The Morning After

December 20th, 2021

What an ugly night and an ugly morning. Time to go over the sad game last night. Hope you have your caffeine ready.

And For A Chance To Win The NFC South — FACEPLANT

Joe cannot get too angry with the Bucs for losing last night. Who among us thought this game was going to be easy? The Saints have a damn good defense and when you lose your two best receivers, two of the best in the NFL, and you lose your best running back and the team you are facing has a French Quarter voodoo hex on you to begin with, this outcome really wasn’t a shock.

So with the Cardinals losing to the Lions — the Lions! — the Bucs had an awesome chance to at least take a step to maybe having the No. 2 seed or No. 1 seed and winning the NFC South, and the Bucs offense dropped one of its biggest and most historic deuces at midfield of the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

Not only did two of the best Bucs players not bring their A-games, neither did the Bucs’ offensive assistants. And the Bucs’ offensive line, the best in the NFL, played awfully mediocre.

Joe just hopes that all the injuries to major players (Evans, Godwin, Playoff Lenny, Lavonte David) the slimy Saints didn’t break the Bucs.

Amber Alert For O.J. Howard

Did you get one of those annoying, jarring, nerve-racking alarms on your cell phone last night about 10 p.m. like Joe? You know, one of those Amber Alerts? This time it was looking for O.J. Howard.

The former first-round pick of a tight end has been getting less and less snaps. In the first half, with the Bucs down Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and yapping Cam Jordan all of a sudden making Tristan Wirfs look mortal, Joe was waiting for Howard to get on the field.

With Rob Gronkowski about the only legitimate passing weapon for Tom Brady, Joe thought the Bucs would bring in Howard to help Alex Cappa and Wirfs on passing plays and chip block Jordan.

Joe could be wrong but Joe sure saw a lot of Cam Brate on the field. Howard? He got just 10 snaps and might as well been up in the press box elbowing dudes away from the free halftime bananas foster.

The fact the Bucs damn near had to pull fans out of the stands to play receiver and Howard was nowhere to be found speaks volumes to Joe.

Here are Howard’s offensive snap counts the past three games entering the slimy Saints contest: Indianapolis 9, Atlanta 6, Buffalo 5.

For people who don’t think the Bucs can afford both Evans and Godwin next year, think again. Just divvy up Howard’s contract between the two of them, make them both happy and keep them in Tampa Bay.

It’s pretty clear the only way Howard is back with the Bucs (unless the team is hiding an injury) is if Howard agrees to the veteran minimum.

With all the injuries last night and Howard firmly planted on the bench, it appears Howard is renting a penthouse in Bucco Bruce Arians’ doghouse.

RoJo Continues to Frustrate

Yeah, RoJo had a nice, long run last night. But…

Joe has a strong hunch the Bucs’ nearly three-year-long effort to build up Ronald Jones’ confidence has just about hit the ceiling.

Why does Joe say this? Because RoJo continues to do dumb things, even when he gets on the field. These stunts are killing his days with the Bucs.

Early in the third quarter last night, RoJo had a chance for another first down. Instead, he decides the game isn’t important enough and ducks out of bounds rather than fight for a first down.

He got an earful from Tom Brady. He should have.

RoJo looked like he was having an OK game. A lot of Bucs fans want him to run more. Understandable. But yet again, taking the lazy route out of bounds instead of getting a first down trailing by six is simply inexcusable to Joe. That’s either having no idea of the game situation or that’s being lazy.

Joe is confident that stunt wdas also inexcusable to Bucco Bruce Arians and Brady. It wasn’t the first time RoJo preferred going out of bounds this season.

Since Arians arrived in Tampa Bay, he and his staff have worked on RoJo’s confidence, which was virtually destroyed as a rookie. But nearly three years later, Joe thinks the Bucs are running out of patience working with his head.

Why does Joe think that? Well, just look at RoJo’s snap counts, his touches and how he still does dumb, lazy crap in close games. You have to believe the coaches have scolded him. Yet it happens again. Simply put, right now the Bucs cannot count on RoJo (maybe that will change in the next game or two with Playoff Lenny out?). As a result, RoJo doesn’t get on the field much. (See Howard, O.J.)

It looks like RoJo will get more opportunities against weak opponents very soon, as in Sunday against the Stinking Panthers with Playoff Lenny blowing out a hamstring last night.

Better make the most of it, RoJo. What you do the next three weeks could decide whether you are still with the Bucs come.

Props to Joe Tryon-Shoyinka

One reason Joe Tryon-Shoyinka hasn’t been getting as many snaps as many fans want is that the Bucs simply don’t trust him in the run game. He’ll get there but he’s not there yet.

Or is he?

JTS made a helluva run stop on third down in the open field in the fourth quarter to force a slimy Saints punt. Gadget Wing-T slimy Saints quarterback Taysom Hill — hey, he can run and is a big dude — took off to the left sideline. And JTS raced after him, caught him from behind and brought him down. In the open.

Excellent play!

With open-field run stops like that, JTS will see more playing time. That was a helluva play by the rookie. Well done!

JTS finished last night with a sack, a quarterback hit and two tackles for loss. Nice work, Mr. Tryon.

Welcome Back, Antonio Brown!

Joe must get this off his chest. So last night live on the Buccaneers Radio Network pregame show, in the weekly interview Gene Deckerhoff conducts with Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, Licht said both Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards will be be back inside the building for the first time since they were suspended some three weeks ago.

NBC sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya early in the game stated, “I can confirm” the Bucs will bring back Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards as she claimed she “just spoke with Bucs officials” — likely a Bucs’ media relations staffer assigned to the sidelines during games.

What do you mean you can confirm? What was there to confirm? The GD general manager said one hour earlier, live on the team’s pregame show, the two players are coming back. What, you think the GM would lie about something like that on his own team’s in-house production? That would be unbelievably brazen and dumb.

It’s just twisted vanity with some of these people. “I can confirm… ” What do you mean you can confirm? There’s nothing to confirm!

Hey Michelle, maybe if don’t go on some dipsh!t, vapid hollering yenta show like “The View,” you wouldn’t be in your final days at NBC. Can you confirm that?

But back to Antonio Brown, Joe will have more later. Thank goodness common sense and reason was applied at One Buc Palace. With Mike Evans and Chris Godwin out for who knows how long, you damn right the Bucs need Brown. Joe doesn’t want to read any whining about the Bucs and Brown from the virtue signalers and non-Bucs fans.

53 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. Sketch813 Says:

    Joe. You left out Succop and Darden. Field position played a part in this. Special teams didnt have their best night. Totally agree about Rojo. He didn’t even try to get the first down. Film session is going to be something else. The Bucs got Humbled. I rather it happen now than in the 1st round of the Playoffs.

  2. PT in NYC Says:

    OJ Howard’s value is at the league minimum; that’s the going rate for good blocking TEs who cannot catch. OJ isn’t even a consistent blocker, but someone will sign him due to his draft pedigree.

    There’s no delicate way to say this: RoJo is an idiot.

    After last night, you won’t be reading “Leftwich” and “Jacksonville” in the same sentence.

  3. chummaster01 Says:

    You can blame who or whatever you want Brady was afraid and is afraid of the Saints he also got Godwin hurt by predictably ignoring a future hall of famer in ME and feeding Godwin dangerous across the middle passes this has happened game after game was Evans really hurt or just tired of Tom dumping down passes padding his stats and not even looking down field?? When Famous was here he some how found a way to get the ball to no name recievers when ME and God went down with injuries and Tommy craps the bed in same scenerio ?? stop blaming Leftwich Brady is fading fast .

  4. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete was hoping it was all a bad dream. Oh well

  5. Dreambig Says:

    That game was a complete offensive collapse. Brady was bad, Gronk dropping balls, coaching and play calling were horrible! 1st half, not a single running play in the first quarter? Really dumb. 2nd half, we had several drives going, almost in scoring position and on 3rd and 2 or 4th and 1 and we throw down field only to miss on low percentage plays. Only players that looked good were Lenny and Godwin.

  6. rrsrq Says:

    Bucs should have played with three tight ends the entire second half. Ran ROjO and play action out of running ROjO, kinda like the last drive the WFT did to the Bucs. Straight ahead blocking, we drive we score, imho

  7. rrsrq Says:

    Should get Perriman back as well, What about Gio?

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bucs need to move on from Rojo, regardless of what he does in Lenny’s absence. I’d go so far as to say bench him and get Vaughn in there. A timid RB? Nope, can’t have it.
    And the bigger waste of a roster spot OJ Howard, shouldn’t even be dressing at this point. Finish up your Cheerios box Licht and substitute it in for OJ.
    What happened to all that emerging talent? Complete no-shows across the board.

    Lastly, we are too dependent on the passing game.

    It’s not the end of the world but it sure does suck!

  9. Cleanhouse Says:

    The coaches have done a poor job of getting everyone involved. They use players incorrectly, people are rusty when they need to be sharp. There was a better mix last year guys were hungry and involved.

  10. Cleanhouse Says:

    Getting the most out of these guys means not allowing them to be headcases. You have to get in front of that stuff with proper inclusion in the game plan..

  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    In other words you don’t know how to handle losing key players. A real coach has a back up plan Byron has never been a good play caller I don’t care what anyone says. This loss falls on coacing staff not knowing what to do when their key guys go down.

  12. Bobby M. Says:

    Rojo is already looking at next year and hitting free agency healthy. I’ve said this a few times, he’ll likely look for a short term “prove it” deal to set up a bigger guaranteed contract which will likely be his only one of his career. I would guess the same for OJ Howard.

    Leftwich showed exactly why its a joke he’s mentioned as a top candidate. The dude hasn’t groomed a single young QB and even with a great QB (at home) his offense gets shut out. In a game of single digits, he throws FOURTY EIGHT TIMES!!!

    Lastly….last night proves once again, on any given Sunday any team in the league can beat another. Glad we’ll make the playoffs, still has been a fun season but all the talk about a SB should die down. Its literally one game at a time and if last night were round 1, we would be out already. Hopefully this is a good loss and helps us wake up for the rest of the season.

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    RoJo was was doing just fine and then all of sudden they stop feeding him the ball. I bet u a pay check if Sean Payton was out head coach last night we would have won. Good coaches prepare for the unexpected.

  14. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  15. DG060 Says:

    The most disgusting loss in decades!! Bruce Ariens and Byron Leftwich are AWFUL and have been awful all year. I’m embarrassed as a fan AGAIN.
    I’d like to freakin scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ModHairKen Says:

    Joe you forgot to mention the feckless Darden.

  17. DG060 Says:

    This team doesn’t deserve your support. And they just lost mine. I hope they lose out and miss the playoffs. That would be a just result for these pretenders.

  18. Joe in Michigan Says:

    DG060 Says:
    December 20th, 2021 at 6:52 am
    This team doesn’t deserve your support. And they just lost mine. I hope they lose out and miss the playoffs. That would be a just result for these pretenders.
    You’d know something about “pretending”, fair weather fans are a dime a dozen.

  19. Bob in valrico Says:

    The defense did its job overall, but I don’t know why SMB is trailing WR’s so often. HE is supposed to have good speed. Hope Dean gets well soon.
    Agree with Joe about OJ I don’t believe the offensive braintrust knows how to
    use his skillset. He can be a mismatch downfield and has good speed. Nick Saban
    had the right idea and dare I say Koetter used him more effectively. I don’t know why we think its necessary to throw deep on fourth and two, but we better stop it! Fournette looked open for one of those plays and that was the play to get the all important first down. Darden is a developement player on offense that doesn’t deliver. Tyler Johnson
    drops too many balls. This offense needs to get more first downs early and often
    to compete in the playoffs. Gronk was bothered by the tight defense and Brady
    relies a bit on too much in tight window or double coverage situations.

  20. ModHairKen Says:

    Reminds of Pittsburgh game during the first SB season.

    Question is will this team also bounce back? Better QB. Better WRs. Obviously not nearly the same Defense. Hope Evans and Godwin are back soon. Perriman and AB can fill the gap. RoJo, better get it together. Ditto Vaughn.

  21. Bird Says:

    Saints are the school bully to us. We get mental all day long when we play them. Until we get physical and punch him in the mouth , this will never change. Lenny was only one dishing out blows last night. Others just ran scared to the sidelines. No question they are in bucs players heads. Even brady. You knew brady was going to throw that pick at the end. I mean he is throwing to darden , scooter and johnson. Who knows what was wrong with gronk – he was literally deer in headlights and kept coming out of game like scared? Thats not good. The playcalling was an absolute joke and i wouldnt be surprised if brady doesnt retire after the year. 3 and 1 and we throw 25 yard pass? Leftwich should be a head coach of jax. Done with it. No creativity.

    Another solid analyst for bucs made good review of bucs entire year. We can t skeam guys open like most good coordinators . We just have guys running route and require them to win one on one. Thats it. You watch saints highlights and they are throwing to a guy that is 5-10 yards open.

    Hate the saints but they have our number. 0-6 the last 3 years of regular season.

  22. James G Arntz Says:

    Good / decent coaches put together ‘game plans’ AND make adjustments when the plan is not working. WORST job in play calling I have witnessed since the creame cicle days! WHY take shots down field on third & short? Go with a good percentage play and keep the drive moving. Time for Leftwich to get a head coaching gig – somewhere else!

  23. Bird Says:

    And good morning to the messiah cult

    I knew you would be back. Chummaster and bucs14 and others. You guys get so excited when bucs lose cause you are still butt hurt the former guy was treated bad here? I mean how dumb do you have to think that he would win anything here. Oh oh but he was winning for saints. Yah their coach had him throwing mainly 7 yard passes to kamara and would scheme the occasional deep ball to a guy 10-15 yards wide open.

    Anthem – i mean what an absolute loser. Acting its like xmas morning for him when bucs dont win. His mom let him post last night.

    And the leader of the messiah cult. I mean the one joe showed his hand last night. Is it joe that rhymes with glee? When he pointed out this kinda beating never have happened with his jameiy wameiy. Real class. Real sarcasm. –Joe 😂

    And orlbuc- you smell worse then red tide . Absolute dumpster fire. Brady sucks. Brady sucks. 😂
    Yup he will be gone now rather sooner then later and we will be irrelevant again. So kudos to the messiah cult. You guys look awesome. And so will gronk and AB and Lenny and all the others that want to play with the Man.

  24. The Daily coroner Says:

    The Saints came to play.

  25. alton d green Says:

    DEAR CHUMMY. REALLY????????????????? Their D-line chewed our O-line up and spit them out. The Tampa Bay Bucs lost that game. And this is for Todd who is bragging on the defence. Those 3 FGs were one play from TDs Could have easily been 21-0. Brady is fading fast???????? Go to work on espn an hug up with Max Kellerman. But keep spewing that crap and sooner or later you’ll be right. If Brady plays till 50 and doesn’t make the play-offs i guess you’ll say “SEE I TOLD YA!!!”

  26. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Didn’t Howard drop a pass to? There were so many I lost track. Ya someone said Brady was afraid, that’s why he played the entire game while being b@#ch slapped by flying Saints D line and LB’s. Joe, the Rojo out of bounds play was Rojo giving BA the finger. He ran another play where you see him thinking of going out but cuts back in bounds, painful to watch. He wants out. Arians looked old and BL clueless. I don’t blame Brady for the fumble that was 3rd & 8 and he was trying to get into FG range. I counted like 11 or 12 dropped catchable passes. Why is Pinon off the hook? Those were 2 bad punts in the fourth. All I’m saying is BA looked very old last night and the team showed it. I can hear him Today, “Hey guys it’s Christmas this week, take it off, you all suck anyway. I have 30 press interviews so a tough week for me”. Ya all know what Belichick’s message to his team is? NO DAYS OFF! This country club crap has to stop.

  27. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Jason Lichts Darden, Oj, RoJo picks are just gawd awful, that Darden guy why does he constantly get run on the field. Mickens made plays, Darden has the turf monster tackle him with ease.

    Anyone who thinks Byron is a HC is out fo their flippin skull. The Saints DC was basically calling every single bucs play with the way he changed coverages and ran blitzes against the run. The Bucs did better when they went the no huddle approach and Tahmmy called the plays at the line

  28. Bobby Says:

    The Saints played one helluva defensive game. So did we but our offense didn’t come to play. End of story. We’ll be fine. Certainly need to start ramping up like we did last year before the playoffs. It’ll help to have AB back. I think Godwin and co. will be healthy for the playoffs. As soon as we clinch we should start resting players.

  29. RustyRhinos Says:

    “Real sarcasm. –Joe 😂”
    Real read bait. -Rusty 😮

  30. BucfanBF Says:

    It sounds like some of you knuckleheads want to hang Brady from the tallest and nearest tree.
    Wow, you people are freaking stupid.

  31. rrsrq Says:

    Bucs fan, TB messed up early, throwing 10 straight times, lets get the Saints pass rush lathered up (this ain’t the Falcons). This game was not going to be a shoot out, so establish the run. Saints have a good defense and good against the run, but I would rather see us use the run game, Lenny was getting yardage, Rojo was getting yardage (and by the way, can we stop with the Rojo can’t catch, how many balls has he dropped this year, is he as good as Lenny, not as natural. Run the ball, play action, stiop sending Darden on a fly patters against Lattimore, give him slant and rub routes and use OJ (unless he was hurt). You do what you do to win the game with what you have, the game was winnable even without ME, CG, LF and BP

  32. Ed Says:

    For good reason the fans turned on the Bucs performance last night. Heard the horrid sound of boos as the Bucs left the field for halftime. They deserved it for being unprepared for the biggest game of their season.

    They play the Saints 2 times a year every year. I would expect them to know how the Saints play and for them to game plan the right plays against this defense. If Leftwich is a future HC candidate he should know how to attack a Saint defense after playing them twice a year but hasn’t figured it out.

    The Saints know how to line up vs the Bucs. The Bucs still havn’t figured out that the offensive line has to drive block the Saints and go straight at them. Fournette needed some better blocking to power run. The Hogs were overpowered.

    No complimentary football on this team. Good defensive game, horrible offensive game. Skill players dropping passes, linemen not pushing back Saints pass rushers, bad kicking, bad punting.

    Its up to the head coach to make all of parts and pieces of a team play together. The Bucs simply cannot play a good 60 minutes and make the adjustments when good coaches figure out what they are doing and the Bucs keep trying to do what isn’t working.

    Bad effort from the division leader.

  33. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Nothing like throwing long on 3rd and 4th down when you only need a yard or so.
    I’m sick of that sh!t.
    Brady looked bad last night and the much heralded OL got their asses kicked.
    Durable Donnie confirmed his laziness on many plays.
    Watch the film.


    Hell no.

  34. adam from ny Says:

    maybe a couple guys got a little knocked up last night early, but went out of the game yesterday with the playoffs on the horizon because they realized:

    “dang, these saints are literally trying to kill us, they ain’t playing around”

    and because:

    “we basically ended their season by taking out jameis, so now these saints and sean payton are taking prisoners”

    so dudes bailed to save their azzes and live another day for the playoffs ???

  35. adam from ny Says:

    the bucs played a pretty darn good defensive game as well…

    except for smb early on, who was sort of getting picked on and exploited – but then settled in and played okay after that…

    he seemed to be the only shaky link on d for a minute, then he too came around…

    unfreakinbelievable that the highest scoring team in bucs franchise history and the league this year lost a game that we held the opposing team to 3 field goals…

    in fact we almost got blown out if they would have added just one touchdown — lol

  36. adam from ny Says:

    the real question is did they once again “strobe light it up” in the visitors locker room…

    did jameis and payton wheel in the party goods and clubby atmosphere at the last minute before the gang finned out on our buccaneers ???

    did white boi balsam hill boogie under the strobe lights like jameis?

  37. Eddie Marz Says:

    When Brady first came to Tampa, someone (don’t remember who) said your can’t just depend on Brady, rest of the team needs to play too. This was evident last night. Brady isn’t going to pull off some magic without full participation from the rest of the team. GOBUCS!

  38. ChiBuc Says:

    rrsrq and Ed say it best. Good coaches coach, make adjustments, get the most out of players (eg Rojo & OJ). Bruce’s ego driven doghouse is such bs…you are not the star old man. And BL, sorry but your playcalling and personnel choices are weak. 90 lb Vaughn up the gut on 3 and 1. Run VV, QB sneak, Rojo…Vaughn is a pitch edge guy. WTF!!! It’s easy to look great when you buy all the shiny toys, but not so good when you gotta coach.

  39. Duane Says:

    This one is squarely on Brady. He came out deer in the headlights, and laid an egg. Dont want to hear about BA and Leftwich. Brady reads the defense and adjusts the play. He gets all the credit when the team succeeds. Surely this one falls at his feet when the defense ONLY gives up 9 points. Sky is not falling, but when Brady is bad, this team has no chance to win. Would also be nice if Brady would stop leading his receivers into nasty hits over the middle. He seems to be really concerned with taking them himself, so he should know better.

  40. Lamarcus Says:

    Brady can no longer carry a team. It’s why he’s not in New England anymore. He needs the talent around him. Unlike JW, who had Peyton Barber, Martino, most guys I don’t remember his name but with that sorry talent I don’t recall being shut out like that

  41. Bucamania Says:

    Really thought these type of games were behind the Bucs. The Bucs offense got bullied and went fetal. No fight. Where was Jensen pushing back? Cappa was on his back most plays. Then you add in all the drops and WTF plays. Just brutal.

  42. Buffalo54 Says:

    There is no letter I in the word team , he can’t do it all, thank God for our Defense! They are awesome! This was a hard one to swallow , Just have to move on to the next one and learn from the last,,They knew exactly who to go for though ,!Just hope everyone has speedy recovery!

  43. Wesley Says:

    Out coached yet again, tremendously embarrassing game.

  44. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    To Joe-in-Michigan, spot on! Today is the first time I have ever even noted any remarks by DG060 thanks to you.

    I have been a participant here for a few years now. I changed my handle here some time ago because I concluded that the original triggered troll-like responses regardless of how I worded my actual comments.

    Go Bucs! Super Bowl or Bust!

  45. The Chef Says:

    December 19, 1999 in Oakland
    Raiders 45 Bucs 0

    Bucs still made NFC Title game that year.

    There is still a chance.

  46. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Hey lets blame the Coaches-
    Hey lets blame the players –

    It was a sorry group effort by the Coaches of the Offense and the players, starting with the GOAT to the O line getting whooped letting Brady getting rocked multiple times, Rojo – well doing Rojo things?? again,
    Losing 2 WR and RB. Dropping passes by WRs.

    The Defense plays the best they have played this year, and the offense looks like crap

    Oh well, forward march, football version of wounded warriors,
    on to the NY Jets

    GO BUCS!!!!

  47. Ash Says:

    When it was obvious the wrs on the field didn’t have the talent to get themselves open they didn’t adjust and scheme anyone open for 10 lousey points the kicker misses another easy kick just embarrassing all around.

  48. Joe Says:

    Should get Perriman back as well, What about Gio?

    Bernard is on injured reserve and it has the feel he’s done for the season. He was a backup who had minimal impact (always remember and never forget, “Backups are backups for a reason.”)

  49. Joe Says:

    Joe you forgot to mention the feckless Darden.

    Joe didn’t forget to mention anyone. “Morning After” is Joe’s five points about the game. If Joe wrote everything about the damn game, he’d still be typing the novel.

    Not sure why anyone thinks Darden is Antonio Brown. The guy has shown Joe nothing with the exception of one play) since August.

  50. Joe Says:

    The coaches have done a poor job of getting everyone involved.

    Joe has a fundamental disagreement with this. The Bucs are a loaded Pro Bowl team (starting lineups). Why would you want to play them less??? The NFL isn’t Little League where every kid gets to play three innings.

  51. Buccsfan1 Says:

    ok,we get it we lost last night.The Saints did their job they get paid for ,I will say this much that defense was hitting to hurt and demobilize players the NFL are such hipocrit’s to allow this to happen ,if it was the bus defense hitting to put players out then they would have been flagged,penalized and even fined today especially the hit on Godwin,I know it’s a rough sport and thats football .Tell me the guy standing there in Brady”s face staring him down with his arms crossed wasn’t taunting,it most certainly was yet nothing was called thats why I say et me call the defense just once and Kamara would not be playing for a long while ,eye for an eye you hit to take my guys out then guess what’s coming back atcha!!!!

  52. captivajim Says:

    January is always a good time to start anew with some HOUSECLEANING–once Brady , Gronk,, Jensen, BA retire.. BL taking ROJO, Darden with him to Jags ,

    LOT of rebuilding of Bucs place…

  53. Crickett Baker Says:

    Although there are MANY things to hate about that game, I appreciate all the ranting comments and this article was really creative and (somewhat) fun to read.