Bucs Had “Endless Issues” With Antonio Brown

January 3rd, 2022

More details on explosion.

Ah, ha! Joe knew there was more to this story.

This morning, NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport had a follow-up report to his earlier intel about furniture-tossing, bicycle-winging, tantrum-throwing quitter former Bucs receiver Antonio Brown and his explosion on the sidelines with Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians.

This juvenile outburst, Rapoport stated, also involved Bucs offensive assistant coaches.

It seems the relationship between the Bucs and Brown had been frayed for some time with a growing pile of aggravation that reached detonation yesterday on the sidelines of MetLife Stadium. This sparked Brown to tear off his Bucs jersey and shoulder pads, throw his gloves and undershirt into the stands and do topless jumping jacks in the end zone.

(Gee, Brown’s ankle didn’t appear injured so bad on that stunt.)

Rapoport noted Brown “was cleared [by Bucs medical staff] in the game,” Rapoport said. And that Brown “was running routes and looking healthy before the game.

“That, Kay, is not where it started. There has been a boiling frustration inside the organization about Antonio Brown … endless issues with Antonio Brown.”

Rapoport added that the Bucs were done with Brown when the season ended, the relationship just ended a handful of weeks before expected.

You can see Rapoport’s full report in the NFL Network video below. Oh, and there is a very brief but welcome appearance by NFL Network it-girl Kay Adams. 🙂 Enjoy!

114 Responses to “Bucs Had “Endless Issues” With Antonio Brown”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    Enough about AB. He is the epitome of a diva. And needs psychiatric help. Really hope he gets it. Let’s talk about Grayson.

  2. Casual Observer Says:

    Meant to add – AB is the best WR I ever saw play.

  3. Dave5928 Says:

    It’s pretty clear this man has some mental issues. I’m not trying to make fun of him. It seems serious and destined to end quite badly. Another NFL cautionary tale.

  4. ModHairKen Says:

    The Statute of Limitation on this story should be today. After today, it should be mentioned as frequently as Keyshawn throwing a tantrum on MNF. It’s, like that, history.

  5. ModHairKen Says:

    And stop with the mental health thing. That’s a cop out and a way to excuse his behavior. AB’s just a big crypus.

  6. Joe Says:

    The Statute of Limitation on this story should be today.

    How can it be? So long as the Bucs are alive in the playoffs, Brown’s shadow will hang over the franchise.

    Brown’s blow up and expulsion from the team has far-reaching ramifications.

  7. Sean Says:

    Bucs should consider their experience with Brown a net win and move on. They would not have won the Super Bowl last year without him. They extracted as much value out of him as they could (more than NE or the Raiders!) and didn’t pay much for that value. Brown has been absolutely consistent in his behavior the last several years, so this was inevitable at some point.
    It’s funny he couldn’t keep it together for another couple of quarters to get his $1 million in bonuses. Oh well. Just remember he’s not rich: he’s a poor person with money. There’s a difference. He will go broke.

  8. geno711 Says:

    By the way a lot of comments on The Athletic from Pittsburgh Steelers fans.
    Including AB had a litany of problems before the Burfict hit. And the Steelers staff had kept a running log of the issues and he was almost cut because one of them in his 1st preseason with the team.

    AB was enrolled to play football at FIT but was expelled before the season started. His high school coach at Miami Norland said that AB was clearly a difficult person.

    Both his brother and his step father have talked about how many issues AB has had all of his life.

  9. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Simply re-read for the umpteenth time, Ahole’s history, and know without reservation that he alone is at fault.

  10. PSL Bob Says:

    A real shame his on-the-field skills don’t match his mental state. The guy has been a phenomenal talent but off the field, a really unbalanced individual. I thought that when he was suspended by the league for 8 games before he joined the Bucs he was supposed to receive mental/anger management counseling. Did he not complete that or was this a setback? Regardless, he’s done. It’s over and no need to speculate what may have been had he hung around for the playoffs. There were plenty of red flags surrounding him before the Bucs signed him. Sad, but not surprising this happened.

  11. HC Grover Says:

    Coming soon…Brown v Bucs lawsuit. Dirty laundry.

  12. Marine Buc Says:

    AB is gone forever…

    Let’s talk about the recent emergence of Cyril Grayson and Key Vaughn… Two weeks in a row both have made big plays and are contributing big time.

    I won’t miss AB is Cyril Grayson continues to shine.

  13. Lifer Says:

    Unpopular opinion coming here: the guy just doesn’t want to be told what to do, and folks in power and in control don’t like that. The end. The dude just wants a vote and a say about what he does. I can understand that as we all would like to have a voice at work. It’s too bad he didn’t have an advocate for that on this coaching staff.

    Let the record show, I did not want him on the team when they signed him last year. He is bad for moral and bad for the locker room, but really take a look at all his “team problems”. His beef in Pittsburgh was because Ben Roethlisberger did not have to attend meetings and practices, he said “I don’t want to either then” and they said, “Do what we say or you are out” and he was out. Same in Oakland, “Wear this helmet or else”. And now in Tampa, “Do exactly what we say or you are out of here” and he didn’t want to because he didn’t physically feel right.

    The culture of football leads to this, I heard Jim Mora talking on the radio about how Urban Meyer got the boot. He couldn’t talk to these players like adults, constantly berating and talking down to them and the coaching staff. It seems similar here. Bucco Bruce may not like it, but not everyone has to do 100% of exactly what comes out of his or the other coaches mouths just because they said it.

    Don’t place all of the blame on Antonio Brown, he knows his body better than any other person on the planet. If he says he doesn’t want to play because of his ankle, he doesn’t need to play against in a late season game. This wasn’t the Super Bowl, this wasn’t with the playoffs on the line, it was against the Jets. And clearly the Bucs are not depleted at the WR position.

    I don’t think what he did was right, I don’t think he should have gone to such an extreme, but to borrow a common phrase, everyone needs to R-E-L-A-X and treat this person like a human being. Also, I don’t think the world is ready for a different side of this conversation either. Bunch of people getting together to force and control what a black man in America does with his body and him saying no? That opens up an entire look at the culture of football that people aren’t ready to discuss quite yet. You think this situation looks different if Tom Brady says he is injured and doesn’t want to play? Absolutely it does.

  14. Smashsquatch Says:

    Addition through subtraction. Brady can win with guys like Cyril, Tyler, Breshad, and Scotty. Evans and Gronk will be the anchors. Hopefully we have a healthy stable of RBs too because if we have to rely on Lev Bell in the post season we’re toast. His legs are dead and it’s obvious.

  15. Show Me the TDs Says:

    His interview after the Panthers game was kind of weird. He was pulling at his face and going back and forth between smiling and scowling. I say good riddance, because the Bucs have been my team since 1976. At the same time, I feel for AB and hope he gets the help he needs.

  16. Ron says Says:

    At this stage it is Antonio “Who” regardless of his ankle or his feelings at the time he left and betrayed his team. This decision will distinguish his career, even the good years will be tainted by a mentality of a quitter. His only SB was with the Bucs, so when they look back at his career, they will only see he what he could have done more or if he was more of a team player they would have won more.

  17. Coburn Says:

    Makes sense..these things rarely just blow up out of nowhere and are usually the result of things that have been simmering a while. Beofre this I had thought he was a model teammate, which is why I didn’t have an issue with him coming back after vaxx thing. Could have been an opportunity to wash their hands then, but imagine Arians knew how badly it would hurt them and did his best to make it work.

  18. Robert Says:

    hopefully this will bring the team together…if there were issues before it may have added to them being out of sync.

    AB blew it, eveb if he was baited. It’s on him….he’s not 10 yrs old anymore.

    Go CG!!!! (Grayson)

  19. Coburn Says:

    And yeah I had the feeling he was pouting because they were losing to Jets and didn’t want to play, but who knows. It was t just one thing and whether or not Arians tried to get him to play and he actually didmt feel right, I’m sure 90% of it was how he spoke back, not his decision itself

  20. adam from ny Says:

    just watch AB’s last presser…it’s like he was in front of a mirror…

    maybe there was a mirror placed in front of him at the presser…?

    seemed like it…what a weirdly vain dude

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yeah, this is why I don’t understand why people are making him out to be a “victim”. His is a loooong history and the Bucs knew this when they signed him.
    IMO, the mental issue thing is a cop out.

    Those that think that we can’t win without him, let me throw out some stats:
    2020- 16 game season, AB played in 8
    2021- 17 game season, 16 games played, AB played in 7

    So, out of a total of 33 regular season games, AB played in just 15, less than 50%.
    We can, we have, and we will win without him.

  22. Here's Johnny Says:

    How about Grayson. Clutch! Steps up last week and this week. Tyler Johnson steps up. We need our defense healthy. Let’s stop the articles about AB. We need to know how Shaq, LD, Lenny and Jones are doing. I know our super aspirations is going to ride on our defense.

  23. lambeau Says:

    Too bad Bruce couldn’t tolerate him for another month to get another ring.

  24. Dewey Muse Says:

    Huge need to be able to identify CTE while players are still playing. I don’t know if that is AB’s mental issue but we need to be able to determine that before they are dead.

  25. PassingThru Says:

    I kind of just wrote a post to that effect. Here’s my two bits:

    I just had a gut feeling that there was an ongoing battle between AB and Arians. I don’t think AB is easily controlled, but I do think it is very easy to push AB into being out of control. I think AB kept crossing the line and it got to the point where Arians just nudged him over it.

    The problem is of course is that Antonio Brown likes to abuse people once he feels that he has power. That’s why he screws people financially, and what made him worse in Tampa Bay was when the team increased their reliance on him this season. That led to increased friction between Brown and Arians as well as the rest of that coaching staff. Arians probably had enough of it on Sunday, and gave Brown that final push to send him over the edge. That’s all it takes with Antonio Brown, he has no ability to control his impulses.

    Arians was sending strong signals that he didn’t want AB, and I’m sure he especially didn’t want him after AB got both himself and Edwards suspended. Antonio Brown knew he was dead man walking on this team, that he wouldn’t be re-signed, and he was going to make sure to make Arians life miserable on the way out.

    In an ideal world, Arians would have found a way to deal with him as the team needed AB to make an extended postseason run.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Joe you need to “Talk about the guys that went out there and won the game.”

    Did you miss that Brady and Bucs comeback???

  27. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Let me share a little story, in 2018 Patriots played against the Eagles in the SB, Brady 3 weeks earlier had a almost career ending thumb injury. He actually put super glue on it to hold it together in the AFC championship game and SB. In the same SB, CB Malcolm Butler had a disagreement with Matt Patricia at that time was the DC. Belichick’s tag line wS always “Do Your Job!” Do what it takes to win. Malcolm Butler played in 98% of the snaps during that season. Belichick chose at game time to bench Butler bringing him to tears. He played one ST snap all game. Brady threw for over 500 yds and 3 or 4 tds. The defense played horrible, especially the backup corners. They lost the SB because of Belichicks stubbornness. All Butler had to do was come in on one or two plays. The moral of the story the team did their jobs but Belichick did not. Not only did they lose the SB, Belichick lost his locker room. Gronk & Brady checked out after that. Many of the players came out publicly and expressed their dismay. Old coach not knowing how to deal with today’s players.

  28. Joe Says:

    Did you miss that Brady and Bucs comeback???

    Saw it. Sadly, it got overshadowed by a Hall of Fame-level player who the Bucs needed to repeat quitting on the team in the middle of the third quarter.

  29. PSL Bob Says:

    Lifer, unfortunately life is unfair, and there are situations where you have to take orders, fair or not, like them or not. I get the rebel bit, but bottom line, his actions hurt not only himself but the team. I’m sure your experience would tell you that the same applies in the military. Failure to follow orders can not only get you in trouble but can also get someone else killed.

  30. Coburn Says:

    Passingthru it’s possible factually it did work out per Rapaport where he asked him to get back in and he refused. What isn’t made clear is I wouldn’t put it past AB to say something like F off old man or some other choice words

  31. Coburn Says:

    I mean just look at how he spoke to the media

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Pardon me for the copy & paste….but this describes AB

    A histrionic personality disorder, or commonly known as a dramatic personality disorder, is a psychiatric disorder distinguished by a pattern of exaggerated emotionality and attention-seeking behaviors. A histrionic personality disorder is categorized within the “Cluster B” of personality disorders. Cluster B personality disorders include conditions such as narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. These personality disorders are commonly described as dramatic, excitable, erratic, or volatile. Specifically, people with histrionic personality disorder are typically characterized as flirtatious, seductive, charming, manipulative, impulsive, and lively. .

  33. Bucsfanman Says:

    To add to my post above, AB also missed a playoff game last year and through the three games he did play he had 8 catches for 81 yards and a rush of 22 yards.

    So, about this Grayson kid….

  34. mark2001 Says:

    Have to wonder if this would have happened if Godwin was healthy. I think AB saw the situation as an opportunity to gather and exercise more influence on the team. And to behave the way he wanted to…. the way he always has been up to the point where felt he had more power because he was so needed. The best way of showing him that he is a diva AH is to win the SB without him. I just don’t know if Johnson and Grayson can really replace him and Godwin, with the TE’s taking on a bigger role.

  35. Steven G Schassler Says:

    The latest report is that AB did not think he was healthy enough to re-enter the game. (via Ian Rapoport this morning 1/3). This makes sense of the rumors that AB had tweaked his ankle again in the North Carolina game. If true, this sheds a WHOLE NEW LIGHT on why AB exploded on the sideline. If true, sure he should have handled it better and just take the benching and let the Bucs’ nedical staff evaluate after the game.

    AB could possibly have been trying to assure his availability for the playoffs by not playing on a still injured ankle. If AB was smart, he’d be getting EVERY medical consult and imaging possible today, tomorrow, etc. Had he just sat the bench refusing to play, he coukd very well have been vindicated by medical opinion. As it is, he’s done EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to end his career. But man, I will be so disappointed because this all stemed from BA trying to force him to play on a bum ankle instead of resting and rehabbing for the playoffs.

  36. Steven007 Says:

    List, that’s a good story but I don’t really think it’s analogous. Butler did not have anywhere near the history that AB had. So yeah, I see where you’re going with that but I really don’t think it applies here.

    Also, enough with the narrative that we wouldn’t have won the super bowl without AB. Would we have won it without Scotty Miller? Leonard Fournette? Chris Godwin? Devin White? Winfield? Brown was only here for half a season last year and around the same time. This year due to injuries.The only player I think you can say that about is our quarterback. Team game. But the quarterback is the straw that stirs the drink, on this team possibly more than most others.

  37. Coburn Says:

    Damn tbbf sounds a lot like my ex. Thoguht it was bld with maybe a touch of npd, def came across as cluster b, but this histrionic def sounds familiar too. Day 1 very much that flirtatious but irrationality and over the top reactions looking for sympathy and exceptions to the rule

  38. Francisco Guzman Says:

    So now cyril grayson is gonna be the savior for the bucs? Let’s get real here. They need more than Grayson for this offense to function.

    If Brady comes back which i don’t know yet they better resign godwin. Maybe get another playmaker as well.

  39. geno711 Says:

    Bucs record with AB playing in the game this year. 7-0.
    Bucs record on games AB has missed this year. 6-4.

    I still feel like they have a solid chance but it will be counting on guys with little or no history of performing in big time games.

  40. mark2001 Says:

    Bull Squat Steven…. he ran off the field without a hitch in his motion. And Evans was playing hurt. It is football, not track. So stop making excuses for him ….. he has had many weeks to rehab and deal with that injury. You sound like the kind of guy that fed the beast that created AB. And still doesn’t explain his childish behavior or quitting on his fifth team. Glad he is gone. And maybe you can move in with him and help him with his mental problems.

  41. Coburn Says:

    Guzman.. yeah we are a bit think to keep running the same offense. Need some major adjustments if we want any chance. More two tight end sets and running the ball more (sadly this olimr are better run blockers, stinnie swapped for Cappa improved us in that area). Would def need to be a lot more balanced and cross fingers we see the better side of our defense shows up

  42. geno711 Says:

    Steven G Schassler Says:
    January 3rd, 2022 at 11:14 am
    The latest report is that AB did not think he was healthy enough to re-enter the game.

    Just know that AB’s brother does not believe this was the reason.
    He may have as much insight as Ian. So this might have nothing to do with BA forcing AB to play on a bum ankle.

  43. PassingThru Says:


    I think Rapaport is on target. What we’re missing is the actions preceding this event, and of course, I don’t think it was a simple, dry interaction. I think AB kept taking liberties and the staff and Arians reached the breaking point. I have no idea whether AB’s ankle was acting up, but AB has reached the point where he had zero credibility remaining with that coaching staff. That led to a rapid boiling point for both parties.

  44. Bucschamp Says:

    playoffs coming, I hope he don’t bother Tom anymore. no more of this babysitting BS.

  45. gp Says:

    I like seeing people post their opinions here and I respect your opinion. Except for the last paragraph where you seem to infer that Antonio’s skin color had something to do with the dust-up.

    I see absolutely zero indication of this.

  46. Lifer Says:

    My first ever reply PSL Bob, thank you! I do agree there are times in life that we all must do what we are told to do. On the same note, I also know that those times dwindle to almost nothing as we become adults. My kids will listen, and do what they are told, because my job is to keep them safe. I also hope to teach them that they are in control of their choices and actions, always as responsible adults. The “if so-and-so tells you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?” comes to mind there.

    To your other point, the part I get stuck on with the military analogy is that the entire purpose of the military training is to mentally take you down to a state where you don’t think for yourself anymore. You are beat down so far that you are a robot that will do whatever someone tells you, regardless of consequences, regardless of your own morals or thoughts. That is part of the reason people come back and are mentally struggling with what they did over there. They did things they wouldn’t normally do, they knew weren’t right, and are trying to cope with that because someone told them what to do. I just don’t believe that football is a place for that type of dictatorship as the military can literally be life and death, and this is a game.

    I was waiting for someone to reply “Well he gets paid in the millions so he needs to just do what he’s told” and I hear that argument as well. Which is why he chose NOT to do what they said and to forgo all that money. I have a right, sitting here right now as I type this out and am not working, to tell my boss I am not going to do what they tell me to do. And if I believe in it enough, and stick by it, and it comes to the point they say I either do it “or else”, then I have to make my choice. AB made his yesterday.

  47. HC Grover Says:

    I think if he did not want to play they should have let him sit it out and dealt with him in private after the game. Not throw him out in the middle of the game in public.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Damn Shame!

  49. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Either way the Tampa Buccaneers as a team in Jan 2022 are much worse off without AB for this years playoff run. He had to go end of season for sure, but the team was dramatically weakened by Chris injury and AB cut. If they had Chris, Mike was near 100% and Gronk wasn’t a 50/50 if he shows up it would different. They wouldn’t need him and could move on with the slightest of annoyance. They do not have a possession receiver whom can get open now with Chris and Antonio gone. Other than the Saints loss at home 0-9 and Carolina game last week the defense has never had a good performance all season. To win a playoff game against Philly, Arizona, Dallas/Rams or GB, they will need 30+ points per game as against good QBs they will put up 30. They are now a 21pt per game team or less with forth stringers at WR for possession receiving. The move would’ve been to rest inured stars and TB even this week and next as 3rd or 4th seed really make no difference, it is only about Gronk/Mike/Tom and AB being healthy so they can out up 30/game v. a top 5 team. GB and Rams were going to stay 1-2 based on schedule, so now they lost their second best weapon over an ego firing on a sideline.

  50. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joe

    The former-Buccaneers receiver was nearing three incentive targets that would net him $333,000 each if he were to hit 11 receptions, 281 yards, or three more touchdowns in the final two games of the regular season. Before the incident, Brown had three catches for 26 yards.

    According to AB’s brother – AB quit because he was not being allowed to reach a million dollars worth of incentives. Tyler Johnson and Cyril Greyson were getting too many reps.

    Just something else to consider…

  51. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joe

    Quote from AB’s brother:

    The younger brother of Antonio Brown and former running back for the Pitt Panthers Desmond Brown, 31, told the Daily Caller that he thinks the NFL star left the game in such a manner “because he wanted to get those incentives and realized it wasn’t going to happen.”

    The former-Buccaneers receiver was nearing three incentive targets that would net him $333,000 each if he were to hit 11 receptions, 281 yards, or three more touchdowns in the final two games of the regular season. Before the incident, Brown had three catches for 26 yards.

  52. Lifer Says:

    Second reply ever gp, thank you! I appreciate you taking a look at that last paragraph. I just want folks to take a hard look at the underlying implications of what the culture of sports is right now. In a sport where the players are predominately black, and the people in charge or predominately white (and old), we have to keep in mind that there are mentalities and biases that come into play here. Intended or not, it is there.

    gp, what are your thoughts on if Tom Brady had said his throwing hand was not feeling right, and he wanted to sit the rest of the game to make sure it was healthy? What does the medical and coaching staff say to him?

    Side note with that: kudos to the Tampa Bay Bucs for hiring such a diverse coaching staff, I knew the main folks, but hadn’t seen all the rest of the staff listed out. I went online to look to see, and they seem to be very much ahead of the curve compared to the rest of the league.

  53. Posey99 Says:

    “Brown’s shadow will hang over the franchise.” – Joe

    No… lol. If Brown stays in the news, its because the news put him there. The Team stacked with superstars isn’t worried about Brown or the drama the press loves.

  54. Robert Says:

    AB is in the wrong business. He needs to be a politician, as we all know they do stupid stunts to get press and promotions on a regular basis.

    the more press, the bigger the position.

    AB for President!

  55. jehzsa Says:

    Rumour has it that AB received a very tempting offer at halftime to do Allstate commercials.

  56. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Mark, Evan’s stormed into the locker room during the Saints games with a bad hamstring. How is that different? Could Evan’s have still played??? Joe, you and others keep saying he quit. My impression from all these stories is BA and assistant coaches threw him off the team! Do you stay at your job if you are fired? So did he quit or was he fired????

  57. Steven G Schassler Says:

    Mark2001 and eveyone else jumping to conclusions. Read Ian Rapoport’s reporting that AB believed he was still injured. There were rumors of this all week long. BA would be dead wrong for DEMANDING him to play if there was ANY chance of further injuring his ankle. Unfortunately, AB screwed the pooch on what he shoulda, coulda done. What a bad karmic aftertaste this will leave if AB was truly trying to win even if it meant further injuring AB.

  58. Cobraboy Says:

    You can quote Brown’s production stats all you want, but the hidden value of Brown’s field presence is opening up the defense, especially in an Evans/Godwin/Brown set. Who are you going to cover?

    Without Brown, Evans WILL see massive do8ibles, so I hope the other receivers step up.

    It’s gonna be hard.

    It remains to be seen the level of distraction Brown will create. I suspect the players know the real scoop, and so far no one ios talking that I know of.

  59. Steven G Schassler Says:

    HC Grover NAILS IT:

    “I think if he did not want to play they should have let him sit it out and dealt with him in private after the game. Not throw him out in the middle of the game in public.”

    An effing shame.

  60. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Lifer, your a moron, Evan’s played sparingly and didn’t get his 1000 yards and last I checked he is NOT white and neither is Leftwich that calls the plays around personnel he puts on the field. So what I just read above about AB’s brother leans toward BA & BL either trying to preserve AB or punish him further for the vax card, which would be BS, he’s paid enough. If that is the case he should of waited to express his dismay after the game. But BA.said.he wouldn’t play. Is it that they used him sparingly earlier and then BA said shat, we need him we are down two scores. I do remember a few 3rd downs AB was yanked and he looked upset about it coming off the field. I remember saying to myself shouldn’t AB be in on 3rd down passing plays? In any event it AIN’T cause he’s black.

  61. Coburn Says:

    Grover and Steven.. you really think Arians asked him to get in and he politely refused and then after the second time he politely refused and then it just ended with him being cut? You guys don’t know guys like ab. If that was the sequence of events you can be sure he was making a scene and having choice words before they had it

  62. gp Says:

    gp, what are your thoughts on if Tom Brady had said his throwing hand was not feeling right, and he wanted to sit the rest of the game to make sure it was healthy? What does the medical and coaching staff say to him?

    A very different situation because of player history and personality.
    TB has an uber competitive streak and has shown a propensity for playing injured when he thought he was the best hope for winning.
    If he took himself out of the game, the entire staff would believe him without doubts.
    IF, it turned out he left the game for lesser reasons, they would immediately start evaluating him for psychological issues because it would be so very different from his history.

    Not trying to discount what I think you’re trying to get at, just think you chose a bad analogy for this one.
    And I reiterate, there is zero evidence that what you are inferring has anything to do with this incident. Granted, I do not have access to the locker room, but if it was an issue, evidence of such would have surfaced long ago. If you are saying it was all in AB’s head… that’s possible, I suppose.

  63. Mr. Underhill Says:

    As a Steelers fan I was glad when they cut Brown. He was a locker room cancer and it cost us a playoff spot.

    He has now had 4 chances (Steelers, Raiders, Patriots, Bucs) to prove that he can behave himself and he has blown all of those chances.

    I don’t pity him and I hope no one else signs him ever again.

    I bet Tom Brady regrets going out on a limb for him, too. I know I would.

  64. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    He was clearly fired on the sideline in an emotional interaction with BA over playing. It is why he was forced to stand away from the team prior to snapping as he was told to leave. Then when he snapped teammates whom heard and saw what occurred tried to stop his outburst as everyone knew this could’ve been resolved after the game. Both men have insane tempers at that point it was beyond reconciling and it is why he threw off uniform as he would not represent the team anymore. He was fired verbally on the sideline by BA, so at that point he created scene as all was lost for the season for him.

  65. Steven G Schassler Says:

    Coburn. Emotions were red-lining on that sideline as the Bucs were getting humiliated by the NY Jets. I’m sure BA escalated WHATEVER AB said first about refusing to go in. BA is everybit a hothead as well and I’m sure he continued pushing AB’s buttons as he was grasping at a way to win the ball game. I’ve watched BA walk back too many things said in the heat of battle and afterwards. The coaching staff must have known since the Carolina game that AB re-tweaked his ankle. If BA canned him when AB had a strong case to defense against FURTHER INJURING himself, then he should lawyer up and go after the Bucs for everything including lost incentives. Again, read Ian Rapoport’s story this morning.

  66. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Anyone whom is saying this is good for team or right move at this point doesn’t have Tampa’s playoff hopes in their best interests. If he was a bad/ average player or this was after the season was over, then he had to go. But this ruined the Tampa Bay repeat potential dramatically. It would be like saying I’m glad Gronk or Mike was fired for doing something stupid a day before a playoff game. While AB does not deserve to be kept on because of past issues, weakening the team was stupid.

  67. BucsCoolade Says:

    I think this is on arians. Yeah the drama was dum but arians was being called a fraud for dissing AB then signing him .. then the Covidiot issue..

    Arians was on the hook since he needed AB after Godwin injury. Awkward…

    So it blew up.. news flash .. players having head injuries have emotion altering impulsive behavior . AB had his head damaged by malicious burfict elbow .. remember that one? Ok since then AB has the altered impulsive behavior.

    Taking shirt off ironically is symbolic.. like open your eyes people. I’m acting it out for you. I’m a bit impulsive but it’s also the clearest way to show the stress of Covidiots, Arians airhead, the NFL rules, contract incentives, injury reality… and oh yeah I’m getting older.. so my body is a bit beat up.

    It’s a lot.. but I would let it go if I were Arians.. but theres no chance because it’s about him and it’s his fault.. dum ass..

  68. BUC IT Says:

    I don’t believe AB didn’t want to play yesterday. I think he was real annoyed they put him on a pitch count.

  69. Kentucky Buc Says:

    At some point the media needs to stop. If the guy truly has mental issues then he is pretty close to the edge right now.

  70. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    He shirt was taken off as he was fired, he was not representing the team anymore. if your at McDonald’s employee and you are fired in front of all your co-workers behind the cash, and then snap, you may toss off the uniform or visor off, mouth off to manager, say some crazy shit to the customers and run out in scene like a viral video we see everyday in America. If you cannot manage you temper some would do this other would walk away or cry or flip the bird. It not the right way to go out of a job when fired, but when you are fired to your face in the middle of your workplace, in front of teammates some people will flip, especially a guy has ABs temperament.

  71. Coburn Says:

    Steven it’s possible, but ab really doesn’t get benefit of the doubt. If anyone was escalating things I’d put money on ab. Look at how edgy he was getting with reporters. I just get the feeling the second time he was asked to go in (may have been the next drive eevn) he prob told him off and made a scene

  72. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Really. BA is the problem and not AB. Was Mike Tomlin the problem with AB and the Steelers blowing up…blame it on Roethlisberger? Was it Jon Gruden and Mike Mayocks’ fault for AB blowing up after they spent weeks kissing his arse? Was it Bill Belichek’s fault after Brady talked him into taking yet ANOTHER chance.

    Covididiots says pretty much all one needs to know though. Would you be referring to the unvaxxed who literally die at far greater rates.

    So do the math…what is the risk from taking the vaccine…how many units have been delivered worldwide…billions…side effects minimal.

    Those who take the vaccine have a FAR GREATER chance of living!

    Does life matter to you guys?

  73. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    “Coming soon…Brown v Bucs lawsuit. Dirty laundry.”

    He’ll stiff his lawyer…. then sue the lawyer for malpractice. I know the type.

  74. Allen Lofton Says:

    Some how Some way the NFL should go out of its way to convince Antonio Brown that there is no shame in seeking help – only the person suffering is the priority here.

  75. Lifer Says:


    Totally agree with you, I believe there is zero evidence to directly point to that says race was a part of why this happened. I also agree with you that past history with TB and his “toughness” would lend to different decisions being made. That is, and always will be, a good thing. To look at the body of evidence before making a decision about a player. And I apologize if my point is getting lost in the minutiae of this one incident. I simply meant to plant a seed with some folks about the overall culture of American Football as it stands right now.

    “In one e-mail from 2011, Gruden used an anti-Black trope to denounce DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association. “This is not about an email as much as it is about a pervasive belief by some that people who look like me can be treated as less,” Smith said in a statement on Twitter. “The email has also revealed why the comments by some with powerful platforms to explain this away are insidious and hypocritical. It is as if there is a need to protect football above the values of equality, inclusion and respect.””

    I believe there are examples of that here and throughout the league. Recognizing the biases, systems, and mentalities that are brought into this game can go a long way to helping to identify ways to make it better for all involved. Whether we can point to an exact sentence or text message or tweet, race plays a part in all of these interactions. Owning that and acknowledging that are the first ways to improve it moving forward. We need to all strive to better understand how to make sure that the most popular sport in our country showcases and models how we want to move forward as a nation with “equality, inclusion and respect”.

  76. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I keep hearing his being cut in New England coupled in with Pittsburgh & Las Vegas. Totally not true. He did absolutely nothing to damage the Patriots reputation. He was a model player, he was cut because Robert, rub & tug, pay off sentencing, Kraft had.him released for offfield rumors and a text he sent to one of his so called accusers.

  77. Ben green Says:

    And why did they put up with the “endless issues” One reason, Tommy Brady. Brady looks very foolish because he put a personal relationship over the team. What a great example for the young recievers on the team. Act like an ass, hurt others and challenge the coaches, and I’ll go to bat for you. Brady obviously has selfish reasons for wanting brown around, but he made a deal with the devil, and his team suffered because of it. Why would you stake your good name and reputation for a guy like Brown? They would’ve won last year without him, and the organization should’ve told Brady no. They didn’t need him in the title game, and the defense won the Superbowl.
    The guy that looks even worse than Brady this morning is Bruce arians. It’s obvious he didn’t want brown from the start, but rolled over and showed Brady and Brown his belly. Head coaches and GM’s have respective jobs for a reason. They can take the passion out of decisions and do what’s best for the team. Arians effectively lost that perspective, and shouldn’t return next year because of it. I’m glad we had a GM in NE that didn’t let his star QB pick the players

  78. Steven M. Says:

    When are we going to hear from AB ?

  79. Izod Says:

    BA put up with AB for far too long and it finally came back to bite him… any Superbowl won with AB on your team is a tarnished one.

  80. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Tom Bradys signing requests have been Gronk, Lenny, AB, and Sherman, 3 of them include the teams best star RB (whom the GM did not want), the teams best TE by far (whom was stated to be old and BA said washed up), the teams second best WR (whom was crazy but most talented weapon on team). And a CB/S whom is hurt and older player.

    Without Gronk, Lenny and AB this team was not even in playoffs in 2020.

  81. Nprbuc Says:

    Holy crap! How much more talking about Brown do we need to hear? Especially when all we KNOW is what BA has said. Do we believe our head coach or the head case? I can offer a little bit just through observation. When AB was pulling his stunt, other than Evans trying for few seconds to talk rationally to him, did you notice ANY of his fellow teammates try to intervene at all? The guys I saw were either looking at him totally disinterested or not paying any attention at all to his antics. Even our practice squad punter looked the other way. Kinda tells me that Brown had finally lost any support from his teammates. That says that there is a lot more to the story than what we couch coaches know. Would the team let Evans or Godwin pull that crap and just look at it as “ Oh well” No emotion at all was shown in any of the sideline shots I saw. Time bury these stories. Brown is gone. Let’s hear more about the “team” that is going the the playoffs. Pretend he broke his friggin leg if it helps you deal easier. HE IS DONE. YESTERDAYS NEWS. GO BUCS

  82. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    The best GM on this team is Tom since 2020, he’s the reason any star returned for 2021 and any new star signed on since mid 2020. Most would have left or going somewhere else. If he retires most other vets retire and Chris and others talent resign with contenders in 2022.

  83. Steve M. Says:

    When will we hear directly from AB ? What did he tell Mike Evans, before he
    did what he did ?

  84. BucsCoolade Says:

    Just watched the AB press conf. from carolina game. Kinda clear he was being attacked by a few media diks.

    He was asked to talk about arians… “next.. trying to do my job.. ” cant control what u write about me.”

    He had a great game.. but this was a clear aspect of the stress that he faced.

  85. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Lifer, sorry about the YOU’RE, autofill and I don’t believe this is a literature class. I addressed your (not you’re) post because 75 maybe higher percent of the NFL is African American and paid very well in almost all scenarios. These players are paid on talent level, I don’t hear any complaints that Mahomes, Watson, Wilson are paid higher than Brady or Cousins etc. I also don’t understand the complaints about the lack of black HC’s. There are 32 positions and there are African American HC’s and have been for awhile. Art Shell, Marv Lewis, Dennis Green, Singletary, Dungy etc. Why is it always seem to be all or nothing?

  86. BucsCoolade Says:

    Hey st. Pete… glad to chat the vax issue.especially the math..

    Of the thousands of athletes that have tested positive.. how many have died. ? ZERO.

    that’s zero percent risk.

    The issue of vax is about percent risk also. Healthy people have .. like athletes near zero percent risk..

    So it causes stress.. like AB expressed for you.

  87. mark2001 Says:

    List…what some of you guys can’t fathom, is that the guy was on thin ice for quite a while. An injury that was just supposed to be an ankle sprain…then some mystery injury lasting weeks, then a few weeks later, the fake vaccine card and suspension. He plays one good game, only gets a few touches the next, claims some “phantom reinjury”, trots off the field, feeling frisky enough to take off his equipment and jump around with a V sign? And he was to hurt to play in the crunch? What are you guys smoking?

  88. ClavisRa Says:

    This is a coaching failure. Was AB difficult to deal with? Okay, so what? If you can manage the relationship and the player is giving you commitment, effort and productivity, then as coaches you just have to deal with the challenges and press ahead. Arians got frustrated and blew up. We only saw the aftermath, but AB’s display happened AFTER he got cut. This was a manageable situation and now the Bucs lost one of their best players because the Bucs coaches couldn’t do their job.

  89. BradyBucs Says:


    Just think of it this way…

    How much would this cement Brady’s Storybook Legacy if he somehow gets us back to the Super Bowl with our current roster of WRs?

    No one can say “How many weapons does Brady need?” and all that nonsense.

    If Brady lead us back to the Super Bowl with Evans/Grayson/Johnson/Miller, it will be one of the most impressive feats by a QB ever. Especially considering how the injuries and this AB episode came towards the end of the season without the entire season for these guys to get experience as a starting group.

    My concern is about the DEFENSE and has been all season. How far we go will be on them.

  90. DoooshLaRue Says:

    geno711 Says:
    January 3rd, 2022 at 11:18 am
    Bucs record with AB playing in the game this year. 7-0.
    Bucs record on games AB has missed this year. 6-4

    I didn’t realize we were 13-4

  91. Rod Munch Says:

    According to The Athletic, who quote someone on the sidelines, Arians told Brown to go into the game, Brown said his ankle was hurt, Arians said if you can’t go back in the game, then you’re done for today, and that’s what set Brown off.

    Now Arians is saying he didn’t know Brown was hurt, and Brown didn’t tell anyone that he was hurt.

    I do not believe Arians on this point, I’m not sure why Brown would just say he won’t play but also wouldn’t say why – it makes no sense. Yes, you’re dealing with a crazy person, but why do you have other people saying Brown told Arians he was hurt if it didn’t happen. Now, in fairness, you’re talking about a busy NFL sideline in a loud stadium, I think it’s very possible Arians simply didn’t hear Brown, Arians is an old man and he yells a lot, which is normally the sign of hearing loss.

    The big thing, again, was what Brady thinks, and I think when Brown, in particular, ignored Evans to throw his hissy fit, I think that gives all the cover in the world to the Bucs, Arians and Brady. If Brady was mad at Arians for triggering this whole thing, I don’t think he can keep that grudge when you see Brown just blowing off Evans and walking away.

    Oh well, on to the next drama.

  92. bucs4life Says:

    One day I’m gonna understand the mind of people that put frivolous drama ahead of the will to win.

  93. Coburn Says:

    Could be rod, but wouldn’t telling him to take the day off if he’s hurt be a pretty reasonable thing they could both agree to if it’s true? I’m assuming again it must have been the way it was said from one or both of them. Not like his ankle would suddenly feel better the next drive

  94. Crickett Baker Says:

    NPR, I so agree with you. Mike Evans (who is probably one of the people who really know what happened) went over to AB and stayed about 4 seconds. It seemed obvious the team was not wanting to engage in whatever epithets were flying from his mouth.

  95. Oxycodoms Says:

    Still early on but despite the players seeming to still like brown they all seem to understand the bucs decision to let him go. What the fans think doesnt matter its all insinuations . The players/teammates are the gauge

  96. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    HA!!!! … I love the change to say told ya so!! Integrity and values over winning A GAME!! That none of us play in btw … I’m a bucs fan since I was 5 and even live in Tennessee now (born and raised inv South St Pete) …. But at the end of the day it’s just entrainment!! … The stuff Brown brings negatively to a locker room outweighs the positives!! …. I think they will now be more in sync!! I’m sure ab was complaining about targets and faked injuries when he was having a bad game like he did against I think it was the saints!! He’s just a POS … And if ANY of you plebs did the things this so called man had done you would be in jail!! … He doesn’t deserve any more chances and he didn’t deserve this one!! He thinks he’s above it all and that the world revolves around him!!… I was against signing him, keeping him or anything else related to that A-hole…. I’m glad he’s gone super bowl or not!! … Again, it’s just a gamer and I would rather integrity and values over super bowl that makes billionaires richer!!! … I love when the bucs win and I’ve always liked the values they’ve held.. they shouldn’t give up on those now!!

  97. BucsCoolade Says:

    This is arians screw up. Belicheek knows how to stay above the media crap and keep players focused on the play on the field.

    Brucee.. can ya handle it cuz ya kinda needed this guy.

    Arians exposed.. now what happens to the team.. ?
    We shall see..of course having brady helps but A.B was his guy.. kinda trikky..

  98. PassingThru Says:

    Eh, Belichick has had his own problems with personnel, most notably with Malcolm Butler prior to Super Bowl LII. Supposedly Butler lashed out at either Matt Patricia or Bill’s son Stephen Belichick after practice, and that led to his benching during the Super Bowl. The Patriots lost that game due to the crap players Bill Belichick used as Butler’s replacements.

    I think all head coaches have an ego, and they have to survive by commanding a certain amount of respect. Both of those factors come into play when a player like AB stops listening or takes too many liberties. My one regret is that Arians couldn’t just let it slide for now, and not re-sign him after the postseason ends.

  99. Rod Munch Says:

    Coburn Says:
    January 3rd, 2022 at 2:46 pm
    Could be rod, but wouldn’t telling him to take the day off if he’s hurt be a pretty reasonable thing they could both agree to if it’s true?


    Agree with you completely, said that yesterday when it was reported, that reading what was written you could take it as Arians looking out of his star player. At the same time, tone is everything, and if Arians was being an a-hole about it, you can say those exact words but the meaning would be totally different. I swear the original take on the article I read was that Arians instigated the issue, implying, his tone/mannerisms were basically saying Brown was lying / faking, and that set off Brown. But I don’t know if I read the article wrong or if it was stealth edited, but when I re-read the article that part had been softened up to sound more neutral.

    In any case Arians claims he didn’t know Brown was hurt, which goes directly against what Arians is saying today. Again, it’s very possible that Brown did say he was hurt, Arians doesn’t hear it, just thinks he’s getting blown off, and is snarky in return, which sets off Brown. I mean that’s the plot of every single movie made — there’s a misunderstanding, rather than clear up the confusion it becomes a blood feud, and at the end of the day they kiss and make-up. Is it possible that is all that happened here? Obviously there would be more than just this one event, but I could understand Brown being really mad if he’s saying he’s injured and is being told, so-what, get in the game. I can also see Arians being really mad if he’s asking a guy to go into the game and think he’s being blown off. Again, just speculation on my behalf, but if Arians is telling the truth, that he didn’t hear anything about Brown being hurt, then it does sound like there was a big miscommunication.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    I urge all the AB defenders to go to work tomorrow and refuse to work. see how you get treated… better yet ask your child to take out the trash this evening and listen to them to tell you no. then ask them to help you do something and watch them refuse again. What are you going to do? I assume those saying it’s the coaches fault for asking a player to play will let their kids do whatever the hell they want…

  101. BucsCoolade Says:

    Rod .. yur take on the miscommunication made me think that the resolution is a make up clarification..?

    OMG.. that would blow the minds of the world and probly guarantee another SB victory..!

    Can arians do that? Nope. Probly not.

  102. Coburn Says:

    BC even if it was a miscommunication what AB did to the team as a whole won’t allow him to come back. He burned that bridge.. combined with other things behind the scenes that had supposedly been simmering

  103. BLM Says:

    Did you all see AB jumping up and down and running with his shirt off in the end zone? He did not want to play. He would have limped off if he was hurt. Period.

  104. LongSeason Says:

    There are a couple other players who walked off during a game. None did it better than AB just did. AB ended his relationship with the Bucs in a way only AB could with style and flair.
    Great way to end his NFL career. That’s what he is going to be remembered for. That demonstration. People will forget how great a player he was. Ask one Peter Edward Rose about being remembered for the wrong thing.
    Way to go AB. Way to go.
    Brady will make it work with the replacements: Grayson, Perriman and Johnson. He’s done it before with Amendola, Edelman and Hogan so he can do it again.

  105. MONK Says:

    There are a lot of theories floating around concerning the events that occurred with AB’s dismissal. They range from rumors about what lead up to this, what happened during the game and much psychological advice for AB.
    I believe the head coach or the GM must come out with a clear statement that gives clear reasons for the dismissal. Nothing wishy-washy and PC but clear and concise.
    The Bucs fans deserve this first and foremost and the media also must be constrained from putting out rumors and theories.
    The fans need to know why AB was fired, period. We don’t need to know why he acted like he did.

  106. Doctor Stroud Says:

    I hear about AB’s “talent” from everyone, and there is no doubt about that. However, AB is also on the wrong side of 30 and was not a full season player. There is a possibility that this team might be blown up after this year, and there is tremendous pressure on the coaching staff to win it all (again). The Bucs asked too much of AB.

  107. Chesapeake Bay Bucco Says:

    Dr. Stroud says: “…tremendous pressure on the coaching staff to win it all (again).” How so. and by who? Almost nobody repeats, BA is close to retiring and with 2 COYs and 3 SB rings has NO pressure. Stop making stuff up.

  108. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Longseason, seriously Edleman, Amendola comparing to Perriman, Grayson & Johnson? You can’t be seriously those guys were phenomenal players. Edleman is second to Jerry Rice in playoff receptions and a SB MVP and Amendola when on the Pat’s was as clutch as they came.

  109. DaBux Says:

    I hope he gets some help.

    Oh, and


  110. Eckwood Says:

    Lifer he walked in the live field of play and prob should have gotten a flag against his team !! His Team you f ing Jack wagon , he never ever went to Arians and explained and could have easily asked the trainers to accompany him to the locker room ……… He didn’t he went after the attention that lil spoiled sport stars crave for their power because they are seldom held accountable…….. Your the problem with discipline and recognizing it in a respectful fashion ……. AB has made allot of money in his day but if you just look at his posts since the wack job , total lie melt down ( he was trotting fine and bouncing on step) they are all about attention and fragile image …. I wish the guy well but he def in my opinion has attention and mental issues and he will prob spend on attention and depression until he is broke and most likely in a bad bad spot 5 or 10 years from now ……….. God gave us every faculty and skill to judge and you my Man or Woman are to weak and brainwashed to use them !!! Lifer gets the Jack Wagon of the Year Award and it’s only the 3 rd of January !!!

  111. Bucschamp Says:

    news said AB was displeased at halftime. in the locker room. so it’s started in the locker room. was it about the bonus money? arians said it wasn’t about the injury. he also said AB should get help. they are baby sitting this guy. what a drama queen

  112. Ben green Says:

    I’m sick and tired of everyone saying AB needs help and to be compassionate with mental health issues. This situation demeans people with real mental health issues, that are trying mightly to help themselves. Antonio Brown is just a bad dude, who’s only “mental” issues revolve around hurting woman, screwing people out of money, and destroying lives. All the while getting a pass for his abhorrent behavior because he can catch a football. On the list of things AB has done, I’d consider Sunday a minor infraction. BTW, y’all haven’t heard the tip of the berg when it comes to this guy. Ben has stories, but none are fit for anything other than an indictment or avadavit. Concider yourselves lucky if you were cheering for this guy. Take a shower and move on

  113. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    For you fools that call this a “coaching failure”…..please include the following as “failures”…..Mike Tomlin, Bill Belichick, Jon Gruden

  114. BucsCoolade Says:

    Morgus.. bringing up the past is great .. cuz arians coulda managed it better. They won a superbowl.. the guy is part of the offense.

    And most important, there are ways to manage or understand the situation. Always put the players above the media crap. And the covidiot crap. The vax card is the most irrelevant thing from the big picture.. aside from the suspension… but that was OVER.. the team is now on a playoff run..

    But Arians wore it on his sleeve .dissed Brown every chance he could. Now we’ll see what this does to the team. Great job Brucee..