Bruce Arians: Chris Godwin Isn’t Better, He Was Always A Stud

December 15th, 2021

Maxing out.

In recent games, Bucs receiver Chris Godwin has raised his value by untold millions. The soon-to-be free agent is likely looking at $20 million-plus a season wherever he signs his next contract.

Godwin perhaps is the best all-around receiver in the game. He blocks like a beast, fights for passes in traffic and can on occasionally outrun a defender for a deep ball.

And the man is as consistent a pass-catcher as there is.

In his past two games, Godwin has 25 receptions on 32 targets. So today, Arians was asked if Godwin has played his best all-around football the past two weeks.

Arians chuckled and said no, Godwin has always played at a high level.

“No, I just think his opportunities have gone up,” Arians said. “He has played some great games.

“It’s hard to say he’s playing better than he has in the past. He has always played outstanding. Just his targets have gone up.”

That’s high praise from Arians. And Joe will once again ask aloud if Godwin is stashing some loot to gift Arians for making him a very wealthy young man. Ever since Arians arrived and moved Godwin to slot, Godwin went from a top-level prospect to one of the league’s top-shelf receivers.

52 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Chris Godwin Isn’t Better, He Was Always A Stud”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I will be surprised if we are able to keep Godwin.
    He will be missed greatly.

  2. zzbuc Says:

    If BA and TB 12 stays one more year, there is no way CG goes……

    With the rise on the cap, and probably JPP and Suh out, there shouldn´t be any problem keep CG.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs will re-sign Chris Godwin to a long-term contract. No way any team can let the best receiver in the game walk & get nothing in return.

  4. 2021 Year of the GOAT Says:

    sign him now…. asap

  5. Scotty In Fat Antonio Says:

    So I guess we will forget about his forgettable post season dropsies last year?

  6. zzbuc Says:

    @Scotty In Fat Antonio

    Of course we will forget those dropsies when he was injured, because we can remember ALL the extarordinary plays que makes sunday after sunday….

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    zebu … ‘With the rise on the cap, and probably JPP and Suh out, there shouldn´t be any problem keep CG.’

    The two aren’t related in any way. Bucs MUST replace JPP & Suh with comparable talent or we’ll be sucking hind teet. Our defense is already ‘under-funded’. Trying to replace talent like this with cheap FAs or lower-round draft picks is an invitation to disaster IMO. And lest folks forget, BOTH JPP & Suh were not only high 1st-Rnd picks, but also premier talents (generational?).

  8. zzbuc Says:

    Defense rules?

    I just wanted to make reference that there will be money for signing CG, but nevertheless you wanna bet that if BA stays CG will be a Buc?

    You can give us all the rational explanations you want, but you as an educated ball fan as you probably are, perfectly undesrstanbds than in football sometimes there are other factors than rational thoughts…

    You Just don´t let walk away one of the most talented player on the league…When you can afford it IMO

  9. Craig Says:

    Godwin will be back either with Brady or without.

    There will be some spots where drafted rookies will be playing or in #2 spots. That will create enough room for Godwin.

    A good stock of college interior D-line is out there, DBs, maybe.

    Gholston , Nacho, or Nelson will a starter next year and all of their backups will be rookies.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I often felt we couldn’t keep CG14 because we would have to pay him more than Evans & that would be a problem…..I’ve changed my mind on that…..he’s worth more than Evans and Mike would likely agree.

    They are both better receivers because of each other.

  11. PassingThru Says:

    Re-signing Godwin is problematic; it’ll take some creative accounting with voidable years to get deals done. I believe the projected cap space is around $33 million, Godwin will take half of that, Gronk probably $10 million, and there’s still Fournette, Jensen, Cappa, Davis, and Whitehead with expiring contracts. I’m leaving out Suh and JPP as I think the team will move past them. I’m also inclined to believe that they’ll have to move past Fournette as well.

    The player who could have been a potential cheap date was Antonio Brown, who teams are leery of signing. You can add the Bucs to that list. Brown could help cushion any loss of Godwin, but after his latest shenanigan, I doubt he’s going to be welcomed back.

  12. webster Says:

    I keep telling you guys Arians is on record as saying what is wrong with paying two #1 receivers? The bucs are not letting Godwin get away.

  13. Marine Buc Says:

    I have good news and bad news…

    Bad news is Godwin will be the #1 WR free agent this offseason. He will probably fetch between $20-$24 million per year deal. We can’t afford him.

    Good news is we will spend a first or second round pick on a WR and we will bring back Gronk, A.B. and possibly Perriman on very cheap team friendly deals (as long as Tom Brady returns).

  14. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    CG, exception WR/O-player.
    JL shall do what he needs to do, to keep him a Bucs.

  15. Joe Says:

    Godwin is making just a handful of change under $16 million. So it’s not like he’s *that much more* expensive to keep.

    Carlton Davis is the guy who’s going to see a massive spike in salary.

    Joe would take the cash you are currently paying O.J. Howard, ($6 million), take 66 percent of that (which comes out to $4 million) put it towards Godwin’s salary offer and you likely keep Godwin.

  16. SB Says:

    Scotty In Fat Antonio Says:
    December 15th, 2021 at 2:11 pm
    So I guess we will forget about his forgettable post season dropsies last year?

    I Hate Dumbarses who spit retarded Ish!
    Hello Numbnut he had a broken finger with FOUR pins in it.
    Jeesh the amount of Stupidity here blows my mind!

  17. Buc50 Says:

    I truly believe that when AB is on the field, we literally have HOF caliber players at 5 positions on offense. What a great time to be a Buc fan.

  18. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    J arithmetic’s, so simple so efficient.
    That kind of “maneuver” I expect from JL & math-man MG, to close the long term deal with CG.
    Whatever it takes!

  19. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joe

    I believe the Bucs will use the franchise tag on Carlton Davis which will pay him @ $16.5 million… Give him one more year to prove himself worthy before he “breaks the bank”.

  20. SB Says:

    The only WRs in the league even in CGs category as “All around WR” are Deebo Samuel and DK Metcalf IMO. And Godwin catches better than Either

  21. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @”..Give him one more year to prove himself worthy before he “breaks the bank”…”
    Never break the bank for a CB, very fragile position, very easy to get hurt/out for long period.
    Pay him well/competitively with top 10 CBs in the league.
    Gems is hard to find, and we have one, CG.

  22. SB Says:

    That is a good point Marine Buc. Good suggestion. Hooah!

  23. Bob in valrico Says:

    IMO , Not signing Godwin would be the equivalent of shooting yourself in both feet. Also like the Suh’s contributions to the team. Vea and Suh complement each other perfectly . AS far as JPP , rotator cuff surgery and rehab is extremely
    difficult. But he is JPP , and you have to root for him to return to form.

  24. Ben green Says:

    Godwin was always good, he just needed the greatest quarterback to ever play to make him great. If Ben were Godwin, I wouldn’t sign for any longer than Brady is willing to play. Y’all know that after Brady the bucs will go back to being the bucs. Also by signing a short guaranteed deal, he’ll be ready to cash in again in three years. It’s smart business. He’s a talented WR, but don’t be fooled, without Brady, he’s never again going to win, while still putting these kind of numbers up. Talk amongst yourselves

  25. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Godwin’s price tag going up quicker than Irv’s weight class/blood pressure/cholesterol #’s. Both are dangerous for Buc Nation & JBF.

  26. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Financial guru Bengreen-backs suggests a skill player with a limited shelf life ( typically ) take a short term deal vs a longer, more lucrative one. No wonder he’s “financially independent”. This generation’s Warren Buffet I say!

  27. Joe Says:

    Also by signing a short guaranteed deal, he’ll be ready to cash in again in three years. It’s smart business.

    True. The salary cap never goes down (short of a pandemic) and teams are willing to shell out major money for top-shelf receivers.

  28. zzbuc Says:

    If Carlton Davies goes……I can sleep at night
    I f CG14 goes….. I can´t sleep at night

  29. Beeej Says:

    Without Godwin, they put their #1 and#2 on Evans, rendering him useless, other than as a decoy

  30. Ben green Says:

    Y’all are going to find out just how difficult it is to keep paying players top dollar, and win at the same time. yes the cap is going up but it’s a foregone conclusion. The players are going to want a big bite of that new TV money. You can’t pay everyone whatever they want all the time. Billionaire didn’t get to be billionaires by wasting money. Your owner is going to want another title for the money he spent. If that doesn’t happen, he’s going to change his thinking. Teams generally have a three year window, before real money spent interferes with the bottom line. It’s about real money spent, not the cap. Most owners, like y’all’s, are more than happy to win once or twice every twenty years, if it means more money for them in the long run. Remember, billionaires have budgets too

  31. webster Says:

    Hey Ben Green maybe you were in a coma when Godwin made the probowl and was named an all pro while missing 3 games and putting up 1333 yrds and 9 tds BEFORE brady arrived. Godwin was always great just as Arians said.

  32. Marine Buc Says:

    @ SB

    Hey bud hoooorahhhh!

    I hope I’m wrong. I would hate to lose Godwin but even after the added cap space we still only have @ $30 million of cap space. We already restructured and pushed cap hits down the road.

    Besides Godwin – we need to sign 6-7 draft picks plus about 20 more free agents…

  33. Ben green Says:

    Winny, I love you. I think you’re missing Ben’s point. As you well know, the last two or three years of a contract are garbage. It’s about guaranteed money up front. The length of the deal, is for cap purposes only. We always called them dummy years, because only a dummy thinks he’s going to see those years. It’s a trade off, unless you have unique leverage, like Kirk cousins. If the money isn’t in escrow, then it’s fake, and only used for accounting purposes

  34. SB Says:

    Am I missing something or are Ben Greene and Listnfrmafar battling to be the biggest dolts on the JBF comment threads?

  35. Eddie Marz Says:

    I want Godwin on our team. He’s a keeper. As far as those drops last year, it’s hard to catch anything with pins in your hand. GOBUCS!

  36. Buczilla Says:

    Godwin has stayed relatively healthy so far this year and has played through minor injuries, so any doubts that I had about him are history. He deserves a massive contract.

  37. RunRunPassRay Says:

    Give him his money, the man is consistent and underrated!!!

  38. Bucfan Says:

    Watching NFL Network the other day projected the cap to be at and/or around 108.5 million for 2022.
    That being said we have players like OJ Howard that we can get rid of. Considering we finally have a coaching staff that actually coaches players and they actually get better makes me feel a little better about our cap situation and signing CG to this 20+ million dollar salary.
    Go Bucs!!

  39. Buc4evr Says:

    Hope Godwin gets paid by the Bucs, but at the end of the day AB is still a better WR. I hope BA doesn’t do something stupid before the playoffs.

  40. Rod Munch Says:

    Godwin has basically been this guy since day 1. He certainly got better from his rookie year, but I mean just 2 years ago, in 13.5 games, he put up better numbers than he has now (86-1333-9 in 2019).

    Hopefully the Bucs can use his low yards per catch to get a break on the pricetag. All the catches are nice, but lets not pretend a huge number of them are coming on screens and short passes, which isn’t meant to be a knock, but Jarvis Landry isn’t getting Mike Evans FA money, regardless of how he pads his stats with screen passes. Again, Godwin is in Evans class, clearly above the Landry-level player, but you try to seek out anything you can to bring the dollars down.

  41. Wild Bill Says:

    Godwin has always been really, really good. It just took Brady way too long to fully realize that. Last year the emphasis was on the long throws. This year most teams are doubling Mike and with AB and Scotty out Brady finally realized Godwin on the short to medium throws was money! I worry that Godwin is taking too many hard shots in traffic. Loose Godwin and AB will absolutely have to be reinstated despite what Arians has been saying.

  42. SB Says:

    Anyone yapping about they would rather have AB than CG needs to take up another sport.
    I once heard a pretty good coach say ” Your best ability is availability” How many games has he missed for us so far?
    Nevermind that, how many has he missed in his career due to boneheadedness?
    He may be the only player in History to get booted off of three teams and still make the HOF.
    Give me Godwin Everyday and Twice on Sundays

  43. E.Vi. Says:

    MEGATRON before he retired from Detroit spoke highly of Godwin. Also big Mike Evans I think is number 1 because if WINSTON AND BRADY didn’t miss him wide open about 50 times since he was a rookie Evans would of had at least another 30-50 touchdowns just watch every game Evans played and all you would see is Evans wide open.

  44. E.Vi. Says:

    Evans is being guarded by 3 defenders and he still going to have 1200 yards plus and close to 15 touchdowns. Evans is a beast!!! And Godwin he earns every penny you don’t see a receiver fighting for every inch he can get like Godwin. Darren has to go you see him step out of bounds every time so he doesn’t get hit and break a fingernail…

  45. Corndog Says:

    It costs money to win, you must pay elite players. Pay the man!!

  46. PassingThru Says:


    Are you hearing voices? No one is advocating Antonio Brown over Chris Godwin.

  47. Pewter Says:

    I think RoJo is also in his final contract year. I don’t think he or OJ will remain with the Bucs… no room for high-priced backups. Suh and JPP, it’s up to them if they want to keep playing or retire. If they want to play another year, they won’t be asking or getting big raises. Might even take a slight cut. Bucs will try to resign Fournette. It might be possible, RBs generally aren’t the high salary they were. And Fournette has every reason to want to remain a Buc. IDK Davis status. A lot will depend on D backfield injury status at end of season. I do think Bucs will draft one, and a DLineman, fairly high.

  48. Miller5252 Says:

    That block last week Godwin had against 2 players was a complete BEAST MODE moment. Dude has just gotten better year after year! I just hope all this blocking and being in the middle of everything doesn’t shorten his career. It’ll be interesting to see if Godwin goes for as much money as he can or if he’ll give the team a hometown discount so the Bucs can reload for next year.

  49. Merlin Says:

    Before the broken finger/hand. Godwin had 3 drops in his entire career. You need to get over his post season drops.

  50. Merlin Says:

    @passingthru, except Buc4evr

  51. PassingThru Says:


    Point taken. I thought Buc4evr was simply mentioning that AB is marginally more productive. Godwin is certainly the more complete football player. I’d like to keep both, but I think AB will not be re-signed. That dramatically increases Godwin’s financial leverage, which won’t be lost on his agent. He’s going to cost a mint to keep, but there is no alternative.

  52. Sara Santos Da Fonseca Marto Says:

    I like it see movie Snowpiercer in Joe Bucs Fan.