“He’ll Carry Most Of The Load”

January 14th, 2022

Playoff Lenny broke loose against the Eagles.

It’s an interesting if-then scenario when it comes to Leonard “Playoff Lenny” Fournette.

Today, Bucco Bruce Arians said Fournette may not be ready for Sunday’s playoff-opener against the Eagles, sort of a near-game decision on his healing hamstring. But then Arians said, “if he’s cleared, he’s playing as much as he can. We’ll still sub, but he’ll carry most of the load.”

So it sure sounds like Playoff Lenny will be carrying the mail, if Arians has that kind of all-or-nothing public stance. Joe’s not sure what a difference that will make in the run game, but it should give Tom Brady another major weapon in the passing game — in addition to more confidence.

Ronald Jones (ankle) was ruled out of Sunday’s game.

Heal up, Lenny!

7 Responses to ““He’ll Carry Most Of The Load””

  1. BrooklynBucsFan Says:

    I think Vaughn is gonna busy a long one as a change of pace to Lenny. Lenny will pound the rock and soften up that D and Vaughn busts a 40+ yard TD to put the game away! At least, that would be nice haha! Go Bucs!

  2. gofortheface30 Says:

    Having Bernard back as well is soooo huge to me, because of a lack of depth at WR. GIO is a guy that can line up in slot and is fantastic after the catch. Sure as shi as the sun comes up, Evans will be doubled. More PROVEN available guys that can make plays is a plus. I do not trust Miller and Tyler Johnson to run good routes, create separation consistently. Would love to be proven wrong though

  3. Cobraboy Says:

    Big IF…

    Fingers crossed for him and David.

  4. Jmarkbuc Says:

    What a disappointing year for Rojo.

  5. David Says:

    Scherer is looking like Lenny and Vaughn are the two main backs next year.
    Rojo is going to be gone. Bernard never really did much.

  6. David Says:

    Everything was pointing towards Lenny being ready to roll, hope that is still the case

  7. Cannon Says:

    Does anyone think that “Playoff” Lenny would miss a Playoff game?