Why Losers Lose

October 14th, 2021


The Bucs are no longer losers. We expect the Bucs to win. That happens when a team wins a Super Bowl.

But not long ago the Bucs were expected to lose. The Lost Decade was some kinda nightmare, man. This team couldn’t help but trip over itself year after painful year.

Joe was thinking of those awful days watching the opening sequence to “America’s Game,” the NFL Films/NFL Network documentary about the 2020 Super Bowl champion Bucs.

Among the speakers were Mike Evans, Devin White and Playoff Lenny. Joe thought this episode was a rare fumble by NFL Films. The entire story of the 2020 Bucs centered around Bucco Bruce Arians and Tom Brady. Strangely, they were not part of this documentary.

For Joe, their absence left the hour-long episode flat.

There was, however, a very interesting quote from Playoff Lenny.

He was released by the Jags at the dawn of the new 2020 season. And with urging from Brady and White, the Bucs grabbed Playoff Lenny. In the show, Playoff Lenny said the Jags cut him because they claimed he was a locker room cancer.

Joe had to laugh. Six months after being declared a cancer, Playoff Lenny was soaked in champagne celebrating a Super Bowl win. Meanwhile, the Jags prepared to draft Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall.

Thank you, jughead Jags.

It reminded Joe of the dark days of the Bucs. Remember when the Bucs, thinking he was a locker room cancer, dumped LeGarrette Blount off on Bill Belicheat’s front door? In return the Bucs got that stiff Jeff Demps, a dude that couldn’t hold onto the football and had no impact whatsoever?

Well, this same “cancer” went on to play in the playoffs his first season in New England, win a Super Bowl ring his next two seasons with the Belicheats and eventually got a third ring with the Eagles in 2017.

Some cancer!

This shows how bad the Jags are and how bad the Bucs were. When teams have no clue how to deal with personalities and struggle to develop players, they seem to label guys “CANCER” to cover themselves and then try to dump them off to any team for an unwashed jockstrap.

Teams and coaches that recognize talent and develop it, and know how to work with players from diverse backgrounds, are the successful clubs.

It’s a huge reason why the Bucs won the Super Bowl last year.

12 Responses to “Why Losers Lose”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    definitely feelin’ kinda cozy about a bucs victory tonight…

    even without lavonte, gronk, winfield and half the gawd dam secondary out…

    omg lol @ jeff demps 🙂

  2. adam from ny Says:

    for real tho:

    we’ve gotten hosed, played, vicked and vamped by belichick and the pats for soooooo many years…

    it’s like we had a special deal in place with bill to give him our quality players for bird feed…

    it’s only correct that int he end we got tommie b….

    that is karma at its finest!

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    When u have TB12 in the locker room, everyone falls in line (that’s why Tom could sign guys like Lenny & AB).

  4. SteveK Says:

    The former Rockstar GM was so brilliant, he cut bait with Michael Bennett, prided himself on not drafting O-Line, and let Blount and Talib go for peanuts. Whoops!

    Joe is spot on about the loser mentality some franchises take towards tanking and spinning their PR.

    LFG Bucs! Feed Lenny!

  5. Dking Says:

    Ah Jeff Demps… America’s kick returner. Mr. “I’m so fast I’m going to return this kickoff from 8 yards deep in the end zone and get tackled at the 12 because in the NFL the other team isn’t Vanderbilt”.

  6. Wild Bill Says:

    We should be able to put up points tonight. The problem will be keeping our opponents from scoring more. It ain’t rocket science. Our defense, specifically the pass defense, is our weakness.

  7. adam from ny Says:

    we should score low to mid 30s tonight in points…

    while this lame team puts up low 20s…maybe less…

    we are not playing a good football team…

    a final score could be something like 34-23 or 31-20…

    bucs win

  8. Stanglassman Says:

    I respect guys like Hardy Nickerson that won’t gripe and whine when he’s on a losing team. Instead he works hard and tough, sets a standard by example. Guys like that are what you need to change a culture.

    Fournette is more the type that just expects to be ‘the guy’ and be on a great team because he has always had it that way. So he became a malcontent until he got his way and was traded to a winner.

  9. SoberInYbor Says:

    Lenny & AB).

    SteveK Says:
    October 14th, 2021 at 9:09 am
    The former Rockstar GM was so brilliant, he cut bait with Michael Bennett, prided himself on not drafting O-Line, and let Blount and Talib go for peanuts. Whoops!
    To this day im extremely upset we let Bennet walk. What’s worse was he really wanted to be here. He even said he would take a lower salary to stay. Bangs head

  10. SlyPirate Says:


    Pitt, NE, LV, the media, the USA all labeled him a cancer. TB12 took him under his wing (even BA was skeptical). Now, AB is debatably the Bucs’ best WR.

  11. Tarheel Buc Says:

    Demps was my secret weapon in Madden. Always switched him in to KR, PR, and sometimes at RB because his speed was just broken. But yeah he definitely didnt belong in the NFL

  12. sasquatch Says:

    On a losing team, he’d probably be a cancer again. Some guys are a reason for a team turning around, and some are along for the ride. Lenny’s along for the ride… Let’s not forget, he was a bit of a malcontent until he basically received an ultimatum from B.A. last year.