Assessing The Ws

December 6th, 2021

We’re nearing the time of year when some fans and haters will look at the Buccaneers’ record and ask, “Who have they really beaten?”

It’s always a fun question, especially this season when the Super Bowl champs are competing in a division with three bad teams.

The optimist would quickly note the Bucs edged the Cowboys on opening day when Dallas was playing impressive football — before losing three of their last five games. The Bucs beat New England on Oct. 4, just before the Patriots (8-4) morphed into the beast of the AFC.

Miami was on its way to a 1-7 record when the Bucs blew them out, but now Miami is 6-7. The Colts (7-6) were sizzling hot when the Bucs beat them last week in Indianapolis, and they responded by blowing out Houston 31-0 on the road yesterday.

Yes, the Bucs lost road games to the Rams (8-4), Saints (5-7) and the Washington Heinicke’s (6-6).

So how does that all stack up in the NFC?

Joe doesn’t care too much, but some fans will have fun overanalyzing it all.

For perspective, the Bucs are 9-3 along with the Packers. Green Bay beat the 49ers by two points and followed that up with wins against good Steelers and Bengals teams. They also took care of the Heinickes and the Cardinals back-to-back before losing two of their last four.

Green Bay was pounded by Saints on opening day, and lost in November to the Chiefs without Aaron Rodgers and fell to the sad Vikings.

Joe thinks the Bucs’ overall performance stacks up quite well to Green Bay’s.

Regardless, it’s all fodder for bad sports talk radio. The answers will come on the field.

The Bucs have the firepower to run the table. Use it!

23 Responses to “Assessing The Ws”

  1. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Vikings just gave Lions their first win. FYI, Brady has 32-3 record over the Bill’s, plus a short week and coming to Tampa where Bucs are undefeated. I like Bucs chance, though I would like to see Bill’s win tonight because I think they’ve just lost 2 in a row. Huge game for them tonight.

  2. Medicated Pete Says:

    Hopefully the Bills get beat-up in a physical game vs the Patriots tonight. Vita Vea getting 2 sacks was awesome

  3. PassingThru Says:

    The top three NFC teams are playing the best football in the NFL, though the AFC Patriots might be knocking on that door after tonight.

    Fans can knock any of these teams for facing weak competition. It isn’t just a question of looking at W/L records, it’s a question of what kind of momentum did their opponents have when they faced them. The LA Rams and Buffalo looked dominant early in the year before hitting speed bumps. Even the Panthers looked promising at one point.

    I’m more interested in looking ahead. Green Bay has a very easy schedule going forward while Arizona still has a few challenges ahead. The Bucs only have one more quality team remaining (Buffalo) and a home game against a weaker rival who always seems to battle above their weight class against them (New Orleans).

    I’m hoping for at least the second seed. That would ensure two home games, providing Tampa Bay doesn’t get upset.

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Washington Heinicke’s

    Is this new, or have I simply been out of touch for too long?


  5. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I can honestly say, outside of the Dirty Birds, I don’t feel any game has been easy this year. All of the other teams brought great games against the Bucs.

  6. Robert Says:

    GB, Cowgirls, Cardinals……..that’s some tough competition.

    they better nut up!

  7. HeyItsAdam Says:

    I think if you look at the schedule, the top 4 teams have losses they should not have had.

    So I think parity is king, Any Given Sunday…, broken clocks, etc. etc.

  8. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    That loss in Washington really lingering in the race for#1 seed. But it seems to have served as a wake up call to the team and they’re in December football mode. Next game is a big one and could be a shootout. First round bye and home field advantage would be HUGE. The Cardinals are a weird team as are the Packers. I don’t think they could beat us at RJS. The Rams… Well they seem to be the west coast version of the Saints. Would be best if we could avoid them in the postseason.

  9. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    There is much more parity in the NFL than in College Football, where Alabama almost always wins, all the time.
    Many of us College Football Fans are rooting for Cincinnatti to beat Alabama, but doubt it will happen.
    I want the Bills to win the game tonight, because I dont want the Patriots in the Super Bowl, especially against us.

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Tampa, why not? You ASCARED?

  11. Darin Says:

    They’ve beat who’s on the schedule. If anyone wants to schedule all the great teams mid season to get a gauge they’re bollocks.

  12. David Says:

    It is all irrelevant. This argument happens every year and it really means nothing. You play the schedule before you. Every team, even Detroit, is an NFL team with NFL caliber players and can beat anyone. Especially this year. Look at some of the teams some of the so-called elite teams have lost to in the last month.

  13. Mort Says:

    “Good” Steelers and Bengals teams? Bengals, maybe. Steelers? Lol, no.

  14. Bucsfanman Says:

    What Darin said. You play and beat the teams in front of you. It’s not college football where style points help sway your rankings.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    WTF,NE,MIA…..all went on winning streaks after we played them.

    The Bills should be an indication of our strength….but then again, the Jags beat them.

    GB gets to play Bears & Lions twice.

    The tough schedule is for the NFC West teams……playing each other twice.

  16. Swampbuc Says:

    Bills will be a stout test. Must have pass rush and containment of Allen.

  17. SOEbuc Says:

    I hope Rodgers wins the MVP. Means it’s a lock for everyone to pick the Packers in the NFCC only for Tom to shove it up everyone azz (again).

  18. Irishmist Says:

    When we have all our starters we are as good as anybody. But we haven’t had that since the first game.

  19. Scooter Says:

    Except for last season the Patriots have owned the AFC East for almost 20 years. If the Bills beat New England tonite, I Think they’ll be a little flat next game at Tampa.

  20. DoooshLaRue Says:

    This is why the geniuses that pencil in wins before the season starts really irritate me.

    Couple the parity with the fact that we’re still the Bucs and nothing is a given.


  21. Orlandobucsfan#1 Says:

    I hope tonight goes into full overtime.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    If you ask me we are in the strech of the season that really defines us.

    We just beat Indy who was desperate for a win to stay in contention to win their division.
    Falcons were desperate to win and move up in the race for a wild card. And we dominatied th eff m

    Next two games against Bills and Saints…..both desperately fighting for playoff seeds(just like we are)…….Then we will see where the Panters are at.

    The last 2 games have been a really good sign. Defense is assending and our hot start on offense yesterday was great to see.

    Bills are the best team left. If we can win that one I love our chanses to win out and get a top playoff spot.

  23. Hodad Says:

    Every W is a good W. Our heads are getting to big grading wins. I still remember the days when we couldn’t win at all. I like where the team is at right now. We look like we can win it all again.