Party Like It’s 2021

January 16th, 2022

Need big games from this big duo.

Yes, since we constantly refer to the still unfinished 2021 season as “this season,” it is sometimes tricky for Joe to remember we are in 2022.

And maybe that is the way it should be for Bucs inside linebackers Lavonte David and Devin White.

Though we will not know for a few hours if David will play today — yes, Joe knows he was activated but that doesn’t mean he will be on the active roster when they are released at 11:30 a.m. — at least he is on the cusp of being ready to play.

The Bucs run defense has taken a plunge the last few weeks. There can be all sorts of reasons. White going MIA. David being hurt. Jason Pierre-Paul being hurt. Joe could go on.

What Joe does know is that more than ever, today the Bucs’ inside linebackers need to channel the postseason of the 2020 season if the Bucs hope to shut down the Eagles and their strong run game. Jenna Laine of ESPN has a revealing look at what the Bucs are missing without David — and with White playing like a shell of his former self.

David’s 26 tackles were second-most of any player last postseason, behind teammate Devin White. David’s absence is a key reason the Bucs have struggled with missed tackles and have given up uncharacteristic chunk plays on the ground and struggled with defending run-pass option plays.

So think about that, due to an injury and who knows what, the two leading tacklers in the postseason last year were gone down the stretch of this season. Of course, the numbers are skewed drastically since the Bucs were the only team to play four postseason games.

White has had 10 tackles in the last three games against two lousy teams. Something is up.

If David and White can both rack up, say, 18 tackles combined today, and solid-as-a-rock run defender Jason Pierre-Paul gets, say, 4 or 5 tackles (he season high is three), Joe is going to guess the Bucs defense will be just fine.

Otherwise, today may turn out to be a gloomy afternoon.

12 Responses to “Party Like It’s 2021”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs are fielding a team of walking wounded right now on defense, but our offense is still in pretty good shape. And especially Tom Brady & our OLine. Even in gusty conditions, Brady’s probably the most accurate short passer in the league. And even if Bell & Vaughn are our only ‘mudders’, they can still put up yards behind this OLine.

    MIGHT end up being an ugly game, but there’s no reason the Bucs can’t be competitive. BL’s gonna have to call an excellent game for us to put up a bunch of points with our depleted weapons, but that’s what I think it’ll take to win today. And that’s what this offense will produce.

  2. 2021 Year of the GOAT Says:

    TB12 played 20 seasons in weather like this …. buckle up , strap up, take the shot or anti inflamatories or whatever they are allowed to do ….

    time to get errr done…. the hungrey team wins….

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our defense is complete but is it 100S%?……I doubt it….

    Our offense is missing 2 or our top 3 WRs & our top 2 RBs…..

    But, we have a healthy Oline & Tom Brady……he can get it done with
    Vaughn, Bell, Bernard. Barner

    Evans, Johnson, Perriman, Miller, Darden

    Gronk, Brate & OJ

    When you look at it that way… have reason for optimism.

  4. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    After the last 24 months, NOW we know the 20 year stretch of magic in New England was due to Brady…….not Belichick.

  5. Tackleblockwin Says:

    We need Bucs fans in stadium to rock the house. A couple false starts and forced timeouts by Eagles will go a long way. Make some noise!

  6. Don’t make a scene 35 Says:

    I smell me some pressure, sacks , mistakes maybe a pick or two for the home team
    Get back to nobody runs on the Bucs
    I’m ready see that D cone out play today folks

  7. Don’t make a scene 35 Says:


  8. orlbucfan Says:

    We’ve got injured players this year and teams have a whole season worth of film on the Brady Bucs offense. With the weather, it could go either way.

  9. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    I bet we have plays planed with Bell Vaughn & Gio that Philly has no idea. I also think Philly has a few tricks up as well… With TB12 under center we will prevail…

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    There is an area of Philadelphia called Kensington. It is basically one huge outside Drug Market. After todays game, you will see a whole lot of Eagles Fans there buying their Dope, to ease the pain of the azz whipping we are about to put on them.

  11. David Says:

    With the entire front 7 healthy and playing, I think it’s going to be a big day. Even if JPP & LVD are 90%, it is go time

  12. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    If Philthy decides to run heavy they will be playing from behind all game. Brady is the GOAT for a reason as the greatest passer ever. He’s played in every type of weather possible so knows how to adjust. If Philthy has to rely on Hurtz’s arm they will not win. This defense will bend but is very opportunistic