Simple Path To Beating Saints?

November 5th, 2021

Joe consumed a lot of Saints media this week, in part to see what the evil empire is saying, and also because Joe has gotten so much hate mail from Saints fans suggesting Joe “celebrated” Jameis Winston blowing his knee out.

Of course, the latter is preposterous. But welcome to the Internet, where I-didn’t-really-read-it-but-I-hate-you is a thing.

During all that Saints consumption, Joe saw a stat that since the start of the 2019 season, the Saints are 17-1 when they win the turnover margin within a game. That 17-1 mark reminds Joe of the Rams’ ridiculous record just broken by head coach Sean McVay. He’s now on a 43-0 run when leading at halftime.

It’s the sign of a disciplined football team.

The Bucs have lost the turnover battle in all five regular season games against the Saints since Bucco Bruce Arians took over in 2019. In total the Saints are +10 against the Bucs in those games.

Could beating the Saints be as simple as not losing the turnover battle and the Bucs just letting their more talented roster outplay New Orleans?

Coaches and players can’t think that way all through a game, but certainly the Bucs’ playcalling can be designed to greatly limit the chance of turnovers.

So much will be on the line when the Saints return to Tampa for Sunday Night Football on Dec. 19.

38 Responses to “Simple Path To Beating Saints?”

  1. lol Says:

    Isn’t the reason the Bucs got rid of Winston was to “Win” the turnover battle against all teams?

    Hey Tom can you please stop playing like a bum against the Saints. Thanks

  2. DoooshLaRue Says:

    But welcome to the Internet, where I-didn’t-really-read-it-but-I-hate-you is a thing.

    Good article and great line Joe.

  3. Vsyl Says:

    I don’t care how brady plays against the saints. I just care about super bowl and in that brady is good. I would lose the second game against the saints too if that meant we win the super bowl, like we did last year

  4. SaintsFan59 Says:

    More loser mentality from this website. Turnovers are part of the game and in the game last week, your beloved Tom played worse than the Saints’ third string QB did. Quit trying to cover over that fact. You lost. Get over it.

  5. Willy D Buc Says:

    We didn’t lose to the Saints last Sunday; we lost to the Bucs.

  6. Beeej Says:

    I bet you’re fun at parties

  7. Beeej Says:

    Dang it Willy

  8. Tye Says:

    Simple path for a good team to beat other good teams – win turn over and STOP the stupid penalties especially of 3rd down that keeps their drive alive…

    Even with less than 2 minutes in the game the Bucs still had the opportunity to win…. It was a ‘Jameis’ move by Brady to end a game… Not what is common with him… The Saints will likely be a few games behind by the next meeting (Bills, Cowboys and possibly even to the Titans)…

  9. SlyPirate Says:

    I’ll point this out again … over the last five years the Bucs are 0-5 in games before the bye.


    The players and coaches are more focused on the following Monday than on Sunday.

    The Bucs will win their division. Relax.

  10. Kristopher M Robinson Says:

    “Loser mentality”. Says the fan of the team who has won nothing in the last 15 years. Get back to us when you win anything of substance buddy

  11. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I wish I was unproductive member of society with enough idle time on my hands to troll another teams fan sites. Go get a job 59. Nola is filthy, I bet the sanitation department is hiring. Go apply. SF59.

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Good info but you fail to consider the record for the previous 3-4 years.
    How’d we do in 2016-2019 after the bye week?

    Last year was kinda different wouldn’t you say?

  13. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Simple Path To Beating Saints…..DONT BEAT YOURSELVES.

  14. Joshua porter Says:

    I felt the same way they were checked out in parts of the game

  15. Michelle Says:

    So you’re saying if you want to win games you should turn the ball over less than the other team? I can’t believe BA didn’t think of that himself. He may need to read this cutting edge research of yours.

  16. fartman Says:

    I for one… will be rooting for the Saints… Every time the Bucs win the super bowl… they get swept by the Saints.

  17. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This team has to get better defensively. The offense will take care of itself. They really need a good second half of the year.

  18. Bird Says:

    Hey its ndog again posing as a saints fan
    I mean we all knew he was never a bucs fan. Just a jamies nut slinger aka a jameis nutsmuggler

    Ndog so angry. He so tough. Pretty sire He literally cried when we won the super bowl

  19. Bird Says:

    Nobody parties like fartman

    Are Him and buc cheeks related?

  20. Irishmist Says:

    Which is worse, celebrating injuries or paying bounties to deliberately cause them?

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Over the past two decades, NFL teams scored a little more than 13 percent of the time when they got the ball with less than two minutes left in a one-score game. This season, in those circumstances, offenses have scored on almost 30 percent of drives, the first success rate above 18 percent in at least 20 years.Oct 20, 2021

    It’s not like the odds were in their favor. Stop causing penalties!!!!

  22. unbelievable Says:

    That stats that you highlighted about both the Saints and Rams says it all.

    Discipline vs. undisciplined.

    Turnovers are one part of that. So are penalties. And so are missed assignments.

    We seem to suck at all 3 against the Saints. And the Rams. We figured it out after the bye last season, can we do the same this year?

    My biggest fear about this season is our soft-arse schedule. We gotta beat an actual winning team one of these days, or we’re gonna get embarrassed in the playoffs. We can’t count on playing a backup QB, and injured QB who can’t throw, and a QB without an o-line as 3 of our 4 playoff games again this year…

  23. chris l Says:

    definitely the case but most football games come down to that. i am telling you the two most important stats in football are turnovers and red zone efficiency (scoring touchdowns when down there). also the way i look at turnovers are what we know but also turning it over on downs and also missed field goals/extra points. 90% of the time the team that wins that battle wins the game once 60 minutes are all said and done.

  24. Lamarcus Says:

    Arians just have to admit that Payton is his daddy, then we should fine without expecting to beat them.

  25. ModHairKen Says:

    It’s the week off, Joe. Do something fun for yourself.

  26. Brian Ludwick Says:

    ahh?? yeah/ really Joe!! That explains why you were ok with that TO machine QB. You still don’t get it. the main problem last Sunday was NOT penalties or the defense, it was that our QB turned the ball over, period!!

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs were 6-2 after 8 games last season, same as this season. Unfortunately we lost the next 3-of-4 to get to 7-5 by the BYE last season. At that point, we’d given up 280 pts in 12 games … 23.3 PPG average. Thus far this season we’ve given up 183 pts in 8 games … 22.9 PPG (just slightly better).

    Our next 4 games? Washington (4-4), Giants (2-6), Colts (4-5) & Falcons (3-4). Last year in the 4 games leading up to the BYE we played the Saints, Panthers, Rams, Chiefs. The only one with a losing record was the Panthers; the other 3 were all playoff teams … and we gave up 115 pts over those 4 games (28.8 PPG average).

    Point being that our defense SHOULD do better this year … Points Allowed … by the 12-game mark than they did last year. We’re already doing slightly better, and the next 4-games competition doesn’t appear to be as ‘robust’ at this point as it was last year. The goal is obviously to get healthy during this BYE week AND to become more disciplined as a TEAM, on BOTH sides of the ball. We’re only halfway through the race.

  28. Lokog Says:

    I was celebrating when jaymiss winsnot got hurt I’m glad talking all that spit and only to not finish the game and get hurt against the team he hates hahahaha f the aints and their tainted championship also their fans muthatruckers can’t be weak

  29. DoooshLaRue Says:


    You are a meaningful stats machine.

    Thank you.

  30. Craig Says:

    Olivia Newton John said it best a long time ago; Get Physical.

    It is what this team is lacking; except for Lennie. The defense needs to put more effort into it and get to the QB, instead of close, these aren’t horseshoes or hand grenades.

    The DBs need to blast the receivers on the line once in a while, the receivers need to blast the DBs, and the special teams (notice, I did not capitalize that for a reason) need to hire someone to tell them what cleats to wear.

    Have a good weekend, folks.

  31. Bob in valrico Says:

    yes there we untimely penalties and a pick,we were nearly able to overcome the former but the latter did us in. No reason to rush to get a big play, move the chains with safe plays designed to score and milk the clock. Beware of the teams in our division like falcons and panthers. They might be offensively challenged but
    they were beating the snot out of each other last week.

  32. Bob in valrico Says:

    pick 6

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The Bucs D is not disciplined, take the penalties away they look like their running aimlessly chasing the opposing QB’S. I earlier posts it was discussed, why isn’t the Dline creating space for linebackers and blitzing secondary to come up and make the tackles. I hope its not a stats thing, it just looks like it’s a constant bull rush mentality. Take away 1/2 the penalties and unlikely turnovers and that wS a blowout for Bucs. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

  34. RPK Says:

    Does Bruce Arians deserve any blame for the penalties? After watching his interview with Colin Cowherd, I walked away with the impression he barely coaches. Has Bruce ever outcoached Payton or McVay? LOL. I also still can’t get over having Carlton Davis on special teams. Was that worth it? All these missed games for special teams? We couldn’t have these practice squad guys currently filling in for Carlton on special teams back then?

  35. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Seven generations of Cajuns inbreeding can’t be wrong, can they? GAR-UN-TEE!

  36. Chris Flores Says:

    When the defense shows up the bucs win

  37. Scooter Says:

    Like to see Brady throwing less low percentage deep shots, concentrate more on moving the chains, wearing down the opponents defense, keeping Bucs defense off the field more.

  38. steele Says:

    I agree with Scooter. Why is Brady going deep so often? It isn’t just when they’re behind. Play calling needs to be more diverse, need more running and short passing game. Or is Brady just bored with that Patriots-style offense?