“They Didn’t Even Try”

January 5th, 2022

Bruce Arians talks defensive tackles.

The manbeasts of the Buccaneers’ defensive front have not been very productive the last couple of games.

On Sunday against the lowly Jets, it seems Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh got stretched beyond their effectiveness zones.

Asked about their play yesterday on his official team streaming audio show, Bucco Bruce Arians said it was about the Jets’ approach.

“They didn’t run the ball inside. They didn’t even try, you know,” Arians said of the Jets’ attack. “Those two guys got stretched to the sidelines a little too much.”

Joe knows Arians is exaggerating a bit. New York did run inside, but it was outside where they took advantage of bad tackling and Bucs talent that doesn’t match up well. Joe hopes Suh and Vea can step up their pass rush game, which took an unexpected step backwards on Sunday.

Arians was a little down on his linebackers, savior ILB Devin White and Kevin Minter, who played for injured Lavonte David.

“This was not their best game by far. I mean they struggled a little bit,” Arians said of White and Minter. “It was a sideline-to-sideline game and they’re more thumpers. They could both play better.”

This may be the first time Joe has heard that White is not a sideline-to-sideline linebacker. Huh?

Regardless, Joe expects the Tampa Bay defense to bounce back in a hurry on Sunday against Carolina at The Licht House. Tackling consistency has been an issue all season and a correction is overdue.

Enjoy Tuesday’s Ira Kaufman Podcast.

29 Responses to ““They Didn’t Even Try””

  1. PassingThru Says:

    The entire DL is a mess right now. You have OLBs that aren’t sealing the edge, are not as adept at pressuring the QB, and those factors influence what your NT and DEs can do, which is why they are being “stretched” to the sidelines. Think lateral, not forward. You’re not getting to the QB as a result.

  2. Robert Says:

    I dunno….a few times I remember the Jets running right through the line inside the tackles and looking good doing it.

    They schemed well. It seems when the Bucs are not looking good it is usually because the coaching/scheme is not right and a lot of times they don’t adapt at the half.

    TB is a great D coordinator and can get caught off gaurd sometimes. BL is a terrible OC who would be an embarrassment w/o Brady. They better let TB start calling the shots like they did last year!

  3. AL121976 Says:

    They’ll put it together, Super Bowl Ring #3 coming soon

  4. brooks Says:

    We’re done! All the playoff teams have high power offenses this year. we’ll be torched in first round.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    Uh no. D White never will be a sideline to sideline guy because of lowly tackle form. Until he learns to wrap up tackle then maybe he can be sideline guy. I notice that he tackle opponents around shoulder and neck area by just grabbing them with his hands. It’s freaking ugly. I have yet to see him make a fundamental wrap up tackle

  6. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Robert Says:
    January 5th, 2022 at 11:35 am
    BL is a terrible OC who would be an embarrassment w/o Brady.
    How did the Bucs offense do in BL’s first year with the Bucs, w/o Brady?

  7. Robert Says:

    @joe……30 int’s, not playoffs….

    throw it up and hope for the best. yep, great OC.

  8. DenOfDepression Says:

    Seems that the whole D picked it up a bit once the 2 “flight impaired” DBs got on the field. No D can lose their top 2 edge rushers, top 2 CBs, and their #1 LB and compete without missing a beat. Once the DBs plane arrived and they got on the field things improved a bit. No Barrett, no JPP, no LVD, no Dean, no SMB…

  9. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Lamarcus Says:
    January 5th, 2022 at 11:44 am
    I have yet to see him make a fundamental wrap up tackle
    Devin White has made 355 tackles in his NFL career (regular season). Do you expect me to believe that you’ve NEVER seen him make a fundamental wrap up tackle? Do you watch the games?

  10. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    Whoever we face in the playoff, they’ll take the SAINTS and JETS playbook of dismantling our Defense…. they’ll run it inside, outside, throw it downfield and we can’t do anything about it. I hope I am wrong but that’s what we are seeing on TV…… anyways,,,, GO BUCS!!!

  11. Bob in valrico Says:

    Whats wrong with Joe
    Article states Jets didn’t try to run up the middle. Picture makes it seem like Suh and VEA didn’t even try.

  12. Jonny Says:

    Shaq Barrett is worth every penny we paid him. The guy is one of the best run stuffers at his position on top of being a well above average pass rushers even on his down years. A healthy JPP would be similar, but he hasn’t been healthy for 2 years now.

  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    The real ugly signs are the massive ever-increasing injuries as we Limp into the playoffs. You don’t lose 3 of your best offensive producers and just say, OH well, next man up. Not in the Playoffs. And I won’t even start with the injuries to key Defensive players. Davids’s injury is not replaceable. He is a leader. As are Shaq and JPP. Pray for the best but expect the worse this year

  14. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I don’t know, maybe try adjusting, just a suggestion. Didn’t see Gill all game, not sure why, he seems to be a bit quicker than Minter.

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    This is a big reason why we need Shaq Barret back. He does so much more for this defense then just strip sack the QB and does not get enough credit for how great of a run stopper he is.

    We also dont have anybody who can replace JPP as a run stopper on the other side…….Though Nelson is a solid player and seems to be imporving still.

    Then you look at LVDs highlights and 3 quarters of it is blowing up running backs in the backfield trying to find a hole.

    Another guy who gets overlooked against the run is SMB. He is one of our best tacklers.

  16. ClavisRa Says:

    I feel like White is way too high on himself and thinks he’s better than he is. And that’s on the coaches not giving him the feedback he needs to understand how much more he needs to improve.

  17. Cleanhouse Says:

    I think this coach is senile at times

  18. Adrnagy Says:

    Our dline is fine. If they took the dayoff vs jets so what. Nelson played good. Tryon so so , i would expect more from him. At least tackling.

    White. Minter are fine. Bowles had to switch scheme last minute (cb flying around canada).

    We have depth , experience , and will be 100% in defense for playoffs. I expect a big strong performance.

    In offense. Not so much. Not sure lefty can call great games. Brady must be in all playcalling.

  19. Swampbuc Says:

    You lose JPP, Shaq and LVD and have a banged up secondary, COVID issues — we really should expect the defense to suck.

    Unfortunately the offense is decimated at skill positions also.

    Tough times.

  20. Chris Flores Says:

    The defense won’t be caught off guard again

  21. Eddie Marz Says:

    The Bucs are the best team in the playoffs when healthy. We don’t even need everyone back. I’m looking forward to making another SB run. GOBUCS!

  22. Capece is Kaput Says:

    If you track the plays, I think the Jets ran up the center or with a running back, maybe 6 times. I think the best run they had was maybe 4 or 6 yards. Most of the rest were less yards or no gains.
    White is definitely a north/south guy. Watch him play. He is a fast moving banger. His thing is speed and power and usually play maker. Problem this year is the plays are not there, sometimes scheme related, injury related and other times he just did not get it done. Still glad we have him.
    I think we are so used to LVD, Shaq and JPP being at a high level when you think about east/west, that we start mistaking what that really means in relation to other players like White. White is an after the fact east/west guy. Not usually the first one to the party. LVD, Shaq, JPP (when healthy), these guys are the first ones to the party when it comes to agility, flexibility, etc.. They are athletic freaks. They bring the Keg to the party. When he is on his game, White shows up later with a speed ball…

  23. Bob in valrico Says:

    Shaq can chase QB all over the backfield and doesn’t quit. One of the most impressive plays I remember is when he chased down a play 57 yards downfield
    on the opposite side of where he lines up.

  24. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Robert Says:
    January 5th, 2022 at 11:51 am
    @joe……30 int’s, not playoffs….

    throw it up and hope for the best. yep, great OC.
    Yes, Robert, it was Byron himself throwing up for grabs. Hahaha

  25. captivajim Says:

    white is , and has been , over-rated by BA all yr .. took him 16 games to realize it

    white ,all by himself, cost us 30 penalty yrds, in 1st game against slimys. both personal fouls allowed them to continue drives…….

  26. Dj Says:

    The Bucs sadly will not get any further than this Sundays matchup..I mean come on the JETS gave them more than they could handle how well are they gonna do against a contender? Not looking well at all

  27. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You da man…way to deflate the hyperbole!!! LMAO…and not just one poster but two! You’re on a roll.

  28. Kraven Says:

    Brown showed us it’s all about a win not about a team!! (Find your identity)

  29. BillyBucco Says:

    The sky is falling for sure.
    Are you telling me because we ALMOST got beat by the Jets we are finished?

    I guess Tennessee, the #1 seed in the AFC is toast right?
    I mean they also lost Houston.

    NO beat us and then promptly lost 5 in a row.
    Rams beat us and then lost.
    Same the 2nd time for NO.

    Only team who actually GAINED confidence was WFT.

    Give it a rest.
    We have Tom Brady and will get back most of our team for the playoffs.
    Tom Brady won 6 Super Bowls with only one receiver ever in MEs category.

    Plus Gronk, plus Fournette and Brady trusts Johnson Perriman and Grayson.
    Then there is Bell who could come in strong or KV who is getting more confidence.

    This team can win it all!!!!!!!!