“The Hand-To-Hand Combat Is Awesome:” A Tristan Wirfs Appreciation Post

January 15th, 2022

Gets love.

So yesterday Tristian Wirfs, 22, became the first Bucs offensive lineman to be named first-team All-Pro. This is only his second season in the NFL.

Pretty cool that it came roughly 18 months after Wirfs wondered to himself if he could make it in the NFL.

Wirfs was drafted in the first round in 2020. But because of the pandemic, the Bucs never practiced until training camp. So Wirfs was given a crash course into the NFL. Knowing Wirfs would face Pro Bowl slimy Saints defensive end Cam Jordan right off the bat (there were no preseason games last year), the Bucs told Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaq Barrett they were to do Wirfs no favors. They were to use every tool in their toolbox on him.

And it made for some rough practice for Wirfs, he admitted again this week.

“I’d go back to my apartment last year in camp, and I’d have a rough day against JPP and Shaq,” Wirfs remembered. “And I’d go, ‘I don’t know if I’m cut out for this.'”

And some 18 months later, Wirfs is recognized as the best at his position.

Wirfs said he learned of the award when he was going to a meeting with Tom Brady and Ryan Jensen tipped him off. Wirfs said Brady told him, “Now you have set the standard.”

He sure as hell has.

At 2021 training camp, Joe ran into former NFL offensive lineman and current NFL Network talking head Brian Baldinger. Joe asked Baldinger what he thought of Wirfs. Baldinger sort of scoffed at Joe’s question, not in a negative way but in a display of admiration and appreciation for Wirfs and answered Joe, simply, “The best!”

In Baldinger’s video below, he breaks down Wirfs’ game. Baldinger completely raves and thinks Wirfs, as Brady told him, is the standard for right tackles in the game.

42 Responses to ““The Hand-To-Hand Combat Is Awesome:” A Tristan Wirfs Appreciation Post”

  1. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Thank you Jameis, for all the high draft picks.

  2. bucschamp Says:

    pay this man now!

  3. Howard Cosell Says:

    Who is stronger: Vita Vea or Tristan Wirfs?

    Two great beast moves by the legend Licht

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard would pay Wirfs but Howard has less money then the Glazers

  5. Joe Says:

    Who is stronger: Vita Vea or Tristan Wirfs?

    Joe would pay good money to watch those two in an Oklahoma drill.

    F’ing Roger Goodell. smh

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Just don’t mess this up by experimenting with him at LT.

  7. Joe Says:

    Just don’t mess this up by experimenting with him at LT.

    Totally agree! Don’t fix something not broken.

  8. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    You can’t pay him till after 3rd season.

  9. Cleanhouse Says:

    So impressive!! Really special to see this guy crushing everyone.

  10. BillyBucco Says:

    With our offensive line pretty set and Fournette who depending on his playoff performance which I fully expect to be awesome and Godwin still possibly the Franchise tag again, do you think we can go all defense in the draft?

    There are still free agents who are gonna knock our door down again.

    Suffice it to say signing all our guys back was awesome, but simply in terms of percentages, it stands to reason that the most uninjured team would face more injuries with the same guys.

  11. August 1976 Buc Says:

    OK lets see, we will take the BEST RT in the NFL and put him at LT.
    Have seen many posters mention this over time, NO, leave him at RT.
    Tristan has the RT locked down for the next decade. He is on a Hall of Fame track, 2nd year and all pro already, and should have made the Pro Bowl in his first season.
    He will be wearing one of those yellow Jackets one day while making his speech in Canton 5 years after he retires.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  12. adam from ny Says:

    that’s some impressive azz film right there…he’s in complete control…it’s a beautiful thing to see…

    the thing about wirfs is he’s build different than the rest of the line…

    logistically, he can carry like 30-35 more pounds on his physique if he had to, or if he was asked to by the team…he’s not lean by any means, but his body fat is way below the rest of the group…

    he’s so well put together, and a heady guy as well…and so young…!!!

    what a draft pick…best lineman to come out last year and he’s our guy…

    we are lucky to have him, and tom is too 🙂

  13. Swampbuc Says:

    We are assured by a resident genius that the Bucs can’t build an O-line through the draft and that Wirfs was the first O-lineman drafted by the Bucs since 2007. Must have been luck!

    They post among us.

  14. adam from ny Says:

    right about now, belichik is sitting indian chief style, rubbing his finest voodoo doll of tom brady, and repeatedly chanting in a dimly lit room:

    “please tom, don’t do this to me again”


  15. Bird Says:

    Thats how big wirfs is

    Look at video again. He makes reddick look tiny. I mean he looks like he is 15.

    Like Marpet vs every other player in his high school tape

  16. BBro Says:

    Congrats Wirfs you deserve all coming to you, you put in the hard work. I hope the Bucs pay and keep you for many more healthy years to come. Cheers 🍻

  17. rrsrq Says:

    Another home run pick, I do love how this team is put together, my only concern is TB12 retiring and a very aged defensive front in Suh, McClendon, Gholston. But you just signed Vea and Shaq has some in the tank left

  18. RustyRhinos Says:

    How “good” would that money be, if during that Oklahoma drill one or both big men get injured, a concussion, blow out a knee? Alpha Dawgs do get after it, and it is sometimes extremely difficult to get them to stop. Go get the 2×4! Yes, it is no longer used in the NFL and you scoff at Roger Goodell for implementing a plan to try and prevent serious injuries to players in training. SMH indeed.

  19. RustyRhinos Says:

    Vea is 347lbs and Wirfs is 320lbs. that is a lot of Prime Rib smashing into each other. You are right Joe what could go wrong? Let them go at it. So we may lose one or both or their career gets cut short, oh well at least we got to see them in the Oklahoma Drill… SMH???

  20. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Football is a physical game (duh), Rusty. Why don’t we just have them play touch, so no one gets hurt?

  21. BillyBucco Says:

    Nobody said it would be smart, just entertaining.

  22. Dyno-White ! # 45 Says:

    I think he is better even than Gene “look out! “ Sanders

  23. Colonel Angus Says:

    2nd team All-Pro, which doesn’t exist any longer.–Joe

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Amazed at his agility for a big guy…….and D. Smith is solid……with a team full of injuries…our LTs stayed healthy.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Tackles stayed healthy

  26. Lokog Says:

    If we tag Chris Godwin again it’ll be like a slap in the face to him pay him he’s earned it

  27. Bucfan Says:


    I hope and pray that you didn’t just jinx our tackles with your comment. Ugh!!

  28. lambeau Says:

    Tristan is so humble; what an admirable human being.

  29. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Congratulations Tristan.
    You deserve it.
    Great ability, attitude and consistency.

  30. Infomeplease Says:

    TW is worth his weight in GOLD!! Go BUCS!!

  31. SPARKY Says:

    Brady having meetings with the o-line? When does he have time to work with the defense?

  32. Bucschamp Says:

    Very humble dude. Adorable beast. Does he even know what a first team All Pro mean?

  33. NeverGIVEup Says:

    Any coincidence that Brady passes the GOAT mantra to a rookie now second year RT?

    I think not. I am gonna go ahead and say it. Based on what I just saw in that video.

    Wirffs is the GOAT RT.

    Wirffs HOF speech is going to be an epic tale of how he used to block for Brady and if not for him, Brady would have never won 3 Super Bowls in Tampa.

  34. Steven007 Says:

    Info please, his weight in gold is around $7 million. Suffice it to say that he will average well over his weight in gold when he signs his next contract.

  35. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Best Draft Pick Ever??

  36. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    For The Bucs I Mean

  37. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Infomeplease Says:
    January 15th, 2022 at 10:46 am
    TW is worth his weight in GOLD!! Go BUCS!!

    At the current gold price he’s worth more.
    About 9 million right now.

    Now if we could only redo Durable Donnie’s contract…….. he’s worth his weight in silver.

  38. Swampbuc Says:

    Fortunately, BA and crew know how good Wirfs is, and also love Donovan Smith at LT. Only a complete brain dead, football ignorant moron would move Wirfs to LT and fortunately they post here and don’t work for the Bucs.

  39. firethecannons Says:

    It was his mother who also put in so much work, raised her kids without help to be respectful and they do respect her. Proud of this kid who will always be a superbowl champ–1st year in the league.

  40. David Says:

    Great stuff. He is awesome to watch on pass protection

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    Oklahoma drills don’t bother me. The low hits on receivers and linemen like the one that took out Godwin do. They need to make them illegal. Godwin was 100% defenseless on the play. I hate Cheater Peyton and his entire team. That was the best part of seeing the Niners win, keeping those scu_bags out of the playoffs.

  42. BBro Says:

    Speaking of Oklahoma there was no D like the Leroy & Dewey years. Teams that played against them were lucky to get a Td but we’d lose by a fg. Steve DeBerg n da cream sickles oh how we would pour our hearts out to that ole team