Bucs Fans Should Feel Very Fortunate

October 13th, 2021

When a major decision has good ramifications.

So yeah, you cannot get away from the Chucky story, no matter how much it makes you wince in disgust.

As you will hear in the next edition of the “Ira Kaufman Podcast,” Joe had one simple word to describe Chucky’s plunge from grace in a matter of hours that took him from being a popular NFL coach to a pariah of society.


The whole damn thing is nothing but sad. Sad that Chucky wrote what he did. Sad that he thought what he wrote. Sad he lost a job. Sad he lost his career. Sad that his glorious place in Bucs history is being painted over like a stain from bird droppings.

It’s just sad, man.

But Bucs fans, in the big picture, should be happy. Happy as can be.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. A time to the final weeks of the 2017 NFL season. Rumors were rampant that Chucky, who led the Bucs to their first Super Bowl title and had the franchise record for most Bucs wins, was thinking about returning to coaching and leaving the BSPN booth where he called “Monday Night Football.”

Bucs fans were wigging out with the anticipation that Team Glazer may rehire Chucky and restore pride to the organization.

The 2017 season was brutal for the Bucs. Expectations were so high after the team lost a tiebreaker for the playoffs in 2016. With the addition of DeSean Jackson, fans were stoked that 2017 was finally the year the Bucs would break the playoff drought.

Instead, not only did the team implode andthe  locker room fracture (thanks largely to two slobs from Washington), but the franchise quarterback was purported to have had a hassle with an Uber driver and the final road game featured a near brawl in the locker room between teammates.

It was ugly and many Bucs fans were ready for a big-name change.

With persistent rumors that Chucky may return to the Bucs, Team Glazer issued a statement in the final days of the season announcing then-coach Dirk Koetter would be retained for 2018.

In January 2019, the Bucs introduced Bruce Arians as the new coach.

We know what happened next.

And we know what happened with Chucky. He went to the Raiders. Chucky told Joe in person at the combine some two months later that the rumors linking him to the Bucs were unfiltered fertilizer.

While Chucky added juice to the Raiders, his teams spun their wheels in the mud and kept losing.

Then we learned a whole lot more about Chucky we all wish we never knew.

So look how history would have changed if the stars aligned differently in late-2017. If the Bucs would have hired Chucky, it’s plausible that the playoff drought would have continued.

What is certain is if Chucky was hired, Team Glazer at this very moment would be heavily involved in a coaching search and in serious damage control.

In mid-October.

Whew. Bullet dodged.

78 Responses to “Bucs Fans Should Feel Very Fortunate”

  1. Bradinator Says:

    True that! No matter your socio-political stance, we would NOT be SB champs without BA. BA is just…better. All the way around.

  2. Hodad Says:

    Sad, that about covers it Joe. Also sad fans don’t see that what he did was completely wrong. Nothing’s private on company e mails. Saying you didn’t mean to hurt anyone after saying such hurtful things isn’t an apology. Yeah, you did mean those things, people don’t spew that stuff if they don’t mean it. Don’t compare Gruden to rappers, or comedians who also spew nonsense. If you can’t see their situations are completely different I can’t be explained to you. Jon Gruden made his own bed of horse dung, now he has to lie in it. Very sad indeed.

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    Gruden is a malignant narcissist & got what he earned.

  4. Steven007 Says:

    This whole article was, succinctly, what my very first comment about this whole fiasco was. We dodged a bullet. Not just with the final outcome but obviously in a pure football sense.

  5. SB~LV Says:

    Gruden said some horrible things,
    The punishment must fit the offense
    This is Taliban type punishment
    I am No fan of Chucky other than that one magical year.
    He has apologized, he lost his job, he will continue to pay the price.
    Pulling his name from the ROH is simply a knee jerk inappropriate reaction.
    The Curse is Back

  6. LVMYBUCS Says:

    This is what happens when you think you can speak your mind because you think the people your talking to or around you are cool with that when in fact they are not. IT IS WHAT IT IS MOVING ON…………………………

  7. ClodHopper Says:

    Very good point Joe

  8. Robert Says:

    meh, they probably would have killed the story and someone would have gotten paid to do it. just paid more than they did to leak it.

  9. Steven007 Says:

    SB, if he will indeed continue to pay the price as you say, good thing he has mountains upon mountains of cash in which to do so. From both ownership that he desparaged as well as ownership he may well have disparaged. The article from cup of Joe implied that there may have been ugly Davis emails to be leaked as well. Regardless, hard to feel sorry for a guy who fleeced two ownership groups of more money than all the posters here combined will likely ever make.

  10. SB~LV Says:

    Salem witch trials
    Sharia Law
    Lynch mob mentality
    Scary times and most don’t even know it… yet
    The Curse is Back

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Nothing can change the fact that Jon Gruden won us a Super Bowl…..ouf first……yes it is sad……I think the price he paid was disproportionate to what he did……but these are our times.
    I’ll always love Chucky…..I love Sapp…..I love AB……I hate what they did….but love them.

  12. adam from ny Says:

    bullpucky SB~LV

    i could see goodell telling the glazers:

    “we are gonna let someone else win the superbowl this year, because no need to shine more light on chucky via the bucs, let him sink away for a bit, you guys are still the new america’s team, i got you next year, just let tommy know”

  13. adam from ny Says:


  14. WorldChamps Says:

    @SB, what are you ranting about? None of those examples are close to comparable. You are being extremely hyperbolic. I didn’t realize Chucky was being burnt to death, or stoned to death for being a foul pos. What it tells me is you properly talk and say the same type of stuff. Only reason I can see why you’d be so personally upset over this. They hit will probably have a show on. A right wing news channel within the week if he wanted it. Otherwise he will be just fine on his mountains of cash in his mansions.

  15. SB~LV Says:

    Adam in NY
    If that were to be the case it is even worse
    That you bend and subscribe to that mentality is frightening

  16. Rico210 aka wutdaBucisthis Says:

    Like I said, you can’t disrespect a man to that level and expect no retaliation. It’s their place of business. Quit being b¿t-hurt about it. No one can forget he won a superbowl. He’s just not being honored by the man he told to blow 1
    Go Bucs

  17. westernbuc Says:

    The Glazers are still cutting checks to AB and Sherman last I checked. They don’t care and it’s embarrassing as a society that we let these billionaires hide behind social justice

  18. Killian Says:

    Something about this whole deal seems off. I’d like to see the rest of the emails released. I bet we’d find a lot more unsavory things from others affiliated with the NFL. Snyder should definitely lose his team.

  19. Irishmist Says:

    If the Glaziers I had said that we are taking him off the Ring of Honor because he insulted a member of our family, I would have respected that. That’s honest and it’s their right as owners of the team. But don’t tell me this is about respect for women when you still got Warran Sapp up in the Ring of Honor. Don’t tell me this is about proper behavior and respecting The Shield when you still got AB on your team. And don’t tell me this is about gay rights when you got rid of Carl Nassib and Gruden took him on and gave him a starting role. Don’t give me that BS.

  20. Rico210 aka wutdaBucisthis Says:

    SB it’s not your stadium, get it?
    As a Hispanic Male (dark skin) I could care less what you call me. But what you not gonna do is talk to me like I’m a streetwalker. FOH with that. I’m a man and the end of the day.
    AND sending nudes of women without their consent is low brow my dude.
    This ain’t back or white, it’s right or wrong… simple

  21. ben Says:

    personal emails should have not have been leaked but someone in the nfl who wanted him out. I don’t agree with his awful remarks but feel bad for his parents who live here.

  22. geno711 Says:

    The Gruden email saga is not just about racism. He has been exposed for making homophobic and misogynistic comments, too.

    The Buc’s statement said it all: We… “have advocated for purposeful change in the areas of race relations, gender equality, diversity and inclusion for many years.”

    That is not propaganda. That is their brand; And they have done it better than any other team in NFL history.

    Personally, I did not care whether Gruden remained in the ROH or not. Thinking it through after reading the Buc’s statement, there was no way the Buc’s could keep Gruden in their ROH and be true to their brand.

  23. geno711 Says:

    The Gruden email saga is not just about *acism. He has been exposed for making *omophobic and *isogynistic comments, too.

    The Buc’s statement said it all: We… “have advocated for purposeful change in the areas of race relations, gender equality, diversity and inclusion for many years.”

    That is not propaganda. That is their brand; And they have done it better than any other team in NFL history.

    Personally, I did not care whether Gruden remained in the ROH or not. Thinking it through after reading the Buc’s statement, there was no way the Buc’s could keep Gruden in their ROH and be true to their brand.

  24. Drew Says:

    The story wasn’t leaked… WFT was under investigation and they searched the emails … get the story straight people … gruden did this to himself

  25. Pruritus Ani Says:

    The assumption is that somehow this is over. Out of the 650K emails, Gruden’s were the only ones that were offensive. Apparently, no one else ever sent an offensive email to the Redskins or to Allen. I find that exceedingly hard to believe. There will be other coaches and noteworthy individuals snagged in this wide net. Unless of course, this was a targeted hit for some reason.

  26. Irishmist Says:

    The players union has asked for the release of all the other 650000 emails uncovered in the Washington investigation. The league denied this citing privacy concerns. Apparently only people they like are entitled to privacy. What happens when the powers-that-be decide they don’t like you?

  27. DBS Says:

    Don’t feed me the BS rappers and comedians don’t say things to put them out they do not want out for real. And right here in Quincy Fl everyday you can hear Blacks calling each other the N word . It is a bunch of crap.

  28. Drew Says:

    DBS the last couple days all I see is people find a excuse for what gruden has done … what exactly is your point? Because every situation is different … the guy secretly emailed absurd , disgusting, racial and bigoted messages , yes us black people call each other the N word , and it ends with a A not a ER that is our culture and it’s a completely different slang than what you guys say and mean it to be , so what exactly is your point

  29. geno711 Says:

    @Pruritus Ani

    The first big name caught by the investigation was Bruce Allen. He was fired. The second big name caught was Daniel Snyder, he was removed as the owner.
    John Gruden is the third big name.

    However, many other smaller name individuals with the Washington Football team have already lost their job.

    I am not sure that the NFL wants all it’s dirty laundry exposed. So even if other things are found, the NFL may not pursue it in a public way.

    Yet some remaining men in high level positions that have done similar things may find themselves in the same predicament.

    A name that has not come up is Jay Gruden – brother of Jon. He was with the Redskins from 2014 thru 2019. Obviously tied with both Jon and Bruce Allen and there at a time emails were coming through. He was with Jacksonville last year but this year did not get a job on the coaching carousel this year.

    We might subtly see whether he gets a NFL coaching gig in the future.

  30. Beastmode Says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  31. Bucsfanman Says:


    The question remains as to what the rest of the communications will tell us regarding the investigation. Gruden was collateral damage. There’s way more. This saga is just beginning.
    Does anyone think Dan Snyder is any better? I don’t. Watch where this goes.

  32. adam from ny Says:

    geno who works at 7-11 is so correct…

    the glazers have been so ahead of the curve with this stuff for many years, all the way back to the hiring of dungy…

    in fact even culverhouse drafted doug williams – he very well might have been the only afro-american qb in the league at that point if i’m correct…

    not saying culverhouse was really ahead of the curve here, but for sure the glazers are…and somehow the bucs have been leadersin this area almost from the inception of the franchise, if doug was the only black qb at the time…

    sheesh if we could swap out anthony nelson for carl “the arabian knight” nassib, i’d be down with that and i’m sure darcy glazer would tell her broskis to get the deal done…

    it is kind of ironic that gruden is supposedly anti-gay, yet had the only openly gay player in the league playing on his squad…

    there’s just so much going on her that us public joe’s will never get wind off…


  33. Chuck T Says:

    Imagine if Gruden did come back to Tampa… good lord this team might not have won the super bowl then.

  34. adam from ny Says:

    jay gruden is “coming in hot”…

    his tookas is on fire

  35. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Gruden was the face of the franchise, the leader. Sapp and Brown were/are members of a unit on a team. Leaders are held to a higher standard, and subsequently suffer a much more severe penalty. Some lose their jobs accordingly. Others are allowed to work, but on a short leash. Gruden is not fit to lead people, and it’s all on him. Some Americans still value character. Some believe in truth and integrity being paramount in any leader. It’s a shame that some people defend bigotry and hatred. Sad is the word for sure.

  36. Capece is Kaput Says:

    Some of these comments….Taliban??? Did someone chop off his pecking fingers that he used to type the emails?
    Bucs getting rid of Nassib because he is gay??? BA is one of the most progressive guys out there. Do you really think Nassib is gone from here because he is gay or is it because he is a B talent player whose price tag was going to start to go up. FYI, Nassib did not come out until the beginning of his 2nd year with the Raiders so his sexual orientation had nothing to do with Tampa’s decision to not re-sign him.
    Gruden got what he deserved. He deserves that Super Bowl win, the millions of dollars he made coaching and on TV and also getting booted out of football for being an immature moron. He is a good football coach, but he is not the powerful Kingpin that he thinks he is. All the guys he insulted have more power than him, and he just got swashed into oblivion.

  37. SB~LV Says:

    The Curse has returned

  38. SB~LV Says:

    I miss Chris Thomas and Steve Duemig is situations like these
    The Curse is Back

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Honestly…although I don’t like the things he said at all…this happened a decade ago. A lot of time has passed since then.

    How many of us have said bad things in our past? Would you want to lose your job because of those things said back then?

    To me, unless he is still saying those things, he should not be attacked for this. He could have learned his lesson back then.

    That said…I’m glad we got Arians.

  40. huh Says:

    there are literally comments in here comparing this Gruden situation to Taliban rule and the Salem witch trials. You conspiracy kooks need to take of your tinfoil hats get outside and off of Facebook….

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    But I will say that the fact that he ‘resigned’ so easily…probably means he was tired of coaching anyway.

  42. SB~LV Says:

    huh…read history
    Khmer Rouge too

  43. webster Says:

    All you people talking about gruden was the one had the openly gay player as if gruden did that on purpise need to stop. Nassib came out 2 years AFTER signing with the raiders. Gruden or any other team knew nassib was gay until he told the world. Stop giving gruden credit for that. It would have looked awful suspect if gruden did like his email stated and cut the q…r. Based on his emails he probably wanted to but knew he couldnt.

  44. webster Says:

    bucc bonzai please try to keep up. these comments were not just 10 years ago. They STARTED 10 years ago and the emails went all the way up to 2018 when he was hired by the raiders. That means, he said stupid stuff again, again, again again and again. The Michael Sam comment had to be in 2014 and simple math will tell you that is not 10 years ago. Come on stop acting like this was a one off statement. One off statement would not have brought this heat. He has a pattern over a decade of terrible judgment where he attacked multiple dynamics in football and society. Keep it honest.

  45. WorldChamps Says:

    @SB~LB, read history? Maybe you should take your own advice. Throwing out a list of unconnected historical events to try and makes sense of a guy getting fired for something that happens everyday in this country is beyond hyperbolic. You sound a little unhinged, not to mention a lot scared. I love how your trying to curse a team you supposedly love, kinda weird as well.

    When your accustomed to privilege equality looks like oppression.

  46. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Where is the consistency? Have they vetted all other ROH players/coaches? They need to submit their last 10 years of emails. Sapp assaulted prostitutes in Phoenix. AB used a racial slur against Mike Mayok and threw furniture out of a 13 story window that almost killed someone. Does this match the Buccaneer values they speak of? I enjoy everything these three men did and do for our franchise, but be consistent! Bottom line I believe it should be about football accolades… no other…

  47. unbelievable Says:

    Good piece, Joe(s). Well said.

    @SB- dude why are you so hung up on the ring of honor? You know at the end of the day, it’s just a made up thing, right?

    Besides, the curse was lifted when TB came to town.

  48. Darin Says:

    Still not sure why saying someone has big lips is racist. Get over yourselves. Wouldnt have been racist if he said he had a big cock. Oh wait people pick and choose. Some black kid once told me i couldnt run fast or jump because i am white. I laughed then dunked on him. He wasn’t racist he just had a mouth

  49. D-Rome Says:

    The story wasn’t leaked… WFT was under investigation and they searched the emails … get the story straight people … gruden did this to himself

    You’re ignorant. WFT was under an internal investigation by the NFL. They were not under investigation by the New York Times. They’re the ones that created this story. That’s the very definition of leaked information.

  50. FortMyersDave Says:

    Great points from Joe. No matter how a Buc fans feels about the circumstances with Chuckie’s fall from grace and as the circus media continues they should be dang glad that it happened on the Raider’s watch and not Tampa Bay’s.

  51. Hodad Says:

    Darin, you just won a Darwin award.


    Sad. It’s what this country is becoming. We used to be much stronger mentally and emotionally. We used to live by the old axiom, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”

    It’s certainly the Glazers’ right to do with their team as they see fit. And, Gruden is a narcissistic jackass whose karma ticket probably just got punched. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see private email conversations from 10-12 years ago used this way.

  53. PassingThru Says:

    We’ve never been truthful with history, but that hardly makes us unique as a nation. All nations “cancel” people and events to sanitize their history so that it fits a clean narrative. We’ve always done it, so let’s try to get some perspective on Chucky. On a purely pragmatic basis the Raiders played like excrement last week. Chucky lost the team which is comprised (like every NFL team) of many people of African descent. What do you think it means to the members of the current Bucs team is Chucky is continued to be lionized? What do you think it means to free agents?

  54. SB~LV Says:

    The Curse is Back
    LOL….Liberal/Progressives can not fix the present, but promise to change the future, they have however changed the past ….
    yeah these are the folks ruining the day

  55. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I do not agree with what Gruden said, but as usual Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio brought up the fact that Gruden was targeted.
    It is hard to believe that in 650, 000 Emails, Gruden is the only one who talked shi*
    I want to see what the rest of all those Email’s say, how about you ?

  56. webster Says:

    Darin you the reason why black history needs to be taught in schools while whites like you scream its not needed. Not being able to jump was never used as a way to diminish or belittle a white person. If you look at the history of film for example (black face era) black people face were painted much darker than their actual color and at the entertainment for white people, their faces were also painted with humongous lips in order to poke fun at black features. They also portrayed these black characters as bumbling idiots who were good for nothing but falling on themselves while being basically a stage clown. They were portrayed to have the mental compacity of 5 year old with mental issues. Again, this is how hollywood and white america perceived blacks. This was not talking trash on a basketball court. This was the ammo to tell blacks you are worthless, beneath us and ugly buffoons. Trying to equate trash talk to this is stupidity at its finest. I can go much deeper into the history of why what gruden said was so offensive to blacks but I tried to give you quick version. Here is something, instead of saying you dont understand, try picking up a book and read to gain further knowledge because just because YOU don’t understand doesn’t mean its not true. Also, you can easily today read many articles on the internet right now that can explain the big lips racist comment even deeper than I just gave. Dont be an idiot all your life. Educate yourself

  57. SB~LV Says:

    Apple said:
    “I want to see what the rest of all those Email’s say, how about you ?”
    I can see a Gruden law suit against the NFL , those 650K emails would be part of the discovery , I can also see a settlement with a NDA….

  58. HeyItsAdam Says:

    “Nobody was a victim of Gruden‘s vulgar comments in his private emails. The people who received the emails didn’t care. Nobody else knew about them. Nobody was hurt or even offended. Call it what it is: Gruden is getting canceled for thought crimes.“ (Matt Walsh, Twitter, 10/12/2021)

  59. lol Says:

    Gruden is a b$^*$ if he wouldn’t have stepped down his a&& would have been fired.

    Funny to see all these triggered boomers whine about life being unfair, as if they were little children throwing a temper tantrum.

    If you cant understand why this happened, you are the problem and are stuck in the distant past. the world will continue to spin an progress as usual, its your choice if you want to catch up with the times or stick your head in the sand.

  60. SB~LV Says:

    What ya gonna do when they come for you ?

    The Curse is Back

  61. lol Says:

    Aaron Rodgers on Gruden;
    “I know that there’s opinions similar to that, but I feel they’re few and far between,” Rodgers said Tuesday, via USA Today. “The player and the coach of today is a more empathetic, advanced, progressive, loving, connected type of person. I’m proud of the kind of locker room we have.

    “We need to allow people to grow and change, but those opinions don’t have a place in the game.”

    In his 17th season with the Packers, Rodgers is hoping that the Gruden fallout can lead to those in the NFL being better educated and bettering themselves when it comes to social equality.

    “It was surprising to see that the thing went so quickly, but I think that was probably the best decision for all parties involved,” Rodgers said. “Hopefully we can all as a league learn and grow from this. Hopefully it puts people on notice who have some of those same opinions. Like, ‘Hey man, it’s time to grow and evolve and change and connect. That s— doesn’t fly.

  62. Buc50 Says:

    When I read this thread, I see a BUNCH of racists getting riled up because one of their own was exposed for the racists pig that he is.

  63. Cobraboy Says:

    If Gruden had only identified as Hunter Biden, none of this would be made public by the MSM…

  64. firethecannons Says:

    Joe says:

    The whole damn thing is nothing but sad. Sad that Chucky wrote what he did. Sad that he thought what he wrote. Sad he lost a job. Sad he lost his career. Sad that his glorious place in Bucs history is being painted over like a stain from bird droppings.

    It’s just sad, man.

    exactly how I feel! Sums it up!

    Cannot imagine him sending pics of topless women to the Washington football email site and thinking it wouldn’t end up as blackmail–deserves all of this!

  65. T REX Says:

    Joe, it is people like SB/LV that cannot have a reasonable discourse.

    Comparing getting kicked out of some sports team’s ring of honor to the Khmer Rouge that killed millions of people or the Taliban.

    Somebody permanban that idiot.

  66. firethecannons Says:

    Aaron Rodgers said: Rodgers said. “Hopefully we can all as a league learn and grow from this. Hopefully it puts people on notice who have some of those same opinions. Like, ‘Hey man, it’s time to grow and evolve and change and connect. That s— doesn’t fly.

    agree with this completely
    Gruden was/is toxic!
    Proud of the Glazers to make their decision and do it immediately–it is a message

  67. SB~LV Says:

    T Rex ….it is a slippery slope and always begins with these type of arbitrary punishments
    actually your post is a PERFECT example of Taliban- Khmer Rouge mentality

  68. SB~LV Says:

    De Blasio to Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue from NYC City Hall First Erected in 1834
    they are full tilt boggie shoving the official narrative/dogma into peoples psyche
    trust me there is NO end and it will not end well

  69. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Pruritis Ani, 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣ROTFLMAO!!! Just looked up your handle!!!

  70. BucDan Says:

    All this comment section does is remind me that there are a whole bunch of Bucs fans that cheer with me in person, but say, feel and think differently behind closed doors.

    Your comments on the male cheerleaders alone are on par with Gruden’s emails. Talking all sorts of non-sense like “what if they released your emails??” HA!

    Some of you better hope that your real name is never associated with your JBF screenname, because it could cause you to deal with similar REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES which could affect you ability to earn at your highest potential.

    It’s a Buc’s Life.

  71. SB~LV Says:

    Oh the sweet irony
    Lol the vailed threats are all coming out of the woke mouths…

  72. Cobraboy Says:

    So, BucDan, capitulate to the Woke Mobsters, get destroyed.

    How nice.

    You sound like a Good 1930’s German Citizen who turned in the Juden because you were told.

    Nothing like a good Thought Crime persecution.

    Sadly and with a heavy heart, I’m afraid SB_LV is correct.

  73. orlbucfan Says:

    *Chucky Gruden is a multimillionaire so he’s not going to be starving cos he got canned.
    *He is seriously stupid as a rock if he wrote BS in emails for Pete’s sake. Emails? In the 21st century? And he figured no one would check them out? Give me a friggin’ cyber break.

  74. orlbucfan Says:

    Snyder and Jerry Jones are two big reasons why the NFL teams need to be owned by their fans. But, ohmygod, that is communism and unAmerikan!

  75. Biff Barker Says:

    Geno, cant agree with your statement.
    Bucs were a laughingstock a year ago…

    That is not propaganda. That is their brand; And they have done it better than any other team in NFL history.

  76. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Both Trainers of WFT have been put on administrative leave this month pending an investigation by Department of Drug Enforcement.
    Almost a year of investigation into harassment claims of WFT employees and Gruden emails are the only thing made public?
    This is starting to smell like a Godfather movie plot where the “Don” (Goodell) didn’t like being insulted by Gruden, so he set him up as fall guy to distract from other undisclosed WFT BS.
    This story ain’t done…

  77. Ed Says:

    Jon Gruden has exposed himself through these emails to be an asshole who has very big ego but a small heart.. I always remember many players saying he couldn’t be trusted. Now these emails only support his backstabbing character.

    The Davis family were fools for throwing $100 million at him. He doesn’t have the temperament to be an NFL head coach. Davis is fortunate this came out as it gave the Raiders a reason to dump him.

    Las Vegas isn’t going to miss him. He leaves the NFL with a 117-112 record. 5-4 playoff record. Certainly respectable but never would any football writers consider him a Hall Of Fame coach with that w/l record.

  78. M. Steelman Says:

    Sad indeed. Sad that I keep having to hear about Chucky! Who cares. My boy Tom is now here. Gronk,AB, Godwin,Lenny and ect,ect. We now throw the Lombardi from boat to boat after hitting many shots of tequila! My new bucs friends. Forget the past. My boy Tom and Gronkbeast are here for at least the next 2yrs. I will guarantee at least one more tequila boat party and many games of our boy chopping up defenses. Enjoy having history every game because no one will ever touch what he is doing. So forget the past,jump on and enjoy the ride!. I have for 22yrs!