Ira Kaufman On Tough Talk From Bruce Arians & Todd Bowles, The Great Pass-Or-Run Debate, Split Game Predictions, Hype Factor Or Non-Factor, And More

October 3rd, 2021

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7 Responses to “Ira Kaufman On Tough Talk From Bruce Arians & Todd Bowles, The Great Pass-Or-Run Debate, Split Game Predictions, Hype Factor Or Non-Factor, And More”

  1. Bucs Win Says:

    “Jameis lit it up for about 120 yards,” I listened to that 4 times, make it 5 times now just to be sure and I still can’t believe that was actually said. Seriously?
    Come on man. It’s called sarcasm. –Joe

  2. Medicated Pete Says:

    Starting at the 28min mark Joe #2 has several meltdowns

  3. Bucs4821 Says:

    Just off the top of my head at 4:30am

    Football history is littered with teams that looked unstoppable and led the league in scoring going back to the Chargers, the 83 Redskins, 84 Dolphins, 98 Vikings and yes, the 2007 Pats. As far as I can remember only the 99 Rams did both and they had Marshall Faulk and won by one yard as time expired.

  4. Bucs4821 Says:

    PS: Historically, the team that wins the Super Bowl isn’t necessarily the team that excels at any specific facet of the game. To win it all you’ve got to have it all. The team that wins is the team with the least weaknesses. The Bucs running game, or lack there of, is one of those exploitative weaknesses.

  5. Dan Dan Dan Says:

    I’m with Ira.

    Enough of Lee harping on the proficiency of the passing game!
    There are 4 elements to offense and defense – run and pass on both sides.

    One thing you CANNOT be in the NFL is predictable. If we abandon the run, that means we will only be utilising the pass on offense and teams have already decided to abandon the run vs our defense. 50% of the team capability will be wasted!

    Look at the 1999 Rams – 56 – 44 pass to run split (33 points/game #1 overall)

    2007 Patriots – 57 – 43 pass to run split (37 points/game #1 overall)

    2011 Saints – 61 – 39 pass to run split (34 points/game #2 overall)

    2013 Broncos – 60 – 40 pass to run split (38 points/game #1 overall)

    2018 Chiefs – 61 – 39 pass to run split (35 points/game #1 overall)

    Last season we ran the ball 36% of the time, which isn’t that far off the typical splits seen above. Later in the season we relied more heavily on the run to get us to the Super Bowl.

    This season – 25%, which is unacceptable.

    One other element of the discussion Lee is overlooking, aside from predictability, is how running helps our defense! Leftwich and Arians need to do a much better job of protecting the defense while they get up to speed and healthy.

  6. Dubcity6 Says:

    The Bucs literally just won a superbowl with a balanced attack all thru the playoffs. Where does “playoff Lenny” get his nickname… I dont get the argument. Running the ball helps open up the pass. For all the weapons. I dont understand someone advocating to abandon the run w so much righteous indignation. You’d think someone that was so blatantly wrong on Johnny Football would have a little humility.

  7. unbelievable Says:

    @Dan Dan Dan

    I posted similar sentiment the other day. And it’s been EVERY SB winner in the last decade too:

    Past champions and their offensive rushing play percentages each season:

    2020 Bucs – 38% for the season, 47% in playoffs
    2019 chiefs – 38% for the season, 39% in playoffs
    2018 Pats – 45% for the season, 47% in playoffs
    2017 Eagles – 44% for the season, 45% in playoffs
    2016 Pats – 43% for the season, 34% in playoffs
    2015 Broncos- 40% for the season, 47% in the playoffs
    2014 Pats – 40% for the season, 38% in the playoffs
    2013 Seahawks – 52% in regular season, 55% in the playoffs
    2012 Ravens – 44% for the season, 51% in playoffs

    A roughly 40/60 run/pass split is ideal if you want to win a super bowl. So, where do our Bucs stack up this year?

    Last week- 12% rushing plays. (18% if you include Brady’s runs)
    For the 2021 season so far: 24% (last in the league)

    That’s not gonna work if you want to win another Super Bowl. Simple as that.