If Trevor Siemian And Taylor Heinicke…

November 15th, 2021

Massive task with little time.

Joe is convinced Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles broke the Chiefs in the Super Bowl (though Kansas City didn’t look broke last night in Vegas — nyuk, nyuk, nyuk — broke… in Vegas. 🙂 ).

So did Sean Payton break the Bucs?

Joe is convinced Payton figured out how to expose the (mostly) unwanteds at cornerback and the Bucs and Riverboat Ron Rivera just copied that.

You know, copycat league?

So with football chattel known as Trevor Siemian and Taylor Heinicke having their way with the Bucs defense, the Bucs better buckle up if they don’t fix this this week.

And the Bucs better knock off the checkdowns against a pitiful pass defense.

Here is what is coming down the pike for the Bucs defense:

Daniel Jones: This will be the third time he has faced the Bucs in his three-year career and when the Bucs defense has been healthy, Jones has played really well. Unless Sean Murphy-Bunting can play, Jones will be facing backups on a defense he has had little trouble with.

Carson Wentz: His best days are probably in the rearview mirror but Wentz is a dangerous quarterback with solid weapons. Earlier this year he roasted the Crows for 405 yards. In a win over the Jags yesterday, Wentz had a six-game streak snapped where he threw at least two touchdown passes.

Matty Ice: Back in September when facing the Bucs, Matty Ice threw for 300 yards and two touchdowns. Matty Ice may be getting old but he still has a gun.

Josh Allen: If the Bucs’ defense is owned by Siemian and Heinicke, what do you think Allen will do?

Siemian: Need Joe detail this?

Pouty Cam Newton: He threw four passes for one touchdown yesterday. Joe’s not ready to say he’s back.

(Jets): Depending who is the quarterback, this could be a struggle with USF product Mike White or Zach Wilson will choke.

Newton (again): No, Joe isn’t buying that Newton will revive the Stinking Panthers. We will see.

As you can see, the next five games could see the defense of the Super Bowl championship implode before our very eyes.

Things have to change. Now.

25 Responses to “If Trevor Siemian And Taylor Heinicke…”

  1. BucsBeliever Says:

    This was a terrible almost unwatchable game. How is it we have such a poor history of letting backup QBs roast us?! It’s given me PTSD. And Brady, he came into the league with the highest percentage of passes 20+ yards down field and he check downed more than Ive ever seen! Pre snap penalties galore, poor 3rd down completions, tackling issues continue, turnovers, uh we were gifted a great schedule but now Im questioning our success rate. Plus Vea went down and you remember last year … Both Shaq and JPP were already invisible tonight WELP!

  2. suckenless Says:

    from what I saw yesterday this defense is ok on first and second downs but third down? we have a problem on third downs how many third and longs were completed yesterday. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. adam from ny Says:

    i can tell you this………

    brady seemed pissed after the game…

    dude is a football junky and his surrounding cast had better pull it together, and fast, of they will soon suffer the wrath of the goat

  4. mark2001 Says:

    This team is broken… physically in many ways, with so many injuries amongst vital players. Mentally as well? With all the penalties? Maybe so.

  5. ModHairKen Says:


  6. Jim in PH Says:

    Did the coaching staff attend yesterdays game?

  7. lambeau Says:

    How about Edwards at nickel, Cockrell outside, Desire and Delaney on the bench if Sherman and SMB aren’t ready?

  8. Ed Says:

    Nothing good about yesterday’s performance other than Devin White making splash plays. The defensive game plan stinks when the opponent can hold the ball for 40 minutes. The WFT doesn’t have the personel to kill a defense with big plays. Whey wouldn’t the Bucs tighten it up instead of playing 12 yards deep. Any coordinator can see that in the box and call short crossers and slants and keep the chains moving on 3rd down.

    Offensive game plan was even worse. WFT was giving up 300 yards per game and Bucs rarely threw the ball into the secondary. The checkdown and WR screens were not getting the blocks and they were expected by WFT, they compressed the coverage of Fournette and as soon as he caught a checkdown he was tackled immediately. Likewise on the WR screens, they were coming up to make the plays. On the other side Buc zone coverage wasn’t challenging soft throws. Nothing good to take away other than game plan was a mistake not to challenge WFT coverage with 15-25 yard throws.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    PFR game stats finally came out & I was amazed at what it looks like our defense accomplished (or more specifically, didn’t accomplish):

    o White had 18 tackles (13 solo) plus 2 sacks, 3 QB Hits, 2 TFL but 0 PDs (played 73 def snaps … 100%).
    o LVD had 14 tackles (5 solo) plus 1 FF, 0 sacks, 0 QB Hits, 0 TFL and 0 PDs (played 73 def snaps … 100%).
    o JPP had 1 tackle (1 solo) plus 0 sacks, 0 QB Hits, 1 TFL and 0 PDs (played 58 def snaps … 79%).
    o Shaq had 0 tackles plus 0 sacks, 1 QB Hit, 0 TFL and 0 PDs (played 55 def snaps … 75%).

    Looking at that final drive (19 plays … 10:20 mins), our Front-7 got manhandled (obviously several were exhausted by that point?). Washington ran it THIRTEEN times & passed another 6 times … all short & all complete). They had FIVE 3rd downs (made 4) plus 1 FOURTH down (made that for a TD).

    The WFT play-calling was fascinating. Of the 13 runs, 8 were between the tackles, 3 were around left end and 2 were QB scrambles (1 around left end & 1 around right end). Of the 6 passes, 4 were short right, 1 was short left & 1 was short middle. Kinda looks to me like Washington had worn our defense out by the 4th qtr, found a weakness & exploited it. Uhhh, make that several weaknesses. That’s good play-calling in my book.

  10. Razor Ramone Says:

    Nicely broken down. Very interesting.

  11. adam from ny Says:

    that last 19 play 10 minute drive was no freakin’ joke…a real backbreaker…

    if we collapse from here on out – the drive was actually a season breaker…

    that was a serious drive like no other…

    our d was on the field for 40 minutes…

    brady’s boys did not hold up their end of the bargain yesterday either

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Cam Newton is back, and he said so yesterday, at the game.
    The Panthers beat Arizona silly yesterday.
    I don’t think that Sean Payton broke the Bucs
    If any team broke us, it was the Rams.
    And every team has copied them when they play us ever since.

  13. Francisco Guzman Says:

    All these other teams look good. You gonna be able to play physical and Bowles is a tad overrated. His scheme is awful. You gonna be able to put your hands on the receiver or play some man. Laying off the wideouts is a disaster.

  14. Francisco Guzman Says:

    adam from ny hard to know that since our defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed and Washington held the ball for over 40 minutes thanks to this atrocious defense. Giving up 29 to Washington is an embarrassment.

  15. Medicated Pete Says:

    How ever many games Vita Vea misses, we’ll have to win 38-35 every week

  16. sauron's eye Says:

    We have done wonders for Heinike’s career. Probably made him millions.

  17. gus georgiou Says:

    Said it from day one. You can’t stop the other teams passing especially on third down with 4 man rush yet you continually don’t change your defensive scheme. You blitz and at least you can’t do any worse at stopping the pass since you don’t have a quality defensive back there who can cover anyone. Give their QB all day to throw and expect your poor DB’s to cover them and make a play. Bowles and Leftwich are average to below average coordinators.

  18. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Where is #58? got paid and now? The backend of this defense even when they get back their starters will help even though Carlton Davis is a legit starter the others are a tick above the UPS workers that are out there now; the secondary and bad DL play allows the 2 journeymen and maybe danny dimes shocks the world

  19. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Todd Bowles is not an NFL head coach for a reason…..

  20. PSL Bob Says:

    I kept thinking, ok now they’ll get something going. They never did. It was exasperating. Look, the D played poorly. They couldn’t stop a sloth from advancing 3 yards. But, that is something we can live with when the offense is putting up 30+ points. As sorry as the D was yesterday, it was the offense that crapped the bed. Brady was off, the game plan was off, the coaching was off, and the way OJ Howard started the game with an offside penalty, he should be OFF the team. The O lost the game yesterday. That’s all there is to it.

  21. Steven G Schassler Says:

    I’m glad I’m not a betting man as I would’ve bet the farm that no way was TB12 going to take two back to back losses with a bye week between. Brady had a right to be pissed….at himself for that overthrow of Evans pic, perhaps at missing a few downfield opportunities with Brate, at his O-line, at the lack of imagination in play-calling, at the entire Defense especially letting WFT run 10 minutes off the clock in that last 4th quarter drive…but, more importantly, at the lack of intensity and attention to detail of the ENTIRE Team (looking at you too, Succoup, with that missed PA attempt) and Coaching Staff who, collectively, is showing NO DESIRE to run it back. Brady would rather retire than play with the Team that showed up yesterday.

    Last, BA showed everyone his lack of class and leadership by laying the blame on Tom Brady for BOTH of those 1st quarter interceptions. BA should’ve shut his trap rather than casting blame on ANYONE yesterday. Clearly this Team isn’t serious about a second Lombardi or matching their Field Leader’s intensity and desire to play the best they can. Shame on them all.

  22. FormerBucsFan Says:

    So are y’all going to continue to bend the knee to Brady and overlook his mistakes as the reason for the loss? Hate to see Vita go down, that’s a huge blow to the team, but the way Brady played yesterday can no be overlooked – especially if you’re going to mention the Saints game…

  23. Jaybuc Says:

    Joe, The reason KC was blown out in the Super Bowl is they had no offensive line. Yes the Bucs D played great but when you O line is a bunch of backups and starters in unfamiliar positions ……. Not to mention communication troubles with basically a new starting O line. I’ll say it again, Shaq is only great against backups and starters moved to new positions due to injuries

  24. Bruce Says:

    Definition of insanity… Doing the same thing over and over again, but each time expecting a different result.
    If Bowles is unable to change the way his defensive backfield plays – its scheme – he needs to go, as it is valid to declare him insane.

  25. Bruce Says:

    Defense suffers from CGOTFD… Can’t Get Off The Field Disease.