Clashing Philosophies

January 10th, 2022

A different mindset will be swirling around Eagles QB Jalen Hurts.

Tampa Bay’s 69-year-old head coach says one thing about playoff preparation, but the Eagles’ head man is 40 and has a very different view.

Earlier today, Bucco Bruce Arians talked about jacking up practices during the playoffs and finding a new level with everything. He even mentioned that the Bucs likely practiced too hard last January but, obviously, it was just right.

Arians also is the same guy who instituted walk-through Wednesdays with the Bucs this season and certainly went easy on his club through the past several weeks.

This morning. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni told WIP radio in Philadelphia that playoff prep is very much about not changing a thing — a direct clash to Arians’ comments.

“It’s not any different,” Sirianni said. “You go through the same process over and over and over again. I think the mistakes some coaches make and some players make, is like, ‘OK this is a playoff game, I’m going to do a little bit more this week.’ Well if you’re doing that, you didn’t prep yourself the other 16 or 17 games that you played. And so, the process remains the same.

“We really believe the way we go about our business getting ready. Does that mean it works perfectly every time? No, it doesn’t. We’re 9-8 right now. No it doesn’t. But we tweak the process over and over and over and over again to make it the best that we can make it for ourselves to prep for the game.”

Joe loves the clear differences in philosophies. Not only does Joe side with Arians, but Tom Brady himself has talked about how playoff time means a higher level of everything.

It’s going to be so much fun watching the Bucs show the world on Sunday how much better they are than the inexperienced Eagles. Hopefully!

28 Responses to “Clashing Philosophies”

  1. lambchop Says:

    Jalen Hurts’ first playoff game is going to be full of pressure for the kid. Our DL will be fresh and raring to go. Let’s hope the LBs and CBs can hold it down to create turnovers with the havoc on the line.

  2. lambchop Says:

    *LBs and DBs. I think our safeties, especially Winfield Jr. and Whitehead are going to be ball hawking.

  3. Jerry Jones Says:

    Perfect example of someone who DOES NOT know what it takes to win in the post season.

  4. SB Says:

    One of my FF leagues has a separate section where now that the regular season is over we get to pick a team out of all 14 playoff teams.
    This yr is gonna be tough. I won it last yr by going exclusively with Bucs and Chiefs players. This yr……………..eeks it is dicey.

  5. rrsrq Says:

    I really want to see a dominant playoff run similar to the 2000 Bucs, leave no doubt, handle your business and don’t let these other teams sniff confidence. Of course this goes to the Bucs not resting on their laurels and thinkong every team is going to tremble because they are the Champs util somebody say differently. Also, depends on staying healthy and playing smart. I still believe OJ can make a play or two, Scotty can. Rojo can and Tyler and BP will show up.

  6. Crickett Baker Says:

    I agree with more practice and harder. Seems they get too relaxed after resting. Playoffs are about playing hard and long. I think BA has the right idea (as long ((knock on wood)) no one gets hurt in practice).

  7. Francisco Guzman Says:

    You gotta keep hurts in the pocket.

  8. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    Could be that coach Bruce was taking it a little easy to get older players through a long season, and now he wants them to practice like they should. I think practice will not be our downfall if we fail to make the big game, injuries would be a more significant factor.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So, let me understand thus correctly…..Siriani tweaks & tweaks & tweaks the process over & over again but he doesn’t change it?

    Sounds like coach BS to me

  10. captivajim Says:

    Bucs defense should be doing wind sprints- as Hurts runs around even more than Mahomes.. Bowels should play both JPP and JTS -as his speed is what we need to contain Hurts.

    We canNOT come out flat like we did against Panthers—or the Eagles will eat our lunch..

  11. ItzOK Says:

    I look forward to the Bucs officially ending Jalen Hurts Career as they expose him as a fraudulent QB. Make Philly reset at QB and restart their organization.

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I don’t think they should hit but practice at 75% game speed. Eagles offensive game plan should be easy, sweep right and left and throw 8 to 15 yards right down the middle. Their D line is supposed to be decent, just keep Brady upright and let him do what he does.

  13. Nutbucer Says:

    And the time to dig graves begins.

  14. Bojim Says:

    I like both philosophy’s

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    Coach Speak by Sirianni, the guy is probably installing every trick play known to man this week. Hope BA and BL are doing the same.

  16. SB~LV Says:

    Well I hope the Eagles do what they did all year… only won a touch more than half the time they started a game

  17. SlyPirate Says:

    Sirianni has a point. Philly at 9-8 needed every last win just to qualify. They’ve been in “playoff mode” for a while.

    The Bucs hit cruise control after clinching the NFCS (actually a game or two before).

  18. alton d green Says:

    wanna guess which team to beat Tommy Boy in the SB??? You got it. The Eagles. Say your prayers my friends.

  19. Hodad Says:

    Hurts didn’t play this week, so obviously he’s doing something different already. Holding your starters out the final game is not doing business as usual. Brady played, and he played very well. Hopefully that Mo carries over to next week. Hurts will be coming in cold. Arains is the one who kept things leading up to the playoffs normal, not the Philly HC.

  20. Darin Says:

    That’s why you’re 9-8 coach. Make it 9-9 and get the eff back to Philly ASAP after that!

  21. Jersey buc Says:

    I live 15 mins from Philly. Listen to wip all the time. This is what there fan base wanted. They wanted us! I was at the Thursday game in Philly earlier this year was pretty much a beat down until we let them in. Eagles fans are off there a$$ wanting to play us from the rip. There going learn come Sunday one and done for them.

  22. mg Says:

    Neither resemble Confucius or Socrates.

  23. Ivan Aviles Says:

    That attitude lead the Eagles to only 1 win versus opponents over 500. (Saints). Yeah, don’t change a thing.

  24. Irishmist Says:

    During the regular season, everybody gives 110%. In the playoffs, you need to jack that up to 120%

  25. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Phillthy fans still hurtin since 2003, wanting payback and it ain’t going to happen. Brady and this o line will be too much for them. All we gotta do is put 30 on them in the 1st half and it’s a wrap. You’ll watch Hurtz throw ints scrambling to catch up

  26. Ed Says:

    Philly fans have always been cocky about their team. The fact that they beat New England in the Super Bowl is a great feat in their history but that was 4 years ago. Playing a Super Bowl is different than playing in an opposing teams stadium.

    It will be very loud on Sunday and Brady can communicate much better with his players than Hurts will be able to. The Eagles have been winning but they do it by running the ball and having a running quarterback. If there is ever a game for Devin White to take over, its this one because Hurts is a decent thrower who isn’t going to sit in the pocket. He will take off as a runner. White needs to get his head out of whatever funk he’s been in and make it his mission to shadow Hurts and when he takes off, to run him down!

  27. bucschamp Says:


    eagles coach tells you one thing but will do something different come game time. it’s an old trick don’t fall for it.

  28. adam from ny Says:

    this guy jaylene hurts might just flop out in the playoff something awful …