Bruce Arians Promises To Cuss Out Players On The Practice Field If They Screw Up

March 31st, 2022

He’s not gone.

Today’s press conference will feel like Joe is going to a wake.

But former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians is not dead. He’s just stepping down as coach. He’s not even leaving. He’s just going to be working in the front office and Joe has a hunch Arians will be involved in ways a little more directly than he or the team will let on today.

In fact, Arians said he will be involved. In a text sent to each player last night announcing his decision, Arians promised to cuss them out on the practice field if they goof up.

Man, Joe is on a massive roller coaster. From the Bucs losing the way they lost against the Rams, and then Tom Brady retiring followed by Arians talking loud and proud at the combine about how Blaine Gabbert can lead the team back to the division title, and then Brady unretiring to now Arians retiring.

Joe needs a vacation.

14 Responses to “Bruce Arians Promises To Cuss Out Players On The Practice Field If They Screw Up”

  1. westernbuc Says:

    Now I can’t judge him if he’s on a golf cart. NFL never stops

  2. OHBucsFan Says:

    Isn’t it okay for a septuagenarian to retire whenever he darn well feels like it? I get the emotions but BA has been a pioneer for people of color and the female contingent. He’s always been just a bit different from other coaches in the buttoned up NFL. This isn’t a wake, it’s entertainment and frankly, fun to watch a man take care of someone who he’s known for 4 decades. I for one love it when the media are taken totally off guard.

  3. Leighroy Says:

    Will he still carry that giant battery for his headset in a sling over his heart on game days? Maybe with the mic disabled but listening in….

  4. JA Says:


    It might be okay for a septuagenarian to retire anytime he feels like it.
    But what about a sexagenarian, an “oversexed,” foul mouthed sixty-something who clearly has yet to reach the numerical milestone attributed to “old men?”
    Joking aside, I wholeheartedly agree with your take.

  5. #8 Says:

    Will the Bucs get extra picks? That’s what I need to know. Does this move gain them picks?

    If so, when?

    I really feel its simply a move to get more picks–especially with BA basically doing the same thing. He wasn’t a ‘coach’ head coach–he left his coordinators do it all anyway right?

  6. ClodHopper Says:

    Just like a wake, It still hasnt hit me yet. It’s so crazy.

    “Joe needs a vacation.”

    Lol there’s been a lot of late evening breaking news the last few weeks. Keeping the Joe’s up all hours of the night.

  7. WillieG Says:

    Roller coaster? Just wait until BA comes out Saturday and says “April Fools!”

    No. I don’t believe that. But the way things have been going, I would not be one bit surprised.

  8. PSL Bob Says:

    Well Joe, you can imagine my reaction to the news. I was was unplugged last night and when I came to the site this AM, I’m like WTF is going on? Whiplash! This offseason has been the wildest in Bucs history. I imagine it will take weeks if not months to sort it all out.

  9. Listnfrmafar Says:

    That’s how senile he is, he doesn’t realize that’s
    why he is gone. There is no room for verbally, physically abusive coaches in the new NFL. He embarrassed the team twice on national TV, the AB and Adam’s debacles. Off with your head BA and take your red pen with you. TB12 has spoken. NO movies on my watch.

  10. Hodad Says:

    It’s simple. Arains would rather watch the team from the A.C. owners box drinking a cold scotch than standing on the sideline in 120 degree temps in Tampa on sept sundays.

  11. BUCman Says:

    #8: Regarding getting a 3rd round compensatory draft pick; the way the rule reads is you have to lose a minority coach to be a Head Coach of another team. Key word being “another”. Don’t believe we get a compensatory pick for this.

  12. BUCman Says:

    Just speculating; but it feels like Brady wanted to come back but doesn’t appreciate Arians input/interference with game planning. The team was put between a rock and a hard place. A compromise was found by moving Bruce from the sidelines to the front office. It satisfies Brady while doing right by Arians. By promoting Bowles to Head Coach and not Leftwich it allows Brady to continue to work with Leftwich as offensive coordinator and Bruce gets his guy promoted. Win, Win! It was announced in this fashion so Bruce can be moved to new position gracefully. If this speculation is accurate maybe we get Brady for more than one season.

  13. lambchop Says:

    This sounds more like a technicality that he’s not the HC. He had groomed the coaches around him to take over anyway while he supervised. Now, he can step back and watch them more as a father figure than a mentor. His padawans have earned their stripes.

    When everything is said and done and book is written, it will be known what a gracious person BA was. All these conspiracy theories be damned. The guy is letting go when he could have taken the spotlight for another SB run.

  14. lambchop Says:

    These conspiracy theories of a rift not only tarnishes BA, but it also tarnishes Brady. This is not who Brady is. He could have run Belicheat out of town while he was 3 Super Bowls down. Brady was king. BB was BB and annoying in his decisions during the offseason. Brady could have whined like Fraudgers about no weapons more than he probably did. He could have held the Patriots hostage, refused to low-ball his salary, etc.

    This theory makes no sense. BA is still around, and he’ll still be roaming the practice fields. He will still offer his guidance.