How To Stop Penalties

November 2nd, 2021

Joe guesses if there was an easy answer to this, coaches already would have taken care of it.

The Bucs, you may have heard, get flagged a lot. In fact, the Bucs have the second-most penalties this season. That’s one shy of the top (bottom?) rung of 60 that Philadelphia has.

(Just so fans don’t go totally mental here, the Cowboys, whose only loss came to the Bucs in the season opener, have one less penalty than the Bucs.)

This issue bubbled to the surface in the wake of the Bucs committing a number of penalties to keep slimy Saints drives alive Sunday in the nutsack punch of a loss in New Orleans.

Bucco Bruce Arians was asked yesterday what he can do to get his team to cut back.

“Well, you know, this was the one that was the most disappointing,” Arians began. “We do a scouting report on who’s calling the game every week. This referee is very, very protective of the quarterback. They lead the league in roughing the passer penalties and we committed obvious penalties.

“Any time you touch them on the head, it’s a penalty. Players just have to take the responsibility to play smarter.”

That’s really all there is to it. Guys have to use their heads.

Maybe instead of worrying so much about running to an on-field mounted wall camera seconds after a play, they worry about getting off the damn field on third down. (Yes, Joe knows the Saints were only 5-of-14 on third down conversions.)

The Bucs’ two biggest culprits are false starts (11) and defensive pass interference (10). The defensive pass interference Joe can almost excuse because the Bucs have been pulling dudes off the street to play cornerback.

False starts? There is no excuse for that. That is just having your head fully up your tailpipe, that’s all there is to it. Only two other teams (Jags, Cardinals) have more.

Now last year the Bucs were in the middle of the pack as far as penalties with 84 (No. 13 in the NFL).

In 2019, Arians’ first season, the Bucs led the league in penalties with 133.

28 Responses to “How To Stop Penalties”

  1. bucschamps Says:

    last year Tom barked on our OL, live on TV. they cleaned up real good after that.

    we need a guy who will stand up and say the same thing to our DL

    also playing in our home turf helps

  2. adam from ny Says:

    yeah maybe tommy will have another episode in washington in 2 weeks if things aren’t going smooth and buttery…

    #ShadesOfTheChicagoOutburst #SidelineScoldings


  3. adam from ny Says:

    if taylor heineken rips this defense a new arse, then tom has good reason to serve up some lip…imho




  4. Hondo Says:

    The problem is coaching. It begins with Arians and Bowles. They need to coach up, they both are letting the team down. The team WAS NOT prepared Sunday. It seems good coaches tend to out coach Arians and Bowles.

  5. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    F those refs! Be equal scumbags!!! Plenty of missed calls on them

  6. Christos Says:

    Complacency. All offseason we heard that word and how the team will avoid it. I think they didnt. Complacency from the front office, draft was meh. Complacency from the coaches and the players, penalties are a big example of that. They fixed that problem last year after the Bears game and now they are leading the league again. Complacency from the Defense, the pass rush are letting QBs run around and escaping sacks so much and the coverage is too soft. Sometimes it looks like the Defense have a feeling of entitlement, they think they will win the game eitherway and they are just doing their thing. I dont know, too much talk not enough plays. I mean come on Siemian comes in hasnt played for 2 years and you let NO put 22 points in 3 quarters of football (excluding the 7 with Winston and the pick six). Looks like Complacency

  7. Medicated Pete Says:

    Bucs need to make a blockbuster trade today for a CB. Use draft picks 2 thru 7 so Licht won’t have picks next year to use irresponsibly

  8. #1bucsfan Says:

    Gotta say JOE a lot of those penalties were bogus calls. Specially on the int. Seems like the refs are out to get the Bucs.

  9. firethecannons Says:

    What do the Bucs do?
    They find out what the least penalized teams are doing to keep their penalties down and then they start doing that. Somebody needs to get fired and somebody needs to get benched and then another somebody needs fired and and another somebody needs benching. Take it seriously or get out of the league–goes for coaches and immature players like devin white with his taunting penalty and horse collar–how can he not realize he caused us to lose this game! There was no reason for gholston to get his penalty either–some of these penalties are so huge they directly led to the loss of this game. Devin White needed to be yanked for a series and get a huge earful from coach Arians who stands on the sideline now like a zombie. He seems sedated. Do something like holding these losers accountable, they are not worth it when they play like that.BENCH DEVIN WHITE AND EVERY ONE OF THESE FOOLS UNTIL THEY FIGURE IT OUT.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Refs clearly called a tight game Sunday…..on one team.

    Difficult to be aggressive and not cause penalties….Devin White, JPP are good examples.

  11. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Medicated Pete Says:
    November 2nd, 2021 at 6:41 am
    Bucs need to make a blockbuster trade today for a CB. Use draft picks 2 thru 7 so Licht won’t have picks next year to use irresponsibly
    Realisto, er, Medicated Pete…What Bucs picks have been used “irresponsibly” in the last few years?

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    For Bucs to have 11 and Saints 2 there was definitely bias refs. The Saints were holding receivers all game and in this day and age NO offensive holding calls on them and especiallythe hands to the face on Gholston. Even the roughing the passer call later in the game on White, he never touched Simeions head. Isn’t there a review board to evaluate these dbags? The other penalties are just BS poor play and discipline. As far as D jumping offsides, BA promoted that, he gave them 1 a game. Wtf, no penalty should be ok. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but Lenny had a run where he jumped directly into his blocking linemen and Saints defenders where if he took two steps to his left there was a gapping hole even Joe could run through.

  13. PassingThru Says:

    The Bucs actually lead the league in total yards lost due to penalties. Week in, week out Arians keeps talking about the penalties and yet the team has tuned him out. That’s on Arians and his gargantuan coaching staff, that the players have tuned them out. It’s a sign that the Bucs are suffering from post-championship hubris, that they feel like they can do whatever they damn well please, and no matter what they’ll win the game.

    What Arians has been doing isn’t working. The bad habits have taken control of this team rather than the coaching. He better find a way to reign them in, or this team will not have an extended postseason run.

  14. HC Grover Says:

    The NFL wants equity/parity. Strict scrutiny of better teams by officials is one way to get it. They are watching the Bucs like Hawks and letting opponents slide a bit. No matter what the Bucs do those flags will fly. The Bucs have to pay their Fair Share of flags

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Maybe Arians isn’t doing anything, that’s why this continues to happen. Talk is cheap.

  16. Craig Says:

    If the D-line was actually getting to the QB, I could see an occasional penalty. Not being able to get to the opposing QB is not a reason to make more penalties.

    The Bucs got their emotions up, and that needed to be coached down. Payton coaches in a way that can get a rise from the other team. He realizes it puts his team at an advantage.

    If that huge staff can’t defuse a bar fight, they need to be fired, maybe get a few sports psychologists in to keep the team in line.

  17. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    HC Grover Says:
    November 2nd, 2021 at 8:24 am
    The NFL wants equity/parity. Strict scrutiny of better teams by officials is one way to get it. They are watching the Bucs like Hawks and letting opponents slide a bit. No matter what the Bucs do those flags will fly. The Bucs have to pay their Fair Share of flags



    I’m thinking the refs are not putting up with Devin White’s antics and loud mouth, just needs to make some splash plays and keep his trap shut!!

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    NCAA is so much more interesting to watch without these ridiculous rigged refs throwing flags all day in the NFL. I’m not crying about a certain penalty like some GB or KC fan. The games over. And it’s not just the Bucs I’m talking about.

    Soft penalties on defense=more first downs=more points=fantasy= Huge $$$ for NFL. Guess who has the least penalties??? LAR. Garbage juice Rog and others don’t want anyone other than the Rams winning the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

    Same old Donnie is number eight in the league in penalties: 6 called, 43 yards, 3 holding, 2 FS. But yeah, he’s made a huge leap in that ridiculously gigantic contract, right????

  20. Devin DiPalma Says:

    To say “good coaches” usually beat the bucs is not looking at the full picture at all. Andy Reid is considered a great coach, as is bill belichick, Matt Lefleur…I seem to remember us beating all those teams, especially when it counted. And the packers and chiefs were definitely out coached as well.

    Not sure what it is with the saints, but our bucs needed this wake up call. No reason to let them hang in this game; we weren’t out coached, we simply beat ourselves. People act like every saints drive wasn’t kept alive at some point by penalties on the bucs. And multiple turnovers; we were good enough to beat the cowboys with penalties and turnovers but the saints in New Orleans aren’t going to let those mistakes go to waste.

  21. alton d green Says:

    some of you are making the same mistake that the Bucs did last year. Hinagun with the Skins ripped us a new one last year. and THAT was when the secondary was fairly healthy. As y’all know i’ve been a career Brady fan. Not too many years ago, Siemian was a QB with Denver and he ripped the Patriots a new one. I can only assume that Todd doesn’t do any research

  22. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Whenever my team loses, I blame the refs.

    With that said. TB12, still had a chance to pull out a win. Like he has done, so many times. I was 100% certain he would, too. Had seen it too many times.

    And that’s why I don’t gamble, lol

    “Making predictions are tough, especially about the future” …. Yogi Berra

  23. NCalBucsfan Says:

    @ Beer Whisperer -same here . I have a buddy that bets big bucks almost every Sunday on games and once he saw the it was the Clete Blakeman crew on Bucs Saints he took the game off his sheet- basically thinks it’s a one of the weakest officiating crews as far as consistency.
    I rarely blame refs for losses, but when the margin of error in the nfl is so small, one call can and has swung a game… you hope it all evens out I’m the end, except if your a raider fan, you always think your getting screwed….
    Even Vegas knows that the refs can have a major impact. It’s one of the factors that goes into the lines.
    I think it’s part of the problem with Cynthia’s F. model and predictions. I don’t think the NFL allows her to factoring different officiating crews as they want to push the perception that it doesn’t matter.

  24. glenn johnson Says:

    It seems that the Bucs drafted a boatload of defensive backs in the three years before Brady, and now this debacle in our secondary? The Rams go all in and get Miller, and we can’t use some future draft capital for a good db or two? WTF?

  25. Buczilla Says:

    I flip flop on this all the time (in my age ravaged head), but I’m almost convinced that at least some of these games are rigged to some degree. The giants had the chiefs in the bag last night until they committed two bs penalties that let the Chiefs back in the game. You can’t touch a qb’s head or tackle below the waist while he is scrambling around like a madman. It’s silly as hell and all kinds of unfair to defenses.

    Even though we had a bad game against the saints and deserved to lose, their were so many nonsensical penalties against us that I was losing my mind. My wife shut all of the doors and windows in the house since I was acting the fool. It was a shame too since it was nice outside. 😛

  26. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Peyton was kicked out of the league for a year for bounty gate… I say he needs investigating to see if he paid those refs off!! That was the worst officiating I’ve seen all year!! The white and Golston penalities were HORRIBLE!!! Where’s the call from hands to the face on Will?? And at what point did white horse collar or late hit the QB who btw didn’t even fall down on either of those calls!! … That was crap!!

  27. Wesley Says:

    All these bad calls are ruining the NFL.

  28. Crickett Baker Says:

    Make ’em sit out a snap for every penalty over 5 yards? Make ’em sit in the corner with a Dunce cap on during the meetings? Idk. There were no penalties called on the Saints when there should have been but the Bucs seemed to have made the penalties that they got even though I feel some should have been overlooked.