“I Know Mr. Licht Is Going To Take Care Of It”

February 5th, 2022

Shaq Barrett speaks from Pro Bowl practice.

Of course probably all Bucs players with Tom Brady would return for the 2022 season.

But that is wishful thinking as Brady announced he’s done with football after 22 seasons.

So the immediate future of the Bucs’ quarterback position has been a big conversation piece with Tampa Bay players at the Pro Bowl this week. Joe caught up with Bucs sack king Shaq Barrett at the Los Vegas Ballpark.

It seems Shaq has a lot of faith that Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht will find answers and fill holes in the roster just fine.

Shaq was asked if he was trying to bend quarterbacks ears at the Pro Bowl to try to worm their way to Tampa Bay.

“Lobbying? I don’t know who is available,” Shaq said with that trademark grin of his. “I know Mr. Licht is going to take care of it. Jason Licht will take care of it.”

Whoever the Bucs choose as Brady’s successor, Shaq said he desires one specific trait in the guy.

“I just want somebody who is ready to win,” Shaq said. “Do their job so we can get back to where we were before [Brady retired]. I would love anybody — well, not anybody (laughs). I want a quarterback who can help just win and help us be Super Bowl contenders, not just regular season [wins] and be 9-8. I want to be. Super Bowl contender.”

When Joe asked Shaq what kind of sales pitch he might use on Russell Wilson to get him to come to Tampa Bay, Shaq busted out laughing.

“That ain’t my job, I don’t get paid for that,” Shaq laughed. “My recruiting might not work anyway. If I talk to somebody, they may want to go in a whole different direction.”

Joe has a hunch that of the Bucs Pro Bowlers in Las Vegas, Mike Evans and Devin White would be the best salesmen.

29 Responses to ““I Know Mr. Licht Is Going To Take Care Of It””

  1. gp Says:

    In Licht I trust.
    Still no word on what Brady will be doing in his immediate future.
    Would love to see him as a specialist QB coach for a year.
    Just to get Trask up to speed for playing in the NFL.

  2. OBP Says:

    I still say give Trask the rock and see what he can do with it. I’m sure we could re-sign Gabbert for a vet min since he knows this system.

  3. Hodad Says:

    Joe, put down the Big Storm if you think the Bucs have any plans to trade for Wilson. Price is just to steep. Welcome to the Blaine Gabbert era, at least to start next year. I expect he’ll be signed back shortly. That’s going to be our reality, get use to it for next season. There only busted up clonkers behind door #2 this year, we ain’t going there.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s tough enough to follow Tom Brady……but after all the names floated & speculation on us bringing in a QB…..if we go with Trask….I hope he gets a fair chance to succeed……or fail…..but a chance nonetheless.

  5. NebraskaBuc Says:

    I’d prefer to see Brady be given a small ownership piece and the title of president of personnel. Have him continue to guide the organization with Licht.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    TBBF … ‘if we go with Trask….I hope he gets a fair chance to succeed……or fail…..but a chance nonetheless.’

    Second that, with the emphasis on FAIR CHANCE. None of this ‘First mediocre game & you’re outta there kid’ stuff.

  7. Jon Juergensen Says:

    Who cares what players think? There’s a reason they don’t get paid to do player evaluations.

  8. Bucamania Says:

    Maybe you should’ve played better in the Rams game when you had Brady. Just sayin.

  9. Jon Juergensen Says:

    Tired of the “mobility” talk. “Mobility” was has been hyped as a quarterback trait to allow ESPN and the rest of the sports media to hype “athletic” quarterbacks who seldom succeed in the NFL. Look at the quarterbacks who win Super Bowls. Virtually all are pocket passers. A few could scramble and run a little, but that’s not what their winning offenses were built around. Brady wasn’t mobile. Rothlisberger wasn’t mobile. Manning wasn’t mobile.

  10. Jon Juergensen Says:

    Hey Joe,

    A couple days ago you wrote that if the Bucs announce they’re going with Trask and then players leave, it would be a reflection on Trask. Well, a Bucs receiever just left for the Chiefs. Who is that a reflection on? Arians? Leftwich? Or Trask again? LOL.

  11. Matt Says:

    It’s beyond incredibly telling that Shaq isn’t standing up for his actual teammates (Trask & Gabbert) to get a chance first before going outside the “family.”

  12. gp Says:

    Jon Juergensen Says:
    February 5th, 2022 at 11:31 am

    Hey Joe,

    A couple days ago you wrote that if the Bucs announce they’re going with Trask and then players leave, it would be a reflection on Trask. Well, a Bucs receiever just left for the Chiefs. Who is that a reflection on? Arians? Leftwich? Or Trask again? LOL.

    You’re talking about Justin Watson…….
    A guy that Brady couldn’t trust to compete for the ball.
    How many targets DID he get last year?

    Do try again…………..

  13. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Russell Wilson is the ONLY QB I would support Bucs trading for , even if we had to cough 2 #1’s for RW , it would be worth it.

  14. gp Says:

    I respectfully disagree
    We can’t afford to give up capitol for an “over the hill” (?) QB

    Remember, TB came in with a team friendly deal. The only capitol we gave up was a third rounder to secure his favorite target, Gronk.

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Joe, you’re reaching, your surrogate GM has left the building.

  16. Joe Says:

    Well, a Bucs receiever just left for the Chiefs. Who is that a reflection on? Arians? Leftwich? Or Trask again? LOL.

    Don’t be dumb. Justin Watson didn’t “leave.” He got cut.

  17. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Jon Juergensen Says:
    “… a Bucs receiever just left for the Chiefs. Who is that a reflection on?”

    That dude just wants the playing time he feels that he deserves. I wouldn’t read too much into bubble players looking for more opportunity.

  18. adam from ny Says:

    yeah i think wilson would be a sick fit here…i don’t think there would be much fall off from brady and the dude is mobile in the pocket…

    wilson would be fun, stir the pot, and create almost as much excitement in tampa as tommy b…

    i’ve always thought wilson is the answer, i just don’t see how we can squeeze him out of seattle…

    also some of those deep routes to metcalf, you could just swap that name out and pencil in evans…evans ypc would increase if wilson is his quarterback

  19. adam from ny Says:

    seattle had a rough year in 2021…

    if there’s a time to swoop in and get wilson, it’s now…

    he might feel it’s a time for change, or scenery as well..

    now would be the time – and he’s got at least a few good years left in him…


  20. Crickett Baker Says:

    Joe, I can’t believe it! You talked to players and didn’t even ask how Trask looked in any practices? Man, we need someone’s opinion since WE haven’t seen him. PLEASE ask!

  21. HC Grover Says:

    If he gets Gronk back Gronk will be the most popular player. When he gets a catch everyone would yell Groooonk! My bet on QB right now is Gabbert with Trask on the bench.

  22. Bqen green Says:

    The bucs check all the boxes that Wilson wants, if they’re able to sign the guys up for deals. More than anything, Wilson doesn’t want to be running for his life, like the last two years in Seattle. It would be a great fit. He’s a great fit almost anywhere. Ben doesn’t want to see the bucs implode, contrary to popular belief. The more good teams in the league, the better it is for fans. That being said, Tampa isn’t exactly the center of the pro sports world. Ben thinks Wilson would rather play in a bigger market.

  23. alvinscissorsharper Says:

    Shaq, if you had a better season, we might still be playing. Let’s see what your teammate, Kyle Trask can do. We can’t afford to trade for a Wilson or a Rodgers. We sure as hell don’t need to pay Jimmy G. If Trask is good, we’re set for years. If Trask sucks, the 2023 class of QBs is a lot better than this year and we’ll have a pretty high draft pick.

  24. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Bruh if we got Russell Wilson I think my head would explode. I wouldn’t be mad if we gave up 1st round picks over the next 3-4 years to get that guy. He’s got one of the prettiest deep balls in the league and would probably fit Arians offense to a T. Wishful thinking for sure😂.

  25. steele Says:

    “I just want somebody who is ready to win”. How does the locker room feel about Kyle Trask?

  26. Corndog Says:

    Let Mr.Licth do his MAGIC, start working on CHAMPIONSHIP number 3 let the Licth SHINE!!💡

  27. sauron's eye Says:

    The main reason Seattle sucks is Ru$$ and his salary. How can you get a great team with no money to spend? Answer is you cant. He wants to win but is way to greedy to do so. He is delusional to think he can be the highest paid QB and the GM can build a championship team around that. QB’s that want to win have to make some sacrifices like Brady did. Same goes for Karen Rodgers but the management there also sucks.

  28. FrankfurtBuc Says:

    Would go with trask, If its not working get a top draft in 23.Sad BA did Not give him snaps.

  29. David Says:

    I’d love Wilson but doesn’t he cost 40 million a year? His contract is part of the reason the Seahawks have been in a downward spiral, they can’t afford any more players on their team