Who To Root For Today

November 7th, 2021

Big fan — for one day.

Today, with the Bucs off on a bye week, it’s scoreboard watching.

Or, in other words, it’s time to adopt, if but for a day, some new favorite teams.

For a few hours today, the Bucs need to embrace the Chiefs, 49ers, Broncos, Titans and (cough) Dixie Chicks.

Just for a few hours, folks.

These teams play against opponents in the thick of the chase for homefield advantage in the playoffs. Joe has a breakdown of each game and where to find it on your TV.

Dixie Chicks vs. slimy Saints, 1 p.m., Channel 13

Joe gives the Dixie Chicks a puncher’s chance. Uncle Ira thinks the Dixie Chicks upset the slimy Saints. If this were college, Joe would be putting cash down on the Dixie Chicks. NFL players are not that emotional but you have to wonder if the slimy Saints will get caught napping, still jonesing over upsetting the Super Bowl champs last week? Joe has a hunch that stiff Trevor Siemian won’t burn the Dixie Chicks like he did the Bucs. Rise Up!

Broncos at Cowboys, 1 p.m., NFL Sunday Ticket Channel 710.

This is a tough one. No, not tough to pull for the Broncos. Any regular reader of this here corner of the interwebs wouldn’t ever pull for the Cowboys lest they damn their souls to eternal hell. But man, if the Broncos pull this off, it may be the upset of the season. The Broncos are circling the drain and it’s looking worse by the week for Vic Fangio to return next season. Denver is coming off a road win last week at Washington, so, you know, any given Sunday. Go Broncos!

Packers at Chiefs, 4:25 p.m., Channel 13

The Bucs get a break and drama queen Aaron Rodgers will miss this game for lying not taking the jab and coming down with The Sickness. Yeah, the Packers are good but do you trust Jordan Love in his first NFL start? Besides, if you are rooting for a team to knock off an NFC rival, who better than at quarterback than Pat Mahomes? Tomahawk Chop, baby!

Cardinals at 49ers, 4:25 p.m., NFL Sunday Ticket Channel 715.

Easy game to root for. Pull for John Lynch and the pride of Eastern Illinois, Jimmy GQ. Kyler Murray may not play (as Joe is typing this Saturday night while watching Texas at Iowa State game). The 49ers still have hopes of a wild card so this is pretty much a must-win for them, especially if Murray cannot play. Let’s go Niners!

Titans at Rams, 8:20 p.m., Channel 8.

This, sadly, should be a blowout. Joe doesn’t know how the Derrick Henry-less Titans can hang with the high-powered Rams. Ryan Tannehill vs. Matt Stafford, really? And Joe fully expects Von Miller to be breathing fire to impress his new team. Of course we want the Rams to lose, but this also looks like a tough one for Bucs fans. Titans love here.

13 Responses to “Who To Root For Today”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Best chance in order:

    Chiefs, Atlanta, SF, Titans

    I’d be happy with one…

  2. Hodad Says:

    The Saints suffer the same fate the Rams did after beating us, and lose the next game. Teams get way high when they play us, than let down the next week. Atlanta 24, N.O. 17.

  3. Bird Says:

    Falcons just barely beat the fins and jets …two teams that are pretty garbanzo
    No chance they beat saints. If you guys havent figured it out yet , the saints can win with my seven year old nephew at qb. Now , the game will be different next time we play them when our dbs are back. Man i hate the saints.

    Now …chiefs will beat packers without karen rodgers

    49ers over cards are my sleeper cause that division just beats up in each other

  4. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I have also thought the game will go in favor of the Falcons today. The Falcons now have some recent film on Siemian and Thomas is still out. Siemian will feel big pressure to perform well (and could very well choke) with Hill more than happy to step in as the rightful starter, so Siemian may push the ball. Remember…he was #3 on the depth chart fo a reason. Clearly the Saints put their all into the game last week against the Champs so they are ripe for a trap game. This could be a double whammy for the Saints, as Hill only prepped for part of the week–I expect he will actually take back over starter next week when they go to TEN…for hopefully loss #2 in a row. Am I biased against the Saints? Yup.

  5. Jersey buc Says:

    Think saints had there Super Bowl last week against us. We’ll see. Can not stand the saints not one bit!

  6. BuucccNASTY he p Says:

    Time to regroup and rally the troups.. let’s see how we look after the bye before we start talking about another Super Bowl run. I’ve been saying this since before we played one meaningful snap this season, and it’s time we see if our Bucs are forreal in going for two, or gunna end up on another Super Bowl hangover.

  7. Medicated Pete Says:

    Last weeks debacle seems like 5yrs ago & now we have another week

  8. Listnfrmafar Says:

    If KC can’t beat GB without Roger’s their playoff hopes are most likely over. The addition of Ingram should help that Swiss cheese D.

    Love to see the Titans knock off the Rams but without Henry doubtful.

    Atlanta beating Saints, can’t see it happening even though Seimian really didn’t do anything special last week.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    I remember when Unreasonable Joe used to think Jay-Miss was better than Matt Stafford. 😄

  10. Leighroy Says:

    Today will be a great day for Redzone channel eh?!?! LOL

  11. ATLBuc Says:

    Joe! FYI Avon Miller is not playing today

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    IF the Titans had Derrick Henry, I can see them possibly beating the Rams. With Henry, they are a ball control team, and able to keep the ball away from from Stafford and Cooper Cupp. However, I can’t see them doing that with an aged Adrian Peterson.
    Like everyone else here, I am hoping that Atlanta delivers and upset of the Saints.
    I hate Sean Peyton and the Saints, and though I am not one bit Irish, I will dance an Irish Jig if they lose today. I plan to call Hooters later to order some Wings, and I have a 12 pack of Bromosa to go with them!

  13. SB Says:

    As much as I respect your opinions for the most part I am glad you were wrong.
    Also why the perpetuation of the problem by calling him a Karen?