Four Stars Out On Sunday

October 22nd, 2021


Even though the game will be broadcast to much of the nation in the 4 p.m. window, the star power of the Bucs will take a hit.

The Bucs will be down four starters and Pro Bowl players if not future Hall of Famers.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network has the gruesome details.

@RapSheet: #Bucs coach Bruce Arians ruled out several starters: TE Rob Gronkowski (ribs), WR Antonio Brown (ankle), LB Lavonte David (ankle), CB Richard Sherman

So it’s go time for O.J. Howard, Tyler Johnson and the bottle of cologne, Pierre Desir.

Joe has a bad feeling this game is going to be a nailbiter.

37 Responses to “Four Stars Out On Sunday”

  1. pewter941 Says:

    We should still be able to win easily without them I think

  2. Flyin Dutchman Says:

    We win by 7+ @ TB

  3. Robert Says:

    sound like we are playing it safe and looking to stay healthy. surprised AB won’t make it.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The one we will truly miss is Antonio Brown…..he makes our offense impossible to defend.

  5. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Bucs will win 24- 0. Shutout Sunday is coming up.

  6. Robert Says:

    @TBF… Gronk will be missed as well, especially in blocking and in the red zone.

    OJ is NOT the threat that Gronk is in the red zone… not by a mile.

    It’s like TB and Gronk mind meld on plays.

  7. Bird Says:

    Sucks but They realize the saints is bigger game so giving AB , gronk and lavonte extra week to fully recover

    We can get by bears without them.

    Not sure that AB , gronk , sherman will meet their escalators this year so may get even cheaper although not sure what their packages were.

  8. Robert Says:

    These reps for the backups will pay dividends in the long run. I think that and our record plays into sitting a few of these guys.

  9. crazybucs_CL Says:

    lets hope ME will cut the drops in half, and OJ will catch some….CG is number 1 Sunday…. will he carry AB’s job ?? will see.
    This game from “in the pocket”, has change status to “winnable”.🤞

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Look for a lot of running……action with Brate & Tyler Johnson….screens to Fournette & Gio…..

    If our front 7 stay strong on D…..we’ll be OK

  11. Kgh4life Says:

    AB would’ve been the difference maker in this game. TJ is nice player but he’s not shifty or fast. Scotty Miller is still out and Jalen Darden while explosive, is just not dependable at this point. Another close game.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    BA is playing the long game, there are at least “12” more games to play this season backups need to show your worth and or development or maybe we should be looking else where!! Who will be this game’s most valuable backup? My pick is O J Howard…write that down !! … O J your ticket has been punched??

  13. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:

    Our offense struggles without AB. Keep Fields in the pocket. run the ball. Try to score early and often.

  14. NoSBforNOLA Says:

    The bye two weeks from now is huge. If the Bucs can just survive and be 7-1 heading into the bye they will be in great shape. Just get the next two W’s, don’t need the style points.

  15. Buc-em-up84 Says:

    Again I expect to see a few screen passes for Mr Darden Tom Brady’s favorite receiver.

  16. Biff Barker Says:

    Agree on running the ball and short quick passes. We are still going to take it deep. Early and often.
    Darden and OJ are going to be tested. I’d love to see a bit more of Tyler Johnson too.

  17. JGhotier Says:


    The Pierre Desir/bottle of cologne comment is legit 😂 some of your best work

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    This SHOULD be one of the easier games to figure out from a strategy standpoint.

    o Rams beat the Bears 34-14 in Game 1 and did so by running the ball 23 times (74 yds with 1 TD) versus passing the ball 26 times (321 yds with 3 TDs) plus 2 FGs.
    o Browns beat the Bears 26-6 in Game 3 and did so by running the ball 42 times (215 yds with 1 TD) versus passing the ball only 31 times (246 yds with 1 TD), plus 4 FGs.
    o Packers beat the Bears 24-14 in Game 6 and did so by running the ball 31 times (154 yds with 1 TD) versus passing the ball only 23 times (195 yds with 2 TDs), plus 1 FG.

    Bears have the #8 defense overall (#9 passing defense but the #16 run defense). Bears defense is susceptible to the run, and especially by good running teams. Their defense got 7 takeaways in 6 games, ALL in their 3 wins. Teams that beat them have controlled the TOP (using the run) AND haven’t turned the ball over. Bears offense is nothing special (#30 overall, scoring 98 pts total, as opposed to our 195 pts total). And oh ya, their team is pretty well beaten up just like ours.

    Strategy SHOULD be to employ a BALANCED ATTACK that controls the clock, someplace in the range of 40-50% run-pass ratio. Personally don’t think it’ll be a runaway, but rather a slugfest, someplace in the neighborhood of maybe 30-17. They didn’t call it the Black & Blue division for nothing.

  19. PSL Bob Says:

    Just an opportunity to show the nation the depth on this team.

  20. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    This game went from, “Lop-Sided” to a “Nail-Biter” within a few hours.

    I’ll take the middle road, and call it a “Beer-Drinker” because that’s what I usually do, anyway. And have the wife, fix me some sammiches.

  21. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    The good news : it don’t take too much star power, to beat the the Bears.

  22. Beeej Says:

    I’m good with AB being out, I have ME13 on my fantasy team, and AB taking his tuddies

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    JPP return is solid for the defensive front, and he gets a pick dropping back every now and then. Sherman is a star on the Bucs????????

  24. ClwJB Says:

    28-14 with TB12 holding up 4 fingers for a very different reason this year….

  25. LJ'sDaddy Says:

    Joe, you mentioned nail biter last week. I always think (I am still wary/PTSD’d from the lost decade) they will be nail biters.
    There’s a broad divide on this game at JoeBucsFan world headquarters.–Joe No Sherman? I felt some relief when he was replaced last week. I don’t trust that he makes us better. Gronk, AB, Lavonte…definitely will miss those guys. I think we still win by 10.

  26. adam from ny Says:

    i think we blow these fuggers out on our home field…

    while keeping in mind last years nail biting debacle in chicago

    31-13 or 31-17

  27. adam from ny Says:

    their quarterback is just another one of these “not a nfl quarterback” type dudes…

    like tua and many others who get drafted to be the next big thing…in the end this guy is seriously no better than jalen hurts or mitch blofitzsky…or even glennon…

    so many qbs being drafted to be stars are just scrubs – and it just takes a few years to solidify the facts

  28. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Actually two guys out, not sure anyone was counting on Sherman or Gronk…..will need AB back for Saints, LD should be back by then as well……next week and bye for Gronk and hopefully he’s ready for the stretch run….

  29. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I wish the worse thing I ever done, was forget what down it was.

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    Defense Rules- Are you suggesting that the Bucs employ a balanced attack?! One that incorporates an effective run-game?!
    Surely you must know that it is a “passing league”?!!!
    (OK, sarcasm off!)

    It’s better to have than not to have, obviously. Guys are going to have to step up.

  31. Mike pizzoli Says:

    Good thing the BUCS had to cut Khalil Davis to keep gronk off IR he could have went on IR as he has already missed 3 games

  32. Swampbuc Says:

    We should happy to win by a point. I now fear an upset.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucsfanman … It’s humorous to me that the Bucs get labeled as a passing team largely because we only ran the ball a tad less than 37% of our plays in the regular season. And yet, in last year’s playoffs against the best teams, Bucs ran the ball over 45% of the time. (And actually in 2 of the 4 playoff games, Saints & Chiefs, we actually ran MORE than we passed).

    In the regular season, good teams can get away with a lot & still get the wins (such as not worrying a whole lot about BALANCE?).

  34. Ben green Says:

    It doesn’t matter. The talent gap the bucs display is sickening in almost every game. Ben knows what weak schedule can do to a team. When you face a tough schedule, it makes a team better in the long run. Good teams that face weak schedules, are often surprised and beaten in the playoffs. Look at the breakdown of schedule difficulty related to Superbowl winning teams. The numbers are staggering. When you face inferior competition. Territoriality is of huge import. That means home field to the intellectually inferior. If the bucs don’t get home field, they won’t win, it’s that simple. They played in an empty dome against the saints, and an empty lambeau stadium. That won’t happen this year. Brady knows that, and the huge importance of cleaning up on this weak schedule

  35. Reddington Neck Shores Says:

    Howard will blow up. ME13 need a 100 yard game or his streak of 1000yaed seasons is in jeopardy. Dude isn’t even hurt

  36. Steven007 Says:

    I look for Gio Bernard to make some noise this game. Will be interesting to see the offensive philosophy. As for the defense, don’t let Fields get outside. Aside from that play the usual defense.

  37. D-Rok Says:

    @Beer Whisperer:

    I usually deploy the sensuous tactic with my wife:
    “Since you was up, grab me another beer, honey!”

    It rarely works.