Tom Brady: It’s The “Competitive Stamina” Time Of Year

November 8th, 2021

Hope has worn off, says Tom Brady.

The Goat took fans inside his mind this evening during his regular trip to SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio.

Brady was lecturing on his approach to this period in the annual NFL season.

Joe believes Brady opened a window into what he no doubt will impart strategically to teammates this week.

“You know we’re at a point in the year we don’t know where that one team is going to be and there are some teams that realize they’re not going to be the one [to win a Super Bowl],” Brady said. “And I think this is the really important time of year where you gotta just push as hard as you can for the next five or six weeks. You gotta put everything in. It’s called competitive stamina.

“There was a great line from [retired NFL and college coach] Al Groh that he [told] our team when I was with the Patriots. Ever since he said that I’ve said, ‘It’s so true.’ The competitive stamina of playing in the NFL is an intangible.

“Like I said earlier, the hope has worn off at this point. The light is not at the end of the tunnel. So the only thing you have is your competitive stamina. How often can you show up every day and give your best? So when you need it, you know, six or eight weeks from now, it’s been primed and it’s ready to go. You know, that’s what you’ve gotta do. You’ve got to have a great competitive stamina to think about the details, to not overlook anything, to just keep pushing on even when it gets tough. I know that we’ve got a team full of guys that will do that.”

Great philosophical stuff there from Brady.

21 Responses to “Tom Brady: It’s The “Competitive Stamina” Time Of Year”

  1. Rob Says:

    Every Buc fan should be relishing each and every minute Brady plays for our beloved Buccaneers. We will never have a quarterback like Brady again, no one will. Here’s to Brady continuing to defy all logic for a few more years at least. Go Bucs!

  2. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Brings a joyful tear to me eye. Go Bucs! Football life can’t get much better for us. We (fans) deserve this.

  3. Buc55 Says:

    Rob’s right.. this is incredible… I remember Gradkowski, Glennon, Freeman…

  4. 163Doubleplay Says:

    I hope Brady continues to play with Bucs next season. The Bucs have been blessed to have Brady and Gronk in the Bucs uniform. So, Lets enjoy the ride and hopefully, we reach the ultimate goal of winning the SB back to back. GO BUCS !!!

  5. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    Not only he is doing his job in a exception way, but he is coaching his team mates, on how can they reach the top.
    Deep deep down, he is doing the job of the coaches… the “High school coaches”, as one mention here, we have.
    It is beyond the football IQ, this man has. This man is a born leader, but in the same time super intelligent one.
    We are lucky, and let protect our super special/superhuman QB; TB12.

  6. James Allen Lofton Says:

    Brady is talking about the concept Mind Over Matter. 100% belief + determination can take the Bucs back to the Super Bowl.

    There is no substitute for the leadership, mindset and resolve that Brady has imparted to the Bucs.

    BA said it well last year – all it took was just one person to change a team into a winner. We may never see a Brady again. Enjoy the moment.

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Wow. This Brady dude’s amazing!

  8. Natron Says:

    We’ve never had a franchise QB in Tampa, now we have the GOAT, who would have thunk it?

  9. G.Marosi Says:

    It’s great to have that leadership in the locker room. Been waiting a long time a coming, go buc’s ; it’d our time…

  10. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Brady’s just different. Enjoy it Bucs fans. We’ll never see his like again.

  11. Jason from JA Says:

    @Buc 55. Vinny T, Craig Erickson, Chris Simms; Dilfer; Brian Griese and wasn’t Byron Leftwich our QB at one point?

    I feel WRETCHED just processing the QB play from those gentlemen.

  12. K.Sweeney Says:

    Bye week is over.Time for the repeat.

  13. Miller5252 Says:

    I just hope some of this sticks to our young guys and they can carry this after Brady is gone. White, Vea and Winfield need to have their mouths shut and learning right now so when it’s time, they can step in a keep this franchise from returning to what it’s been the last 12 years before Brady. Brady has given the Franchise the blue print to be great for a long time. Glazers and down better be learning!

  14. Daytona Bryan Says:

    Great Comments People! The Goat is The Goat!

  15. Irishmist Says:

    If you are still playing this crazy game at 44 then competitive stamina isn’t a problem for you.

  16. SOEbuc Says:

    Competitive stamina. Prison tattoo’d on his back.

  17. Oneilbuc Says:

    That was a bad call against the bears for taunting!! That’s why NFL football is worse than college.

  18. Bucschamp Says:

    beautiful mind

  19. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Yep. Enjoy every moment that we have TB.

  20. lambeau Says:

    I suspect and hope Byron and BA are giving TB12 increasing say in game plan. The two high safeties make BA’s verticle game difficult, and TB12 has been immersed for twenty years in taking what the defense gives you.

  21. Mike C Says:

    Medicated Troll max not posting on a positive take? Shocking