“Rolodex Defense”

October 2nd, 2021

Unique night ahead?

How do teams stop this Bucs offense without Hall of Fame-caliber defensive players and ferocious hitting, like the Rams delivered last Sunday?

Rambling Sunday Night Football game analyst Cris Collinsworth took on that question from an NBC affiliate in the New England area. And he barked that the Bucs should expect a “Rolodex defense” type of night.

For those under 30 and completely unaware of a Rolodex, a definition is linked here. Think small, twirly and circular contacts file.

The greater point by Collinsworth was that Bill Belicheat is a master of having his defense able to play myriad looks and styles, and this is the night he’ll empty the kitchen sink on Tom Brady.

That’s all fine, and likely it will set up Brady to make several big plays, and also to take some hits as a result of his confusion or that of those blocking in front of him.

Given the Bucs’ pass blocking woes from their running bacs this season, Joe suspects more blitzing of Brady than usual.

As for the Rolodex, Joe hopes Byron Leftwich and Brady twirls theirs and pull out the aresenal early on the Patriots. It would be so nice if the Bucs could pound the Belicheats early and force Mac Jones to throw every down.

13 Responses to ““Rolodex Defense””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    “force Mac Jones to throw every down.”

    Careful what you wish for Joe.

    I think I beat Medicated Pete for the top of the thread.

  2. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I expect the Patriots to play a lot of two deep safety. My prediction is that we run the ball at a higher percentage than normal. Not sure who it is going to be, but one of our RBs is going to have a good night.

  3. Beeej Says:

    I guess Vaughn will be active? Who’s the best receiving back of the 3 left?

  4. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Look, we added Richard Sherman and I dumped the Bucs defense from my FF roster so, yeah now they will kick some arse.

  5. Mark Alsott Says:

    If anyone knows how to rattle TB12 and keep him off his game, it’s Belicheck. Getting the running game going early is the key to success. This is the type of game Fournette should excel at. Here’s to a great game with no injuries! GO BUCS!!!!

  6. Beeej Says:

    We can make a drinking game out of how often they run on first down

  7. Cobraboy Says:

    I hope every player on that roster is embarrassed about their play so far this season.

  8. Leighroy Says:

    Beeej, challenge accepted!

  9. PassingThru Says:

    As I mentioned earlier, I expect Belichick to pull out two man high, dime personnel packages that will dare the Bucs to run. Belichick loves to take away the opposition’s best player on offense, and in this case it’ll be Brady. What complicates matters is that the Bucs are well below average at the run game. That makes this personnel package a no-brainer.

  10. Ben green Says:

    You must spin the wheel on Brady. My old boss EM’n always said, “if he knows, it goes” Ben isn’t oblivious to the fact that my Patriots may get, as majic Johnson always says, “blew out” Bill has his hands full, not with Brady, but the plethora of weapons at his disposal. If they can rough up the recievers, the Patriots have a chance. If not, then it’s hard for Ben to see the Patriots win. Anyway, the Patriots appear to to play better as underdogs. Bill has a way of taking your strengths, and making them your weakness. Ben is very emotional and vurlenarble this week. Please don’t take advantage of Ben’s emotional state. At least Ben can pretend his parents are sleeping together for one night, alla step brothers.

  11. Kgh4life Says:

    Belichick is going to coach circles around Leftwich and BA, Bucs lose in an upset, sorry to say.

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I can’t see us losing this game
    Bucs know how important this game is to Tom Brady, and no way they will let him down.

  13. Buxszntkt Says:

    I think Medicated had one heroic bender last night ! No posts this am ! You’re not at St. Joe’s on a 72 hour hold are u Pete ??? Maybe Joe is connected and can get your Baker act rescinded before the game.