Home Sweet Home

November 9th, 2021

Talkin’ playoffs.

How long has it been since the Bucs had a home playoff game?

(Now Joe is talking about a playoff game, not a Super Bowl. A home playoff game is usually sold out with the vast majority of fans being Bucs fans.)

It’s been so long ago that the old analog videoboards at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway were considered cool and state of the art.

It’s been 14 years since the Bucs lost to the Giants. Dudes in college were in elementary school. It’s been a long time. Too long.

And as far as Ryan Jensen is concerned, the Bucs need multiple home playoff games this winter. The way the Bucs’ center spoke yesterday, it sounded like that is one of the team’s biggest goals.

“Having home field advantage is going to be huge with having fans and the traveling and all that,” Jensen said. “Staying on top of the NFC is something that obviously [you want]. You want to win your division and you want to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

“It’s been all season for us focusing on that, especially with these last nine games with how tight that race is. It’s going to be huge.”

The Bucs are on the wrong side of a tiebreaker with the Rams and sit a game behind the Cardinals. So in Joe’s eyes, the initial goal is winning the NFC South.

Two more losses and it seems there’s no way the Bucs will be able to claim homefield advantage for the playoffs. Joe doesn’t foresee the Cardinals or the Rams going on losing streaks.

It will help the Bucs if Jordan Love gets a few more starts for the Packers.

The Bucs just need to take care of their business. If the Bucs finish the season on a 8-1 run, they should be in good shape for at least a home playoff game.

15 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Winning the division is a lame goal (complacent) & possibly being the #4 seed is a recipe for disaster. Jensen echoes what Pete has been saying…..#1 seed is a must

  2. Alan Collingwood Says:

    Technically, the Bucs didn’t even have the Super Bowl as a home game. The Bucs were the “visiting” team

  3. Bobby M. Says:

    Looking so far forward requires so many assumptions that its pointless. Let’s assume we don’t win home field throughout the playoffs, every year someone with home field loses which then shuffles the deck on home field advantage. We didn’t have a single playoff game at home until the SB…..we won all of those against very tough teams in very tough environments.

  4. Bird Says:

    Russel wilson is back sooner then expected. He usually steals a game or two in that division all by himself. Plus cards and rams still play each other one more time.

    If we won out …we would be in good shape
    We need to get the monkey off our back and beat saints at home
    And home win against bills would speak volumes for confidence …and i know the jags just beat them. Its any given sunday and they are still a very good team.

  5. Mort Says:

    Alan: the Bucs were the home team for the SB, not the visitors. It rotates, and they’d be the visitors this year at SoFi.

  6. Steven007 Says:

    Pete, you must not have been a fan for very long. Winning the division is anything but a lame goal. In fact it should be goal number 1. At a minimum. Obviously we want more but it all starts with the division. Ideally. Perhaps you’re lame?

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    With the Rams, Cards & Packers having a good year thus far, it’s important that we win home-field advantage in the event we end up meeting one of them in the NFC Championship. LA … no big deal; Arizona … no big deal (both play in domed stadiums). Do NOT want to play at Lambeau Field in bad winter weather though.

  8. Daryl Green Says:

    Thank you 007.👊🏾

  9. Beeej Says:

    Worst possible outcome is another trip to Green Bay in January

  10. Darin Says:

    I remember that game well. I feel bad for cursing Ronde so much. Those front row seats were too close for my drinking problem back then. Sorry Ronde. Was the Giants year tho. Home field means something if you win. Still a half a season left so everyone cue Jim Mora.

  11. Eddie Marz Says:

    Bucs need to take care of their own business. If they do everything else will fall into place. I honestly believe they are the best team in the league. But they have to play better. Good news is I think they can. GO BUCS!

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Am I missing something? Didn’t Bucs sneak by Dallas, Pat’s, Eagles & lose to Rams and Saints 3rd string QB? How about they beat Washington first, that by the way almost beat Bucs in playoffs last year with their current QB. I can assure you TB12 has one thing in mind beating Washington NOT the playoffs that’s the furthest thing from his mind. It’s mind blowing with 9 games left hearing about playoff seeding and assistant coaches pursing head coaching jobs. I live in New England this is unheard of in Bill Belichick’s world.

  13. Tampa Brady Fan Says:

    Goal number 1 should be to beat the WTF this week. One game at a time.

  14. CleanHouse Says:

    I was at that playoff game!

  15. RustyRhinos Says:

    ” the initial goal is winning the NFC South.”
    We could go 6-11 and win every game against the NFC South. I am a content Fan. Winning all those games against our NFC South brethren. I know we will more than likely be Winning more than 6 games against our other opponents.