49ers Hand Rams Second Straight Defeat; Keep Bucs Alive In Homefield Advantage Chase

November 16th, 2021

Deebo Samuel and the 49ers help the Bucs.

This NFL season has been nuts, thank goodness for the Bucs.

Last night the 49ers opened a can of whoop-arse on the Rams and handed Los Angeles its third defeat of the season (Odell Beckham Curse?). The Rams, who have already beaten the Bucs, have only a half-game lead on Tampa Bay in the NFC homefield-advantage race.

The Bucs will still have to leapfrog the Cardinals and Packers for homefield advantage. Both the Cardinals and Packers have two losses, as do the Cowboys. The Bucs have a tiebreaker against the Cowboys after beating them to open the season. The Cardinals and Rams still must face each other again. The Packers beat Arizona and still have a game against the Rams on Thanksgiving weekend.

Last night was the first time in over a year that the 49ers have won a home game.

16 Responses to “49ers Hand Rams Second Straight Defeat; Keep Bucs Alive In Homefield Advantage Chase”

  1. snookman Says:

    so stupid. Forget homefield advantage, forget bye week in playoffs, just get there. We were 11-5 last year played on the road and got hot at the right time………that is what matters. You need to be healthy and clicking on all cylinders when the playoffs start. We proved it last year. In team sports it always comes down to who gets hot at the rght time……………..right now we are ice cold but we can get on a run and be ready for Jan-Feb.

  2. Long John Says:

    Somebody wake up Pete I do not want to be first.

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete’s driving around the hood in his Lil’ Rascal scooter right now sipping on a Steel Reserve & just realized that OBJ & Kanye West are the same kind of CRAZY. He’s going to add chaos to that team & Sean McVay sounds like a con artist when he talks (remember, he worships Gruden who is a con artist extraordinaire).

    Rams fans feeling like Bucs fans right now.

  4. steele Says:

    All sports, including the NFL, has been upside down nuts for two years now, for many reasons. But tonight I’m relieved Bucs got another little reprieve preventing them from being pushed off the cliff. As we all said the week before, enough is enough. No more lapses. Get everyone back healthy and let’s take care of business. Please.

  5. Bertorican Says:

    It doesn’t matter if the rest of the NFC flounders if the Bucs do too. Lets hope they stop laying stinkers.

  6. Lesco_Brandon Says:

    I feel good going to bed knowing the RAMS lost to a 3-5 niners team. Lots of RAMS fans feeling nauseated. They have a very high expectations. Lesson for the week, inlcuding BUCS fans, lower your expectations… 🤣

  7. firethecannons Says:

    this article assumes we win against the giants and all the other teams. right now we can’t win sht! it is one game at a time and next up is the Giants on MNF. before we plan out our playoff path, lets hope we actually win our next game.

  8. Medicated Pete Says:

    The Rams players will have to answer questions about OBJ for the rest of the season & this will become a massive, malignant cancer “is Odell happy or not”

    This is FANTASTIC

  9. GMC hater Says:

    I don’t get the logic in replacing desean Jackson with OBJ… they’re similar receivers in more ways than one.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Was just reading the game recap of the Rams’ 31-10 loss on CBS Sports and for all practical purposes it was a replay of the Bucs-Washington game. It was a ground-and-pound game for the 49ers who ran it 44 times for 156 yds, while Garappolo periodically dinked-and-dunked to keep the Rams’ defense off-balance. Even included 2 INTs by Stafford, one a miscommunication with Beckham & another a pass that bounced off Higbee. (Wow does that sound familiar).

    And just for good measure the 49ers threw in an 18-play, 93 yd drive for a TD that ate up 11 minutes (and included 13 rushes). Love this recap from that article …

    ‘San Francisco played exactly the type of football it wants to play on a weekly basis. It dominated time of possession and nearly doubled up the Rams thanks to an unrelenting ground attack. In the first half, the 49ers did not have a single passing attempt on first down as Kyle Shanahan elected to lean on his running game to not only move the chains but keep the L.A. offense off the field.’

    Hmmm, apparently the running game isn’t quite ready to go the way of the dinosaurs after all.

  11. Joe in Michigan Says:

    But, but, but…Rod Munch said we’re stupid for not wanting OBJ on the Bucs. How can this be? I’m sure it was just first game jitters and he’ll be all-world like Munch says.

  12. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Sometimes we forget this is Professional Football. The best of the best are playing each other every week. Stranger things have happened than the 49ers beating the Rams. Crazy league lol.

  13. Gbobucsfan Says:

    I understand that is the goal but how about we win the nfc south first? Lost 2 in a row (including a 2-6 team with a backup qb) and talking about being the best team in the NFC? Not even close right now.

  14. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The 49ers game plan played out to perfection. Very creative secondary and took Kupp out of the game. Camera panning OBJ pouting on the sidelines. The loss of Woods is huge and OBJ is not a good replacement. You could see Stafford scrambling to find a #2 receiver. At least, knock on wood our receivers will return Woods is not. The Giants game will determine where this team is headed, another bad loss to a so so team is hard to rebound from.


    ZERO realistic possibility of a #1 seed

    NYG coming off a bye and Bowles has not been good at handling or even slowing down Daniel Jones

    Colts excellent run game and a creative offensive coordinator who will take the short quick easy throws all game long and limit the offenses possesions

    Falcons won’t be an easy game

    Bills don’t run the ball well but they play good d and will expose our coverage schemes

    Aints, it doesn’t matter their QB situation Payton owns BA in head to head matchups. He’s just smarter than BA. Payton is 7-2 lifetime against BA and 7-1 in the regular season

    Panthers haven’t given up and the Jets in the cold on the road will be tough.

    This is a playoff team with 11 wins definitely, but they won’t be a top 2 seed, playing like they are.

  16. unbelievable Says:


    The Bucs p!seed away their opportunity… again!

    They are pretenders. They’ll be lucky to get the #4 seed. And then get their @sses handed to them immediately in that first game.

    This team is soft and mentally weak.