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January 6th, 2022

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  1. SufferingSince76 Says:

    It’s he said, she said. Bottom line is the Bucs need him and he’s gone.

  2. BBro Says:

    I believe BA is the coach of a professional football team and he’s trying to cope with a mountain of injuries to some star players and he can’t be distracted by babysitting one player because he’s not getting enough attention you’d need to hire a nanny just for AB.

  3. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    We started out 2 years ago saying that this team was over-loaded with talent, and all we needed, to find the promised land, was a quarterback who didn’t turn the ball over twice a game. Well, we now have that. To say that we *need* AB is simply us being spoiled. Everything will be alright.

    Go Bucs!!!!

  4. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    All those camera out there I’m sure one cought something or someone overheard something. Either way it’s over for AB in Tampa but I never thought how he left the feild was worth all this mental illness talk. Have u all ever watch u tube and seen road rage fights and shooting in broad day light. Watch some past NFL player injections on u tube and then tell me if what AB did is any worse.

  5. VA Tom Says:

    It’s all bullspit. I suspect it’s a mix of truth from both camps. Telling to me that Mike Evans didn’t do a interview this week with the media. Seems to me like he has every other week. Or maybe I missed it. This’ll go one of two ways, if AB is mostly right then Arians will lose the players, they’ll just go flat. Or, yhings’ll look fairly normal if AB is bs’ing. That’s my guess. The NFL has a bunch of cameras in those stadiums. And dudes are Mic’d up. If a video Comes out of Arians in front of AB making a neck slice motion… well…

  6. Joshua porter Says:

    Love how he trying to paint the bucs as drug pushers.

  7. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    I have a better question.

    If you had to do it over, would you still sign AB in October of 2020 knowing what we know now?

    Follow up question, would we have still won the SB? IMO I think we still would have, but i guess we will never know that.

    I always root for a guy that has a chance to turn his life around, always will. Hope AB wakes up one day, thought he was finally on the right track with the right team. Seen too many NFL players get chance after chance and still blow it, its sad really. He turned out to be the distraction we didn’t want him to be but after winning a SB, was it worth it to be dealing with his drama now right before the playoffs? lol, i guess that’s 3 questions.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    To ask a injured player to play is not BA’s style at all…..everything he does is to prepare for the playoffs….he needs AB and he wouldn’t risk further injury.

    And then, there’s the lack of credibility of AB.

  9. VSyl Says:

    For sure the injury situation with the CBs early in the season was much more serious than AB’s “injury” this last game. If someone would be forced to play through an injury would be one of the CBs at that time and that didn’t happen.

  10. Jason Says:

    Just curious, but doesn’t NFL Films usually have a few players on each team miked up for each game. With that and microphones on the sidelines, I bet somebody has the audio of BA and AB.

    And like I always say, the one valid point Realist had was about BA and b.s.

  11. dmatt Says:

    It doesn’t matter whether to believe BA or AB, a rule of thumb is in the middle of conflict you never abandon your team. AB chose to do what AB has always been allowed to do. AB’s antics were a prime example of “mutiny on the bound”. AB had other means of handling that situation. And oh, by the way, some players suffer from MH issues but they don’t use it to manipulate the system so they are the exception to the rules. How can anyone justify abandoning their team in front of millions at home and across the world and think it’s ok. If a swarm of bees were on the sideline and were embedded inside the top of his uniform only but didn’t attack others, then he was justifiable in removing his uniform n pads, n other players would be justifiable in doing the same. Even if BA cut him on the sideline he could’ve just walked off n in the tunnel as players do when they are ejected from the game. AB did what he did to distract n demoralize the team. Inconsiderate of his teammates. If he turned his back on Tom Brady, he’ll do the same to any team or teammate. No matter the location, a zebra never changes its stripes. I rest my case.

  12. Leighroy Says:

    Mutiny? I don’t see him captaining a ship anywhere. He quit, and it didn’t seem to distract anybody (galvanize if anything) bc they came back and won without him.

    AB has and always will be the side-show. Investing further time and energy in the bearded-lady is a waste of time and energy.

    AB had a boo-boo that he wanted to blow out of proportion, BA told him to suck it up and get in the game. The rest is history.

  13. Robert Says:

    I believe AB.

  14. bucschamp Says:

    did AB formally filed a case vs. the bucs? or he just tweeted ?

  15. Kentucky Buc Says:

    As somewhat of an expert on ankle injuries(over a dozen in my playing days) you don’t go jogging and jumping jacking off the field with a serious injury and you don’t go slamming on the brakes on routes like he did in the Carolina game and first half of the Jets game.

  16. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    AB (or more accurately, AB’s lawyer/agent) know that painting BA as the uncaring tyrant forcing a poor, meek, injured player to hit the field while banged up will muddy the water and garner sympathy from the public (and it will probably work to a certain extent), but, I mean, come on – its January. What NFL player ISN’T playing hurt?!? Alex Cappa played with a friggin’ BROKEN ARM. Brady played and won a Super Bowl with a bum knee. Evans and Gronk are constantly playing through injuries that would have the rest of us mere mortals crying on the floor in the fetal position. Playing through injuries is business-as-usual in the NFL (and Arians doesn’t even try to hide that he expects players to soldier on). Its a good way to affect public opinion, because people tend not to want to think about how brutal football can really be, but I doubt it will fly in league circles.

  17. Redneck Roady Says:

    I think it’s best for people to just stop talking about AB period. This story has to die on the vine now, so we can get on with it.

    The NFL will handle

  18. DoooshLaRue Says:

    You are delusional Robert.

  19. ClodHopper Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it went down like Joe framed it. But there’s no way this whole thing happened unless Brown was acting up. Brown’s claim on how the conversation went with him being all innocent and BA being a big bully is highly unlikely.

  20. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “It’s he said, she said.”

    Insulting to AB’s manhood eh?

    BA nor any coach makes the decision on a player’s ability to play. That is made by the Team medical staff. If AB could not play given his importance do we not think the medical staff…Doc and trainers would have taken him that NFL approved little popup tent.

    Why have we had ZERO confirmation from ANY source with the Buc’s medical team…leaked or official..about AB receiving treatment in the Jet’s game.

    Man PT Barnum was right. There’s a sucker born every minute!!!

  21. HC Grover Says:

    Now it is all about the Benjamins. AB went running out and right over to his lawyer. Lawyered up and shut up til his lawyer approved statement. Will the Bucs settle or fight it? Will the case be in New York or Florida or New Jersey?? Stay tuned for the next episode of this Soap Opera.

  22. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Leighroy Says:
    “He quit, and it didn’t seem to distract anybody (galvanize if anything) bc they came back and won without him.”

    Not only did it not distract anyone, I suspect the team is relieved.

    Reports now that he’s been a problem since the minute he got off of suspension, sore that he didn’t get more support from the team (the same team that supported him enough to give him his 3rd or 4th second chance–and then reward him a huge raise for this season). Supposedly he was being a jerk in the locker room during halftime of this game right before this blowup.

    My question is, if he was too hurt to play in the third quarter, wouldn’t he have come out after halftime in street clothes?

  23. Allbuccedup Says:

    The proof will be in the MRI. That will be the final verdict.

  24. Allbuccedup Says:

    I would think Brady knows the truth.

  25. Kentucky Buc Says:

    You could’ve stopped at ‘Do you believe Antonio Brown ? I supported this but munch but rapper boy can go screw himself.

  26. John Sinclear Says:

    Posted at 6:09 and closed at 7: 42 ?? C’mon Joe> I haven’t even had my coffee by then, let alone come in here and fire up the computer!!

  27. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Allbuccedup Says:
    “The proof will be in the MRI. That will be the final verdict.”

    Likely proof that it isn’t any worse than the scan the Bucs already have. There’s a reason he rehabbed for so long, because he was trying to delay surgery until after the season and get back playing for a Super Bowl. Like JPPs shoulder.

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    For all the hullabaloo, I feel compelled to remind everyone that AB was a part-time player; 8 games last season and missed a playoff game, 7 games this season.
    What, you ask, were the reasons for so little playing time? Well, he was suspended for 11 games in TWO seasons for starters.

    Frankly, I just don’t care anymore. He’s not a Buc.