Why Is Tom Brady Taken To Task And Not Aaron Rodgers?

December 27th, 2021

Getting shafted for MVP.

Is Tom Brady unknowingly in the crosshairs of a smear campaign? One Pro Football Hall of Fame selector thinks Brady may be.

Think back to the opening weekend of the football season. The Bucs had already played on a Thursday night so they had the weekend off. Joe is guessing many Bucs fans virtually joined Joe watching the 1 p.m. game between the Packers and the slimy Saints in Jacksonville. The game was moved there because New Orleans had been hit by a hurricane.

If you may have been like Joe and guzzled a four-pack of Bromosa and your memory of the game is not quite sharp, the slimy Saints chewed up and spit out Packers quarterback drama queen Aaron Rodgers. Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. led the slimy Saints to a 38-3 beat down.

So Clark Judge, typing for SI.com, wants to know why people have thrown in the towel on Brady’s chances for an MVP because of his lousy game against the slimy Saints but Rodgers gets a full and complete pass for also laying an egg against them?

We all know what Tom Brady did last weekend vs. New Orleans: Zippo. But how about what Aaron Rodgers did vs. the Saints earlier this season? He was 15 of 28 for 133 yards, with no TDs, two interceptions and a passer rating of 36.8. Which begs the question: Why does Brady’s performance eliminate him from an MVP race that Rodgers supposedly leads?

Excellent question!

Joe has a couple of reasons.

One is Brady Fatigue. A helluva lot of people out there were like Joe before Brady came to town. Joe long ago had his fill of Brady. Of course, this changed on March 17, 2020. 🙂

There are two other reasons people harp on Brady shatting himself against the slimy Saints yet don’t call out Rodgers, Joe believes.

One is the beatdown of Brady by the slimy Saints was on national TV in primetime. Lots of eyeballs. The Packers-slimy Saints game? That happened in the 1 p.m. window. Not alone in primetime. Eyeballs matter.

The other reason? Joe guesses the Bucs had so much more on the line. It was a December game and if the Bucs won, they wrapped up the NFC South. Instead, the Bucs and Brady puked on themselves.

Not only is Rodgers getting clubbed in Week 1 a distant memory, but folks often give teams a pass for a terrible showing on opening day.

So if you hear anyone say Brady should not get the MVP because of how he played against the slimy Saints and therefore Rodgers should win the award, ask them about Rodgers getting seal-clubbed by the slimy Saints.

25 Responses to “Why Is Tom Brady Taken To Task And Not Aaron Rodgers?”

  1. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I’d rather Brady have another Super Bowl MVP!

  2. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Roger’s gets a pass on anything. Where is the recourse from hugging Erin Andrew’s after their interview after this week’s game? A complete disregard for NFL covid protocol, AGAIN! Brady plays all last season with a MCL injury, Roger’s hurts his toe, his olineman steps on it during Browns game and he talks about it like he’s playing with a broken leg. Mahomes played the SB with Turf toe, did you hear him whine like a little biache? The only reason GB sits at the top is because John Haughbaug has no balls and Mayfiled sucks. Roger’s dodged two bullets.

  3. Allen Lofton Says:

    The “all know it” suits don’t like the thought of a 44-year-old legend wining a MVP title – these snob suits like the snob Rogers – and only like snobs like themselves.

  4. Hodad Says:

    Joe I’d say the fatigue factor between Brady, and Rodgers is a push. Can’t turn around without seeing one of them with a sub he don’t eat, or hanging with an insurance agent like they’re friends. Otherwise spot on.

  5. Bird Says:

    He wants the super bowl

    Plus it gives him another notch in his disrespect since being drafted
    Go bucs.

    Lets enjoy nfc south champs and getting guys healthy
    Mike evans will play next week

  6. John Olmstead Says:

    You only have to look at how differently the Rodgers and AB were treated in the press on their inoculation narrative violations to know what these scumbags are about. Media companies employing known pedophiles have no business crucifying those who choose not to vaccinate.

  7. Pewter Power Says:

    I think it’s because it happened in the first game after holding out to be traded and reporting to camp late. Ever since dude has been lights out. Brady has been lights out and laid an egg in the middle of a mvp race. Hopefully him losing out on mvp will light a fire to go on another super bowl run

  8. Lolbuc Says:

    I would have a lot more respect for Rodgers if he just came out of the closet instead of having beard after beard celebrity relationships.

  9. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The media has always coddled Possum Rodgers.

  10. Stone crab sam Says:

    After they award the mvp to rodgers in a landslide, Brady will have to conjure up another victory in greenbay again just to remind those voters who the real mvp is again😂
    Stupid voting is as stupid voting does.

  11. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Josh Allen not even nominated for Pro Bowl in the AFC, Brady not the only one getting snubbed. Allen played flawless yesterday against Patriots.

  12. Reddington Neck Shores Says:

    Pedophiles? Gotta go all Q pizza parlor on that one to ruin a perfectly logical statement. Bravo. Back to sports- Who wants the afc pro bowl starter Herbert today?

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree completely. Allen is a true stud. He showed it yesterday and certainly in that remarkable second half against us. He’s the man!

    MVP awards are nebulous stupid fan talking point games. They shouldn’t mean things like money for the player because who the hell can really say with any certainty which player was most valuable to his team.

    Would the Bucs have 11 wins with Gabbert? Probably not. But we know the Pack made a horrid mistake in the draft and if Rogers goes down do do the Pack.

    Bottom line is do you believe either the Pack or the Bucs have a shot at the Super Bowl without their current QB. Of course not. So who is more valuable?

    I’m obviously prejudiced so I go for Brady but in all honestly they are BOTH probably equally important to their franchise.

  14. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Rodgers is having another great season. The media loves and hates this guy. They’re also building up for the big departure from Green Bay in the off-season. Brady isn’t quite flashy enough in their eyes and the “Brady fatigue” is very real, although, I suffer from Rodgers fatigue. It’s all silly. The real MVP is Jonathan Taylor or Cooper Kupp. But who cares? We just want another ring, baby!

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    BigP, I agree 100% Taylor. Every team keys on him and he still can’t be stopped. QB’s rely on help fro. Their receivers, this kid makes things happen on his own. Obviously the Oline is a big part for QB & RB success.

  16. Im not tired anymore we Super Bowl Champs!! Says:

    Let Rogers get the MVP that will just add fuel to when Brady plays the Packers in the playoffs. Go Bucs!

  17. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Except for the fumble Brady did not “Puke” on himself vs the Aints. The receivers and Gronkowski, in particular were dropping balls left and right. Speaking of Gronkowski, his body language yesterday was not good. That’s two games in a row. Maybe someone in the media, covering the Bucs, could investigate?

  18. Buddha Says:

    If Jonathan Taylor gets the 2,000 yd he will win the MVP. No runner who’s ever gotten to 2000 yards has failed as far as I can recall. He is the most valuable player because if you take him off the colts they don’t even make the playoffs.

  19. PassingThru Says:

    Brady has baggage despite GOAT status. Too much past success which pisses off opposing fans and sportswriters alike,and too many allegations of cheating despite the silliness of the supporting evidence, including recanted stories from the Boston Herald and ESPN. And of course, MVP awards tend to go to the bright and shiny objects such as QBs who can throw a country mile or run like a rabbit when they cannot read the field.

  20. Navfree17 Says:


    I noticed the same thing. Gronk’s body language/play/personality are not the same. Don’t know if he’s hurt or mentally checked out bc he isn’t listed as injured. But I thought the same of Rodgers first game. He seemed to have the same body language and seemed disinterested. Either way. Gronk might be just dealing with the grind of the season.

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Pretty sure Carolina double teamed him all day. They haven’t seen AB in a while, I’ll bet Panthers thought with loss of Godwin & Evan’s, Gronk was the next Brady obvious choice.

  22. unbelievable Says:

    Uh, because it was a week 1 vs. a week 14 performance?

    It’s a little different.

    Plus, the Saints have spit up and chewed out Brady twice this season…

  23. Chris l Says:

    It was actually a 4:25 America game of the week but I agree with you. It is just recency bias

  24. westernbuc Says:

    Someone tell Chris Simms

  25. Freadity Says:

    It is what it is, packers are the no1 seed with ridicilous win lose, and this looks packs look better and brady getting shut down was sad, iblove my qb a MVP, long as we see the end of the roadcsnd lift the LOMBARDY who cares about the other titles.