The New Fan Culture

October 10th, 2021

Along with legions of other Bucs fans, Joe is in what feels like new territory.

It’s October and Joe can’t find a Tampa Bay fan that expects the team to lose another game this month. Roll the Dolphins, get past the Eagles, trash the anemic Bears and then reveal that Jameis Winston isn’t Drew Brees and hasn’t raised the game of anyone around him. That will leave the Bucs at 7-1 at their bye week.

Nothing to see there. Nothing to high-five about. It’s all expected.

Life as a Bucs fan wasn’t like this 365 days ago.

The Bucs were an unknown quantity coming off an embarrassment to the Bears on Thursday Night Football. Tom Brady was struggling to connect deep and didn’t know what down it was on a drive to win the game.

Now it’s all confidence and chest-puffing about how great the Bucs are because they’re shutting down opponents without even playing well. It’s like fans are collectively set a metronome and are just waiting for a big game. It’s probably why Derrick Brooks is calling for style points against Miami today.

Joe can get used to this approach. It’s a byproduct of winning the Super Bowl and bringing back the whole team.

But damn, it sure feels strange following The Lost Decade and an uncertain start last year.

16 Responses to “The New Fan Culture”

  1. Alan Collingwood Says:

    It s an odd season fror this lifelong Bucs fan. For the first time in 46 years, my main concern is getting the #1 seed come playoff time

  2. adam from ny Says:

    i have us losing to the saints before the bye week…resting players a bit, players looking to rest or taking it light, the bucs just sleepwalking…etc

    get well time is from the week leading to the saints game until we go to washington…it’s a get well and refresher in the middle of the season…unless we lose one of the next 3…

    i see us losing one of the next 4 and going into the bye at 6-2…

    no worries tho…

    on the second meeting with the saints, we thrash those moes in our stadium, when meaningful football is in full focus

  3. 1sparkybuc Says:

    I just want one game where I’m not holding my breath on every play late in the 4th quarter. Too often the Bucs have been a team that could beat any team in the league, or lose to any team in the league. At times we have made backup third string rookie QBs look like a shoo in for Canton. I’ve been a fan of this team too long to just be able to relax.

  4. adam from ny Says:

    i am more relaxed than ever watching the bucs…

    in fact i crave some of that bucs stress i’ve been accustomed too over the years…

    since tom has arrived there’s less stress across the board, just ask BA (he’d prolly just smile tho)

  5. JA Says:

    Not a fan of taking things for granted, especially wins in the NFL. The Bucs are a two minute drive and a crossbar from being 1-3 instead of 3-1. And their loss was the result of total domination by the Rams.
    If anybody should have learned a lesson from talking style points it should be Derrick Brooks. His Super Bowl winning team began the following season by shutting out the Eagles. They ended the season by missing the playoffs. Think they took some wins for granted along the way?
    Anyone remember the year the undefeated, Dante Culpepper-Randy Moss led Vikings came rolling into Tampa expecting another easy victory?
    I get it. NFL fans have a love affair with prognostication: “Hey everybody, my team will go undefeated this month and be 7-1.”
    But in the NFL, it’s the coach’s job to make sure his players do not.
    When coaches fail to keep a torch burning under player’s collective asses, their team loses.
    Today is Miami’s Super Bowl. Win or lose, they will be giving it their all. The Bucs should never lose sight of that.

  6. Hodad Says:

    Any fan of any team would be crazy to think you can style point to victory every week in the NFL. That’s what makes the game so great. Watching that New England kick go off the upright was a thing of beauty. If we win on a last second FG today against Miami it will make my day. Of course it would also be sweet to be up by 30 at the half!

  7. Wild Bill Says:

    This year’s Bucs are not last years. They are wining small. The defense is not as dominating and the offense has been inconsistent. Did they get fat, dumb and content? Did they expect to start the same way they finished last season? Dam if I know, but with virtually the same team something has slipped.

  8. orlbucfan Says:

    Tampa Bay is called the Cardiac Bucs cos that’s what they are. And on any given Sunday…. No way do I take any game for granted and haven’t for 40+ years.

  9. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    With Brady, they have won the games they’re supposed to win. They did that last year too. Some wins may not be pretty but they win. I think if we can win the next month and our defense gets healthy, we could finish very similar to last year. Go Bucs!!

  10. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    I’m loving every second of this season.

  11. Oneilbuc Says:

    I see some of so call greatest buc coach ain’t nothing but a racist. Some of yall can’t stand Dungy and take credit from him for changing the culture of this team for a racist coach who took the team Dungy put together and won is your favorite buc coach of all time. And yes I had to bring it up !!!

  12. ModHairKen Says:

    This kind of mentality gets them 2 losses. Stop talking about the record after 8 games when they’ve played four. No one should look past Miami. Then focus on next week. Stop worrying about the record and stats. Focus on improving the pass Defense. Focus on getting more pressure on the QB. Focus on developing a reliable run game.

    One week at a time.

  13. ocala Says:

    Agreed Alan Colingwood.

  14. Darin Says:

    After the last two games and more injuries you’re still looking past nfl teams. Nobody’s crowning them before the game starts. Play better than the Dolphins for three hours at 1pm!

  15. Going for ✌️In a row Says:

    I think Realisto, Ndog and Joe are the only ones missing the lost decade.
    Brady has made it hard for Joe to get clicks and comments. Ha ha

    Joe has to earn his money. You are doing a great job still. See you got me to write a comment.

  16. Mike C Says:

    The crowd was more hype than I expected today, brought the energy for the home team and came ALIVE during a crucial 4th down attempt! Way to be bucs fans you team needs YOU do not be complacent! Make noise when necessary, every one pushing the same way, LFG!!!!!