Tom Brady Says “Communication, Concentration & Energy” Must Improve

November 15th, 2021

Tom Brady had a rocky time with media after the face-stomping the Bucs endured yesterday at Washington.

Tonight he had more to say.

Brady spent about 60 seconds not chatting it up at his postgame news conference. He acknowledged tonight on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio that those are tough moments for him after losses.

On what the Bucs need to do better, Brady offered little detail but he was steaming with confidence — with a hint of frustration in his voice.

“Communication and concentration, energy, I mean all those things matter,” Brady said. “We gotta improve those things. That’s the reality. I’m not going to get into a bunch of scheme things that we need to do differently. I mean, we gotta execute better, for sure. I gotta execute better. I gotta make the plays that are there to be made. I’m sure a lot of [teammates] after today’s meetings feel exactly how I feel.”

Brady emphasized it’s a different Bucs year with different problems that require a different approach to fixing them.

As for what the Bucs delivered in Washington, Brady was adamant the Bucs played the way they need to play only “10 to 15 percent of the time.”

Brady said it’s the “mental toughness” time of year when some teams get better and some get worse, and he certainly has the perspective of what’s most important is how the Bucs are playing entering the playoffs.

“A lot of playing your best at the right time is evaluating how to play your best and who you’re playing, and how they’re playing their best,” Brady said. He noted that the Bucs are dealing with injuries along with many teams and the key is building a plan with what you have.

45 Responses to “Tom Brady Says “Communication, Concentration & Energy” Must Improve”

  1. Listnfrmafar Says:

    To summarize we aren’t stupid are coaches are! Adjustments are made by coaches. Bucs lead the NFL giving up TD’s while blitzing with 12 so far. Here’s an idea stop blitzing and giving up td’s.

  2. mg Says:

    Indeed, Listnfrmafar.

  3. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @”..I’m sure a lot of [teammates] after today’s meetings feel exactly how I feel…”
    I’m afraid if they are thinking: “Is Tom done?? Cause if he is, we are done too..”
    This team ALWAYS was relying on TB12 and his “draft”.
    Never was coaching, cause three years ago we went from bad coaching to NO coaching at all.
    Do you still want it Tom, I mean the GAME, or you’re tired with lack of HC;DC;OC; and the rest??
    No blame of you, you brought light to this area after loooong darkness.

  4. DaBux Says:

    How about everyone on the team quit sucking all together at the same time.

  5. captiva jim Says:

    something is NOT right in the locker room …..they could easily loose to NYG ,Colts & Bills later… Plus , with looney tunes back with Panthers,-who beat Cards , ; may not be a playoff run ?????

  6. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @”…He noted that the Bucs are dealing with injuries along with many teams and the key is building a plan with what you have….”
    By Whom?? TV 🤡 aka Lovie S 2.0? by whom, there are no carriers in the coaching staff is just you Tom. They don’t understand your level, nor SB level. Why? Cause they are High school level, and the 🤡 that brought them here is concern much more about equality; diversity; PR; than FOOTBALL.
    You TB12, are the only one that can lift this team back, the ONLY one.
    Sooo, make a plan.

  7. JimmyJack Says:

    You guys are the same idiots who have been trying to run off the coaching staff last year. They made you gag on your own words last year and led us to the Super Bowl.

    Everybody is up in arms blaming the coaching staff(actually fair from yesterday)……….And what happens when we rebound and rip off a few wins in a row?…….For you the ciaching staff is only for blaming. They are your convinent scapegoat.

  8. Allbuccedup Says:

    Undisciplined coaching why isn’t the coaches chewing some ass.

  9. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Next game is the true rest.
    Are we in it or not?
    We gonna quit or are we gonna fight?

    We’ll all know this time next week.

  10. Lesco_Brandon Says:

    It was just a weird game last night. Feels like the planets were not aligned properly to win that game. Hopefully, they’ll correct themselves and we will be fine and dandy…. GO BUCS !!!

  11. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Jimmy Jack, the coaches are the ones living off the SB rings. I will agree with you Bowles put together a great game plan for KC. Make no mistake those players were energized during the playoffs especially the D. You also have to admit KC came in cocky and unprepared. It appears like the hot date that’s now your girlfriend, the newness is wearing off.

  12. Tye Says:

    I remember an interview with Tom Brady back around the 1st week of October and he admits to dreading playing in the cold and actually said he had already looked ahead to the Washington game being played in Washington and checking the weather for that game….

    They played like they were miserably cold and just want to get back to the tropical weather of Florida!

  13. Youngbucs Says:

    Yea because the coaches false start!
    Yea because the coaches tossed a int!
    Yea because the coaches jumped offsides!
    Yea because the coaches can’t tackle!
    Yea because the coaches drop numerous ints!
    Same trolls different year who in the end will look foolish again carry on.

  14. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Maybe, but weren’t our other 2 loses played indoors?
    We looked like crap then too.

  15. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    That game was jinxed from the start when Darden tried to change hands on the ball, and it got knocked out.
    It was pretty much all downhill from there, with a few bright spots.
    It is only one game, and all our competitors lost too, so it could have been much worse.

  16. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Brady is what makes me feel good about turning things around at least with the offense. I haven’t seen anything from the defense this season yet.

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Youngbucs, ALL discipline issues that keep occurring so yes on the coaches or why have them if they do nothing? No one is accountable for their actions, kinda like a circus coached by clowns.

  18. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbucs. Yeah you right and I do agree with you on that . But at the same time if I was coaching against the bucs I would play the middle of the feild against Brady every game we lost they played the middle of the feild against the offense. Brady is only responsible for 1 pick the first wasn’t Brady fault. The defense didn’t stop Washington when they needed to. Defense win championships !!

  19. Wild Bill Says:

    Two ugly losses in a row REALY concern me. I expected the Bucs to come out breathing fire after the ugly loss to NO. And with a bye week they should have come out breathing fire and full of energy. Two ugly losses in a row especially after a week off is hard to understand. We are used to seeing Tom coming back breathing fire and tossing bombs after a slow start. The defense played hard before the final long drive by Washington. But the offense and Brady sucked. Turn overs gave Washington a huge advantage early on, but the defense held them to field goals most of the first half. I put this loss totally on the Bucs offense, including Tom.

  20. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    A perfect storm of a loss. We came out cocky just like Gruden Bucs after 1st SB…
    Got to give credit to Wash QB!! He gave us hell our 1st playoff game last year & this year was no exception… Guess what Brady is human & had a bad day at the office. Do Not ever bet against him…

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Wild Bill, sorry pal the score was 13 to 3 not like it was a blow out. It was the offense that got them back into the game it was the D that couldn’t make a stop for 2/3 of the 4th quarter. Can’t score if your not on the field. Oh and timeouts would of been nice and a coach that has the balls to have faith that their offense can make a first down on 4th & short.

  22. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Are nfl matchups like styles make fights? Seems like we match up horribly with the rams yet the 49ers always give them fits.

  23. Buckaroo Boozie Says:

    Any given Sunday… BUC UP NEVER WASERS… WAAAA We lost a game…

    In BRADY I TRUST …. buckle up thin skins and medicated idiots… 8 games left🙄

  24. Buc55 Says:

    Super Bowl hangover all the way.. there is a bad attitude and we were hit in the mouth..
    Maybe they’ll learn from this and start playing like there’s no next week as they did last year.. I feel that many of this players don’t have that urgent feeling of demonstrating they can…

  25. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This team is too good to not make any noise. They need their corners back and they have to start playing more physical football. They look like a finesse team right now.

  26. Francisco Guzman Says:

    They should add somebody on that d-line. Need some depth. Somebody on the cheap out there right now.

  27. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    Who is worst, Rams or Bucs ? 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Francisco Guzman Says:

    49ers have owned the rams the last couple of years.

  29. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    You just really don’t know who is dominant this season.

  30. BradyBucs Says:


    This potentially helps our playoff seeding so as much as the loss stunk yesterday at least we’re not really in a worst position due to the loss.

    We’ll still win the division, and the Cardinals lost again.

    – Cardinals have to play Rams again
    – Packers and Rams play
    – We hold tiebreaker with Cowboys

    So despite the loss we’re still in a solid position to end up as the #1 or #2 seed in the playoffs.

  31. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    I wonder if Rams’ fans are calling for their coaches and GM to be fired….hmmmmmm 🤣

  32. JimmyJack Says:

    I thought when we played just to offense or defense it was a Jamies Winston thing? Why are we always blaming just one side off the ball?

    The truth is neither side played good enough. The defense actually came out with a lot more energy at looked ready to roll. But anything OK they did was wiped out in the 4th.

    The offense was pretty freaking terrible. Basically 3 points at halftime. Then the defense comes up with a stop to start the third and we do nothing with the ball. Factor in the turnovers and it was a losing brand of football.

    Why are you people so obsessed with blaming just one unit?

  33. firethecannons Says:

    BradyBucs–dude we have to win our next game first at this point I have major doubts as MNF is not a strongpoint for us.
    yeah the Giants are the challenge–STOP thinking playoffs

  34. Buckaroo Boozie Says:

    OMG…. The Rams lost🤷🏼‍♂️
    Any Given SUNDAY wuss pusses!
    Settle down and ride the wave and don’t give up on TB12 !

  35. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This team needs to get back on track on monday! Still lots of football left but they need a win in the worse way.

  36. Hondo Says:

    Don’t panic fans. I’ve been following Brady for his entire Patriots career. Brady and Pats have had similar stale looking moments. It happens. I predict very soon Bucs will be kicking ass. And it won’t hurt when Gronk and AB are back.

  37. brooks Says:

    10-7 No playoffs, Brady retirement

  38. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @brooks keep dreaming bud.

  39. David Says:

    I predicted 14–3
    I will stick with it even though I now think they end up 13-4.

    That loss looks worse after the Cardinals and Rams lost. A win could have made big strides towards home-field.

    The Buccaneers need to look at the Cardinals loss, the Rams loss, the bills, the Bengals, the Browns, the ravens, the Packers, the Cowboys, Saints…. All these good teams, playoff teams, at some point in the last two weeks getting their butts kicked when they should not have.
    If that doesn’t show you that you need to show up every game, every quarter, every play … because the season is now wide-open

  40. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Hondo and David,

    I agree with both of you.

  41. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s just really lazy to say, “oh, it’s the coaching!”
    Believe it or not BL doesn’t call plays where the only route being run is a checkdown!
    Last time I checked Todd Bowles doesn’t line up on the DL.
    Nor, for that matter, does BA play offense!
    Brady stunk! Deal with it, he’s human. Fact is, the team stunk.
    There are 8 more games to play. Beat the Giants!

  42. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Hondo, BA, BL & Bowles are not Belichick and McDaniels. That’s the difference, Belichick doesn’t dwell on shat, he fixes it.

  43. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Totally AGREE with your post Youngbucs

    Youngbucs Says:
    November 15th, 2021 at 7:44 pm
    Yea because the coaches false start!
    Yea because the coaches tossed a int!
    Yea because the coaches jumped offsides!
    Yea because the coaches can’t tackle!
    Yea because the coaches drop numerous ints!

    Same trolls different year who in the end will look foolish again carry on.

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!

  44. Bill_T Says:

    By concentration, does TB12 mean that Mike Evans had to be another 2 yards deeper, in which case he would have caught the ball without a problem???

  45. Mike Johnson Says:

    Be ready Bucs. The Giants actually believe they can beat us. If they do? The party is over. RUCK UP baby.