Mopping Up Opponents In The Second Half

November 11th, 2021

Bucs 2021 schedule.

Joe doesn’t know if the Bucs can pull this off. If they can, it would be so cool.

Over at the four-letter, there is a large breakdown on how the NFL will shake out in the second half of the season. And ESPN had its correspondents covering the top teams do some homework to try to figure out how each club will do down the stretch.

Jenna Laine believes the Bucs will roar into the playoffs with an 8-1 streak. The prediction is based largely on the cotton soft schedule.

Final record prediction: 14-3. The schedule makers were kind to Tampa Bay, with the Bucs’ next nine games featuring opponents that are a combined 28-40, and the Bucs get their toughest remaining foes — Buffalo and New Orleans — at home.

Joe didn’t realize the upcoming Bucs opponents combined record was that bad. That record includes a possible division winner (Bills) and a likely wild card team (slimy Saints).

Yes, the NFL schedule-makers really did the Bucs a solid for November, December and two games in January.

12 Responses to “Mopping Up Opponents In The Second Half”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Just looking forward to a solid game after the Saints disgraceful debacle. Players should have not been paid for that game

  2. Jim Payne Says:

    We will beat NO in Tampa

  3. Sean Says:

    It’ll mean nothing if they limp into the playoffs. It seems like it’s been injury whack-a-mole. One guy gets healthy, another one goes down. A lot of playoff success is being healthy at the right time so maybe they’re just being very conservative with a bunch of these guys.

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    Absolutely got to get healthy for the playoff run – regardless of the opposition.

  5. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Any given Sunday. One game at a time. Washington could give us a tough game.

  6. Beeej Says:

    I would gladly trade a loss to Buffalo for finally having a win over the slimy Saints

  7. Joe Says:

    I would gladly trade a loss to Buffalo for finally having a win over the slimy Saints


  8. Diverdo Says:

    The John Gruden Bucs were a shoo in having to win 1 game in 6 to make playoffs and lost them all. Lessons learned, don’t count chickens etc

  9. BA4President Says:

    Remember how Washington was supposed to be the worst division winner last year and then gave us our toughest game of the postseason? Don’t take anyone for granted!

  10. Ed Says:

    I expect the Bucs to win at home. Jacksonville held Buffalo to 6 points. The Jags have been bad all season. Saints were held to 6 points for 3 quarters by Atlanta at home.

    Both those teams can be beat in Tampa if the penalties and turnovers stop.

    Playing at Indy will be the toughest task for the team. Indy has a good defense, a great running back and the Bucs have never been very good playing indoors.

    I hate indoor football and turf.

    If the temperatures are 45 degrees with no rain/snow forecasts, NFL should require Dallas, Atlanta, Indy and Arizona to open the roofs. The Saints have the most unfair home field advantage because Superdome is old and has more echo than the modern stadiums that are indoors.

  11. Bird Says:

    The way carolina started i wondered how they might look at end of season since we have two close games kinda like atlanta last year.

    Sam darnold out 6-8 weeks with (throwing) shoulder injury/ scapula fx

    I really dont disagree with 8-1. We take one of two tough games …still hoping are injuries stop mounting at some point.


    Gotta stay healthy, and limit the penalties, that’s it