Richard Sherman On Injured Reserve

November 17th, 2021

Out for a while.

Bucs veteran cornerback Richard Sherman will miss at least the next three games as he was placed on injured reserve list today.

Sherman blew out a calf muscle prior the the game last week at Washington.

20 Responses to “Richard Sherman On Injured Reserve”

  1. Buc92’ Says:

    Dilly Dilly lol


  2. Lesco_Brandon Says:

    Can we just get a refund from Sherman and get a different CB that can play.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    What a waste to acquire him. He’s been done.

  4. Winny Testaverde Says:

    I had higher hopes for Sherman but once he tore his Achilles it was the beginning of the end. Maybe he can come back and make a key play down the stretch but that’s doubtful.

  5. Marine Buc Says:

    Dre Kirkpatrick was just released from the 49ers. I wonder if he could be better than some of the current CBs on our roster…

  6. RPK Says:

    Sherm is probably better utilized on the sidelines as a coach / motivator.

    Still waiting for our best DB to return after getting injured on special teams!! It is very important for the star DB to play special teams! Ramsey does it ! JK! Go Bucs!

  7. Beej Says:

    He played in 3 games where we had neither Davis, SMB OR Dean. That was probably a fair trade

  8. BuccaneerButters Says:

    Geez, I’ve said it before (maybe not on this site), but anyone expecting the LoB Sherman is a fool. You would be hard pressed to find a corner back signed off the streets, with no OTAs , no camp, no off season, a few days of practice able to start the same week. And then fill in continuously. The man is in his 30s coming off an achilles injury. I think the main reason he was signed was, because he’s smart, can teach/coach, and was literally a body when we needed to throw someome in the starting lineup that had experience playing in the nfl. Licht made a gamble, its low risk, high reward. I’m not too worried about it, other than the fact that we’re still thin and hurting at CB and SMB and CD3 both don’t seem to be coming back soon.

  9. Joseph Brown Says:

    Why are we still talking about this guy? He was a bad pick up from the star. It’s been over for him tge last couple of years. We should just release him and be done with it.

  10. Hodad Says:

    Why bother with I.R., just cut him, he’s done.

  11. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I can sympathize with Sherman.

    I’ll pull a muscle, just getting up off the couch for another beer, too quickly.

  12. SB Says:

    Anyone who didn’t see this coming was incompetent. I understand why we Had to get him but the risk/reward ratio was barely ever there.

  13. Greg Says:

    I say give the man props as he came in cold off the street and played to the best of his ability for the three games in twelve days because he was better than we had. Not many have the intelligence and where with all to pull that off before his body said no more right now. Thanks RS for that time! Definite respect.

  14. TheBradyBunch Says:

    Dude got a great payday for only a few minutes of play when he was already washed up. I wanted them to sign him when we did but just a waste of Glazers $

  15. sad buc Says:

    not exactly a good reinforcement unless the task was to add to our IR depth.

  16. Topcoach_78 Says:

    Who gives af!!! He is here just to latch on in an attempt to get a ring he is no help whatsoever!

  17. Jp09 Says:

    @ Marine, Kirkpatrick would be worth look for sure.

    To those saying Sherman was a waist, he wasn’t expected to do much. He was here to fill a void, unfortunately they players never made it back before he got injured. What other options were there and what are they doing right now? He still fills a mentorship role and can help teach the young guys, to include those that have been on ir.

    The team just needs to realize, nothing is going to be given to them. It’s time to buckle up and play for your brothers, otherwise they won’t be where you were at the end of last year.

  18. ModHairKen Says:

    I like him. I like what he’s added. And come playoff time, he will be prime money.

  19. westernbuc Says:

    Such an awful signing. Sherman has been done for some time. Don’t excuse Licht for this, the guy wasn’t getting signed before his arrest. Anyone could’ve watched 49er tape and seen why. I’d rather watch some young guy with potential get burned than an old guy way past his prime

  20. firethecannons Says:

    Good–guy was not helping when active anyway