrick Mahomes to zero rushing TD’s and zero passing TD’s for the first time in his amazing Super Bowl winning, Super Bowl MVP winning, MVP winning career.

    Lazy people like you @List refuse to watch the tape.

    Lazy people like you @List ignore the fact that the defense held the WFT scoreless for 8 out of 12 possessions.

    Somee we people like you @List choose to go through life stupid and lazy. You know you don’t have to, you can do something about both of those. 🎤

  105. Listnfrmafar Says:

    DumbBelle, an intelligent person understands the ONLY thing that counts is the FINAL score! The definition of insanity is repeating the same act over and over again and expecting a different result. I am dealing with an insane person that continues banter over the same shat over and over again but never addresses the fact that Bucs O averaged over 31 points 2020 post season and the D gave up over 20 per game.

  106. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Before you call me out DumbBelle, D gave up 78 points just shy of 20/gm, they lucked out KC receivers dropped 3 td passes.

  107. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Just when I think you couldn’t get any dumber @List you go and do something that shows me you’re much dumber than I could have imagined.

    The Bucs 2020 defense was the 6th ranked defense in the NFL.

    The Bucs 2020 defense was ranked 8th in points allowed, giving up 22.1875 points per game.

    The Bucs 2020 defense in their Super Bowl Championship run gave up 78 points to WFT, Drew Brees and the Saints, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

    78 divided by 4 = 19.5 PPG.

    The NFL’s best defense for PPG in 2020 was the Rams with 18.5.

    The Bucs defense stepped up their play and bettered their regular season PPG against 3 QB’s who have won MVP’s, Super Bowl’s and Super Bowl MVP’s. All 3 will be HOF one day.

    The Bucs defense didn’t give up 20 points like you claimed in your 5:05 PM post.

    The Bucs offense in their 2020 Super Bowl Championship run scored 123 points in 4 games.

    123 divided by 4 = 30.75 PPG.

    The Bucs offense didn’t score 31 PPG in their 2020 Super Bowl Championship Playoff run as you claimed in your 5:05 PM post.

    Counting numbers and math is not your thing @ Listless.

    I’m telling you, watch Sesame Street. Watch The Count, he’s got a really cool laugh when he counts. It’ll really help you.

  108. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    I know you are lazy and don’t like watching film.

    On one of the most amazing passes I have ever seen when he threw the ball when he was parallel to the ground, Devin White allowed an easy interception to go through his hands as he was in front of the receiver. That was what we in football call a passed defensed as Devin White’s play interfered with the wide receivers ability to catch the pass.

    You low IQ football people call it a dropped pass.

    Football statistics calls it a defended pass.

  109. Steven M. Says:

    If he wants to play again and you hold him hostage. Rember how well the Bucs defense played in the 4th Quarter of the Rams game.
    Which can st a possible win and maybe an SB.
    If you hold him hostage, he will pull an AB, take off his Jersey , do jumping jacks and run out of Raymond James.

  110. Listnfrmafar Says:

    DumbBelle, what schools do you tailor trash products go to? Just curious because I’m too lazy to look it up, what was the Bucs offense ranked in 2020 and 2021? I thought so. While your doing nothing but research Bucs 2020 stats. What was the Bucs secondary ranked? 30.75 vs 31, ohhh ya got me. Einstein, so what you’re saying is if a D let’s the opposing offense score 1/3 of the games offensive series, that’s a good day for the D? You’re a Fing idiot. So a pass that’s dropped by a receiver that goes through the hands of a defender is a defended pass? I’ll tell ya, I played linebacker at a pretty high collegiate level, we watched a LOT of game film and I don’t recall my teammates or myself ever getting a baseball pat for letting a pass go through my hands that reached the receiver. What D1 school did you at for that gave trophies for missed ints. It’s not like it hit Whites hands, went right through.

  111. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Fing autofill.

  112. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You wrote that the offense scored over 31.

    30.75 is not over 31.

    Math and facts.


  113. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Pro Football Focus has a stat called pass defensed.

    Stats and math still aren’t your thing.

  114. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    In 2019, with Jameis Winston as the QB, the Bucs offense scored 458 points in 16 games for a 28.625 PPG.

    In 2020, with TB12 at QB, the Bucs offense scored 492 points in 17 games for a PPG of 28.94.

    TB12 from a statistical standpoint was statistically insignificant in PPG when compared to Jameis Winston.

  115. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    In 2019, with Jameis Winston as the QB, the Bucs offense was ranked #3 in the NFL.

    In 2020, with TB12 at QB, the Bucs offense was ranked #3 in the NFL.

    TB12 from a statistical standpoint was statistically insignificant in Team Offensive Ranking when compared to Jameis Winston.

  116. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    In 2019, with Jameis Winston as the QB, the Bucs offense threw for 4,854 yards in 16 games for an average of 303.375 Passing YPG.

    In 2020, with TB12 at QB, the Bucs offense threw for 4,626 yards in 17 games for an average of 272.12 Passing YPG.

    TB12 from a statistical standpoint was statistically inferior in Team Passing YPG when compared to Jameis Winston.

  117. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    2019: Jameis = 5,109 Yrds, 33 TD, 30 INT’s in 16 Games
    2020: TB12 = 4,633 Yrds, 40 TD, 12 INT’s, in 16 Games

  118. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Sorry list. Rooting on my son’s baseball team tonight, and I forgot that 2020 was 16 games, and so I made the adjustment.

    In 2019, with Jameis Winston as the QB, the Bucs offense scored 458 points in 16 games for a 28.625 PPG.

    In 2020, with TB12 at QB, the Bucs offense scored 492 points in 16 games for a PPG of 30.75.

    TB12 from a statistical standpoint was statistically more significant in PPG when compared to Jameis Winston.

  119. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    In 2019, with Jameis Winston as the QB, the Bucs offense threw for 4,854 yards in 16 games for an average of 303.375 Passing YPG.

    In 2020, with TB12 at QB, the Bucs offense threw for 4,626 yards in 16 games for an average of 289.125 Passing YPG.

    TB12 from a statistical standpoint was statistically inferior in Team Passing YPG when compared to Jameis Winston.