Derrick Brooks Talks Bucs Performance, Jon Gruden Fall, And More

October 13th, 2021

Buccaneers legend Derrick Brooks & Ira Kaufman talk Bucs twice weekly on TAMPA TWO.

Presented by Converged Technology Professionals. TAMPA TWO is a must-watch. More great stuff from The Identity Tampa Bay & Joe.

5 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Talks Bucs Performance, Jon Gruden Fall, And More”

  1. FirstTimePoster Says:

    Nice video. I agree with Ira, Derrick showed more restraint than I would have.

  2. Lets Roll Says:

    I appreciate the response of Mr. Derrick Brooks to the Chucky matter. Very much appropriate considering all things.

    I just hope people in less of a position then him don’t take his words as a call to arms like create a George Floyd situation out of this.

    Here is my bottom line. You should be worried about your emails. Not because of something that you said may be considered as hate speech by todays standards BUT because tomorrows standards are ever changing based on OUT OF CONTROL EMOTIONAL BLOWHARDS and people who are easily offended because you don’t agree with them that it is ok to go into a girls bathroom because you are a boy calling yourself a girl.

    CHECK YOUR EMAILS is not a joke. Its REALITY NOW. 10 years from now you to can get canceled for saying something about someone who ticked you off.

    I am guilty and I have no shame in it. My actions dictate the content of my character. Words dictate nothing. They are just that, words.

  3. geno711 Says:

    Much respect to Derrick Brooks.

    People act like the “isms” are just an on or off switch.

    I.e. you are either *acist or not. There is a whole spectrum.
    To use Jon Gruden’s only analogy… he does not have a “blade” of *acism.

    If we are looking at blades of grass on a lawn. I never saw Gruden with enough blades of grass that would cover half the lawn. We would have noticed it when he was coach here. But it is pretty apparent that he has more than one blade of undesirable hate to groups of people.

    Whether it is to another race, to women, or a person’s sexuality, it exists in him. I agree with many who say we do not want to be judged by our worst moments. But that does not mean we can not discuss how bad Gruden’s moments might have been and what if any consequences there should be.

    Reasonable people will disagree with consequences. But just surprised at the many people that act like it is inappropriate to even discuss the extent that he may be biased.

  4. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    The situation with Jon Gruden is truly sad and borders on tragic in the classical sense of the word.

    If a person is an out-an-out white supremacist bigot that is one thing. If a person spouts lifelong attitudes that more likely represent momentary venting rather than deep down hatred, that is another.

    All biases run across a fairly broad spectrum. The same can be said for political opinions. The majority of us can be found somewhere in the middle on such spectrums. As a product of “white privilege” I have endeavored to become more tolerant all of my adult life. I try to treat all others as “just human beings”. This does not mean I can claim to be absolutely free of bias. I think that I’m reasonably typical.

    Also, if Daniel Snyder sincerely wants to make up for a lack of concern in the past he could do something like the following. He could contact a large number of groups representing indigenous people. He could ask them to hold some kind of organized contest to come up with the top three names to replace the pejorative “redskins” and then choose one of them for the team. (Should events turn out that the other owners run Snyder off in the meantime, the new ownership of the franchise could do the same.)

  5. webster Says:

    lets roll stop the bs. The stuff gruden emailed 10 years ago was offensive 10 years ago. Times did not change. Telling your ex boss to perform sex acts have always been offensive. What he said about michael sam in 2014 by the way was offensive THEN. What he wrote about smith was offensive before and it was offensive THEN. Taking a jab at concussion protocols when the league was trying to clean up the game due to cte deaths etc was offensive THEN.
    What he had to say about female refs was offensive THEN. Sending emails of topless women without their consent was offensive THEN. Its not like we are a century later. Yea, in the 1700 or 1800 grown men would marry girls under 18. That does not happen today without there being major blowback. Stop acting like what gruden said was last century. If he emails had of come out every time he sent them from 10 years ago to 2018, he would have had this blow back. Stop playing games