Shady McCoy: Tom Brady Had Few Demands Of Coaches

October 19th, 2021

Shady speaks

A member of last year’s Super Bowl champion Buccaneers, running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy was in a state of disbelief.

He had never seen an elite, veteran offensive player be a yes-man with coaches.

McCoy talked about this as a co-host on SiriusXM NFL Radio last week.

“Being like a top guy on an offense, there are some times where I didn’t like the calls,” McCoy began. “And I would tell the offensive coordinator, ‘Hey, let’s run this the next drive. Or let’s put this in the game plan.’

“I thought that every big player, especially quarterbacks in that position, would do it. [Tom Brady] is the first quarterback that I’ve seen [not do that], at that magnitude of being a Tom Brady, he’s so humble.

“He always talks about he’s the player and they’re the coach. ‘This is what they want. This is what I’m going to do.’

“And as a unit, we’re, ‘Hey man, Tom, let’s put this in. We know it’s going to work.’ He’s like, ‘The game plan is what B.A. wants, what Leftwich wants, so we’ll figure it out down the line.’

“He’s so humble. I never knew he was that humble. Most quarterbacks in that position, man, they’re humble but also they run the show.”

Joe was intrigued by McCoy’s take, especially given how Brady insider Jeff Darlington, of ESPN, reported that Brady made firm demands of coaches to tighten up practices after Thanksgiving last year.

Regardless, it’s very cool to hear how Brady respects coaches. That has to rub off on teammates.

20 Responses to “Shady McCoy: Tom Brady Had Few Demands Of Coaches”

  1. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I’m sure Brady challenges coaches and gives input where he feels it’s needed. Brady also knows openly second guessing the coaches will undermine the entire offense. Possibly cause players to stop listening to coaches. Brady does it. It’s just behind closed doors.

  2. Bucschamp Says:

    He’ll let the coaches run the show at the beginning, then he’ll save their ass in the end. Jedi mind trick

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Our coaches are dy-no-mite.

  4. Medicated Pete Says:


    100% correct. TB12 is the conduit between coaches & players….then tells coaches what he actually thinks. #brilliant

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Like so many things in life nowadays, it’s hard to tell what’s REALLY true and what isn’t. We’ve all heard BA tell folks that the Bucs offensive planning is pretty much a collaborative effort, with input from many including Tom Brady. And yet here’s Shady certainly implying that Brady accedes to the coaches & tells the offense that ‘The game plan is what B.A. wants, what Leftwich wants, so we’ll figure it out down the line.’

    I agree with JeffreyLane77. He’s friggin Tom Brady. I’m sure that he truly is humble and won’t do anything to sabotage the coaches, but that his wishes are made known ‘behind closed doors’.

  6. lambchop Says:

    Tom Brady is beyond mature and humble. I mean that is a savvy thing to say to other players to avoid a mutiny. It takes a lot of restraint to do that publicly even though he may make suggestions at other times.

    The time to change plays is in practice, not game day. Unless you’ve been given that liberty from the start. And I believe Brady’s meticulous attention to detail helps him remain within those defined lines of control. I mean he can audible. But, drastically changing plays unilaterally is a recipe for disaster in the long-term. This guy has a little military in him.

    There’s an old saying, “Too many cooks spoils the broth.”

  7. Mike Says:

    Yes, it makes sense. That is why we see Tom is so clutch in the 4th quarter.
    The Patriots lost 11 games in 2000 without Tom, among 11 games, 8 were decided by 1 TD. If Tom played, he would get 6 more wins and the Patriots could play the playoffs.

  8. Bucky Says:

    I remember watching a doco about Tom Brady (Brady 6?) and one of the things his HS coach said about Tom’s success was his respect towards authority. Guess he never changed, and that’s what makes him the GOAT

  9. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I wonder how much BL or his agent paid Shady to say that?

  10. lambeau Says:

    Seth Wickersham’s new book is a must read: “It’s Better To Be Feared”.

  11. Youngbucs Says:

    Ohhh no another hater narrative bites the dust.

  12. Miller5252 Says:

    That’s funny that shady thought he was a big enough star to tell the coaches how things were gonna be…. Dude had one half of a game the whole year that produced anything. C’mon man, you were tied with Vaughn for 3 best at your position and that’s being nice.

  13. BucsCoolade Says:

    “It’s not the plays , it’s the players” this is quote from belichick on the subject. It’s a team philosophy that tries to get each guy to focus on his job. It’s not McCoy’s job to call plays.

    That said.. in big moments the play calls do matter.. but it still ironically cant be questioned.. except by monday morning quarterbacking. Lol..

  14. BucsCoolade Says:

    Example would be carolina with Darnold. With the jets players and coaching, he was a loser. Now he looks better and they are winning games.

    Brady lost his last 2 games at NE.. and 5 of last 9. He was a victim of the McDitz offense , then he flipped the script with TB , by embracing the new offense , new guys and gronk.. to an amazing super bowl run.

    (And the defense helped too .. BTW)

  15. D-Rome Says:

    Wow, then perhaps Byron Leftwich is already one of the greatest offensive coordinators in NFL history.

  16. RachelWatsonsThong Says:

    So we imagined #12 shaking his head no to the Hamburgler from the huddle to the sideline?

  17. Hodad Says:

    When Tom does make suggestions to coaches with respect to them he probably does it behind closed doors. Last year during the bye when other players were chilling it seems obvious to me Tom made his feelings known on what he liked, and didn’t. The Bucs were a different offense after that, and you’d be a fool to think Tom’s input wasn’t a reason for that. Tom isn’t Rodgers, he didn’t let his displeasure with what was going on in NE spill to the team, or the media. Crossing coaches in front of the team isn’t the way to do it.

  18. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Good take Hodad.

  19. webster Says:

    Hahaha you guys are idiots. Brady tells you its BL calling plays. BA tells you its BL calling plays. Licht says its BL. A player within the locker room tells you it is BL and the coaching staff yet you still want to hold on to this narrative that its all Brady. Did any of you conspiracy nuts listen to Aikman and Joe Buck talk about how brady praised BL and his play design during their sit down with them prior to the game and how they said Brady said BL should be a great head coach and Aikman and Joe buck second the notion? Naw because the conspiracy theory nuts want to say BL does nothing and its all Brady eventhough those WITHIN the lockerroom always state Brady had to learn THIS offense. Just comical at this point. STOP THE STEAL lol lol lol

  20. Listnfrmafar Says:

    That explains the sh%$y play calls.