Aqib Talib: Jon Gruden Is Not A Racist

November 4th, 2021

“I hate you, too, Ed.”

The demise of Jon Gruden is visible inside The Licht House.

Team Glazer tore his name down from the rafters and didn’t even hint that the guy might get a Buccaneers pathway to redemption.

No suggestion from Team Glazer that they’d offer to arrange sensitivity counseling for Chucky, or perhaps connect him with Father Dungy and Bucco Bruce Arians’ friend Billie Jean King for a couple of years of mentoring.

He got the hard boot.

As Joe has noted, Chucky has received various degrees of support from former Bucs, including Donald Penn.

One take Joe didn’t share yet comes from former cornerback Aqib Talib, the Bucs’ 2008 first-round pick who was dealt in his prime four years later to the Belicheats.

Talib only played one season for Chucky, but their bond is lasting.

“Me personally, knowing Gruden, man, he’s not a racist, man,” Talib began on his Call To The Booth podcast.

“Gruden just called me maybe [in August] just congratulating me on [my] TV [job], giving me pointers to help me further my career. He don’t have to do that kind of stuff. If you’re a racist white guy, you’re not calling a young black man to help him along in his life. No matter who he is, if you’re racist, you’re not going to do stuff like that, right? So the racist stuff, I don’t buy it all. I don’t buy it one bit.”

Talib also added that he didn’t find Chucky’s ugly email about NFL labor union head DeMaurice Smith to be racist, just a joke that Talib has heard a lot of people make all across the league.

Joe is not defending Chucky, only sharing the thoughts of high-profile former Bucs on an iconic team figure.

It’s also interesting to Joe that Team Glazer, a group that publicly takes pride in giving players and people second chances, seems to have slammed a door on Chucky forever.

Joe wonders what will happen next season when the Bucs inevitably will have a 20-year reunion celebration for their first Super Bowl team.

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