“It’s Almost As If They Ran Out Of Plays”

December 20th, 2021

Should the Bucs offense have looked as bad as it did after Chris Godwin, Mike Evans and Leonard Fournette left the game?

Of course not.

Former Bucs, Chiefs, Cardinals and Jets tight end Anthony Becht knows that. He dove into the subject on WDAE radio this morning.

Becht strongly implied that the Bucs’ offensive coaching staff had a very bad day.

“This lack of readiness to have a plan, and No. 2 and have some of your other players step in. And clearly from a formational standpoint, you had to go a couple of tight ends situational formations a couple of times — O.J. Howard, they had no routes for him. They had no routes for some other guys. They just didn’t have a lot of groupings and plans,” Becht said. “It’s almost as if they ran out of plays because of the [player] groupings that were in. And they clearly weren’t running the same kind of stuff that they were early in the game with the same receiving crew that was in there. So they were limited.”

Becht went on to talk about the Bucs’ lack of readiness and overall the offense not taking what the Saints defense was giving.

He believes the Bucs should have adjusted much faster to put together at least one scoring drive, and Becht seemed a little flummoxed that the Bucs didn’t lean more on Ronald Jones.

What a mess it was.

Zero points against a Saints defense that was getting lit up routinely before it faced the hapless Jets last week.

42 Responses to ““It’s Almost As If They Ran Out Of Plays””

  1. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Byron leftwich is a horrid coordinator. Everyone knows it in here. What of it this game is mainly on coaches that edged out the weak minded soft skill positions players that had to fill in.

  2. PassingThru Says:

    Well backups don’t get as many reps with Brady which creates a chemistry problem. And of course they’re backups, they aren’t as talented at getting open. Their collective limitations were obvious last night.

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    Leftwich was on display for the NFL world to see & did the equivalent of showing up to a job interview while blackout drunk

  4. JayMus Says:

    Looks like Jameis is going to have the last laugh when he gets healthy. The Bucs can’t even beat the Saints with Tom Brady at the helm. Get ready to eat years of crow Bucs fans.

  5. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Only the Jags would clamor for their former 1st round bust as head coach who as a coordinator who is more shaky than good. If Pierre Desir is cologne as Joe says…Brady is the ultimate deodorant for so many things. Even he ran out of answers last night and started throwing long at inopportune times out of frustration.

  6. buctank Says:

    Rojo kept removing himself from the game and looked totally gassed out on bucs bench. in fact when the bucs ran Vaughn (smh) up the middle on 3rd and 1 rojo was leaning on one of the giant air conditioning boxes trying to catch his breath

  7. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Please Jax. Call BL today.

  8. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Our offense wins because our starters create mismatches. Our playbook is stagnant and never creates open routes through play design. It’s the equivalent of an NBA player clearing out to win one on one. Last night we lost our one on one players and couldn’t run a cohesive offensive play to create open routes. I watch teams run plays designed to get a quarterback an easy throw here and there while we ask Brady to make difficult contested throws all game.

  9. Smashsquatch Says:

    This was a terrible game plan from the start. They never established a run game which enabled the Saint’s front four to dominate. They just pinned their ears back play after play after play. The o-line never had a chance to run block or attack their line. The Bucs never feared losing to the Saints and they feared their run D too much. Arians, Leftwich, Brady, all three? Not sure who came up with the idea to abandon the run game, what made it worse is that they never adjusted until it was too late. This L falls on the coaches.

  10. Joe Says:

    Looks like Jameis is going to have the last laugh

    Yet the year after the Bucs parted ways with Jameis, the Bucs win the Super Bowl — even though Jameis threw a touchdown pass against the Bucs in the playoffs. 🤷‍♂️

  11. DBS Says:

    I love all this backup BS. Other teams lose players and they have backups who come in and step up and make plays. Ours? What excuse do we get when the Sh!t hits the fan and they don’t. Well they are just backup. So why do we have them? No it is WHO is picking them. Backups are expected to perform when other players go down. That is why you have them. They understand they are the backups for a reason.

  12. LVMYBUCS Says:

    EXACTLY WHAT I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like Byron only has 10 plays on his sheet.

  13. Listnfrmafar Says:

    F Jamais, wait until he cuts him and Hill, keeps Simeon and makes a real play for Watson, Wilson or even Carr. BA will be signing up for social security so fast his head will spin. Then can you imagine Frick & Frat Bowles & Leftnuts game plan for that? Comical.

  14. tampabuscsbro Says:

    There is a lot of fingers to point. The common denominator was the offense was horrid. The saints have our number and the literal chimp known as Byron cannot adjust he has shown time and time again that when this offense struggles he cannot adjust. It puts up great numbers due to high end talent.

    Just got shut out to a TE at QB whose team didn’t score a TD because they were shut out.

  15. Jordan Says:

    Joe, this has been an issue brewing for awhile but you and many fans fell for the euphoria of throwing the ball 50 times a game.

    Pound the rock with Rojo 20+ times next week against Carolina and we’ll be fine regardless of who is at receiver.

  16. ModHairKen Says:

    Everyone had a bad game on Offense. Coaches and players. They will fix it.

  17. T REX Says:

    Rojo couldn’t handle 5 carries

    Dude sucks out loud.

    Please get rid of ROJO


  18. gotbbucs Says:

    I personally think it’s a lazy offensive scheme. No matter what team they are up against or what coverage looks they’re getting, they run the exact same stuff. There’s no imagination.
    I know they put up big offensive numbers most of the time and put up points usually, but my God they make it look so much harder than than it should be given the talent on the offensive side of the ball.
    Our recievers definitely earn their money, because they aren’t scheming much for rub routes or anything like that. It’s all about winning one on one’s and catching contested balls.
    How much thought has to be put in to throw flats to running backs, screens to Godwin, and floaters to Gronk?
    We have a million coaches and there’s never an adjustment to offensive scheme, yet Arians will heap all the blame on the players, every week.

    First play of the game, they go to Tyler Johnson who’s one on one with Lattimore? That play right there should have been game over, on the first offensive play. At one point the announcers praised Leftwich for getting plays into the huddle so quickly that they never have to worry about the play clock. Really? That’s not an accomplishment, that just means he’s throw darts at a play sheet without any thought.

  19. Adrnagy Says:

    The best thing for leftwhich career was bucs signing brady. Then brady brings gronk, lenny , ab.

  20. Adrnagy Says:

    I dont blame rojo. Arians has been beating him up all season. Then when you need him you expect him to be superman.

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Adnargy, this is the NFL, next man up is how you get to play. As you recall Lenny was backing up Rojo last season. You snooze you lose, this isn’t play money.

  22. PassingThru Says:

    Earth calling DBS, Earth calling DBS….

    It’s one thing to lose a player, even a key player. But what if a team loses it’s WR1, WR2, WR3, and both pass-catching RBs??? Those deep backups do not get the same practice reps with the starting QB, far from it. They’re on another practice field, doing drills with the backup QB.

  23. Greg G Says:

    This is a ridiculous comment and it was so obvious that it was going to be snatched up by some media person who needs easy (and entirely foolish) content to fill their airspace.

    No team, no coordinator, no business has a back up plan for losing that many starters. Are you kidding! If it was game day and Joe was supposed to be updating the site and both Joes and Ira all of sudden disappeared you’re saying that the site would run the same way because they had a plan for that?

    The Saints are one of the best defenses in the league. In particular they have frustrated this team and our players each time we play. Then we lose our starting RB and both pro-bowl receivers, this after we’re already down our previous #3 receiver to Covid. Add in no AB and our backup RB apparently getting gassed?!? Sigh. Frustrating night. But to say that the coaches that lead the #1 offense in the NFL are “running out of plays”. Just dumb.

  24. C2asante Says:

    I love the way yo people are so quick to point the finger at Coach BL as if he fumbled, got sacked and threw an interception and Brady was just some innocent bystander. But anytime they win and the offense plays well it’s all on Brady and Coach Leftwich is just some incompetent figure head. You do know if your analysis is really about football and not inherent bias, you can’t have it both ways. If he is responsible for the losses, he is also responsible for the wins. I know it doesn’t fit your narrative that he can’t be qualified to be a head coach though so you can’t admit it to yourselves

  25. tampabayallday Says:

    It would’ve been better if they ran it every play the second half. Holy f’ing sheeeeeit

  26. Wesley Says:

    Dear Jacksonville, please take Byron Leftwich. Please.

  27. Spicoli Says:

    here come all the naysayers about Leftwich, he’s only made our offense one of the top-scoring units in the NFL these past 3 seasons. Not sure what else he has to prove to all the armchair QBs out there.

  28. JayMus Says:

    Looks like Jameis is going to have the last laugh

    Yet the year after the Bucs parted ways with Jameis, the Bucs win the Super Bowl — even though Jameis threw a touchdown pass against the Bucs in the playoffs.

    Yet they are still 1-7 against the Saints and we are talking about the future, not the past. Yesterday cost the Bucs home field and consecutive NFL titles. Baltimore failed on a two pointer and the Bucs lost. We are going to Green Bay.

    This really isn’t in praise of Jameis, it’s a statement of the Buc’s ineptitude and our future. I watch RJ skip out of bounds instead of lowering his head to get an extra yard and a first down and then watched Brady throw deep on third and one. WTF? We’re supposed to be Champions.

  29. DBS Says:

    Thanks Passing Thru. I will try to remember they are expected to perform only when the backup QB is playing.

  30. Listnfrmafar Says:

    C2ASS ante, when they win Brady gets the majority of the accolades (that goes up BA’s arese sideways, he wants them) so when the team loses he should take that hit to. What I did see was passion and anger and especially commitment to win that I didn’t see that from any other OFFENSIVE player. Unlike the caoching staff, he’ll take the hit and learn from it. Hey the dude cares, took the hits and didn’t turtle, just kept fighting when others did not. That’s important as a fan and should be as a teammate. You could be paying $40-$50 mil for Wilson or Watson and get a better athlete but 1/2 the man, and when he rides off all you haters can hunt for the next Jamais to save your franchise.

  31. unbelievable Says:

    I agree 1000% with Becht.

    What we saw last night was an insult to fans. Pathetic and embarrassing all the way around. AND, pretty dang unfair to our defense, which played great.

  32. captivajim Says:

    Agree with Becht also..they had half-time to make adjustments..I’ve never understood BL’s claim to fame—he can take Darden with him to Jags–sooner the better..

    Panthers are now busy committing that game film to memory… they’ll double AB, & let Darden do what Darden has done-nothing.. he even trips over his own feet ..MIckens was far better -but BL didn’t like him..

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    BA said half time is for bathroom breaks not adjustments. He actually said that.

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s unusual for a team to lose 3 starters, two at the same position in a single game. HOWEVER, do these back-ups not practice the same plays?
    Yes, coaching adjustments probably should’ve been made but lets not lose sight of the back-ups ineffectiveness ON the field.

  35. captivajim Says:

    For Rojo to be “gassed” after a few decent end sweeps; speaks Volumes about condtioning coaches …..He’s 24+/-yrs old –not 34+/- like Gronk or AB….

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Jacksonville have the perfect HC for you. Our great OC Byron Leftwitch. Better grab him before some one else does.

  37. Crickett Baker Says:

    So many things were wrong. So many players were hurt. Our kicker even regressed. Many people have said the Aints put a voodoo curse on us. Just for protection, I think Leonard Fournette needs to go on a trip to Ybor and make a friend or two..

  38. Ericb Says:

    Offensive schemes are trash there is no creativity !!!! Please design some kind of trick plays or something my god!! Plus there is no backup game plan either wtf!!! No adjustments were made no run game in the first half which we qere running the ball pretty well. Coaching is very suspect and worries me. We shoukd be #1seed easily with wins over NO at least once, and a win on WFT. Get back on track guys and finish strong

  39. Pewter Power Says:

    BL did that for everyone trying to put his name in the HC search, he wants you all to know he’s not reliable when it coming to actually earning his money. He’s not going to inherit receivers like this in Jacksonville so I’m sure they are. Ow like no thank you

  40. C2asante Says:

    You guys are so intelligent it’s amazing with your superior football knowledge to our coaches that you are not leading a professional team somewhere. How these inept coaches the Bucs have ever won a Super Bowl, got he second best record in the NFL this year and the top ranked offense is beyond me. It must be all due to a superior QB. Given all the balls the coach dropped, the fumble he lost, the interception he threw and the sacks he told Brady to take there is no way he should ever be considered for a head coaching job somewhere. Especially not when superior coaching talent like you guys who have never lost a game are available.

  41. Steve M. Says:

    Does BA read Joe BUC’s fan ? He needs to, to see what’s wrong with his offensive game plan.

    Backups should be competent to win a game, maybe. not with big numbers, but still win. See Hill and Simiein.

  42. BucsCoolade Says:

    Leftwhich.. or McDitz.. ? Both guys being shopped? I think Byron’s a better play caller than Josh.

    That said , division games means the other team is reading your mind… which requires advanced chess moves.. that neither have.. IMO