Bruce Arians Praises The Cleanup Job

November 30th, 2021

Before the Bucs hammered the Giants a week ago, Bucco Bruce Arians strongly implied on national radio there was one very simple fix to his team’s two-game losing streak.

Clean up the penalties and fix the turnover ratio (aka protect the football), he said, and everything should get a lot better in a hurry.

That happened against the Giants and then the Bucs headed to Indianapolis. The dome there was sold out. The roof was closed. Joe was in the house and can attest to the noise.

Joe has heard louder in Atlanta, but the volume was significant and it was obvious communication was a challenge. Joe could even see Bucs players yelling at each other just to hear each other on the sidelines.

Despite the challenge, the Bucs only had four penalties for 44 yards (fewer than the Colts) and they won the turnover battle. The Colts had five cough-ups and the Bucs had two.


Arians referenced those in-game victories during his weekly sitdown with Dan Lucas of WFLA-TV yesterday.

“With only four penalties and, obviously, we had the two turnovers early, one cost points, we had to eliminate those. But we come out of the game with a plus-3 ratio and only four penalties,” Arians said. “You’re going to win a lot of games on the home and on the road that way.”

In more simple terms, the Tampa Bay offense is so damn good that it can overpower everyone if it isn’t bogged down by dumb penalties and bad ball security. Joe is all-in on the philosophy.

8 Responses to “Bruce Arians Praises The Cleanup Job”

  1. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Of course Atlanta is louder… even with a half empty stadium, when you crank the PA system up to 11..😂😂😂

  2. Tampaabaybucfan Says:

    If we win the turnover battle and commit few penalties, our chances of winning go up 100%

  3. David Says:

    That and one of the Carolina games really only to the head be concerned the rest of the year. Now McCaffrey is out again… They should be able to win out. BUT!.. they better bring it because they are facing the Bills, Carolina twice and New Orleans, all very very good defenses

  4. Tim in PSL Says:

    Joe, I know this has been discussed over the years about amplifying crowd noise, but are there limits to how much a team can do that during games? Or can they only do that during practices? Just wondering.

  5. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Tim in PSL – I don’t know what the rules are , but I do know that this last game against the Colts was one of the LOUDEST game’s I’ve ever heard , and I was watching it on TV !! The Colts don’t have a big stadium , and I sure did see a LOT of Bucs fans there too . So it does make you wonder 🤔.. Anyway , let’s go beat the crap out of the DIRTY BIRDS and keep this thing rolling.. GO BUCS

  6. Eddie Marz Says:

    Atlanta will be silenced early and take the crowd out of the game. They might as well cheer for The Bucs if they want to enjoy themselves. GO BUCS!

  7. Wild Bill Says:

    What the Bucs have really learned this season is just showing up for the game does not qarauntee victory.. Every opponent is gunning for thr Super Bowl Champs this season.. the Bucs are a season high point for them and they mostly refuse to roll over.. Just like most of us the Bucs were over confident.. But reality has arrived at one buc place.. Expect a dog fight almost every week. And playing conservative let’s weaker teams stay close. Hope Lenny’s attitude motivates the players and the coaches open up the offense.

  8. Ed Says:

    Personally, I haven’t seen this dominating offense since early in the season. Brady’s completion percentage is down, deep ball seems off, and running game may or may not show up. Helps to have Gronk back, but one never knows if he will hold up.
    Key to a deep playoff run is still the defense getting back to the dominating unit they were in the playoffs last year.