Could The Bucs Win A Super Bowl With Jimmy Garoppolo?

February 5th, 2022

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles.

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles began his NFL career 30 years ago.

Beckles played college ball at Indiana where his coach, Bill Mallory (Joe dealt with Mallory a couple of times and he was such an awesome guy) once worked for Woody Hayes. We know what Hayes thought of quarterbacks and Mallory clearly was influenced by Hayes. So you can do the math here…

Beckles took to his podcast “In the Trenches” this week and slapped around those who think a quarterback is a key to winning. Beckles said quarterbacks are just a piece of the puzzle.

Joe cannot disagree with Beckles more. Yes, you need good line play. No doubt. But without a quarterback, you won’t score enough and it’s damn hard to win a football game if you cannot score points.

The last two game managers who won a Super Bowl were Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson in the 2000 and 2002 seasons. The only reason those two won is they played on teams with historic defenses populated by Hall of Famers and defenses that could and did score to help make up for largely one-dimensional, points-handicapped offenses. (Yeah, you certainly could put Nick Foles in the game manager group, but he was a backup who caught fire in the postseason, so that’s a different animal.)

You have to have a quarterback. That’s all there is to it.

So to prove his point that you don’t need a star quarterback to win, Beckles used Jimmy GQ as his model.

“Can anybody name me 10 quarterbacks [Jimmy GQ] is better than?” Beckles said. Beckles also noted even though he doesn’t think much of Jimmy GQ, his 49ers came very, very close to making the Super Bowl for the second time in three seasons.

Why? Beckles said it is simple: You win games in the trenches, not throwing the ball.

So with the Bucs needing a quarterback and Jimmy GQ all but out in San Francisco, Joe is guessing Beckles would not be on board with Jimmy GQ leading the Bucs in 2022?

“I don’t think he’s very special,” Beckles said.

90 Responses to “Could The Bucs Win A Super Bowl With Jimmy Garoppolo?”

  1. Vsyl Says:

    I would rather try out Trask and spend the money on the free agents, than having jimmy g

  2. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    I’m special!

  3. Que5 Says:

    I’d get Tribisky for $5M opposed to Garoppolo for $27MM. Build the total roster

  4. westernbuc Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Beckles, is correct loose your tackles on the line and see how that works out, regardless of who the quarterback is.

  6. Que5 Says:

    I’d also draft Pickett or Willis

  7. Volbuc40 Says:

    I would put in Trask and we will lose ALOT, then we will get a high draft pick in 2023 draft and draft a franchise QB.

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Here’s 17 in no particular order and hell no I don’t want Jimmy.

    Zach Wilson
    Carson Wentz
    Cam Newton
    Sam Darnold
    Trevor Lawrence
    Taylor Heinicke
    Daniel Jones
    Justin Fields
    Baker Mayfield
    Kirk Cousins
    Ryan Tannehill
    Jared Goff
    Tua Tagovailoa
    Teddy Bridgewater
    Davis Mills
    Matt Ryan
    Jalen Hurts

  9. EA Says:

    Watched some 9er games this year, even though Jimmy G may not be the elite QB he made some pretty impressive throws when he needed to, especially converting 3rd downs.
    Agree 100 percent with Ian, playing physical football can still get you far in the playoffs.
    49ers played the same style football and made the superbowl with Collin Kaepernick at qb under Jim Harbaugh.
    Had our defense played/been the same this playoff season as last season we’d be watching our bucs play next weekend.

  10. westernbuc Says:

    Now that I’ve read the article, still no.

    Peyton Manning was the last game manager to win the super bowl. Broken down, he was the worst qb in the league that year by far. He also had a historically great defense.

    Can I name 10 qbs better than Jimmy G? I can give you 16.. Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Stafford, Rodgers, Cousins, Carr, Ryan, Murray, Prescott, Wilson, Jackson, Jones, Tannehill, Wentz, and Herbert. That doesn’t include zac wilson or trevor Lawrence, who I think will be better than Jimmy g.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Love what you did there Joe: made Beckles out to be really old-school. ‘Began his career 30 years ago’. Yup. ‘Played in the NFL in the 1990s’. Nice touch. His coach played for ‘Woody Hayes’ and we ‘know what Hayes thought of quarterbacks’. Awesome.

    Beckles is right if all he’s contending is that ‘quarterbacks are just a piece of the puzzle’. That’s a true statement in & of itself in that any QB has to have adequate protection AND weapons to succeed. I’d also contend that today’s QBs have to be supported by a competent defense to win (at least playing well at the end of the season & through the playoffs like ours did in 2020). There has to be a degree of offense & defense BALANCE in my opinion to win the whole enchilada in today’s NFL.

    However, the better the QB, the less balanced those 2 seem to have to be. IOW QBs like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning were able to compensate for ‘weaknesses’ to a degree in their own teams. The irony seems to be though that high quality QBs come at a high price. How many of those ‘weaknesses’ could’ve been fixed if the QBs price wasn’t so high? Bucs may be about to find out in 2022.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    No, not without fixing the secondary that can’t play zone defense. Their Cher nobody defense doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter who plays QB for the Bucs if they can’t stop opponents drives. They really are pathetic right now. Sorry boys but it’s the truth.

  13. Beeej Says:

    (we lost in the trenches against the slimy Saints twice)

    If there’s 47 seconds left, no time outs, you’re on your 11 yard line, down by 2. You don’t want Jimmy G. Other than that, need probably fine

  14. Robert Says:

    Start Trask. otherwise it’s no better than drafting a punter in round 2.

  15. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Garoppolo would have a $26.9 million cap hit unless he’s extended.
    Cousins would have a $45 million cap hit unless he’s extended.
    Cousins would destroy your Cap or force Bucs to commit to him long term and he’s not winning a SB.
    If you think Jimmy G can win a SB with this current Bucs roster, you trade for him and mortgage your future or deplete your roster a bit.
    Let’s see, current roster didn’t win SB this past year with Brady, but they’ll win it with Garoppolo….uh huh
    Sign a low cost veteran to compete with Trask and use the cap savings to beef up the Pass rush and OLine.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can we stop with the Jimmy G…..Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson possibilities for QB….
    Too much money & draft picks for all of them.

    Jimmy G. $27 mil….and to get that down, you’d have to negotiate a long-term contract…..does anyone want that?

    Let’s go with Trask….& bring in competition….if you want to bring in Mariota, Trubisky, Bridgewater, Dalton,Jameis or another FA….it will not cost much & there will be no trades necessary.

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Quarterback back really is just one piece…but it is the one piece that determines the culture and success of a team.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Jim can’t throw a deep ball so no. Better off letting Trask start, he can push the ball down field

  19. Rober Says:

    Jimmy can’t throw a deep ball so no. Better off starting Trask, he can push the ball down the field.

  20. Beeej Says:

    However this comes out, we aren’t a 65/35 pass/run team anymore

  21. Winny Testaverde Says:

    The price tag on Jimmy G continues to go up. He’s the “tallest midget” on the QB market ( taking Rodgers & Watson off the board ). It would cost the Bucs this year’s first at a minimum as well as the 20+ million salary of course. Does Jimmy have it in him to take a team over the hump? Or is he a Tony Romo type?

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Tampabaybucfan, I’m not so sure Jimmy would deserve a $27 mill contract at this point.

    I do agree with you about trading for one of those guys…but…committing to Trask is where I do not agree, atm. Trask was drafted to be a backup.

    Do I think he should be given a chance to compete? Yes.

    But…free agency is unpredictable at times. We could see Wilson or Rogers actually hit the market.

    Wilson or Rogers would be worth a first rounder. Either would keep us competing for a ring.

    Outside of those two, I say just sit back and wait. We do not need to rebuild at all. Yes, we’ll have some vacancies to fill, but we’re actually in a good spot cap-wise…thanks to how contracts were structured.

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    Can we win a SB with Jimmy G?

    Not if we have to trade away draft picks and pay him $27 million next season.

    We need all available cash to sign Godwin, Davis, Fournette, Whithead, Suh, JPP, Gholston, Jenson, Cappa, Stinnie and Wells…

    We need all available draft picks to fill the spots voided by any free agents that do leave.

  24. HC Grover Says:

    Gabbert will prolly be the starter after all is said and done.

  25. Winny Testaverde Says:

    If the Bucs fall for “Kissing Cousins” ( You Like That?! ) and rescue the Vikings from his radioactive contract…it’s going to be tough to watch and remain an interested fan. Cousins has pulled off an Ocean’s 13 like heist…making McCoy’s 100 million dollar + haul and The Sweezy Swindle look like “good deals” by comparison.

  26. Avejoe85 Says:

    To trade for any QB that is better than Trask would cost too many draft picks not to mention that a lot of those guys have huge contracts. That’s a stupid move to make for a team with a lot of free agents and not much salary cap space to work with.

  27. Steven007 Says:

    Bonzai, trash was drafted to be a backup… Under Brady. Brady is no longer here so that equation no longer makes sense. Given our cap situation none of the big name quarterbacks are affordable. I’ve mentioned this before and I’m with some others, bring somebody like trubisky who you can get for a song. Have him compete with Trask in camp and preseason and see what happens. Add gabbert to the mix if you must since BA is in love with him.

  28. doolnutts Says:

    Jimmy G is pretty good the problem is not his talent IMO. It is his cost… He has been on a HUGE deal with the 49ers and there is no reason to think he will come to the bucs for some kind of cheap deal he will want more of the same. I think the only way we pay a top QB is if its Wilson or Rodgers otherwise we should just role with Trask(if we think he is ready) OR with potentially a rookie QB.

    The cap as it is now if we sign Jimmy G we will most likely lose Godwin, Jensen, and who knows who else due to cap restraints. I am not sure Jimmy G can help us make up the difference.

  29. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Cousins has throw 30+ TD 3 of the last 4 years and had single digit ints 3 of the last 4 years, never more than 13 ints any year. Sign him to a 3 year deal and bring his cap number down. Doesn’t matter if the Vikings arent willing to deal him.

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    I partially agree with Beckles.

    Certainly a Great QB puts a team at an elite level. No doubt.

    But a solid OL and scheme with a middlin’ QB > a poor OL and scheme with a great QB.

    I, for one, do NOT want to put the team in a poor draft and cap situation with the current QB options.

    It’s a pipe dream to think Ridgers, Watson or Wilson will be Bucs. The Winston Crab Leg Express already made its Tampa stop. I don’t see Garapolo, beyond his name, as the answer, especially considering his price tag, but trade and cap.

    Bridgewater? Meh. Semi-OK, but what will he cost?

    I read elsewhere a good [piece on Gabbert, and while casuals will go all head-‘splody, some excellent points were made.

    I’d rather spend cap and draft capital in making this D elite…and that is a real possibility.

  31. Cobraboy Says:

    I’d rather go with Gabbert & Trask, go after D FAs & draft picks, and build a better D.

  32. Rod Munch Says:


  33. PassingThru Says:

    No, the Bucs won’t win a Super Bowl with Jimmy G. I’m moderately sure they’d make the playoffs with Jimmy G, but he’d have to stay healthy (which is far from certain). But would it be worth gutting the roster of talented, younger players for a shot at a Wild Card loss? No.

    Invest in the future. Keep the talented younger vets (Godwin, Davis, Whitehead) and roll the dice with Trask. He’s a cheap date, and though I have my doubts, in worst case the Bucs will be in a position to draft a QB in 2023 who might be franchise-grade. That’s the way the system works.

  34. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai

    We agree….Trask was drafted to be a backup…….for Tom Brady… Brady is gone…..Trask needs to be given a chance to earn his #2 round pick or he should have never been drafted…

    Licht, BA, BL, Moore, Christensen & likely Tom Brady gave the green licht to Trask so lets give him a shot.

  35. K_bassuka Says:

    Jimmy G lost to QBs that throw the ball and don’t win the battle of the trenches. Ian Beckles is a clown.

  36. Pewter Power Says:

    It’s not going to happen, Licht said all the possibilities are open just so we could get a thousand articles about what free agent is coming. Bucs aren’t trading for a quarterback.

    Whether you want to believe it or not BA is old as hell and wants familiarity so you will see the same quarterbacks in camp Gabbert, Trask and Griffin with one free agent on a cheap contract who will have to battle it out

  37. Gary Raines Says:

    Jimmy G won’t go to Tampa Bay anyway, the Steelers are the better fit. Funny reading the QB names on here you all think are better than a QB who has such a high winning percentage. The anti-Italian comments from “Winny” are offensive – pun intended.

  38. Joe in Michigan Says:

    What QB is out there that has won a Super Bowl as a starter? That wouldn’t cost much in salary or draft picks? Nick Foles.

  39. Que5 Says:

    Trask should have to compete against Pickett or Willis. He shouldn’t be handed the job just because he was drafted in 2nd Rd. His skill set doesn’t dictate that

  40. OBP Says:

    Jimmy G is a decent game manager who is made of glass, nothing more. No point wasting money and picks bringing him in.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Marine Buc and Cobra some people just wont listen. We roll with our current QB’s and give them a fighting chance with a good OL. Overspending on a FA QB to win next season is altruistic.

    Sign the key FA’s. Focus on draft pass rusher and QB. I do trust Licht.

  42. Steven007 Says:

    5, if Trask were coming out in this draft he would almost certainly go in the first round, perhaps even the first quarterback chosen. Not because he’s so great, but because it’s a fairly weak draft class by the usual standards. In that case no one would have an issue with him potentially being the starter. Instead he went in the second round in a better draft class. The munches of the world will say it was almost the third round, which obviously means it wasn’t the third round it was the second round. So he’s a second round pick at quarterback and the only guy under contract. He will be in play whether we like it or not.

  43. gp Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    February 5th, 2022 at 9:48 am

    I’d rather go with Gabbert & Trask, go after D FAs & draft picks, and build a better D.

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    February 5th, 2022 at 9:58 am

    Buccaneer Bonzai

    We agree….Trask was drafted to be a backup…….for Tom Brady… Brady is gone…..Trask needs to be given a chance to earn his #2 round pick or he should have never been drafted…

    Licht, BA, BL, Moore, Christensen & likely Tom Brady gave the green licht to Trask so lets give him a shot.


    If Trask was drafted to be a back up, why did he never dress for a game?

    I’m hoping he was being groomed all season long in the background with the knowledge (front office included) that barring a superbowl win, it was Brady’s last year.

    Just hoping to hear that Brady will be staying in Tampa for a year as a specialist QB coach to help bring Trask up to NFL speed.

    Spend our draft and cap space on shoring up the trenches and “D”

  44. Jon Juergensen Says:

    Oh, no, another article on what a has-been thinks.

  45. Bucamania Says:

    It’ll most likely be Gabbert and Trask. No way I’d give up big draft capital for a retread that has little upside. And hell no to Jameis or Trubisky. The only QBs that could take the sting away from the Brady departure is Wilson or Watson.

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    I personally don’t think Trask was drafted to be a backup. The backup to Brady this year was Gabbert; Trask was protected obviously but his sole purpose for being on the roster was to learn from Brady. Nothing more. Had Brady and Gabbert gone down, got a hunch that Ryan Griffin might’ve gotten his first start.

    Gut feeling is that JL looked at the 2021 AND 2022 QB classes & jumped on Trask when he was still there in the 2nd Rnd because he was the best rookie we were gonna find. He probably fits BA’s attack scheme as well as any rookie could, although I would hope that BA doesn’t try to use him like he did Tom Brady (or Jameis for that matter).

    Totally agree with Cobraboy … ‘I’d rather go with Gabbert & Trask, go after D FAs & draft picks, and build a better D.’ Hopefully we focus our Top-3 picks on CB, DT & DE/OLB (not necessarily in that order). Someplace in there though we’ll need to grab another RB (assuming we re-sign Fournette) AND another WR (assuming we re-sign Godwin) PLUS 1 or 2 TEs who are at least good blockers (if Gronk retires, which I think he will, we’ll be hurting at TE also). We can probably fill all those positions with reasonably-priced FAs though.

  47. Leighroy Says:

    Either Licht will have to mortgage the farm to acquire a star, or it’s back to the drawing board. Most of these guys out there are just mediocre at best, or ex girlfriends, all of whom can probably only lead us to one and done in the playoffs.

    Trask red-shirted a year behind the goat, what more can you ask for? We need to see what he’s got, and he deserves a shot to compete against…somebody. Who that is right now is quite unclear, but I wouldn’t be investing too much capital in any of the options available.

    If anything I would be stockpiling draft capital for next year. I agree next year’s class at QB should be better than this year’s, and that Trask would be a top 3 option in this years group. So give him a chance and if he flames out they’ll be in prime position for 2023.

    Brady was such a treat for 2 years compared to the turd sandwiches we ate for 5 years before. But it’s time to get serious, and think about long-term. Especially while we pay off this dead money on the salary cap. Trask’s salary compared to 15-20mil plus is the difference between resigning Godwin long term or not!

  48. Que5 Says:

    007, I just don’t see handing Trask the keys to an NFL team based on his skill set. He has to earn it by competing. Draft Pickett or Willis to compete for QB1 position.

  49. Cobraboy Says:

    If some “big named”…or even a middlin’ QB is traded for or signed, that means the window to sign the Buc’s own FAs—like Godwin, Whitehead, Cappa, Gholston, Suh, JPP, etc.—closes almost shut.

    Which is more important: a middlin’ QB or two/three of those FAs?

    Bring back Gabbert, give him and Trask all the reps, and see what both have.

    It is nearly impossible to judge a QB on mop-up or emergency duty only. It IS impossible to judge a QB who doesn’t even get team snaps during the season.

    The staff and management has earned my trust.

    Of course, we won’t know what “Door #2” is until the league year begins, and cap casualties and first-blush roster shuffling are known.

    Y’all can stop all the chatter about Rodgers, Wilson, Carr, and Watson. None will happen, and I’ll be surprised if management pulls the trigger on Garapolo.

  50. Steven007 Says:

    5, what you said makes me queasy too to be honest. The problem with the quarterbacks you named are they will probably not be available when we pick, and even if they are, I don’t see our GM using our first pick on a quarterback one draft after using our second pick on a quarterback.

  51. Steven007 Says:

    The interesting part about the Gabbert equation is that he was primary backup under TB for 2 years now. Getting the rest of the reps that TB wasn’t getting. In addition to knowing the system as well as anyone after being in it for so many years. I also remember him looking pretty good in relief in a game or two the last two seasons. Remember, he was a first-round pick for some reason. Perhaps as some others have mentioned he’s a late bloomer ala Gannon.

  52. Que5 Says:

    007, that depends on how Licht, BA & BL perceives Trask’s talent, skill set and ability at the pro level.

  53. Pewter Power Says:

    Damn lol the panic in tampa is real.

  54. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    I just can’t imagine anyone trading for Jimmy G’s contract. I think San Fran will ultimately have to release him. I[‘d take him on a one year $10-$15 million and have Trask ready to go when Jimmy G gets hurt, which usually happens to one extent or another. If Neither are the option in 2023, we’ll be in a better cap situation to make a move. Trask is just too huge of an unknown to take a team full of Pro Bowlers to have confidence in.

  55. Mike Johnson Says:

    Just make sure we have an Outstanding Defense like the year we won it with Sapp/Brooks and Lynch. The rest will take care of itself. But..maybe not. I forgot about risk it no biscuit guy.

  56. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    And to throw a monkey wrench into everything, the Chiefs drafted Mahomes low first round, sat him for a year behind Alex Smith and the rest is history. And please spare me the “I always knew that Mahomes was going to be great” garbage. He looked like a gimmick QB with a great arm in a gmmick offense playing against Big 12 competition.

    May we be so fortunate with Trask.

  57. D-Rome Says:

    The last two game managers who won a Super Bowl were Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson in the 2000 and 2002 seasons.

    You can also put Joe Flacco and arguably Eli Manning in that group of game managers. Tom Brady was a game manager in his rookie year. Peyton Manning was a game manager for that last season. Ben Roethlissberger was a game manager his rookie year.

  58. D-Rome Says:

    Cousins has pulled off an Ocean’s 13 like heist

    I’m not sure how you figure. He threw 33 TDs, 7 INTs on 66% passing while throwing over 4200 yards. He’s thrown over 4000 yards six times in his career and is a career 67% passer with a very respectable 5.3 TD to INT ratio. Any team that needs a QB could do a whole lot worse than Kirk Cousins.

  59. SKBucsFan Says:


  60. Cobraboy Says:

    I agree with D-Rome about Cousins. His downside is his cap hit.

    This is not a Bucs team of old with massive cap space.

  61. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “Name 10 QB’s better than Jimmy G”

    This is particularly hilarious because it’s not even difficult to think of 10 people because Jimmy G is nowhere near the top 10 in the league and anyone who thinks he is should be laughed at.

    Rodgers, Burrow, Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Stafford, Prescott, Ryan, Wilson, Tannehill.

    That’s 10. But it doesn’t stop there. Jackson, Cousins, Tua, Lawrence, Jones, Carr, hell I’d take Heineken, Goff and maybe even the America’s Turnover Machine over him.

    What a laughable question. Jimmy G can’t even beat out Trey Lance on his own team yet some people in Tampa have a huge hard-on for the guy. FOR 27 MILLION (!!!) and probably a few draft picks!

    Is this real life?

  62. SKBucsFan Says:

    No panic here.

    Trask was drafted in the 2nd round by a GM that knows his current QB situation and was going to cease playing sooner rather than later. He had a backup QB on the roster already. We had other needs but took a QB who, on the surface looks like a leader, an accurate passer with quick release times. He studied under the Goat. But since he hasn’t played a down he’s already “trash”?
    Don’t panic and think we only have one year to win. So we should mortgage the farm to get a QB that isnt respected enough by its GM that they are willing to talk trade? That’s how you set yourself up to be a losing franchise. The draft is everything because of the salary cap. What you people are talking about is the Rams mentality of let’s win it this year because we will be over the cap next year. What I want is a Patriot approach. One where everyone hates us year after year.

  63. SKBucsFan Says:

    In case I wasn’t clear. Trask is the guy!!!
    Until he proves he isn’t. Remember innocent until proven guilty? The difference is that he has a mentor. (TB12’s cell!)

  64. Swampbuc Says:

    Garrapablow can’t even win with Garrapablow. Please.

  65. Winny Testaverde Says:

    D-Rome Says:
    February 5th, 2022 at 1:08 pm
    Cousins has pulled off an Ocean’s 13 like heist

    I’m not sure how you figure. He threw 33 TDs, 7 INTs on 66% passing while throwing over 4200 yards. He’s thrown over 4000 yards six times in his career and is a career 67% passer with a very respectable 5.3 TD to INT ratio. Any team that needs a QB could do a whole lot worse than Kirk Cousins.

    – He’s approaching $200 million in career earnings and will make 35 million this season. He refused the vaccine ( neither here not there for me…but ) and it cost him a start down the stretch. His record is like 1-10 on MNF and may have a playoff win…but none that I recall.

    So yeah…you could do worse. But that’s a lot of loot for a lot of losses.

  66. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Did a little research for D-Rome…Cousins does indeed have some good stats. However…he does have a career losing record…is 1-9 on Monday Night Football and is 1-3 in the playoffs. ( You like that?! ) That’s a hard pass for me. But what do I know honestly…

  67. T REX Says:

    No. This team ia 5-12 at best.q

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Points win championships! However you score them! The QB is the primary facilitator of scoring so I respectfully disagree with Ian.

  69. Jon Juergensen Says:

    Que5 Says: “I just don’t see handing Trask the keys to an NFL team based on his skill set.”

    What the hell are you talking about?

    The guy holds every passing record in Florida history, and he did it in a shortened 10-game season against an all-SEC schedule. No three-extra-games-against-patsies to pad the stats.

    The guy played at least as well as Mac Jones in the 2020 SEC Championship game, arguably better as Jones had a stellar team backing him up and Trask didn’t. See their stats below. Jones started last season for the Patriots. Why can’t Trask start? Because you’re an FSU fan?

    Mac Jones: 418 YDS – 9.7 AVG – 5 TD – 1 INT – QBR 92.3
    Kyle Trask: 408 YDS – 10.2 AVG – 3 TD – 0 INT – QBR 91.7

  70. Cali_mike Says:

    Make a run at big Ben. Florida weather would be great for him

  71. Buccos Says:

    Sign Trubisky for backup money and let him compete with Trask and Gabbert in camp. Don’t waste money on an overpriced QB or another teams castoff. Nice and easy!

  72. Juergensen Says:

    Beckles was drafted in the 5th round. So he obviously couldn’t have been very good and surely never started a game in the NFL. Right, Trask haters?

  73. Que5 Says:

    Jon J, we talking pro ball. You don’t earn QB1 based off what you did at collegiate level, unless u have elite talent. Mac Jones had to beat out Cam. Trask will have to compete and earn QB1. I hope the kid can ball at the pro level. We’ll see.

  74. Jon Juergensen Says:


    Jameis Winston started as a rookie (no doubt you were thrilled about that).

    Joe Burrow started as a rookie.

    Justin Herbert started as a rookie.

    Mac Jones started as a rookie.

    Trask will be in his second year and there is no reason why he cannot start.

    Still waiting for you to explain the problem you see with Trask’s “skill set”.

  75. Cobraboy Says:

    @Juergensen: Brady was drafted in the 6th.

    Pure trash, he.

    Everybody knows 6th rounders are trash.

  76. alvinscissorsharper Says:

    All this talk about expensive QBs we can trade for is nuts. We drafted Trask in the 2nd round. Give the kid the steering wheel next year and let’s see what he can do. He might be pretty good and he might stink. None of us know, but we need to find out.
    Bonzai, you don’t draft a QB in the 2nd round to be a backup.

  77. steele Says:

    Was Trask drafted only to be Brady’s backup, or to take over? Big difference. Has the goal changed in the past year?

    Frankly, almost all of these names we’re tossing around are backup caliber, give or take very little. Is is possible to win SBs with such QBs? Yes, if the rest of the team is otherwise tremendous on both sides of the ball, and/or the QB is on a hot streak or simply has a one-off game or two. But it is still a dicey propositon, as proven by….Jittery G etc. etc.

  78. steele Says:

    Did you guys see the comments of (still our own?) Richard Sherman about Russell Wilson? Not a Russ fan, (paraphrasing, you can find the article yourself) Sherm doesn’t think Russ is the answer for Seattle or any other team, while D and balance are.

    Is Sherm still on the roster? Imagine the noise if there is a move made to bring Russ to the Bucs!

  79. Que5 Says:

    Jon J, are you saying Trask shouldn’t have to compete to be the starting QB?

  80. Que5 Says:

    Trask hasn’t shown that he has an elite skill set. I don’t see a strong arm, elite accuracy or great anticipatory throwing ability or an elite winner w/ championship pedigree.

  81. Que5 Says:

    There’s a reason why Licht or BA hasn’t stated that Trask will be QB1. BA coached the kid for an entire season.

  82. Buccos Says:

    If I were going to make a run at a proven QB1 I would go after Watson. He is in his prime and we have already demonstrated that we don’t mind having scumbags for our QB in Tampa. Why stop now?

  83. Gerinda Says:

    No! I don’t trust him handling the ball period!

  84. Sparky Says:

    First, I see a few people that can’t read. Beckles said name 10.QBs that ARE NOT better than Jimmy G. In other words, Jimmy is terrible
    second, Trask was not drafted to be a backup. You don’t use a 2nd round pick on a backup QB. Also he never dressed, so not much of a backup. He was drafted to be the potential starter. But OF COURSE they are still going to see who is available. It would be stupid not to. You don’t decide on your dinner before you even see the menu. And you don’t name a starting QB in February.

  85. sauron's eye Says:

    Well our time to win is now. We have choices. An unknown Trask. A guy who has never been the guy Gabbert. Or a guy we get as a free agent or trade. It is a big decision. We need to get it right because our window is open but short.

  86. Dylan Says:

    Isn’t Joe Burrow playing in the Super Bowl behind a subpar offensive line??

  87. Joe Says:

    Isn’t Joe Burrow playing in the Super Bowl behind a subpar offensive line??

    You caught that too, eh? Granted it’s not smart and actually stupid not to protect your young QB. Just demonstrates you need a QB.

  88. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    The NFL football game of today is becoming more and more unrecognizable as footbal by us (or is it we? 🙄) graybeards. Some of the calls that were upheld by those back in New York left me speechless during the playoffs this year. Yes, I realize that the rules have changed drastically over many years. Everything is oriented to promoting offense for the show. I definitely see the influence of both arena football with its narrow confines and the various generations of video football games. So be it.

    Similarly, the arguments over the desired qualifications or potentials of today’s young QBs also illustrate these changes. Bring on the the clones of Patrick Mahomes if you can find any!

  89. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    P.S. Tom Brady would be a thowback pocket passer by today’s standards. The G.O.A.T. represents the “last hurrah!” of a dying breed. Who knows who will replace him as the GOAT. in the next thirty to fifty years. Could it take as much as another hundred years to dethrone TB? Who knows? 😎

  90. Tony D Says:

    Please, for all that is Holy, please stop talking about the Bucs getting quarterbacks the likes of Trubisky and Garoppolo, unless you like watching your quarterback under/over throwing receivers and throwing the ball into the turf. Just stop it.