Cam Brate Will Live In History

February 1st, 2022

Tom Brady history.

The Bucs will be a different team in 2022. Yeah, teams change pretty much every year. This Bucs team will change a great deal.

The Bucs will have a new quarterback. Whether that is Kyle Trask or someone else not currently on the roster, that much is known (yes, Trask is the only Bucs quarterback under contract for 2022).

Tight end Cam Brate is under contract through 2024. But who knows what will happen? The Bucs could reboot and anyone over 30 could be gone. Brate turns 31 in July.

Whatever Brate’s future is, he will carry a piece of NFL history with him for the rest of his life. Sure, he has a Super Bowl ring, but he will forever be the answer to barroom questions. Scott Smith of has the answer to that football trivia question.

Joe has no idea what the near-future of the team will be and that includes Brate’s status. But that little piece of Bucs history is now NFL history and Joe believes NFL Films will broadcast it several times over the years.

48 Responses to “Cam Brate Will Live In History”

  1. Dew Says:

    Yeah probably end of road for Brate. But great ride. I’m thinking Raiders try to trade for Garappolo which would make Carr available. If true lets go for Carr.

  2. adam from ny Says:


  3. SKBucsFan Says:

    Good for Brate. But it wasn’t supposed to end like this. Todd Bowles and the entire defensive staff should be fired. Plain and simple. There a few good coordinators available out there. Make the move Licht.

  4. Proud Bucs Fan Says:

    Matt Gay can say that he kicked Brady out of the league!

  5. zzbucs Says:

    I will always love this guy!!!!! Oustanding numbers, great teammate….A very reliable TE!!!! But things come to an end, sadly…..

  6. Listnfrmafar Says:

    It maybe to late but Evan’s may want to think before he tosses TD balls into the stands, that last one Brady’s last td pass is worth some pretty good scratch.

  7. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    Brate is a good dude, awesome story to tell when he has kiddos or grandkids.

    Yeah, that and the Hillsborough river Lombardi trophy catch, lol.

  8. D-Rome Says:

    Mike Evans caught the last TD pass of Tom Brady’s career.

  9. DrunkInYbor Says:

    Please please don’t go after Jimmy shirt stack. Please trade for Derrik Carr. Also would the organization take a chance on Watson? I’m not sure after dealing with crab leg Magoo and his Uber groping highlights.

  10. DrunkInYbor Says:

    Shirt stack

  11. DrunkInYbor Says:


  12. ElioT Says:

    Build or maintain the offensive line.

    Build up a bad-to-the-bone defense.

    Add skill-weapons like RB, TE (x2), WR etc.

    Let Trask have the opportunity to start with a playoff caliber roster and if he sucks we’ll have an opportunity to find a better QB in 2023 wether the draft or free agency.

    There is no reason to mortgage the future with a trade for a stop-gap QB and end up in a Saints-style cap situation.

    Go Bucs!

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brate was one of our best UDFA players……..a solid Buc….

    I hope he cuts a deal to stay…..we take a cap hit if we cut him.

    I think he has just a bit left in his tank.

  14. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Gawd this is so depressing.

  15. Proud Bucs Fan Says:

    Matt Gay literally Kicked Tom Brady out of the league!

  16. KoryC idahome bucc fan Says:

    Mike Evan’s threw that last ball in the stands!!!!🤦

  17. Adrnagy Says:

    Brate will be traded. Jensen, jpp gone.

    Fournette aint signing with bucs. He signs elsewhere.

    Our top 3 free agents

  18. tampabayallday Says:

    He’s done more than OJ

  19. Your Mom Says:

    @Adrnagy, Carlton Davis is on that list, OJ is not.

  20. BucsFan81 Says:

    Matt Gay kicked Brady out of the league. I remember Chris Conte getting stiff armed out of the league it happens.

  21. Marine Buc Says:

    With both Gronk and OJ probably gone C. Brate will be our only TE currently on the roster.

    He amassed 245 rec yards last season. He is scheduled to make @ $7 million.

    It will be interesting to see how the Bucs handle this situation. I hope they can renegotiate his contract and at least cut it in half.

    If Brate gets cut then we have zero TEs on the roster.

  22. Adrnagy Says:

    C. Davis will ask for alot $$$$.

    Its either c. Davis or godwin. Because we sign v. Vea already. Plus he need a vet cb along dean. Smb. Winfield.
    Whitehead is gone. Cant keep both safeties unlesss he comes cheap.
    Winfield. Dean. Smb are FA next year. I rather sing them 3.

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    @ your mom

    Agreed 100%.

    C. Davis and J. Whitehead are on my list.

    Let’s at least keep the defensive backfield intact…

  24. Swampbuc Says:

    Thanks, Todd. Way stop the Rams with 42 seconds to go. Brilliant.

  25. Marine Buc Says:

    My list:

    B. Gabbert
    G. Bernard
    R. Jenson
    A. Stinnie
    J. Wells
    W. Gholston
    C. Davis
    J. Whitehead
    D. Delaney
    A. Adams

    With only $20 million to spend sacrifices must be made…

    #1 – WR
    #2 – RB
    #3 – IDL
    #4 – TE
    #5 – Punter
    #6 – LB
    #7 – OL/Safety/DL

  26. '79 Defense Says:

    Fournette got the last ball from Brady on his TD run, so he has a piece of history as well.

  27. HC Grover Says:

    Time to draft for BEEF. Big mean BEEF. Not Plan 9 finess, No Darden darting back and forth. BEEF. Wheres the BEEF.

  28. Mort Says:

    And the last TD was a masterful pass to Mike Evans as he burns Jalen Ramsey deep AF. It was glorious.

  29. Bucanero Says:

    ME13 caught the last touchdown and throw it away! how much is that bal worth?

  30. Biff Barker Says:

    Honest question. Why the hell would Godwin sign a new contract here? BA would just let him get beat up in the slot some more. Rookie QB or new QB learning curve. Doubtful he’ll win another ring here in his playing days.
    Sorry, I cant see him staying.

  31. Rod Munch Says:

    The fact that Brady was needing to throw to him and didn’t have AB or Godwin, the fact they had to play Brate in the slot, that’s why Brady retired.

  32. AfroBuc Says:

    I thought Brate already took a pay cut last year? Can or will he take another cut to his base pay this year from $6.8 to $3.5 again?

  33. firethecannons Says:

    do we get a compensatory ? Here we are–hard to accept lets roll with Kyle Trask and beef up our defense with picks and FA. sign cody mcelroy he has chemistry with Trask.

  34. jerseybuc Says:

    Hey Joe’s off topic but as someone who has commented on this site occasionally for the past decade I now see a Jersey buc commenting, and it is not ME. Was I drunk last night and don’t remember the post? NO, it is an imposter. And as the original Jerseybuc I don’t like this fake Jerseybuc using my handle. Come on man, you use the same name as someone else but with a space??
    My Buccaneer connections go back to 78, so I am suggesting a duel, or perhaps a ban of one of us here, but the state of NJ is not big enough for the both of us.

  35. firethecannons Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    February 1st, 2022 at 12:55 pm
    The fact that Brady was needing to throw to him and didn’t have AB or Godwin, the fact they had to play Brate in the slot, that’s why Brady retired.

    He retired as he brought the team all the way back to likely overtime only for Bowles to call a fukked up play as usual with no thought to it whatsoever. Todd Bowles is responsible for Brady leaving–there is no winning with his level of stupidity.

  36. Mike C Says:

    The state of NJ should be blown off the map.

  37. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Afrobuc

    Brate’s salary for next season in $6.55 mil.

    I would extend his contract and make it a 2 year deal.

    Reduce the salary to $2.5 million with $1 million signing bonus for both 2022 and 2023…

  38. orlbucfan Says:

    When I read that Licht had signed an UDFA from Harvard (of all places) named Cam Brate, I started following Brate out of curiosity. I didn’t know Hah-vard produced NFL players. Well, man, Licht got his money’s worth. Cam Brate has been a class act on and off the field. I wish him the very best.

  39. SB~LV Says:

    And the Trophy Toss !

  40. mike Says:

    If they spot the ball corectly after the catch its 1st and goal , not 4th and 1 and we head to ot.

  41. alaskabuc Says:

    Love Cam, and will always appreciate his time here. This is when we are all reminded that football is a business, and the best business in the NFL is winning.

  42. Hoops Says:

    Big Brate fan. One of the best UFA ever. Don’t think Brate was used effectively these last couple of years. He was usually the third go to when he was in, and Gronk was there for Bradey to throw to.
    There was no need to get OJ I agree Brate’s a class act. Hope he comes back.

  43. CJBuc Says:

    Marine Buc. Wide receiver in rd 1???? Go back to school. D line and o line and cbs and edge rushers first 5 rds then go from there

  44. Coburn Says:

    Hmm Derrixk Carr.. why is everyone so sure the raiders are going to move in there? I wouldn’t mind Mr. Great rate. Makes me wanna watch that eecu commercial with him and his bro again… Screw it. Time to watch

  45. Dennis Hartley Says:

    Brady is Brady, no use trying to figure out why he isn’t coming back. Saying
    It’s because of Bowles or who he had to use or didn’t have he has had worse times.

  46. brooks Says:

    yep need to cut all over 30 go young and rookies. best bet

  47. LambofGod Says:

    I still say do anything and everything possible to get Justin Herbert… That would be the ultimate solution for Tampa!
    Go Bucs!

  48. krrott Says:

    Let’s blitz and only leave a safety to cover one of the top 5 reciever’s in the entire league.. Brilliant…
    Kupp’s deep ball was preventable.
    I don’t blame Winfield for not being able to do on his own what many double coverages can’t against kupp. That was a horrible coaching call that cost them the game.