Bruce Arians: Bucs Had Enough Weapons

November 15th, 2021

No excuses.

The Bucs were down a lot of players yesterday, including two offensive stars.

Joe maintains that the offense is far different than the dangerous, explosive offense it is when furniture-tossing, bicycle-throwing receiver Antonio Brown and foot-rubbing, car-littering film guru tight end Rob Gronkowski are on the field.

That offense is capable of scoring an average of a point-a-minute.

At times, without Brown and Gronk, the offense is almost struggling. However, yesterday, Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians didn’t want to hear about any players who couldn’t put on the pads in the loss to the WTF.

“We had the rest of the guys, and we didn’t get enough out of anybody,” Arians said.

Translation: The Bucs had enough troops to win the game but everybody played like s(p)it.

Well, a big reason why the Bucs played like s(p)it was that the Bucs rarely tested the No. 32-ranked pass defense of the WTF. That makes Joe think, “WTF is going on?”

The Super Bowl champs looked and played like a bunch of chumps.

27 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Bucs Had Enough Weapons”

  1. PassingThru Says:

    It’s called leadership Bruce. Look it up if it confuses you.

  2. Bird Says:

    Yup. Nobody really played good. You could say inside linebackers and evans only

    Pretender vs contender

    Players need to hold a meeting now and look themselves in mirror
    Didnt sleep last night . Monday is a suck feast

    I hope this is just a fluke. They struggled around this time last year
    Got to figure it out. Get some guys healthy

    We need AB and Gronk. No more darden this year
    We need our secondary back and no more deez nutz delaney nor pierre

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    Bruce is too busy writing books & his memoirs and going on tv & radio shows non-stop, shooting of his mouth and beet red face glowing thru the tv screen

  4. Miller5252 Says:

    How full of adult beverage do you think that cup is that’s in his hand after that embarrassing beat down.

  5. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Both sides where bad but the defense was even more terrible. At 16-13 you have to get a stop and give it back to your offense but you didn’t.

  6. FrankPillow Says:

    Too much Crown in the cup and not enough real coaching going on. Bruce, Byron and Todd have been flat out lousy. 12s execution has been abysmal too over the past two games.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Bizarre that TB12 only threw THREE deep passes all game; completed 2 of them. First completion to Darden was key to us getting our 1st FG. Second completion to ME13 gave us a TD.

    What’s even more bizarre is that Heinicke threw TWICE as many deep passes. Completed 4 of them. They definitely had us off-balance.

    Just as bizarre though is that Brady had all kinds of time to throw on most plays, yet he ended up doing a bunch of very short dumpoffs (to Lenny especially, although Gio got several). It almost seems like we were trying to lose that game.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    Something else about the stats for that game seems bizarre. Ross Cockrell had been getting a LOT of work in the Secondary, yet yesterday he only got 9 total def snaps (12%), but played a bunch of S/T snaps (apparently wasn’t hurt). Was in on 1 tackle and had 1 PD.

    Dee Delaney however got 44 def snaps (60%) and played relatively few S/T snaps. His stats for the game? ZERO. Nada, Zip, Zilch. How can that be?

    Pierre Desir got 29 def snaps (40%) and played about half the S/T snaps. His stats for the game? ONE solo tackle, that’s it (can’t tell if it came on a defensive or S/T play).

    Mike Edwards got about as many snaps as Delaney. He had 47 def snaps (64%) but only 2 S/T snaps. His stats for the game were better than both of them combined: 5 solo tackles, 1 PD. (I assume that Edwards played Nickel CB).

    What makes even less sense is that our 2 safeties both made tons of plays: Winfield had 73 def snaps (100%) and ended with 11 tackles (7 of those solo) & 2 TFL, while Whitehead had 69 def snaps (95%) and ended with 9 tackles (5 of those solo) & 1 TFL.

    Kinda leads one to ask ‘What were our CBs doing all game?’ And especially Delaney & Desir. Maybe should be asking a different question: ‘Did they show up in the right stadium?’

  9. 2021 Year of the GOAT Says:


  10. DoooshLaRue Says:


  11. PatsFan>>TB Says:

    Take it from someone who has watched Brady since he was drafted — he was hurt yesterday. There was one shot of him moving gingerly after the Allen it — looked like a ribcage issue, maybe a strain. He plays through everything, but it was definitely hurting him yesterday.

    Those checkdown throws are him taking what he felt he could deliver accurately and timely with a limitation. Notice in the press conference he wore a giant puffy winter coat? Yeah, old school TB move — guarantee his ribs were PACKED with bandages.

    He is a warrior. Trust that he feels more angry than you do.

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    PatsFan … I hope you’re wrong. Last thing we need is TB12 with bruised or fractured ribs.

  13. David Says:

    That’s the part I don’t get. They looked like Brad Johnson just dumping the ball off constantly

  14. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I agree, something ain’t right. The only explanation is he is dinged up. What frys my arse is BA saying both ints were on Brady when Darden’s bounced right off his shoulder pads. That has to irk TB12 a bit.

  15. Madrid 88 Says:

    The other receivers and TEs did not show up while Evans was either busy being double covered or running time consuming routes and Godwin was limited due to his foot injury. Brady really had to do those checkdowns.
    He was really CRUSHED on that 3rd play by Allen and clearly affected him the rest of the game (his mental clock running quicker than usual)
    Another note: Bucs need to start adopting up tempo no huddle offense into their playbook from time to time to dictate certain situations on defense.

  16. Says:

    Bucs are throwing laterally to much last 2 games need to risk it more vertical never thought that would be a problem in Arians offense

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Madrid, hard to do with green receivers.

  18. Lloydmurphy19 Says:

    Bucs are done. I’m a twenty plus year fan and I can’t believe, and don’t understand what I’m seeing. There are so many issues. 1) If that was the game plan with two weeks to prepare I’m at a loss. 2) How do you allow JPP to play every week (ineffectively) with one arm. The pass rush is and has been pitiful all year, and JPP has zero sacks. 3) Brady immediately throwing to a back without even one throw deep to loosen coverage. Receivers were open all day, yet we chose to continually check down.4) No running game. Where’s Ronald ? 5) Excessive celebration after every tackle is getting old. We couldn’t stop Ohio State right now, yet we celebrate after every stop. This is getting old fast.Is it the Coaching? Is it the Captains? Or what????? I love my Bucs, and I am sad to say that they are done. Good teams don’t just fall apart. They are broke beyond repair.

  19. Craig Says:

    Crazy is doing something over and over and expecting a different outcome.

    Most coaches can figure that out. BL and TB can’t seem to.

    Why keep putting the same receivers in and watch them do nothing. Grayson could have shook things up a little.

    RoJo or Vaughn could also have shaken things up.

    There are a dozen ways you can shake an opposing QB.

    Maybe our coordinators just need a good shake, hopefully that happened yesterday, and next week we will see some kind of decent product put on the field.

  20. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Craig, TB12 is NOT a coach, BA, BL & Bowles are supposed to be the masterminds. With the Three Stooges at the helm last thing Bucs should be worried about is Brady checking down, they should be more concerned about him checking out.

  21. Jaybuc Says:

    I have never liked Leftwich’s play calling. Runs are too predictable and yes throw the ball DOWNFIELD against worst pass D in the League

  22. Craig Says:

    TB=Tod Bowles

    TB12=Tom Brady

  23. Muttley Says:

    You know, Bruce is always quick to call out players….not just groups like “the defense”…but individual players. He’s called out Brady’s play several times. He also quick to talk about all the things his team did wrong. But you never hear him take any responsibility for any loss.

    I’m sorry…if you are coming off a bye and get your ass kicked by a bad team, THAT is a problem with preparation or game plan; and THAT is coaching

  24. Joe Says:

    But you never hear him take any responsibility for any loss.

    He sure did after the game.

  25. #1bucsfan Says:

    Dam straight joe. They played like chumps. They better turn it around quickly or we will AGAIN become the fire hydrant of the nfl

  26. Muttley Says:

    Shocker….Arian’s was up in front of the Mic again to proclaim that both interceptions were Brady’s fault. Not only does he display poor leadership by publicly criticizing individual players by name….but he seems to like criticizing Brady SIMPLY to show everyone that he (arians) is in charge and not afraid to hold players responsible

    Problem is, one of the interceptions wasn’t on Brady and publicly proclaiming it to have been can only be intentional

    Perhaps one day Bruce will actually take the blame for what was clearly a poor game plan snd an unprepared team. And that’s on him

  27. Muttley Says:

    And he did say “some of that lays with me”….but only after- and prior to- complaining about his team playing stupid, not wanting it and blaming Brady for two INTs. Maybe it’s my background but praise in public/punish in private.
    There’s no need to call any players out by name or repeatedly lament player performance in front of a mic just b/c you like that persona