Former NFL Team Doctor Sees Quick Return For Sean Murphy-Bunting

November 4th, 2021

Sports physician weighs in.

If you trust a guy who used to be an NFL team doctor and has many years of experience getting guys ready to bounce back from all sorts of injuries, this may be comforting information.

Dr. David J. Chao, former San Diego Chargers physician, has developed sort of a cottage industry in speculating and offering detailed background information on football injuries with estimates of how and when players can return.

Now before Joe offers Chao’s analysis of the status of Sean Murphy-Bunting, Joe has note that Chao has no access to SMB’s medical records or test results, or SMB’s progress working out on a side field at One Buc Palace. Chao’s findings are based on his vast years of experience and what he can gather on a player’s injury from news reports.

Twittering this week, Chao thinks SMB will be back on the field in short order.

Week 9 is this week. Obviously, the Bucs have a bye week. So Joe assumes Chao believes SMB will be ready to play when the Bucs travel to Washington a week from Sunday.

This week, SMB (along with receiver Scotty Miller) was assigned to the 21-day “return to practice” window. He can practice with the Bucs and can be activated at any point in the same 21-day window.

Obviously, getting a starting cornerback on the field would be huge news for the Bucs’ beat-up cornerback room.

10 Responses to “Former NFL Team Doctor Sees Quick Return For Sean Murphy-Bunting”

  1. Bird Says:

    Hope we get back playoff SMB and not just plain old regular SMB. 😂

  2. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Sweat is out for WTF.

  3. jugheadfla Says:

    Why do we sit here and act like our secondary didn’t get roasted even with SMB and CD3 in the line up? I mean they gave up a TD on the play SMB got hurt on. Its not like they will all of the sudden be in last years playoff mode because of them returning

  4. lambeau Says:

    How can Chao know anything about the severity of SMB’s ligament damage? Does he have team or team doctor sources?

  5. Delawest Says:

    Jug that’s been my view the whole time.👍🏾

  6. firethecannon Says:

    and this matters? sorry but not expecting smb to be any better than dee delaney or rashard or pierre desir or the famous guy with his own pod–forgot his name

  7. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Y’all are crazy if you don’t think getting SMB back is an upgrade. It’s good that our depth is now battle tested, but SMB is a good player with a knack for turnovers.

  8. VabucSINCE’97 Says:

    @lambeau THANK YOU BROTHER OMG I SWEAR lol got roasted with them we getting roasted without them lol

  9. VabucSINCE’97 Says:

    Sorry I meant to @jugheadfl

  10. Craig Says:

    Any defensive backfield will get roasted if the opposing QB gets enough time.

    There needs to some more concern about where our pass rush has gone. It had totally disappeared by last week at the Saints.