“A 70-Page Notebook” Per Game

December 31st, 2021

Study time! (Photo is a summer screenshot from In The Current))

Now this is one of the most interesting Tom Brady stories Joe has heard.

After 14 seasons, two Super Bowls and five Pro Bowl honors, renowned outside linebacker James Harrison landed in New England to play alongside Tom Brady with the 2014 Patriots.

Amazingly, Harrison told The Rich Eisen Show recently that Brady was the greatest student of the game he had ever seen.

“I had never, never seen anybody with the study habits of him. That’s for sure. Like this dude damn near fills up a whole notebook [before] a game,” Harrison said.

Eisen seemed in disbelief.

“Notes. Yes. Notes,” Harrison responded. “Like you take a little notebook, like a 70-page notebook, this dude would damn near fill it up, every game, 70-page, 120-page, whatever it may be … leading up to the game.”

Harrison went on to say Brady would talk about what a defensive coordinator did 10 years ago, and he added how incredible it was to watch Brady introduce himself to practice squad players as if they didn’t know who he is.

16 Responses to ““A 70-Page Notebook” Per Game”

  1. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Head coaching material if the Mrs. allows it. Either BAs offensive scheme book is rather thin or he’s just that great. He already knows which plays will work in given situations even going against BLs called plays. I think it’s a combo of both. Many people say BL needs more imagination when calling plays but it’s BAs play book he’s calling from and yet Brady has been very effective wuthering it, most of the time!

  2. Ben green Says:

    The only QB to rival Brady in the academic part of quarterbacking was Steve Young. Young famously knew every single play, and check in a 500 play play book. The dude was like rain Man. This is before the advent of qb wristbands mind you. Although not as intelligent, (young is a lawyer from BYU) Brady possess the same mental superiority as far as the position is concerned. Brady stole Young’s assertion about “having the answers to the test’ sadly, Young’s concussion problem, never allowed him to fully realize the mental mastery of the position. Brady has seen every coverage, knows every check, and you can’t beat him by fooling him.

  3. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall, Jamais wrote his notes on a dirty napkin. Seriously what possibly could BA or BL teach this guy?

  4. Mr Bean Says:

    Mystery solved. He just studies more. 😀

  5. Oneilbuc Says:

    Listnfrmafar LOL 😆 that’s not true brother but I guess you trying to set a narrative. But Jamies went to New Orleans and looked like a total different quarterback from his time with us !! And that’s with a bunch receivers that wouldn’t be starters on no other teams roster! 15 touchdowns with only 3 picks. The moment Jamies went down they only won 1 game . If Brady couldn’t win without Gronk and AB what do think would happen with those receivers in New Orleans 🤔 !! And I wouldn’t even blame Brady just like I didn’t blame him for our losses.

  6. Mike pizzoli Says:

    It was 2017 when the Patriots signed Harrison late in the season, not 2014

  7. Bird Says:


    Good call. You think payton has his guy
    4-2 thowing shorties

  8. Bird Says:


    Pre brady

    I love dem balls”. James Had a nice ball to but ratio”

    Post brady

    Hate dem w balls

  9. Oneilbuc Says:

    Bird. That’s call good coaching when you talking football as a fan of football. A lot stuff yall say is driven by emotions for the team . But sometimes you have to put your fan card down and just look at it from a football standpoint. I love my bucs been a fan since 1995 but I’m football fan first. And just looking at it as a football fan that was a smart move my Sean Payton. But never the lest Jamies still looked like a different quarterback with the saints. Just imagine if he had his starters on the feild with the running game they have he would have been a better quarterback than his time here!!

  10. BBro Says:

    Jameis knew he was at the end of his lifeline it was either crablegs, female uber drivers or fsu skirts and you’d hope he choose the nfl

  11. Jersey buc Says:

    You still on here talking about jaymiss bro? Hahahaha. Beat it. Brady got a Super Bowl win and a division this year so far. Go follow the saints man. It didn’t work out here he was horrible. I was pulling for him believe me a young QB to have for 15 years. But truth is he was junk. That’s it

  12. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    Onielbuc, the Saints actually have won 3 games without Jameis, and 2 of them were against the Bucs! If we play anyone in the playoffs other than the Saints, I think that we’ll be good to go.

    I wasted 5 years of my life rooting for Jameis only to watch him come in to RaJay and eat a W with Drew as the QB. F that guy! Way to show some appreciation for the organization that made you a multi millionaire! No class!

    I’ll take Tom and the Super Bowl, F Jameis and the Saints!

  13. Mikejp Says:

    Joe, you missed this part “ The former linebacker added that Brady also shared inputs on the defense about the offensive scheme”.

    Can you ask some Bucs defenders about that?

  14. Oneilbuc Says:

    Steve. You can’t say us the first game was without Jamies because the score would have been worse in that first game if he would have finished the game. The jets suck so I guess you can count them . But the second game that score would have been more than just 9 points. The point is that Jamies looked like a different quarterback with the saints. Again I don’t think Brady win one game with the saints roster on offense. We haven’t won 1 game without AB and Gronk yet so that should tell you something !! I really didn’t care about those losses at all because I new we were going to the playoffs anyway. The thing is that I have a feeling that when Trask gets his chance it will be the same way with him just like all the rest of the quarterbacks that was drafted. He will be the scapegoat regardless how bad the team is around him.

  15. Miller5252 Says:

    Scapegoat? Did we watch the same games? Jameis throwing INT’s like he’s giving out candy on Halloween. Then you have what he did to the female Uber driver and that should have ended his career then. You read the stories about Brady and compare them to the Jameis stories and you can tell why Brady is on a different level. Having something between the ears is the biggest reason Brady is so successful and Jameis is not. Jameis may not have had the talent Brady has on the Bucs, but it wouldn’t have mattered in the long run. Jameis just isn’t on any level close to the really good QB’s.

  16. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    All hail Brady. I still find it amazing that he’s the Bucs QB. It’s not just the study habits, the perfectionism, the humility, the study habits, the notepad, it’s the freaking ice in his veins under pressure.