Selling Byron Leftwich

December 17th, 2021

Bucs OC Byron Leftwich

The drumbeat is getting louder and louder. And Joe wonders if it will become near-deafening by the time the Bucs play their final game in the playoffs, no matter how far they get?

NFL media seems to be absolutely in love with the thought of Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich waving goodbye to Tampa Bay at the end of the year and moving on to Jacksonville to succeed sleazebag Urban Meyer as the Jags coach.

Joe has pointed out that job is going to be very attractive. You have a franchise quarterback already in place, a very high draft pick this year, a first-round pick of a running back returning from injury, loads of salary cap space, the Florida lifestyle and, of course, low/no taxes.

Popular national sports radio and television personality Adam Schein is leading the Leftwich-to-Jacksonville bandwagon. On his show “Time to Schein,” seen on CBS Sports Network weeknights, Schein put together his sales pitch for Jags own Shad Khan to pluck Leftwich from the Bucs.

Joe has a hunch that if Leftwich is hired by Jacksonville, he not only will take some free agents with him (Chris Godwin springs to mind and maybe Carlton Davis too) but also several assistant coaches.

You can see Schein’s sales pitch for Leftwich in the CBS Sports video below.

31 Responses to “Selling Byron Leftwich”

  1. AKickNtheBucNuts Says:

    If the Bucs win another Super Bowl, Leftwich can go wherever he wants.

  2. Dreambig Says:

    Sush about that already. Let’s at least win the division before creating the next Gruden-Kiffen debacle.

  3. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    You sure our players would want to play for Jacksonville. The place has been infamous for every player draft picks and free agents alike that have been through it. Granted CANT pay everyone but then ending up in Jacksonville I wouldn’t count on it even with Leftwhich

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Business Decisions… these have to be made by 1/2 dozen teams every year, the Bucs will make there’s and I for one will be ready to chat FIRE THE CANNONS at the beginning of the 2022 SEASON !!!

  5. ModHairKen Says:

    Godwin to Jax because of Leftwich is a joke. Yeah, he’s closer to Lefty than Evans and Brady. Yeah, he wants to go to a loser after years with a winner. Yeah, he sees Jax as a better place to live than Tampa.

    Joe, you’re just being a sh*t stirrer for no reason.

  6. Robert Says:

    Wish him well….but t f they are silly enough to go with them…well. Go Bucs.

  7. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Jacksonville as an organization is a dumpster fire much like the jets. Leftwich played in Jacksonville then went to one of the class organizations in the league in Pittsburg, so he has likely seen how glaring a difference there can be. Also remember playoff Lenny was just in Jacksonville, where they tried to kill his career on his way out. I’m sure Lenny would be in any player it coaches ear about what they should expect in that football hell.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    Again, easy to speculate when BL had some history there. BL will probably land an HC gig at some point but I’m not sure that I buy the “BL to Jax” story line just yet.

  9. Bobby M. Says:

    I think the owner is likely looking for someone with actual HC experience or proven success developing a QB. Cowboys OC Kellen Moore comes to mind….Eric Bieniemy from the Chiefs, maybe Joe Lombardi with the Chargers, Josh McDaniels from the Pats. All those are far more accomplished then Leftwich.

  10. Ed Says:

    Look at all these other coordinators that went from good teams to bad ones. How has that worked in Detroit, New York or Houston?

    Leftwich is better off landing with a team like the Raiders or Eagles should he be considered. Jacksonville would ruin his chances of being successful

  11. BucsFan81 Says:

    Haha Joe..Chris Godwin leave a Super Bowl team and hall of fame QB in Tom Brady to go play with the jags and that rookie bust of a QB. One to many big storm beers.

  12. Shane247 Says:

    I’m still not sold on Leftwich as a OC, let alone a HC.

  13. cover deuce Says:

    Tom isn’t going to let them let Chris hit the market no matter how many times you type it in order to generate clicks. Not happening.

  14. C2asante Says:

    Shane247… since you also haven’t been sold a team or even a job with one, BL has nothing he has to prove to you.

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    Raheem Morris or Eric Bienemy.

  16. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I’m amazed at the large number of Bucs fans that think Byron is a bad OC. Debate all you want about how he would be as a HC, but he is running the best offense the Bucs have ever had. If you think it is all Brady, you are delusional. If you think BA is secretly running the offense you are delusional. Again, if not saying he is the next great HC in the NFL. But as an OC he is one of the best in the league right now.

  17. Thomas Edrington Says:

    The “REAL” offensive coordinator of the Bucs is Tom Brady….he makes BL look a lot better than he is….

  18. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The rest of the AFC South is praying for this, 1 more easy division wins. Sell him for a pack of gum and a dozen of donuts. Does anyone really believe he has been a key to this teams offensive success?

  19. Nutterbuccer Says:

    Byron has evolved as an OC since being here. Would hate to lose him and not sure why the bucs would allow him to leave. Arians is old has hell, pay Leftwich big money to stay so he can take over when Arians retires.

  20. John Sinclear Says:

    If Leftwich jumps to Jacksonville, he is an ucking fidiot! A franchise in dissarray, the only person in the organization who knows what he’s doing is the groundskeeper, and the life span of a head coach in Jacksonville is about as long as was that of a Second Lt. sent to Nam back in the day. He’s got a great deal right there in Tampa.

  21. Bird Says:

    Yah. Not sure i agree here joes. Its his right to be a head coach. But you dont think he knows that jax is pretty irrelevant for most of its existence. Hey maybe their qb turns it around but he has looked average at best even for a rookie qb with A running back who has been injured in past and injured for entire first year. Jets think they got their qb but he has looked terrible at times. Look at the jets head coach job too cause almost the same situation. Like getting the detroit head coach job. Leftwich has a chance to maybe become the bucs next head coach very soon. Does he want to go somewhere where his chance at success is very small? Maybe

    And godwin if all things line up? Goes to the jags for
    Big money. And now he is the lone guy at least for some time and gets doubled on every single play and becomes just another guy. Cause bucs will offer the around 20 mil to be their WR for years to come.

    Again, the bucs may get blown up after brady retires. But you dont think they can get another stud qb to come here with brady endorsement to play with all our offensive weapons?

  22. Listnfrmafar Says:

    John, his lifespan will last as Bowles did at the Jets.

  23. Joe Says:

    Again, the bucs may get blown up after brady retires. But you dont think they can get another stud qb to come here with brady endorsement to play with all our offensive weapons?

    Thought the Bucs drafted Kyle Trask to be the starter?

  24. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    If we win the Superbowl, maybe it would be best for Arians to move on and make Leftwich HC. It would seem we would be able to maintain more continuity…

  25. Bird Says:

    Of course they have trask. He is an option for sure. My bro who is a huge gators fans does not think he is the guy. But you think he is the guy if rodgers or wilson want to do the brady where they have more say. More control. And have all these weapons

    Cause remember …we had jameis. And then along came brady. Arians loves him some vet qbs who have one in this league before.

  26. Bird Says:

    Won not one

  27. Joe Says:

    But you think he is the guy if rodgers or wilson want to do the brady where they have more say. More control. And have all these weapons

    You don’t want Rodgers (check his record in warm-weather games). Joe honestly doesn’t believe the Bucs drafted Kyle Trask in the second round to let him finish his contract rotting on the bench, unless Tom Brady decides to stay.

  28. Bird Says:

    What ? Rodgers is from cali. Cmon now with this warm weather

    And trust me. He is karen to me. I honestly think he is a tool. But my mind would change if he was a buc and won games. Dude makes throws very few can. Not Saying he is thinking of coming here. Just these guys are sooo jealous of the brady effect.

    I hope brady plays next year and beyond. Dude has turned this organization into a legit football franchise

  29. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    As even the great Urban Meyer found out, Jacksonville is where careers go to die. Leave the Superbowl winning Bucs for the lowly Jags at your own peril, Byron.

  30. Joe Says:

    What ? Rodgers is from cali. Cmon now with this warm weather

    Feel free to look it up if you don’t believe Joe.

  31. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Joe, let’s be serious, why would any 1st teir QB want to play once Brady leaves? AB gone, Gronk gone, Suh most likely, LVD getting older, JPP gone, possibly Godwin, Lenny will chase the $$ because he won’t be used the same as he is now and who knows about the Oline. Once Brady leaves the Bucs will be the second coming of Hiroshima.