Former Brady Teammate Reports Arians-Brady Relationship Was “Souring”

February 18th, 2022

This is one of the more interesting nuggets Joe’s heard in a while because it comes from a guy who has a connection to two members of the 2021 Buccaneers.

Former Patriots, Cardinals and Chargers guard Rich Ohrnberger also played college ball at Penn State alongside Buccaneers assistant coach A.Q. Shipley (same year, same NFL draft class), who was a Bucs backup center in 2020 before Bucco Bruce Arians hired him to coach following Shipley’s serious neck injury.

So Ohrnberger, who now is a sports radio host in San Diego, not only played with Tom Brady, but he’s got a tie to someone intimately familiar with the Tampa Bay offense.

Ohrnberger went on the air today — and took to Twitter — to say that the relationship between Bucco Bruce Arians and Tom Brady “soured” late last season.

The reason, he said per his source, was in part because Arians was rehabbing his blown Achilles, arriving late to the office and then would take out his red pen and nix plays that Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich had worked on as part of a given week’s gameplan.

“I was talking to a guy who’s pretty embedded with the Bucs,” Ohrnberger began.

(Joe can’t help but wonder whether that is is Shipley.)

“…Arians would walk in and red line and put the red pen to all of the work that Brady and Leftwich had done. And throughout the course of the season, real animosity started, you know, percolating between Brady and Arians, and between Leftwich, Brady and Arians. It just sort of turned into this thing where it’s like, ‘Listen, you’re coming in late to the party and you’re trying to make waves in the work we’ve done?”

First, Joe knows Arians doesn’t surround himself with a bunch of yes men. Joe expects there to be passionate disagreement among talented football people who care about their craft.

Joe also knows that assistant coaches often feel undermined by their bosses, as do scouts in the personnel department. It’s like that all over the business world. The boss is the boss and that’s how the world works. You deal with it.

But Brady has a unique ego and certainly a one-of-a-kind commitment when he’s playing football. So Joe could see Brady getting butthurt and sour on his head coach for situations like this (if they’re true). It’s in the ballpark of chatter that came out of New England, where Brady allegedly wanted more input.

In the end, Joe doesn’t buy that Brady wanted to bail on the Bucs because he didn’t like Arians’ tweaks to the offense in which Brady thrived to the cusp of the MVP award. That makes little sense.

For those who like a good conspiracy theory, Ohrnberger played the 2012 season for the Arizona Cardinals. Arians took over in 2013 and Ohrnberger was not re-signed. He played two more seasons for San Diego.

107 Responses to “Former Brady Teammate Reports Arians-Brady Relationship Was “Souring””

  1. IrishTony Says:

    Total fabricated BS

  2. Swampbuc Says:

    It must be true, it’s got the red pen in it!

  3. Swampbuc Says:

    Hey Bqueen, is this what y’all are talking about! A real insider this guy!


  4. Marine Buc Says:

    The handling of the AB situation (while Godwin was hurt) right before the playoffs was the last straw…

    BA coming off the sidelines to beat A. Adams over the head didn’t help.

    BL’s lackluster game plans also wore Brady down.

    I don’t blame him for wanting out of Tampa TBH.

  5. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Don’t most things point to Gisele finally strong arming him to retire?

  6. Marine Buc Says:

    Plus – look at our cap and free agent situation.

    All these factors add up to one big “No thank you”…

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lets face it…..there is no mystery or intrigue if Brady left for family reasons…..all of these various theories….and that’s all they are….give relevance to the theorist.

    Look at me!! I know the inside scoop….

    BS….unless it comes directly from Brady.

  8. Swampbuc Says:

    Hey don’t disrespect Mrs. Brady, now, that’s low and un-Christian!

    It’s much better to listen to some guy no one has ever heard of before claim he has privileged insight into Brady’s relationships. I mean, of course Brady would go to Ohrenburger to vent, instead of taking it up with BA or JL. And if Leftwich hated it so much, why would he come back to the Bucs? It’s clearly the red pen!

  9. tampabayallday Says:

    Maybe that’s why he broke the surface pro

  10. Bqen green Says:

    Passionate disagreement, hold on, Blahahahhahbahaw. Joe if that isn’t the best cotton candy, bubble gum version of the truth Ben has ever heard. It’s quite ingenious actually, living in a world where you select the truth, based on grade school level biases. Choosing to believe that things were hunky dory between the two, is simply denying reality. Sure Tom Brady up and quit after leading the league in every meaningful stat. It fits perfectly with what he’s said. sure superior G made him quit. The bastard only gets six months off a year, a little more time with his wife and kids, just what he needs. It’s absolute nonsense. Keep believing what y’all want, with the truth smacking y’all directly in the face with his giant member

  11. Niles Says:

    Great news! No more articles about Brady returning!

  12. Niles Says:

    Bwahahahaha Swampsux is butt hurt!

  13. Bqen green Says:

    Swamp, you could take this as a lesson not to mess with Ben, of continue on the present course of disbelief and fairy tales

  14. Bqen green Says:

    Ben enjoys the real world, not the matrix

  15. Gerinda Says:

    Go get him a babysitter to cry about!!! 🙄😭

  16. Bucsfanman Says:


  17. uhmmm Says:

    A lot of smoke around Brady/Arians relationship.
    Also the fact that Tom hasn’t closed the door on retirement makes me think hard about what actually happened. What Orhnburger is saying does make some sense, knowing Brady

  18. Anonymous Says:

    This dude also 5 minutes later dropped a Mahomes scoop which turned out to be true. Safe to say it was all BS.

    Joe needs to stop being like TMZ.

  19. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joe

    Didn’t BA announce a few weeks ago that he was going to be calling plays next season?

    Why did BA announce that?

    Was it just because BL was interviewing with the Jags?

    Or is there more to this story?

    Who is calling the offensive plays next season? If it’s BA than it appears that BL has been demoted at One Buc Place…

  20. Bqen green Says:

    Hey Joe, do you want me to start feeding you the rock? Ben is just after the assist. You wouldn’t ever have to mention Ben’s name, and could take complete credit. Think of Ben as John Stockton, Jason Kidd, or Mark Jackson. Ben’s only wish is truth.

  21. mtbucsfan Says:

    Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if true. I thought the way BA said he would be back next year came with some attitude. But you also have LVD talking about inner turmoil. Plus the game Evans said he asked Brady about retirement was about the middle of BA rehabbing. It all adds up. Brady will be back next year for somebody else.

  22. westernbuc Says:

    So BA went from having no input on the offense (he bragged about this) to coming in with a red pen? Doubtful

  23. Swampbuc Says:

    Bqueen – the revelation here only proves that your sources are weekly world news-esque. It must be true! I mean Ohrenburger and Shipley are known, super tight Brady confidants. Of course it’s true!

  24. BucfaninMi Says:


  25. Bqen green Says:

    Excellent point @Marine bucs. Can you imagine being Brady, if this report is accurate? Bill would have never done something like that to Brady and McDaniels. It undermines the whole operation. Part of being a great head coach is delegating authority. As Arians has aged, he’s become increasingly meddlesome, and unhelpful. It often happens when the elderly fear losing control. He should’ve gone out on top last year, now he’ll make your talented team suffer

  26. Swampbuc Says:

    Bqueen “y’all” keep hanging around with your secret sources, who suddenly pop out and are only newsworthy because of the outrageousness of the claim and the complete lack of credibility of the source.

    “My brother dated a guy who,used to play with a dude who played college football with a guy whose friend played with. Ready once. They’re tight! And he says, red pen, sour relationship.”

    Of course Jason Licht wouldn’t know about any of this, or intervene if he thought the team was being negatively impacted my any of it. It’s much more exciting and dramatic to go with absurd pronouncements from sources as far away from Brady as Bqueen is.

  27. WillieG Says:

    What a crock. We’re supposed to believe Brady and BL were offended because BA didn’t put the work in? Does BA live in a log cabin with no access to the internet? No DVR, no tablet, no way to study film? No way to put the work in?

    And we’re also supposed to believe that TB and BL are so thin skinned they got mad because the boss did what bosses do?

    Nope. Sounds like made up crap.

  28. gotbbucs Says:

    If this is true, even if it wasn’t a common occurrence, I could see this really pissing off Leftwich and Brady.
    Arians claimed to leave all the game prep to the assistant’s, but if he walked in the room and saw something that he didn’t like I’m sure he made it known that it isn’t what he would do. That’s the type of guy he is I think.
    He wants to be perceived as this progressive coach running an assistant coach daycare, but he can’t keep his hands out of the end product.

    If Arians wants to be part of game planning, then be in the room when they’re game planning. Don’t come in after scripts are done and plays are picked and draw red X’s over someone else’s work.

    I can totally see him doing this.

  29. Bqen green Says:

    westernbuc, fine don’t believe the red pen. Do you believe what you see with your eyes? It wasn’t leftwich Brady was shaking off on the sideline, it makes no sense. This isn’t baseball. The QB and OC have already decided what plays will be called. It’s just a matter of down and distance.
    Here’s another little gem. Before Brady took over the offense after the bye, Arians plays were run for the first two offensive series. Go look at those games. Go look at how frustrated Brady is on those first two drives. He didn’t like the calls, at least not many of them.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The mystery continues…..we have a QB controversy (without a QB)…..and we have a retirement mystery…propelled by Brady himself.

    I keep coming back to the fact that he failed (deliberately) to mention NE at all in his retirement statement……Lauded the Bucs….

  31. Swampbuc Says:

    Bqueen now y’all are offering Joe your scoop !

    Now of course it’s up to Joe but I’d expect the Joe partners like their business operating for a profit.

    You are so plugged in man you should go and monetize yourself! Yet here you are wasting your time on this website. Shoot for the sky! Y’all have a real bright future, Bqueen!

  32. Bqen green Says:

    Ben’s assumption is that Red pen gate, played out in the infamous shake offs

  33. dbbuc711 Says:

    I really don’t see Arians doing that. He has said many times it is Byron’s offense and he might just make some suggestions. That and no doubt Bill would have been a real ass like that.

  34. ATLBuc Says:

    If the relationship soured it was because Arians lost patience and jettisoned AB

  35. Swampbuc Says:

    Here is a direct quote from Tom Brady about Arians. Now keep in mind it’s from the Tampa Bay Times, they certainly wouldn’t be as close to the Bucs as Bqueen’s San Diego buddy.

    “We all see the kind of pain he’s going through this season,” Brady said of Arians. “He’s shown a lot of toughness. I know he’s had some different issues with his lower back and now his Achilles a little bit. But he’s hanging in there. He’s doing a good job.

    “His leadership, he cuts to the chase, he gives his great expectations and he cares real deeply about what we’re doing. We’re in a great position to succeed, and we love to go out there and play for him.”

    Of course Brady is just lying through his teeth, because – red pen!

  36. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    For a week after the Jets games about 10 posters on her myself and included, stated repeatedly that the AB situation ruined the season and pissed off many players on the roster. Tom was always staying for 2022. Oddly 48h
    after the Rams game, stories about retirement, and within a week he’s posting on IG retired. Then SB occurred he post “sh**” about not playing it, next day admiring a team what went all in. Then Toms rumoured becoming a part owner of Miami, and numerous stories of Tom to 49ers, Tom to Colts Tom to Tennssse, Tom to Oakland. NFL all but begging Tom to return even offering ownership in future.

  37. Bob in valrico Says:

    But, But, But this can’t be true . What Brady wants, Brady gets right ? Read this many times on this here site.

  38. alaskabuc Says:

    I don’t see why having a statistically high ranking offense negates the possibility of that being true. The team I watched this year, regressed in the stupid penalty department, never put together 4 quarters of offense, and left about 2 touchdowns a game on the field. This offense should have been historically great at a ridiculous rate and Brady knew it.

  39. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    The story had very specific information, so I give it more credence than “I just have a feeling”. And I could see BA asserting his ego and insisting on a more “no risk it, no biscuit” long passes on 3rd and 1 mentality. A lot of stubbornness in BA and Bowles. I don’t doubt this story is true, but who knows. He did come to a decision to retire pretty quickly. I still blame it all on Bowles destroying the Bucs chances with that idiotic play call, but I’m sure I’m overstating it.

  40. Swampbuc Says:

    Yeah. The “red pen” is the smoking gun, right after Colonel Mustard and the candlestick.

  41. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The truth will eventually come out about WHY Brady left Tampa.
    Notice I did not say why he retired. He did not really retire, he left Tampa.
    I would bet he will be playing somewhere next year, just not in Tampa.
    The question is WHY ?
    Maybe he bailed on Tampa once he realized he could not win another super bowl here, or maybe it is because of friction between him and members of our team/coaching staff ?

  42. sasquatch Says:

    So, he has credibility because he once played with Brady? So far, I’ve heard nothing to suggest he or anyone else has actual sources.

    This is more chum for the speculation industrial complex.

    Brady retired. He’s 44. Don’t blame the coach.

  43. HC Grover Says:

    Bucco was jealous bcuz Brady got all the credit. His slow starts will become slow games without the Brady late comeback. He ran Brady off.

  44. Simeon97 Says:

    Fire arians, promote leftwich, Brady comes
    Back, problem solved.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    Disclaimer : Bqen green is not a Bucs fan and doesn’t belong here.

  46. JA Says:

    People who refer to themselves in the third person are either so famous they’re referring or their perceived public persona … or damn fools attempting to inflate their ego with a worn out bicycle pump.
    Take your pick …

  47. Bqen green Says:

    Of course Brady is going to publicly trash BA, it’s what Brady does in quotes, trash people. The man has made a career out of saying nothing. It has nothing to do with the story’s veracity. Start thinking for yourself a bit swampslut. Be careful and stop if you smell smoke or burning hair.

  48. Nano107 Says:

    I don’t know which one is worse this fabricated BS or the fact that it’s printed here

  49. Bqen green Says:

    JA it’s a freaking joke, nothing more. Ben’s ego needs no further inflation. Ben likes it between 10-12 PSI, just like Tommy.

  50. Cobraboy Says:

    Maybe the red pen was deflated.

  51. Brad Says:

    Given how different the mix of plays looked vs. the playoff games last season when we ran the ball more, operated from 12 personnel more, and three to TE more as primary receiver on a given play, this wouldn’t surprise me at all. With our WRs awol (AB) or injured (Godwin), it would make total sense for Brady and Leftwich to be attempting to alter the playbook to better suit the players who would be lining up on game day. I saw very few new wrinkles in our play calling during playoffs and was very disappointed in the predictability.

  52. Swampbuc Says:

    Bqueen, read what you wrote:

    “ Of course Brady is going to publicly trash BA, it’s what Brady does in quotes, trash people. ”

    Where in the quote Brady gave did he trash BA or anyone?

    Talk about burning hair? Dude your entire fake persona is up in smoke.

  53. allbuccedup Says:

    Doesn’t matter hes gone and not coming back. Heavy reported the Bucs and Vikings are 1 and 2 on Deshaun Watsons list. I can see the Bucs but the Vikings already have a pro bowl quarterback in Cousins.

  54. DanNHL Says:

    Maybe if all the so-called experts would sit down and evaluate things and not think about themselves but think about the team as a whole every team member down to the end of the last guy that’s on the practice squad because right now all they’re thinking about is themselves and that that includes Arians and Brady all of them so they better grow up and get some man’s pants on cuz they’re little babies right now

  55. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I told all of you, BA is an idiot.BL and Brady did all the work and fat ass BA came in and discounted it. What a doosh, Brady’s like F that, I’m out of here. How did BA’s offensive plan work against the Rams. FiRE HIS ASS if you want any chance of Brady coming back. Senile fk.

  56. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    I said the same thing weeks ago that it was obvious, but was scorned by supposed Buc fans saying I wasn’t a real fan and probably just a NE fan like I care about Tampa ? So pathetic and also So Obvious that the relationship was on ice because you could see it coming a mile away !!! They should have said Tom what do you want and if BA is the issue we will make changes ASAP because never have we seen a QB play incredible and decide to hang them up ?? BA quite possibly retired the GOAT and that shouldn’t sit well with anyone

  57. Bqen green Says:

    Good one Cobra

  58. allbuccedup Says:

    Trade Trask and a 3rd rounder to the vikings for Cousins and they pay 20 mil of his cap hit.

  59. tboneforyou Says:

    Arians just seems like an asshole.
    I don’t think he will be able to keep the te together.

    -A Cowboys fan in Texas

  60. T REX Says:

    Our staff was inadequate this year as well as some players playing out of shape and lazy.

    Brady is the GOAT and saw the decline.

    Arians and his golf cart…give me a break.

    Brady back and they would still be 4th or 5th favs.

    The train is over. Welcome to reality. Bucs staff can’t even keep a decent QB happy.

  61. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Swamparse, remember 90% of what Brady tells the press is BS. He basically quit, a guy that never quits, one week after the season ended. This is 100% true. He is NOT going to play for a broken down senile coach with temper tantrums. Brady’s been there done that.

  62. lambchop Says:

    The only thing that gives this news a bit of credence is BB calling the Bucs offense very similar to what the Patriots ran with Tom. That has to hurt the ego with these ball coaches. And obviously, Tom incorporated a lot of his plays that he’s comfortable with.

    But, where would Tom go that he wouldn’t run into a similar situation? The Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, they are far from a SB with their roster.

    Would Kyle Shanahan acquiesce Tom’s offense? Another offensive minded HC.

    I don’t know why we would discredit a report from someone smaller in media, if the guy has intel. It’s the little guys who would stick their neck out in the hopes of being more respected with credible news.

    I scoffed at this before, but there’s too much smoke coming out from various sources for this to be nothing. Tom is very much respectful of the coach/player dynamic and Shady has said that there were times when he wanted Brady to say he didn’t like a play or to voice that he wanted a play change, but Tom would refuse. I think Shady may have suggested it to BL/BA himself at times for Tom. I can see Tom getting a bit of deja vu, but keeping himself tight lipped. The guy has seen every kind of defense as he’s the most prolific QB in history, so you would think he’d get frustrated if he’s running plays he doesn’t believe in.

    Can it be salvaged if Tom wants to play again? That all depends on how we shape the roster. That’s the only sliver of hope. Or he may just want to ride out into the sunset with the Niners to bookend his career. I would think he soured on that when they had the chance the first time and chose to stick with GQ.

  63. allbuccedup Says:

    This BA Brady stuff is all over the news now. Now BA hit Brady on the head with that red pen.

  64. lambchop Says:

    There are a lot of OCs who run plays based on down and distance, ala Dirk Kutter. To a fault, his offense was cookie cutter. But, Tom, in the playoffs leading up to the SB would study defensive players – not as a group, but individually. He would find players he could exploit. The guy was meticulous. I’m not talking about the usual situation where a starter has come out of the game and we’re going to attack the backup. No, he found a weakness in every player, starter or not. And he would game plan to take advantage of that with the skill guys on offense. Tell me someone like that wouldn’t get frustrated with plays that he felt were blasé and didn’t take advantage of weaknesses.

    Tom plays chess, while most people play checkers. BB was meticulous. This whole debate of the Patriot way is clearly the melding of 2 great minds.

  65. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Well put lambchop, a mindset far superior than BA’s. Tampa doesn’t win if BA calls the shots.

  66. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    F that guy idk who the f he even is never seen him on twitter till today and this whole story is BullSpit he tweeted something else about Mahomes telling his wife and brother to not come to games and Mahomes sh*t that rumor down f that guy

  67. Rod Munch Says:

    I find it impossible to believe that Brady would object to Leftwich’s plays being x’d out. I just don’t see Brady having a huge attachment to run up the middle on 3rd and 9.

    What I can see is Brady being really p/o’d at Arians for the way he handled the AB situation, that he cuts a player midgame because the guy says he’s injured and Arians, being old and deaf, doesn’t hear him say that, and Arians throws a hissy fit, telling AB he’s cut. Of course AB is a clown, and put on a clown show, and that’s all people talked about, but as more info came out, and Brady heard the details of what really happened on the sideline and the order of events… then to have Arians bagging days later, saying ‘yeah, I cut his ass’… I could see the whole thing really rubbing Brady the wrong way. Also, I still believe (and could be wrong, to be sure) that Licht didn’t cut AB right away because he was trying to get Arians and AB to talk and iron things out, most likely to make Brady happy, but Arians, and I’m sure AB, wanted no part of it.

    I wish there was a way to put Brady on some sort of lie detector and know his real opinion, but we’ll never find out.

  68. Listnfrmafar Says:

    How about we put BA on a lie detector!

  69. adam from ny Says:

    please realize for christmas gisele gave BA a 12 pack of bic red ball point pens with a post it note attached to it saying:

    “gimme hubby back right now old timer”…

    cheap gift, heavy demands and red marking utensils 🙂

  70. Anonymous Says:

    When Arians had his woody hayes moment with Andrew Adams ,I knew them that winning the trophy again was paramount to anything else for BA
    Hard to let go of the limelight once you taste it
    Unfortunately Ego is a common sense killer.
    Twenty year wait again .

  71. SPARKY Says:

    I really think Brady’s problem was with the defense coach more worried about getting a head coaching job than getting his defense readying for the Rams, and his head coach letting it happen. He had no problem with the offense except everybody getting hurt or quitting.

  72. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Totally agree with your take.

  73. Keith Says:

    If BA had to over rule the offensive coach and change things that Brady was going to do I think it’s time to think about our head coach Brady came here in his first season took us to Super Bowl in our own hometown we definitely need his special talent to keep this team winning just saying

  74. Jerry Says:

    Everyone immediately wants to bash Arians. But maybe possibly it’s Brady too? Belichick also apparently got fed up with him enough that he was trying to trade him to San Fran back in 2017. Everyone wants to say he walked out on the Pats. Sounds like Bill wanted him to walk out.

    The Pats couldnt keep him happy. The Bucs apparently couldn’t either.

    A lot of this is indicative of egos clashing. It’s not uncommon in football, or any sport for that matter.

  75. Lamarcus Says:

    I get the greatness but Brady looking like he’s uncoachable or he’s my way or the highway which seems to win championships. I’m not guessing this because it’s obviously something wrong in their relationship. I’m taking Brady side because Arians has a history of getting players injured, thrown under busses, slapping players helmets twice, etc. Brady came here to win….Please, dont interrupt and all that inflated ego of Arains is crazy. Do I respect and give alotta credit to Arains for hiring black and female coaches (which gets zero news) but when Arains wins, it gets to his head. When he lose, he blames the players.

  76. bucsfanfromNE Says:

    It has to be true because you can’t put it on the internet if it’s not true,,ha ha

  77. PassingThru Says:

    I trust Tom Brady’s play designs and play calls over Arians’. The Buc offense vastly improved late 2020 under Brady’s influence.

    I don’t know if that’s why he left, but if this happened he has every right to be frustrated.

  78. sasquatch Says:

    It’s amazing how people run with a rumor as if it’s true.

  79. SPARKY Says:

    The idiot that wrote that article also put out that crap about Mahomes asking his wife and brother to stay away from the games this upcoming year. Already retracted it.

  80. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Tom clearly was going to pull a Rodgers/Donald etc and milk the retirement angle for weeks as a power play for play calling and personnel control for 2022. His retirement story got leaked, so he retired. Every day since, NFL network, Former players, Disney, Fox, NE media, have all repeated stories Tom isn’t gone, he doesn’t want to retire, he wants to play here or there or come back mid season or training camp or had issues with coaches or play calling.
    Tom posted the day of super, posted about admiring the Rams going all in.

    The guy clearly wants to remain in the NFL. Many of the old heads from New England on this site and some Tampa fans immediately pointed out the drama with AB, BA and play calling for weeks, as it was so clear there were problems. If Tom attempts to return and doesn’t as first choice try and play in Tampa we know it’s cause of the BA issue. As it way more complicated and harder to win leaving Tampa in 2022, and starting again.

  81. T REX Says:

    Good lord…7 super bowls…yes…Brady’s way…just get the f outta the way.

    We couldn’t do that.

    Sad franchise. We suck.

  82. Swampbuc Says:

    Reminder — Jason Licht owns Brady’s rights in the palm of his hand. No way he would competitively disadvantage the Bucs and competitively advantage some other team to appease Brady. If any of this farcical hogwash is true, then Tom would have to sit with Jason and do lots of ‘splainin’ .

    Then Jason would do his job, which is to mazimize the Buccaneers position out of the predicament. Which could include letting Brady and his rights rot until he’s 60.

    Or it could be he gets a boatload of bounty — which is a good thing of course.

    Only good things happen for the Bucs if Brady unretires, whether he squashes all this drama nonsense and comes back to the Bucs or whether he stokes the flames and wants to be somewhere else. But, he’s under contract, not a free agent like when he left New England.

    So it’s a horse of a different color. (Pferdegesicht approved)

  83. Swampbuc Says:

    The more I think about it, the better I like the scenario where Brady got six shots of estrogen for something and wants to play elsewhere. Licht cranks on the auction lamp for Gis – I mean Tom’s desired destinations, with minimum standards being a number one pick in the draft and an excellent player. And if the minimum standard is unmet, then Brady doesn’t get to play elsewhere. And if it is, fine. Have at it learning another brand new system and set of players at 45. Drama gets old even for fans of the goat.

    Licht has a job to do. Do your job, Jason!

  84. steele Says:

    Joe, why do you question Brady’s anger at Arians, if even part of this is true? Especially at the end of his career, with his football IQ and ridiculous intensity and perfectionism, Brady is essentially the coach, regardless of who the coach and coordinators are, from Belichick to McDaniels to Bucco. If he doesn’t like it, he’s not going to take it. This also fits the story that Brady clashed with Kyle Shanahan over play calling, which killed the notion of signing with SF two years ago.

    No longer seeing eye to eye with game planning and play calling is poison, that absolutely would drive Brady to retire rather than put up with an idiot.

    In so many ways, Brady is bigger than the game at this point, and should stay retired. He won’t find a home on any team, unless he is sure he can run it the way he wants.

  85. Franco Says:

    ITS EASY… see where the Bucs will be, without Brady. 100 % back to losing 👍🏼

  86. T REX Says:

    You don’t strongarm Brady…he just won you a SB.

    You people are so freaking stupid.

    Dungeons and Dragons and Football.


  87. lambchop Says:

    *In my post I mentioned Brady could go to the Broncos, mistakenly remembering McDaniels as HC there in his previous stint. I meant to say the LV Raiders. Which is an interesting spot where he could get his plays and have a decent team.

    But, I don’t see them taking on Brady for 1-2 years, for the same reason the 49ers passed on Tom the first time. If McDaniels believes he can take Carr to the next level, then I don’t see it happening at all.

    It’s either Bucs, 49ers, Colts, Titans that make the most sense.

  88. teacherman777 Says:

    Fire Arians!

    He screamed at Tom after the personal foul and bloody lip play against the Rams!

    That was the nail in the coffin! Arians is going senile!

    Fire Arians and keep Tom Brady!

    Let Tom call his own plays and I guarantee we will win another Super Bowl!

    We need Tom more than Arians! Arians is lazy and old! We need Tom Brady!!!

  89. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @T Rex

    Multi Billionaire owners who help run a Trillion Dollar industry strong arm millionaire players all the time.

    Did you not see what the Glaziers did to Ronaldo recently at Manchester United?

    On the world scene Tom Brady is nowhere near the stardom of Ronaldo.

    If the Glazers can play hardball with Ronaldo, I don’t think Tom Brady is any different to the Glazers when it comes to Tom Brady and business.

  90. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    Steele & Teacher, BA is only coaching one more year, right. If this story has any merit, & it’s plausible, keep BL & let Arians retire, if that assures a Brady return. I’m not in love with BL but, if he & Brady can work collaboratively then, there’s your answer.
    Back in 2020, upon Brady’s signing BL did say; “…all I have to do is stay out of the way!”. If BA (or anyone) can’t stay out of Brady’s way, then move him; simple math!

  91. AJ Says:

    Total BS to sell a story. Brady left for family reasons. When you win as much as he did it gets old after a while. It’s too much work at this age. Winning is nice, but if he doesn’t win one season (likee he almost did this year, again) he knows hes probably going to come back and win next year. How many rings do you need ??

  92. RkGiardi Says:

    While Arians egomaniacal ways didn’t help as it was known Brady wasn’t too impressed with the blind stupidity that is Bruce Arians as a coach, the main reason he retired is Giselle. She’s been trying to get him to retire since 2017 and is the ultimatum queen. That’s the main reason he retired if you ask me but the situation with Arians which was pretty bad regardless of what he says as he lies a lot to appear nice, it definitely made it easier for him to currently walk away. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back in a year if not sooner, just what team remains the question.

  93. TL Says:

    Arians coach is the one burning bridge that Brady does not want to return to Bucs. He treats player like crap. He knows that Brady needs help on wide out and he kicks on AB out so Brady doesn’t have much options to throw the ball to. My prediction is that Arians will be fired in year 2.

  94. BillyBucco Says:

    Also we don’t know what transpired in the LA game too.
    It’s pure speculation of course but what if these comments are true, brewing from the exit of AB and BA should have handled that differently.

    Now you throw in a game plan that doesn’t work for almost 3 quarters, and finally Brady brings you back using the plays he likes.

    We truly don’t know, but I doubt these people are just making this up, and we have heard a ton of discontent reports.

    Time to move on

  95. Swampbuc Says:

    The people who are calling BA senile, or an egomaniac, do so on the basis of here say and conjecture, and it speaks to the times we are in where someone is given one letter in an eight letter word and immediately fills in the blanks to suit their own narrative.

    These are the fans Joe mentions who are so spoiled there are ordinances against their stink.

    In his first year with Jameis and the Gay Kicker gift wrapping games like Christmas presents, BA was 7-9 with 4 games handed to the other team.

    Bucs won 11 in 20 and 13 in 21, and were 30 seconds away from OT against the eventual super bowl winner when the Bowels of Todd opened like a fulltard and lost the game.

    The dust will settle. If Brady really wants elsewhere to keep playing, Licht will extract a steep price or it won’t happen. Brady is not a free agent like when he left the Puds, he is under contract and retired while under contract.

    If BA really is who the maroons scream he is, players will leave en masse.

    So we shall see.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    The above rings true. If anything, Tom Brady is certainly familiar with the danger that a HC’s EGO poses for a team which has learned to park his ego along with his vehicle before entering the locker room. Who would blame the GOAT at bolting once he recognized that same cancer in the Bucs’ HC? BA had a great thing going. All he had to do was delegate, defer to and defend that dynamic GOAT-BL brain trust which took them to the Promised Land last season. BA just couldn’t help himself.

  97. D-Rome Says:

    Rich Ohrnberger fabricated a story about Patrick Mahomes that he’s had to backtrack. I’ve never heard of the guy before but he’s making stuff up to get clicks. Joe, you should take down this article. Ohrnberger’s journalism career is over before anyone knew who he was. Not to be trusted.

  98. Stone crab sam Says:

    I’m in 110% with AJ here.
    Brady left for family time.
    That’s it.

  99. Swampbuc Says:

    Well said, D-Rome. There’s a reason why Bqueer picked up on it — she loves that drama-filled intrigue to spice up what is obviously a boring esistence otherwise.

  100. Brady follower Says:

    If you have followed the Bucs for a long time and do not recognize BA is worthless then good luck next year. Who was first to re up for next year ?worthless BA. Of course his staying on factored into Brady leaving.
    Brady is a perfectionist while BA Is Mr anything goes . Penalties galore- missed tackes-defense backs watching the other guy catch the ball.
    The Glazer family must have a lot of $$ to throw await to keep this incompetent as head coach

  101. Swampbuc Says:

    Hey bradyswallower, the Bill Belichoad dynasty has been ongoing for 22 plus years. Then it’s Mike Tomlin at 15. After that, pretty much everyone else is short lived. The head coaching life expectancy in the NFL is barely three years.

    As this site is for Bucs fans and clearly you and your mental midget Pudfan inbred cousins are not, people can all BA whatever they want. He has won everywhere he’s been and now in three seasons with the Bucs he’s 31-18 in the regular season. Thats the best winning percentage for a Bucs coach in team history. He’s 4-1 in the postseason. He is responsible for the staff. Players (like your love interest Brady) came to the Bucs to play for BA.

    Before BA we had a bunch of ineptitude until you get back to Gruden who was the last successful HC and people hated on him too. Dungy – people hated on him too. Then it was pure ineptitude going all the way back to John McKay

    Go back to New England, Pud Toads.

  102. T REX Says:

    Brady>>>>>>>arians, lefty and bowels

    Our fans are in massive denial.

  103. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Swamparse, Ya right BA gets all the credit for the W’s Brady brought to him. You don’t see a pattern here? BA admits he does nothing and his coaches and players all know what to do. Those are words right out of the fat arses mouth. All of a sudden Bucs win the NFC South and poof BA wants the credit. Pushes blame when things go wrong , not to mention his tantrums. You must really be fd up to back this guy. 31-18, those don’t come without Brady. FYI the Bucs was Brady’s 4th or 5th team choice. Your ignorance to the game is comical yet you critique others. Why don’t you just stick to what you’re best at, insulting powerful, wealthy attractive women and keep the football to those that truly understand the game.

  104. Scooter Says:

    The players he needs to play for him on Sunday Arians has no problem throwing them under the bus to the media during the week.

  105. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @T Rex @Listnfrmar

    Focusing on BA vs TB12 is nothing more than a side show.

    People who understand business understand this.

    BA and TB12 are irrelevant. The only individuals with power in this relationship are the Billionaire owners.

    Team Glazer, who own the rights to the asset known as Tom Brady, are greater than Tom Brady. Because of this fact, TB12 is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer until Team Glazer determines otherwise.

    Team Glazer views the rights of Tom Brady as a commodity/asset.

    This is business. You don’t get to be a billionaire by caring about feelings.

    In business, billionaires don’t care what you, I, Ronaldo or even Tom Brady think. They care about the business of making money for their business.

    All Billionaires care about in business is the value of their assets in their portfolio and how those assets can make them money. They will only let go of an asset if it is negatively effecting their portfolio with no hope of ever becoming positive to their portfolio, or if they can get something greater in return.

    Until one of those two things happens, TB12’s rights are owned by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Team Glazer.

    The BA vs TB12 stuff is nothing more than a sideshow when you realize that.

  106. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bella if that were true what did the Bucs give up for Gronk? Not a lot.

  107. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    I’m BelleGladeBuc. I’m not Bella.

    Funny how you choose to not only insult my Florida home town by incorrectly naming it, but you also go the extra mile to label it with a female name?

    Most times people who complain about sexism and misogyny such as yourself as you did against Swamp, are just projecting their own sexist and misogynistic thoughts and feelings onto another.

    Good Lord and Bless your heart.