Bucs Are Back To Old Ways (Of Winning)

December 29th, 2021

Still champions.

A week after many of the NFL’s best teams looked and/or played sloppily, the clubs with playoff experience all raised their games and demonstrated they are still to be reckoned with.

Former general manager Michael Lombardi talked about that on his “GM Shuffle” podcast earlier this week. Joe is a regular listener.

John Breech of CBS Sports seemed to agree with Lombardi while grading the Bucs’ performance in picking apart the circling-the-drain Stinking Panthers.

Breech gave the Bucs an “A” grade.

Of Brady’s 18 completions, 10 of them went to [Antonio] Brown, who finished with 101 yards. The Buccaneers also got a surprise performance from Ke’Shawn Vaughn, who rushed for 70 yards, including a 55-yard TD in the first quarter. Of course, the star of this game for the Buccaneers was their defense. The Buccaneers came up with two big fourth-down stops during a second half where Carolina never really came close to scoring.

The defending Super Bowl champion, at less than 100 percent, rose up and showed the Stinking Panthers they can still slap teams around. If the Bucs are able to get all their injured players back for the playoffs (sans Chris Godwin, of course), why wouldn’t they be able to toss around good teams?

The Bucs, in case we forget, are the champs until someone knocks them off.

19 Responses to “Bucs Are Back To Old Ways (Of Winning)”

  1. SOEbuc Says:

    A+++ against a team that has to rotate three QB. We’re back in business. I keep the faith for our 11-4 team, but every week something comes up where straight drop off the Bank of America building.

  2. BoostersBooster Says:

    Got three boosters this morning just to make sure I’m safe

  3. Jay Jay Says:

    With COVID and so many injuries across the league, everyday is a roll of the dice with every team. We just gotta pray we get luckier than other teams during the next X number of weeks in getting healthy, staying healthy and avoiding COVID. That’s the big X Factor (more than team talent).

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Panthers are but a shell of their former self’s.
    Right now, they are not a very good team. These last 3 games are going to be easy, since we have already clobbered the Panthers once, in their house.
    The Jets will be no problem, and neither will the Panthers when we play them here at our house.
    We are going to win out.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    “The defending Super Bowl champion, at less than 100 percent, rose up and showed the Stinking Panthers they can still slap teams around.”

    And sometimes we get slapped around like the both Saints games.
    This season is forever stained.

  6. DAVID_54 Says:

    Bucs have beaten the Cowboys, Bills, Colts, Patriots, Eagles, Dolphins and Redskins this year – good teams that are in or near the playoffs this year. We can hang with anybody.

  7. DAVID_54 Says:

    OOPs – delete the WTF.

  8. adam from ny Says:

    so if harold goodwin coaches the bucs sunday and we win 63-3, does jacksonville cancel bowles’ and byron’s interviews, and instead interview goodwin for the gig…?

    lol…just sayin’

  9. BA4President Says:

    @adam from ny hahaha

  10. adam from ny Says:

    yes vaughn had one really nice scamper to the end zone for 55 yards…

    otherwise he went 6 carries for 15 yards…about 2.5 per carry…

    you don’t arrive from just one run…i’m sorry but you don’t…

    think about it people…come on…

    when peyton barber first got here, i think he had like a 48 yard run or something to that effect right off the bat…

    once again, just sayin’…

    and yes i hope vaughn pans out and can become the feature back BA thinks that he can be

  11. adam from ny Says:

    could be 45-55 degrees at game time on sunday…

    so that’s at least a good thing…

    brady can handle cold, but our bucs generally are not used to it at all

  12. adam from ny Says:

    wouldn’t it have be kinda cool to see earnest graham in the backfield with tom brady…

    the idea makes me smile

  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    Our Bucs still gotta bring it each and every game. Somebody here says, these next 2 games should be easy? Not. Remember, as the champs we are getting every teams absolute best shot. And as we have witnessed, On any given Sunday, you can have your dinner handed to you. Our injuries are truly significant. And we might..not be able to overcome them. Its gonna take double the effort now to reach the top. They are all coming Bucs. Ball out.

  14. BoostersBooster Says:

    Just got my lunch time booster, don’t want to risk it with a virus that has over a 99% survival rate

  15. Izod Says:

    When you look at the best teams in the NFL, you see those signature wins– at least one dominant performance against a playoff team. The Bucs have ZERO such wins. The victories against the Colts, Patriots, Cowboys, and Bills came down to a single bounce of the football (and were it not for refs’ love affair with Brady, we don’t win some of those games)

    We get overly excited whenever we pound a helpless team, yet completely dismiss the rapings we endured at the hands of other good teams like the Rams, Saints, and Redskins.

    Show me a dominant performance against a strong team and I will be a believer.

  16. captivajim Says:

    agree with Adam ny; Vaighn had 1 carry for 55 yrds–other than that –not a lot.

    I would play him 35-40 snaps against Jets..let’s see if he can get 100+yrds with 25 carries….

  17. Greg Bowen Says:

    Brady ALWAYS raises his game to a new level in the playoffs. Many other veteran players on the Bucs will raise their game as well. Pray for the team to get healthy and stay healthy. Watch the excitement build on the Bucs team over the next few weeks as the Super Bowl approaches!

  18. Franco Says:

    So an unvaccinated person is spreading a totally different kind of virus, then the vaccinated person. Nope, not true. This virus has been weaponized into controlling the future votes and to pay off both Republican and Democrat so called leaders. Fauci, hasn’t said the same thing twice in a week, always changing his mine. Let’s play ball 👍🏼

  19. Franco Says:

    Brady only needs 3 good receivers and 2.8 seconds… Period