Bucs Coordinators Made Case To Stay

January 23rd, 2022

Not a great day.

Bucs defensive and offensive and coordinators Todd Bowles and Bryon Leftwich have interviewed or plan to interview with so many teams Joe has lost track.

Joe has a hunch those interviews will slow down after today.

Joe already detailed how Bowles committed coaching malpractice today by ignoring all statistical documentation and evidence that Rams quarterback Matt Stafford thrives under the blitz and opened the game by blitzing Stafford anyway, damn the evidence.

Leftwich? Without going into a long spiel here, Joe doesn’t know what to fully make of Leftwich but in the first half, it sure didn’t seem as if Leftwich was doing enough to help backup right tackle Josh Wells. To be fair, Leftwich was playing with a bad hand and few options due to more injuries than what’s recorded on a Saturday night at Tampa General Hospital.

Let’s just say today’s loss to end the Bucs’ season was not their finest hour. Or day.

So unless NFL team officials that still (?) plan to interview Leftwich and Bowles were out of the country and didn’t have access to the broadcast, the performances by both coordinators won’t do anything to help them land a head coaching job.

83 Responses to “Bucs Coordinators Made Case To Stay”

  1. BradyBucs Says:


  2. Chimichango Says:

    That’s on Todd…

  3. bucs4life Says:

    Made a case to become bartenders more likely.

  4. MarkV Says:

    My biggest fear….We’re stuck with both of them.

  5. IE Buc Says:

    Bowles blew it! Moronic. That last play called for a rush 3, drop everyone back.

  6. Coquiro FIR Says:

    Bye bye Todd..and your fn weak backfield

  7. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    Get Bowles out of here !!! 🤬🤬🤬

  8. EA Says:

    Left too much time on the clock after Lenny’s TD, I was screaming at the screen to get down at the one.

  9. Hodad Says:

    Twice Bowles left his safety one on one with Kupp best receiver in football. Twice he burned us. Bowles sucks.

  10. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Good bye Mr Brady, thank you…..

  11. Rob Says:

    For the life of me, I don’t know why you blitz in that situation and leave Antoine Winfield alone to cover Cooper Kupp deep.

  12. Bob in valrico Says:

    should have rushed 3 and defended the pass deep. Bad call on Bowles

  13. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    jacksonville, u can have Bowles or Leftwich…. goodluck on that!

  14. T REX Says:


  15. unbelievable Says:

    @Rob- it was perhaps the dumbest call in the postseason I’ve seen.

    Todd Bowles let his hubris lose the game for us.

    Way to go Todd! No one is hiring your dumb arse now!

  16. Youngbucs Says:


  17. LVMYBUCS Says:

    What r u stupid? All game we cant score because of his crappy play calling, all season when they talked about the bucs weak point it was always the secondary.

  18. spicoli Says:

    It sucks but post Monte Kiffin era, Bowles has been the best Def Coord we have had so far. We went 12-4, had numerous injuries on the Def side, we lost to a great Rams team. I wish we could’ve taken them to OT.

    The injuries and AB’s temper tantrum caught up

  19. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Brady wins that game in overtime. I have no doubts. Unfortunately todd Bowles had other ideas.

  20. Coburn Says:

    Do not allow inteviews of playoff teams!

  21. Jp09 Says:

    Good season fellas, hell of an effort. Not every decision is correct, live by the sword, die by the sword. LFG!! Here’s to next season, cheers

  22. Soggy Says:

    So Bad to lose the game like that,, Really sucked..

  23. LVMYBUCS Says:

    u leave the best wide receiver in the NFL one on one how stupid was that.

  24. PassingThru Says:

    Bowles was awful. Stupid. A major reason why the Bucs have had such a hard time with the Rams is that they play into Stafford’s strengths. You blitz, and Stafford has an easy time finding an open man. He’s one of the best QBs at handling the blitz… and yet that’s exactly what Bowles does. His PREGAME PLAN was to blitz, leading to two quick LA scores before he figures it out. Then in the end, HE BLITZES again, leading the Kupp’s long game-winning gain.

    And then on the Kupp TD, it looked like preseason football. The CB Davis plays Cover 3, stops in his zone, believing that the Safety man picked up Kupp. But no Safety appears. The idiot Safety watches Stafford’s eyes and remains in the middle of the field, even though there are NO Ram WRs remotely near the middle. Poor communication, poor defensive coaching. That’s on Bowles.

  25. Francisco Guzman Says:

    I said it 42 seconds for this defense to mess it up. You rush 3 and send everybody back.

  26. Coburn Says:

    I meam to come out not ready to play and have poor gaenplans and then make adjustments and suddenly get rolling (with some help by rams) suggests they weren’t prepared

  27. SKBucsFan Says:

    Yep. We are stuck with them. Unless Brady retires and we can talk him into a coaching position.

  28. HC Grover Says:

    Bowles…do not let the door hit you on the way out. Go Away

  29. cmurda Says:

    Forget Byron. At the end of the day, Brady pulled off the miracle to tie it. Todd schemed a brilliant call by letting Kupp have one on one coverage. That’s fireable. Todd sucks tremendously. That’s all any sane person needs to see. We see how pedestrian of a coach he is if you want to put it mildly. That was the definition of insanity. Beat on back to back Cooper Kupp plays to the tune of 64 yards. 2 plays in a row and 64 yards all because our D coordinator is terrible at his job. COMMON SENSE! Brady refused to lose but Bowles insisted. I am not very religious but I will pray hardcore that some stupid team hires that guy away.

  30. SBucs Says:

    Amen (to all comments)!

  31. HC Grover Says:

    Brady would have won it in overtime but for Bowles.

  32. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Even a school child knows to protect against the long pass! Inexcusable and costs us overtime. Both coordinators sucked today. Thanks Tom Brady for you time as a Buc. What a way to lose!!

  33. cmurda Says:

    Agreed passingthru. That was terrible but the end of the game. You F*****g have 1 on 1 coverage with Cooper. I don;t care what you do, you don’t do that with whatever scheme you are running. Like I said. That’s not hindsight stuff. That’s COMMON GD SENSE stuff.

  34. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Anyone on this site can tell me we wouldn’t be a Super Bowl team with a Sean Payton as a head coach? Leftwitch even at his best sucks at play calling and that lazy old man needs to retire already.

  35. PassingThru Says:

    Leftwich… pretty gutless game plan. All year long they’ve been average at zone blocking. The Rams are a team that you can run on, and yet they can’t run on them. Poor zone blocking, and of course a backup RT who sucks (Licht’s fault). He’s less guilty than Bolwe, but it was a tepid game plan.

    What the Bucs needed was a good slot receiver for dink and dunk, that’s not Johnson. Godwin got injured, AB went nuts. Gronk was needed to block. The Bucs lacked the horses.

    Ideally they Bucs should have gone for 2 point conversion and not blitzed at the end. That would have likely resulted in a different outcome.

  36. cmurda Says:

    Agreed passingthru. That was terrible but the end of the game. You F*****g have 1 on 1 coverage with Cooper. I don’t care what you do, you don’t do that with whatever scheme you are running. Like I said. That’s not hindsight stuff. That’s COMMON FRICKING SENSE stuff.

  37. cmurda Says:

    Agreed passingthru. That was terrible but the end of the game. You freaking have 1 on 1 coverage with Cooper. I don’t care what you do, you don’t do that with whatever scheme you are running. Like I said. That’s not hindsight stuff. That’s COMMON FRICKING SENSE stuff.

  38. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Not a big fan of Leftwich, but Brady looked like sh!t in the 1st half.

  39. LVMYBUCS Says:

    How do you let the best WR get behind u? Damn u stupid

  40. Aubpierce Says:

    Bowles is another Todd Grantham. All he knows is the blitz. Fire him.

  41. HC Grover Says:

    On to next year. Get rid of the coaches and if Brady stays we will win it all. Clean House of the staff top to bottom. Let Brady pick the staff and run the whole show.

  42. Red86 Says:

    Leftwich is the main one got to go. 50 passes again??? Abandon run too early. No double team to slow down pressure until the third quarter. Bruh!

  43. Craig Says:

    There is a reason that Bowles looked so bad as the Jets coach. He re-iterated that today.

    Leftwich has run on first down almost every first down. That is childish, especially against the Rams, who could pin their ears back and go after Brady too often. At least we had Brady to put the game on his shoulders.

  44. LVMYBUCS Says:

    @HC Grover

    Not all coached just Leftwitch and old man head coach

  45. lambchop Says:

    Stafford has also played like garbage under the blitz. Todd Bowles can’t call the plays and be on the field. The Rams OL handled the blitz, that’s the difference.

    Tod Bowles didn’t all of a sudden crap the bed, you can’t let Stafford get all day to throw to Cooper Kupp.

  46. LVMYBUCS Says:


    Exactly, Bucs where running the ball well so why stop. BECAUSE U HAVE A IDIOT AS A OC AND A LAZY HEAD COACH.

  47. Gracelivin Says:

    FIRE BOWLES NOW. how so you gameplan to have the leading receiver be single teamed all game long especially on the last 2 plays…

  48. HC Grover Says:

    BA say he is Back next year and “does not know about Tom’…I rather have Brady back. W/O Brady BA is a loser in TPA with his buttboy Gabbert. Noooo!

  49. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    These 2 will definitely get a HC job just to satisfy the “Rooney rule”. smh…

  50. Coburn Says:

    Pretty sure a defensive coordinator was fired for a cover zero blitz at end of game not that long ago. maybe slightly more crazy but not by much. They are Keats had guys in the end zone covering at end of it

  51. PassingThru Says:

    Bowles only understands blitzing and pass rush. He’s limited, pass defense and coverages are seemingly beyond his grasp.

    I’m being harsh, but some of this is also on Licht’s door step. The CBs were the weakest position group on the roster, and also the thinnest in terms of depth. Haig left. And yet Licht spent a second round pick on a QB, drafted a special teamer CB in the seventh round, and didn’t bother with a OT (no, Hainsey is not a OT).

  52. HC Grover Says:

    64 yards in 2 plays by Cupp. PHOOEY!

  53. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Todd Bowles made a case to be fired. F that guy. One guy lost the game in what could have been a miraculous comeback. f you Todd, go work at a shoe store you stupid fn moron.

  54. HC Grover Says:

    Keep Brady get rid of the Coaches.

  55. IE Buc Says:

    If the OL is handling the blitz, and it’s not working, then you abandon it. It’s called pass coverage. The defense needs to learn some.

  56. Vsyl Says:

    They should fire all coaches. Hire others, preferably a puppet for OC

  57. Architek Says:

    Both coordinators leave a lot to be desired.

  58. ChiBuc Says:

    @Lambchop. You’re right, coaches can’t be on the field, but they can put their team in position for success, limit risks, and know the fnck!no fact that he will be leaving MVP candidate Kupp with single coverage (by a S) if he blitz the CB over CK. Jus sayin, looks like Bowles didn’t call the play or get on the field to play

  59. Bqen green Says:

    HC, perfectly put

  60. cmurda Says:

    Well, said defensive coach could at least not alley oop the opposition with just seconds left by covering their best receiver with 1 guy. That 1 guy by the way is a safety. Its prevent time and Todd goes aggressive. You can’t make up that kind of incompetence. Byron didn’t call a great game but at least he was down a stud receiver and a stud tackle. Todd has no excuses for being a moron.

  61. captivajim Says:

    I hope Bowles takes BL with him–they are 2 peas in a pod

  62. Red86 Says:

    Our coverage suck cause we running a 5-2 on all shotgun and other set. JPP and Shaq aren’t great in coverage.

  63. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Francisco Guzman Says:

    January 23rd, 2022 at 6:34 pm
    Brady wins that game in overtime. I have no doubts. Unfortunately todd Bowles had other ideas.
    100% correct.

  64. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    Fire Bowles and get the Miami HC Brian Flores as our DC. He is a Bill Belichick student and understands defensive coverages.

  65. sauron's eye Says:

    Bowles certainly looks like the bad kind of goat after this final Rams drive.

  66. Pewter Power Says:

    Please take Bowles, if we have good players on defense they will ball regardless of his replacement. Honestly all the blitzing has gone stale, he has no other type of plan to stop top teams

  67. DB Says:

    Let’s face it Bowles blew the coverage call on Rams final possession.

  68. View from 132 Says:

    Made the case to stay? When? With 10 minutes left in the game. Hell no. Goodbye to both of them.

  69. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Bowles cost us that game, IMHO.
    It was stupid to not keep a safety back.

  70. Ateonetree Says:

    Both should be fired. Rams weakness is the running game and we do nothing!! Bowles and leftwich gone period

  71. Swampbuc Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Todd’s Bowel. Not anymore.

    That was almost like sabotage. How could BA or Licht watch that unfold and be excited to keep him???

  72. jay adams Says:

    Perfect storm. We had banged up players on both sides, our backups are all big drops from our 1stsyringers that were out. Bowles is not as bad as our DBs who can’t cover a roof if they had the Tiles to do it. Byron is so vanilla for 3 quarters and rarely calls short routes and the few he did there were many drops

  73. Pittbucfan Says:

    How TF do you allow the receivers to get behind the defense?? Cardinal sin!! Statistically the best receiver in the league?? Piss poor defense and piss poor defensive game plan. Period.

  74. sasquatch Says:

    I hope Bowles gets a HC job. That pass defense was a phouecking disgrace and then giving up those big plays to Kupp at the end was completely inexcusable. Idiotic defensive calls.

  75. sasquatch Says:

    I don’t trust a Bowles defense against strong passing games. If the pass rush isn’t getting there enough, or in time, we get shredded. We saw it all year. Enough.

  76. gotbbucs Says:

    I know one thing, Leftwich is terrible at scripting early in games to get his QB’s into rhythm. So often, even when everyone was healthy throughout the year, they make picking up first downs look so hard. Considering the personnel on that side of the ball, that should not be the case.

    I really don’t know what to think of Bowles. I don’t think he’s any kind of genius scheme design wise. JPP got old and beat up this year, our corners are all suspect, and we don’t have a true center field safety. Devin White and Lavonte David both look slowed by injuries. Shaq is injured too.

    This team was just a walking M.A.S.H. unit all year. I’m inclined to give Bowles quite a bit more leash than Leftwich. Some of the assistant coaches getting Head Coach interviews these days are pretty head scratching and Leftwich’s name is part of that group of head scratcher’s.

    Let’s be real too. The only reason the Bucs had a chance in this game is because the Rams kept on giving them chances. Without the fumbles this game is a blowout.

  77. LakelandSteve Says:

    Bowles is way over rated. Cowherd commented after the game that he knows a couple of people in or around the team and Brady and B.A. pretty much decide on the offensive game plan not Leftwich. Pretty sure Brady has more input than most quarterbacks on the game plan and calls made during the game.

  78. Ben Harvey Says:

    We are all upset about the game. Bowles is a great coordinator. Only issue I had was that he seemed to focused on getting another job this week then beating the Rams.

  79. Laurie White Says:

    We had 2 good runs ar start of game. But after that the defense was getting home, and tackling for loss. To me the better option would have been Vaughn or bernard they are smaller and more elusive than fournette not to mention better pass catchers.

  80. Steven M. Says:

    Not double teeming the best receiver in football, when the Rams were trying to get in fg position to win the game ??? Send Bowles to the Saints, that will really help the Bucs !

  81. Willie Jefferson Says:

    Everybody did a great job Todd and Byron BA. Just that last defense Play win or lose GO BUCS

  82. Bryant Says:

    Todd made a bad decisions
    to blize in that situation.. the
    only way they could have lost
    Even Stevie Wonder could Ser

  83. Aaron Says:

    Who Dat Who Dat Dat y’all bucs blaming if it’s Leftwich and Payton leaves us we will take him he deserves a head coaching job