Nick Wright: Bucs In Best Position For No. 1 Seed

October 17th, 2021

Postseason outlook.

Nick Wright is a notorious Chiefs homer and Tom Brady hater. But recently he was talking sense for a change.

On the FS1 hollering show “First Things First,” Wright gave the Bucs props. Sort of. Wright thinks the Bucs have the best road to get to the Super Bowl only because they have the best shot to win the NFC’s No. 1 overall seed.

Wright is convinced the Rams and Cowboys are better than the Bucs. Yes, he said, he understands Tampa Bay beat the Cowboys on opening night.

“I think the Bucs are very, very good,” Wright said almost as a back-handed compliment. “And this is what I will say about them: I think they will have the best path to the Super Bowl of any team in the NFC. You know who the Bucs remind me of? Last year’s Chiefs.”

Wright then recited how the Chiefs throttled teams last year until they took their foot off the gas pedal late in the season. Then they got beaten up in the playoffs and were curb-stomped by the Bucs in the Super Bowl.

“The Bucs? I don’t think they are going 14-1,” Wright said. “But look at the schedule. They have the Bills on it. Other than the Bills, their next toughest opponents are at New Orleans and I guess at Carolina? Their third-toughest game is at Carolina?”

Wright added that other than Josh Allen the rest of the regular season, the Bucs won’t face a quarterback who can take advantage of the Bucs’ toasty corners.

Here is the kicker: In the past two years the Bucs struggled in the secondary and by the end of the season defensive coordinator Todd Bowles had these guys playing lights out.

Why shouldn’t we expect the secondary to improve again under Bowles, especially when Carlton Davis and Sean Murphy-Bunting and Richard Sherman return?

19 Responses to “Nick Wright: Bucs In Best Position For No. 1 Seed”

  1. Lets Roll Says:

    Difference is, last years Chief are UP IN SMOKE.

    Name one team that is going to expose the Bucs as bad as we did the Chiefs?

    IF the Rams or Cowboys beat us, it will be because they are the better team and NOT because we have a one trick pony at QB WE and TE

  2. 1sparkybuc Says:

    We’re getting every team’s best shot, and through 6 games we have yet to have a complete game from start to finish. I don’t see 16-1 as being realistic. The injuries just keep piling up, and we’re not even half way through the season. Hopefully we get everybody back healthy and peak at the right time. In the meantime, a blowout or two of some really bad teams would be nice.

  3. adam from ny Says:

    this guys seriously subtly hates on the bucs…

    and really hates tb12…

    can’t listen to him on this, but he often knows his stuff in general…

    he doesn’t believe in brady – in the sense that the bucs and tom are primed and ready to whoop the rams in their next showdown…tom is not losing to the rams 3 times in a row…

    tom don’t play like that!

  4. adam from ny Says:

    also the cowboys are the type of team we will beat in the playoffs like 41-34…

    a rematch with them has shoot out written all over it…

    they’re good but not that good…

    the nfc least doesn’t make them have to step up their game too much…

    the nfc west is a very serious division tho

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Much too premature to be talking about the #1 seed in the NFC. We’re only one-third of the way through the regular season, and all we know for sure at this point is that the Bucs are beaten up (especially on defense).

    Cowboys (4-1) are playing some solid offensive football (#2), but their defense is circumspect (especially their #32 passing defense, which is how we beat them). Packers (4-1), after their opening 38-3 loss to the Saints, have played solid football although they (like us) have had a relatively easy schedule.

    Cardinals (5-0) & Rams (4-1) are both contenders for the #1 NFC seed. Looks to me like the Cards are the more BALANCED TEAM (#4 offense; #6 defense). They whooped the Rams (37-20) right after the Rams whooped us (34-24) and that’s impressive.

    At this point though, if I had to put money on who’ll win the SB, I’d pick the Bills. Excellent BALANCE: #1 offense and #1 defense. Things can change rapidly in the NFL though.

  6. Gbobucsfan Says:

    I think the difference this year is injuries. We need those cb’s back.

  7. Bird Says:

    Pulling for browns today

    Dang. There are some crap games on today. Browns vs cards although cards should win.

    Maybe chargers vs ravens decent game
    Dolphins vs jaguars ? Does anyone honestly really care? 😂


    For bucs – Agree. Bills will be tough even at home but hoping to have some db’s back by then. Saints on halloween is gonna be tough in NO. Their pass defense is best in nfl IMO and their coach is filthy. He game plans so well , that qb can throw for under 150 yards and still win. Carolina away as they are signing / trading for everyone now and guys should know system better by then. . They want to win now. And know they have to make these moves to best us. Mccafrey should be healthy by then too 😂

    14-3 …will that get a bye this year?

  8. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Just need to keep Vita Vea healthy through the postseason.

  9. Scooter Says:

    Rooting for the BEARS to beat the Packers. Bucs match up good against Packers( 2 wins last season ), yet can’t rule them out as a No.1 seed. More importantly The Bears have been under the Pack’s thumb for years and a win I feel would have them high-high-high all week entering the Buc’s lair of revenge.

  10. Leighroy Says:

    DR, you’re right about the Bills. Clear #1 to me in the power rankings.

    The cardinals are a good team, but their record is more a reflection of being luckier than good. Vikings missed a FG hat could have won it, they needed a 2nd half comeback vs the jags that was keyed by a bad INT, and they didn’t prove to be in a different class in matchups vs the Rams and 49ers.

    Nick’s not wrong about the Bucs schedule here on out. But the danger was early for this team, and they came away 2-1 in the loseable early matchups vs the cowboys, pats and rams. When you’re the king, everyone else looks like a lesser opponent.

  11. Kentucky Buc Says:

    3 games in 12 days with a beat up defense. I’d say they are doing fine.

  12. PSL Bob Says:

    Division first, then focus on No. 1 seed. Hope they are able to do it, but a lot of the wins have been very close and the absence of a bad officiating call or single play could have flipped the W to a L. After they brought back the entire starting lineup, I had visions of a perfect season. A bit naive! Now I’m back down to earth and just want to take care of business. The first order of business is winning the Division. Should they split games with the Saints and Panthers, lose to the Bills, and win the remainder of their games they would come out with a 13-4 record. Is that good enough for the No. 1 seed?

  13. Razor Ramone Says:

    Joe’s, I’m glad you guys watch this dreck so I don’t have to. I can’t stand most of these blowhards in general and this one in particular.

  14. SOEbuc Says:

    Nick Wright??? Have some dignity, Joe.

  15. Jerry Says:

    Bucs were 7-5 last year after losing to the Bears, being demolished by the Saints on prime time, losing to the Rams, and giving up 200 yards to Tyreek Hill in the 1st QUARTER. Yet this secondary was still good enough to win the Super Bowl.

    It all depends on when you peak. You can make the argument that the Bucs have not peaked yet this year.

  16. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    At this time last year, we didn’t look like the best team in the NFL either. Despite having a better start, we still have not fully hit our stride.

    When that finally happens, fasten your seatbelts…

  17. Snail Says:

    If Nick Wrong says it, I fully expect us to completely miss the playoffs now.

  18. G.Marosi Says:

    We have beat the teams we should and only tough game left is Bills and Maybe Saints in NO. Unless something crazy happens we should finish 14-3 or 13-4 and 2nd seed playing #7. But any given Sunday anything can happen just look at todays games…Also maybe the Cards or Rams fall apart 2nd half of season!

  19. Buckaroo Boozie Says:

    Still don’t understand why this A hole is on the boob tube… let alone why anyone would listen too it