ScuttleBucs Talk O-Line, Brady Numbers, AB Mess, Playoff Picture & More

January 4th, 2022

Oh yes, the ScuttleBucs will talk about Antonio Brown. But Jeff and Tom bask in the glow of Brady greatness to lead off this edition of the podcast. The ScuttleBucs break down that final drive, Brady’s eye-popping 16 game numbers, the offensive line’s skill, AB is gone, the NFC playoff picture and more. Drive over to Bill Currie Ford today, and as you’re on the way, hit play on this edition of the ScuttleBucs!

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3 Responses to “ScuttleBucs Talk O-Line, Brady Numbers, AB Mess, Playoff Picture & More”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    Brady is the Chateau Margaux of all QB’s in history and just aging better.

  2. Gerald west Says:

    Tom Brady is a blatant racist. He’s known for this type of stuff not doing the blacks when their contracts are on the line. Do you think for one second that if gronkowski was black and Antonio Brown was white that Tom Brady targeted the black man 17 times and the white boy none. He did the same type of thing with Randy moss. He’s long forgiving Black’s second chances and ruinung their career in the end. So like I said Tom Brady is a blatant racist a cheat and should have been brought up on charges for gaming fraud when he deflated the footballs.

  3. BucsFanStoppingBy Says:

    Lmao Gerald.

    Whatever drugs you are on I want some