Development Evident; Impact Welcome

November 23rd, 2021

Outside linebacker Anthony Nelson’s second sack in two weeks last night.

Even three years into the Bucco Bruce Arians regime, Joe is still refreshed by the steady development of young players.

One is 2019 fourth-round pick Anthony Nelson out of Iowa. He’s quiet. He’s strong. He’s improving.

Nelson has as many quarterback hits as Jason Pierre-Paul does this season (four) in about two-thirds fewer snaps. His second sack in has many games came last night against the Giants (photo above). Against Taylor Heinicke last week, Nelson didn’t let the Washington quarterback escape under him like so many Bucs defensive players have done with QBs this season.

“Steady, steady growth. I mean he’s got some good pass rush moves,” Arians said of Nelson today. “He’s starting to learn some counter moves and he’s still got that length, you know. … “Anthony I think has made great progress, did a heck of a job at the read-option, and just knowing what he’s doing and playing at a high level.”

Depth. Depth. Depth. The Bucs have so much of it, though not at cornerback.

Nelson is doing what 24-year-old, third-year players should be doing — improving steadily. Joe also is loving the more rapid growth of rookie first-round pick Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, also at outside linebacker.

JPP and Shaq Barrett are not having their best seasons, so it certainly will be a welcome bonus if their backups can keep raising their games.

22 Responses to “Development Evident; Impact Welcome”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tryon is balling out, amen for that, he is GREAT at stunting around blocks. Learning from JPP and Shaq is a perfect storm

  2. Lewis Says:

    Tryon is ballin out for sure, amen for that, dude is GREAT at stunting around blocks. Learning from JPP and Shaq is a perfect storm, congrats to him

  3. brooks Says:

    Yeah definitely nice to see the young guys stepping up especially at the end of the game. Honestly I was surprised I was a little concerned with the score tied at 10. This is something we definitely need especially in the next few weeks. I’m hoping the offense looks just as good as it did Monday night and defense steps up more we’re going to need a massive run defense against the Colts these guys are for real in the Run game.

  4. Leighroy Says:

    What are we getting on the field from JPP right now that we can’t get from JTS or Nelson?

  5. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Jason Garrett was fired after last night’s game.

  6. Medicated Pete Says:

    Has William Gholston done anything

  7. Coburn Says:

    Nelson has shown some growth for sure. JTS is promising, just needs an insidr move. I think he’s improving against run. Cam gil is my dark horse with the qualification that he’s more of a role player glue type guy. Pass rush specialist on obvious passing downs that seems to flash with extremely limited snaps

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can we just have one game where JPP doesn’t line up in the neutral zone……that is the stupidest penalty there is.
    Not even jumping up offsides…..lining up offsides….

  9. 2020 The Year of The GOAT Says:

    These guys need to get more repetitions in game time

  10. Medicated Pete Says:

    JPP is holding back the growth of this team

  11. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I was wondering, where has this Nelson guy been? Why are the Bucs hiding him?
    Not enough 0’s on his paycheck?

  12. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    JPP is a good football player, but he’s not the sharpest hook in the tackle box, sometimes.

    I’m just kidding (no I’m not)

  13. Medicated Pete Says:

    Darden & Trask were equally the worst draft picks ever & a fireable offense

  14. Swampbuc Says:

    I’d like to see Cam Gill get more snaps.

  15. Craig Says:

    If our defensive backfield can continue to hold their weight, we might see some more quality pass rushing.

    The outside linebackers had to be used to support the backfield a lot in the past few weeks. That is part of the reason the numbers are scarce.

    It might not happen this week because of the Jonathon Taylor threat, but it will get more active, especially with Nelson and Nacho progressing so well.

  16. Jordan Says:

    Nelson and JTS are both playing better than JPP right now.

    JPP should’ve been shut down earlier in the year, he’d be feeling way better by now. Hopefully Nelson or JTS don’t get hurt or that will be costly come playoff time.

  17. Tvan101 Says:

    Medicated Pete always trolling, you never know what you have in rookies. Look at Nelson finally starting to play well, give it time.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    6′ 7″, 270lbs… assuming that is still his weight, he’s a very very heavy LB. I never viewed the guy as a LB as he doesn’t have speed, I’ve always wondered why they didn’t have him add some weight and move to the line, but regardless of what I think, it’s good to see some production. Hopefully he can keep it up.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … Simeon Rice was 6’5″ & 268 lbs. JPP is 6’5″ & 275 lbs. Nelson has 2″ on both of them, but about the same weight. The extra height may come in handy for batting down balls thrown to the outside? Like screens?

    Will Gholston was about the same size for many years (6’6″ & 281 lbs) until they had him pack on a few extra pounds and moved him inside. I’m wondering too if they might do that one day with Nelson.

  20. Buczilla Says:

    With what he had produced up until this year, I figured that Nelson was just another fourth round pick that would move on after his rookie contract expired. I’m really not used to seeing our fringe players develop into contributors. I could get spoiled with all of this good coaching.

  21. orlbucfan Says:

    I hope JPP retires after this season. That is not a knock on him. He’s been a class act his whole football career. He has all the money he will ever need. He’s an NFL All-Pro. He’s got SB rings from 2 football teams. Does he really want to spend the rest of his days crippled? Nelson is one of those quiet players who is maturing under the radar. There are never enough of them. JTS is turning into something else. Still hard to believe Licht and the boys snatched him with the 32nd pick.

  22. ir8oldman Says:

    Somebody please cut off dumb@ss Pete’s “medication”..