“I Think He Was Worried About Some Things He Shouldn’t Have Been”

November 3rd, 2021

An assistant coach talks Lombardi Lenny

A new nugget has emerged in the study of the Leonard “Lombardi Lenny” Fournette revival.

Every Bucs fans knows the story. Fournette was benched last December and was a little unhappy about his limited role before he skipped that Bucs-Vikings game. Since then, Fournette has been a model teammate and a top performer.

Assistant Bucs head coach/run game coordinator/guards and centers coach Harold Goodwin weighed in on Fournette this week on the Buccaneers Radio Network.,

Goodwin reflected on how the Bucs’ top-dog running back broke through. And it appears Fournette, in part, had to realize the team around him was better in every way than the one he left in Jacksonville.

“To me, just watching Lenny and the way he’s matured over the last year or so, it’s just the attention to detail,” Goodwin began. “You know, in the past, I think he was worried about some things he shouldn’t have been worried about because obviously his teammates are really, really talented. For him to be in there as a starter, taking a lead-dog role, he’s been more focused. more locked in, he’s very outgoing around meetings when it comes to meeting with the O-line and talking and asking questions. … So just the maturity standpoint of being more locked in from a fundamental standpoint and an Xs and Os standpoint has been great for him.”

Great and uplifting insight from Goodwin.

Since Fournette was benched last December, he’s played in 15 games including last postseason. His stat line over that stretch is 193 carries for 835 yards and 10 touchdowns. Plus 56 receptions, including a TD grab through the air.

That’s lead-dog worthy in any NFL era.

17 Responses to ““I Think He Was Worried About Some Things He Shouldn’t Have Been””

  1. Brandon Says:

    Anyone care to post Rojo’s stats from last year…let’s see. 973 yards in the regular season despite missing a couple games, then two post season games. He had well over 1000 yards… 1100 in 17 games. Plus a YPC that puts just about anyone to shame. That’s lead dog worthy.

  2. Buc-em-up84 Says:

    Yea what he ^^^^ f’n said

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    He’s definitely playing with more confidence.

    Regardless, what’s the point if we abandon the run-game at the drop of a hat?
    His stats bear it out 4+ yards a carry. Heck even Rojo’s averaging 4+ yards a carry. Feed them the ball. Take pressure off of Brady. Milk the clock. Keep the defense fresh. It is NOT rocket science!

  4. zzbuc Says:

    Kudos to Lenny!!! No doubt about that….But Kudos to BA and coaching staff too…..For those doubters on coaching!!!!!

  5. Buc king Says:

    He’s made outstanding blocks too…I believe his ability to read the block and catch makes him more valuable then jones…Jones runs with more intention but can catch great or block scheme at all….I think Bernard looks intriguing in the offense I would like to see him carve out a role on offense after this bye week.

  6. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Rodgers out for chiefs game. That could help.

  7. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I too was all Gung Ho on Gio Bernard, until I watched him nearly get Brady killed with his blocking a few times.
    Arians even called him out on it by explaining if it happens again, he is as good as gone.
    As much as I like ROJO as a runner, I have to admit that Fournette should be the starter, mainly because he catches and blocks better.
    IMHO, Tennessee, who just lost Derrick Henry should have traded with us for ROJO, instead of signing Adrian Peterson. I think ROJO would do great on a run first team like the Titans, with a great Offensive Line.

  8. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Rojo runs very hard and is quicker than LF. That being said, he has no vision. He runs straight into the backs of offensive linemen. He also needs to lift his knees. He gets tripped up way to often. Make him sit and watch a few Roger Craig videos.

  9. Daryl Green Says:

    SMTT you got right absolutely no vision, there is no wiggle at all is these running
    backs. I look the genius who motions Ronald to the wideout Brilliant.

  10. Swampbuc Says:

    We need to lean on he and Rojo more. Not all I’m but more. If we ran the damn ball on Sunday more we would have won.

  11. Swampbuc Says:

    *All in

  12. Ben green Says:

    Other than LF, the most talented back Brady has ever had was Corey Dillon. Brady knows the importance of a strong running game. His Superbowl drought, and losses, we’re entirely related to the lack of a running game. If teams don’t respect the run, it’s very hard to win.

  13. Ben green Says:

    Forgot rojo. He’s nothing more than a breather for LF. Brady isn’t enamored with rojo

  14. unbelievable Says:

    RoJo has actually caught a bunch of swing passes and picked up some big yardage or scored on them.

    What’s clear is that any of these RBs do best when they get some consistent carries. Only having a RB run 4 or 5 plays is no way to get them going! So sick of watching that stupidity.

    We’ve only lost 2 games in the last 2 years when either RoJo or Lenny has over 10+ carries. Think about that!

    By contrast, our record in games where neither has that many runs is something like 5 -5.

    It’s not that complicated.

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    In Saints game Gio had 2 rushes and one catch for a TD. One run was about 7-8 yds the other 20+. Not sure why this guy doesn’t play more. If they need protection for Brady sign a fullback.

  16. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    It said hindsight is better than foresight. Fournette had great potential coming out of college, as did Jones. We cannot know what was in his mind after his time with the Jaguars.. He had to adjust his thinking and learn something new when he came to the Bucs.

    Maturity is another intangible. The coaches know it when they see it. Fans notice it more in its absence. Often we don’t know what the real problem is with a player, though.

    ROJO probably came out one year too early. The talent was there, but that was not enough. His off-season regimen proves he has the dedication to his craft. If his pass catching and blocking have improved enough he will be wanted here by the Buccaneers and he will return to us next year. Otherwise, …

  17. Swampbuc Says:

    Run the damn ball more. That is all.